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  1. Mark Knight

    Number of shots

    You do realize, I would hope, that the more you directly respond to DVP, the more you contribute to taking the thread off-topic. That, I believe, is his game: to bait the original poster, and then sit back and chuckle (or perhaps guffaw) when the OP goes off-topic to respond. Then DVP responds, then the OP rebuts, and the longer this goes on, the more DVP "wins" the discussion...At least in his own mind. You have been played. You're not the first, you won't be the last.
  2. Mark Knight

    Number of shots

    As one of the administrators here, I want to weigh in on part of this discussion. For the most part, I'm not a fan of Mr. von Pein. But I also think that, aside from our interpretations of the events surrounding the political assassinations of the 1960's, we might just get along in person. In recent months Mr. von Pein has made a much better effort to not talk down to, demean, and insult those with whom he disagrees. And honestly, the moderators here are NOT around 24/7 due to the sheer impossibility of that task. But it's still better to look upon those who interpret the data differently than we do as simply people who see the weight of some of the data differently than others do. In fact, if I'm ever in his neck of the woods, I might just seek out a "$5 fill-up" at his establishment...even if he isn't wearing a white suit and a string tie. Who's right? Who's wrong? We may never have the opportunity to know the absolute truth in this lifetime, so why not enjoy the debate even if you disagree with 99% of the other person's interpretation of the evidence? Because I'm about 99% sure that if Mr. von Pein didn't enjoy the debate, he wouldn't come back. I'm about 99.999% sure he won't "convert" me, and about the same percentage sure that I won't bring him around to my interpretation of the data. But occasionally he makes a point I'd never previously considered...and I would hope that I have had the same effect on him once or twice. And now we return you to your regularly scheduled forum, already in progress.
  3. Mark Knight

    Oswald...Smart or Learning Disabled

    Over the years I've heard several variations on that theme.
  4. I have often thought that Chappaquiddick was Ted Kennedy's "assassination," the big play that kept him out of the White House. [I never said Ted would ever have been as popular as JFK or Bobby.] My personal supposition was that Ted wasn't driving the car; instead, he was lying dead drunk somewhere and only learned of Miss Kopechne's death after the fact. But since the evidence was overwhelmingly incriminating, Ted had to concoct a story that made it look as though he tried to be heroic but failed, rather than tell the truth that he was so blitzed he never really knew what truly happened. That's simply a theory...and from what was reported later out of the Nixon White House, it wouldn't surprise me if it was true.
  5. Mark Knight

    A Lie Too Big To Fail by Lisa Pease

    How did you vote for LBJ at 17? The Voting age wasn't dropped from 21 to 18 until just before the 1972 election. At which point voting at age 17 would still be illegal. Yet you claim to have done so in 1964. Some details or corroborating evidence would be nice.
  6. Mark Knight

    johnny roselli autopsy report

    Dale Earnhardt died in the 2001 Daytona 500. Privacy laws kept his autopsy private.
  7. Mark Knight

    Well...it happened

    I do genealogy research. There is no "mystery" as to why the second Oswald sibling is listed as "private." It's because, at the time the listing was made, the other Oswald sibling (Robert) was still alive. Even with notorious families, genealogy sharing sites respect the privacy of the living. So does most GEDCOM software, used to upload and share family trees. So the "private" issue is not an issue at all.
  8. " Lipsey says, after a minute or two of explaining how the bullet fragments recovered from the President's brain matched the shell casings found on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building and the doctors agreed that JFK was hit by two bullets from behind that "there is no question Lee Harvey Oswald is the lone assassin." " Exactly how are "bullet fragments" matched to "shell casings"? Unless the " fragments" are large enough, and undamaged enough, to determine the caliber of the bullet, there is no way to "match" a particular bullet to a particular casing. Casings are crimped at the base of the bullet, but there is no "signature" mark that a casing leaves on a bullet, to the exclusion of other casings of the same caliber. So I call BS right there.
  9. Mark Knight

    Chasing Our Tails?

    Oh, I think there were a lot of separate groups involved in the JFK assassination. But I believe they all operated separately. Call it a "perfect storm," if you will. Suspect groups are, in no particular order: *Mafia *Pro-Castro Cubans *Anti-Castro Cubans *CIA, or certain factions thereof *John Birch Society *right-wing nut jobs NOT affiliated with the JBS. Once JFK was dead, as Gerry Hemming used to post, it mattered less WHO did it, to those who wanted him dead. If one of the other factions did it, the Mafia people assigned/contracted to do the hit are certainly NOT going to say they DIDN'T do it and turn down the money for the hit. Same with the other groups. They're not going to say anything publicly, for obvious reasons. But they were assigned the hit, and the target wound up dead. So surely those who were assigned the hit, truly or falsely took credit for doing the deed. If there was money involved, they took the payoff whether they pulled the trigger or not. JFK was dead, Ozzie was posthumously "convicted" by the Warren Commission, and no one would be the wiser. Except those damned conspiracy folks won't let the case die.
  10. Lost in all this talk of Carter wanting to reopen the JFK assassination investigation is the fact that the HSCA investigation was going on concurrently with the first half of the Carter administration. Or is this about Carter desiring a new investigation AFTER the HSCA investigation concluded?
  11. Mark Knight

    The Oak Cliff "Safe Houses"

    Anyone have access to a 1963 city directory for Dallas? Might find Rodriguez's address there, especially if the phone numbers are the same. That would take care of the Huspeth/Elsbeth question.
  12. Mark Knight

    What Will It Take To Believe?

    The late Gerry Hemming said that there were a LOT of non- murderers who privately took credit for killing JFK. Mafioso....anti-Castro Cubans...pro-Castro Cubans...hired guns of all stripes. Some, he suggested, accepted payment for the "hit" who never squeezed a trigger. What did it matter? They were sent to do a job, the job was done, and no one's the wiser due to sloppy police work and the Whitewash Commission....errr, WARREN Commission. Whether Hemming was BSing on other matters or not, on this topic I figure he was correct.
  13. Mark Knight

    Who changed the motorcade route?

    I think that would be a reasonable conclusion as well.
  14. Mark Knight

    Who changed the motorcade route?

    I would call that a reasonable conclusion. The dog-leg was clearly spelled out in some reports, and was glossed over in others. One might deduce the necessity of the dog-leg based upon the presence of buses in the motorcade, but it wasn't clearly spelled out in all reports. So I have my doubts that the route was actually changed. More likely it was simply poorly reported.