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  1. The latest from Ruth Paine

    But you asked why they didn't PROSECUTE. I answered your question as it was asked. Unlike you, I don't read minds. I read words.
  2. The latest from Ruth Paine

    The Warren Commission was an INVESTIGATIVE BODY, not a prosecutor. The US Attorney General was NOT on the Warren Commission. NO PROSECUTORS were on the Warren Commission. Earl Warren was Chief Justice, which is a JUDGE, and NOT a prosecutor. The Warren Commission prosecuted NO ONE...because that WAS NOT THEIR MISSION. I believe that's the MOST insane question I've EVER seen asked on these forums...and by someone who SHOULD know how absurd that question is. And that "thrown out of court" comment was almost humorous, if this wasn't such a serious subject to begin with.
  3. A big part of the problem with Trejo's incessant proselytizing is that anyone who disagrees with him is either a LNer or a "CIA-did-it" theorist. In his mind there is NO OTHER POSITION one may take. And that's why I have so much problem with his zealotry.
  4. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Who is this JIM Simkin of which you speak? Of course, we SHOULD be used to your persistent lack of accuracy in nearly everything you post.
  5. According to the dictionary, an AGENT is a person who acts on behalf of another person or group. That would make Frank Fiorini/Sturgis an AGENT of the CIA.
  6. John Liggett and Lois Liggett

    Cell phone? In 1963? Noooooo!
  7. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    One more thing that EVERYONE is missing. Oswald had no need to take any letter to a postal drop box. The same mailman that delivers the mail also picks up outgoing mail from homes like Ruth Paine's. Just thought I'd point that out. So if the letter was left in Ruth's mailbox as outgoing mail, it would be logical that the mailman would have picked it up at Ruth's house, and the letter wouldn't have been postmarked anywhere BUT Irving, Texas...after the mailman completed his route.
  8. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Paul, Your statement isn't completely true. My dad worked for both the US Post Office and the USPS. NOT ALL BOXES WERE "RUN" LATE IN THE EVENING. Some were picked up earlier in the day. You think the clerks in the back of the post offices worked ONLY in the early morning and late evenings? There was mail to run through the cancelling machine throughout the day, at various times. But unless you know what box the letter was deposited in, and what time of the day the local PO ran the box, it's simply speculation. You cannot say when the mail was picked up from the box without knowing the box it was deposited in. Of course, I'm used to you passing off your speculation as fact. And while I'm used to it, I'm still not impressed by it.
  9. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    How was this letter going to make the FBI "drool"?? And of course, you didn't answer the biggest question raised by this letter: Oswald WAS taken off the FBI's watch list, on October 8, 1963. How did Oswald KNOW this? Because that's EXACTLY what the letter is telling the Soviet embassy...that Oswald was taken off the FBI's watch list [WHICH HE WAS], and that OSWALD KNEW IT. I ask AGAIN... Assuming Oswald wrote the letter, HOW did he come to know he was taken off the FBI's watch list? Hosty's NOT going to tell him...so WHO DID? I again raise the question...if a mole had access to the FBI watch list, they could confirm that the information in Oswald's letter to the Soviet embassy was TRUE. So how did Oswald KNOW this? That may be the answer that solves the assassination.
  10. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Not a solid link to any of these guys.
  11. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    We know now that Oswald was taken off the FBI watch list just prior to the assassination; but how did OSWALD know it, so that he included it in. His letter to the Soviet embassy? Assuming that Oswald wrote the letter, of course. The FBI doesn't exactly send you a notice when you're removed from their watch list. So either Oswald was connected in some way to the FBI, or he had an informant in the FBI who told him. Or he didn't write the letter, but someone with that knowledge wrote the letter. I won't point the finger at the Paynes here...because...how would THEY have known? THIS should be the answer to seek. Answer this question, and you may have the JFK assassination mystery solved.
  12. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    From the text of the letter, it's as if Oswald (assuming he actually wrote the letter) KNEW that he had just been removed from the FBI "watch list." If Oswald knew this...HOW did he know this? Unless Oswald was privy to FBI communications or strategies, I suggest very strongly that there is NO OTHER WAY he could have known this. IF there was a mole hunt, looking for a Soviet spy who had access to FBI files, then Oswald notifying the Soviet embassy of news their spy could easily verify would be an easily-set trap. But it also makes curious person wonder that, if LHO wasn't working for the FBI in some capacity, how would he even know he was no longer on the watch list? That's not the kind of thing the FBI would tell you. So what else COULD Oswald's knowledge of this have meant?
  13. WARNING to Forum Members: Please Read This!

    Mr. Von Pein and I are not exactly great friends. I appreciate all the information he has made available on the Internet, but we still come to different conclusions on what the evidence means. It appears to me that Mr. Von Pein is a master at starting with a conclusion and then finding evidence to fit...rather than taking the evidence and following wherever. A difference of philosophy, I suppose. But I didn't come to this forum to bash Mr. Von Pein; I came here to be shown evidence, and then to reach my own conclusions from the evidence. And at this point, the evidence I've seen negates the SBT, and using the angles, strongly imply that Connally was hit by a bullet from the southwest window of the 6th floor of the TSBD. No matter what you think of Oswald's guilt or innocence, IF you agree that shots came from the southeast window of the TSBD, then that alone shouts CONSPIRACY. It soes NOT tell us who the shooters may have been, so it leaves that question wide open.
  14. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Look at the title of this thread. Then look at the last 3 pages of posts. Seems we've drifter far afield. Not that I'm surprised. But if you want to debate the autopsy and the head wounds, could you do it on a thread about the autopsy and the head wounds? Because I see very little here about Ruth Payne and her typewriter after the first page.
  15. If you were 20 years old on November 22, 1963 you would be 73-74 years old today. If you were 25 then, you'd be 78-79 years old today. So who still needs to be protected? It's not as if they're still active in the spy game today.