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  1. Oswald in the fall of 1963

    Ruth Pain had a 1955 Chevrolet station wagon. Not a RAMBLER.
  2. The blond Oswald in Mexico

    Ok, Mr. Trejo. So Guy Bannister sent Oswald to Mexico City...according to YOU. When Oswald's alleged "mission" in MC failed, why didn't he REPORT BACK to Bannister? Where is the record of a meeting...or a phone call...or a letter...or a smoke signal? Perhaps because he didn't "work" for Bannister, even only in his own mind. No, THAT can't be it...because it would poke a hole in your theory. (Remember, it IS simply a THEORY. Sometimes it seems that you forget that part.) Not even a "What do I do next?" call. If YOU had been in Oswald's shoes, wouldn't YOU have wanted to talk with your boss...especially if you had FAILED your (supposed) mission? There is no evidence Oswald ever contacted anyone in or from New Orleans again. So do you think he just said, "Oh well..."? That conclusion appears to be in direct conflict with Oswald's temperament. Or did he contact Bannister only to be told, "Don't call us; we'll call you."?? Even that makes more sense than declaring Wes Frazier a homosexual.
  3. Buell Wesley Frazier

    That is the most twisted interpretation of simple language I have ever seen. Wes Frazier was telling them that some men had a habit of going to the rest room after quitting time, and that if Oswald needed a ride to Irving, he should tell Frazier in advance so Frazier doesn't leave without Oswald. No more. No less. To read homosexual attraction into that, one would need to have a very twisted and depraved mind.
  4. Buell Wesley Frazier

    Trejo's posts above show to what lengths he'll speculate. There is no evidence that Wes Frazier was "attracted" to the sullen and withdrawn Oswald. Implying that there was something untoward in Frazier's behaviour for hauling his sometimes-neighbor to and from work is despicable, even for Trejo. The truth is, Frazier owned a .303 Enfield rifle himself, IIRC. Since the reports were that JFK was shot with a .30-caliber rifle, when Frazier was questioned by the DPD he was a legitimate suspect...even with the Carcano already in custody (and/or a Mauser, depending on whether you believe the multiple reports of one being found). If Wes Frazier was trying to save his own a** from the electric chair, why was he doing his best to DEFEND Oswald? Because he was afraid of being charged as an accessory to murder? Frazier was no more an accessory for taking Oswald to work than a certain cab driver and bus driver we're accessories in Oswald's alleged escape. Trejo knows that. IMHO, Trejo owes Wes Frazier an apology, unless of until he can prove his speculation is true.
  5. Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    A very interesting study.
  6. The missing clip. The MC rifle didn't use a traditional box magazine, which is commonly but incorrectly called a clip. Instead the MC used what is often referred to as a "stripper clip." When the last round is fired from a stripper clip, it falls out of the rifle. Odd that the clip wasn't found on the 6th floor of the TSBD. Even more odd is the notion that the alleged assassin would recover the clip but not the spent rounds. Odd that no clip has been found in Oswald's possessions, on his person, on a bus, in a taxi, or anywhere else Oswald was alleged to have been on November 22, 1963. Odd that no 6.5 mm rounds were found in Oswald's possessions. Odd that no .38 rounds were found anywhere except on Oswald's person. A lot of "odd" going on, IMHO.
  7. https://cms.megaphone.fm/channel/sheditorsoundtable?selected=PNP9372623752
  8. Montreal is more than Permindex

    The WC claimed that Oswald's pistol came from Seaport Traders in California.
  9. Montreal is more than Permindex

    Hmmmmm... Gerry Patric Hemming told me in an email that Montreal was the REAL "key" to the JFK assassination. Hemming was a bit cryptic, and he could be a bullshitter at times. But he refused to be more specific, telling me to do my own damn research, or words to that effect. He told me that Montreal, and NOT Klein's Sporting Goods, was the source of the Mannlicher-Carcano. Then told me to figure it out for myself.
  10. Ball, Belin, and the Depository Witnesses

    Good stuff, Pat...as usual.
  11. Toronto Film Review: ‘Chappaquiddick’

    1969. Nixon in the White House. JFK handled. Bobby handled. One Kennedy left. "Ratf***ing" taken to the ultimate. My theory of Chappaquiddick is that Ted Kennedy probably wasn't in the car when it hit the water. BUT...where he really was is even more damning than "admitting" that he was drunk out of his gourd and committed manslaughter when he caused the death of a young woman. Not sure where he could've been...but it had to be even more incriminating than the "official" story. In my theory, Chappaquiddick convinced a certain politician that his thugs were invincible. And that false confidence is what caused his career to come crashing down.
  12. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    Here's the date stamp I was referring to in my Post about stamp from yesterday : Costco date stamp
  13. Young Americans for Freedom and The Far Right

    I believe Douglas Caddy has some insight on the YAF.
  14. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    Back in the 1960's and before, you could go to the "five-and-dime" store I any town in America and pick up a rotary stamp and inked stamp pad. The rotary stamp had separate rubber "belts" that could be rotated with the months of the year, numbers to make the date, and the year...and usually separate words like PAID, REC'D, etc. There were also blank spots on each band that could allow you to stamp ONLY the month, ONLY the day of the month, ONLY the year, etc. The date and the words on the bands would ONLY print in a straight line. I had one when I ran a newspaper route as an 11-year-old, and I just KNEW I'd made the big time! So whoever made the ID had one of those stamps. That's why the month, the date, and the year have the words and numbers in a straight line as they're stamped around the circle. It's NOT a postmark, but it may be an uninformed person's attempt to simulate a postmark or some other "official" date stamp. Put yourself back in 1963, and the answer to the source of the date stamp is blatantly obvious. It's the PURPOSE of the stamp that raises questions.
  15. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    That's usually what happens.
  16. I believe the parallel is uncanny...and unnerving. Technically, McCarthy didn't drop out; he simply gave up campaigning. But it was the party "regulars" who gave the nomination to Humphrey, much as it was the "superdelegates" (party "regulars") who gave Clinton the nomination.
  17. Since this is the JFK assassination forum, I'm not going to sidetrack myself with Watergate itself. The common denominator in all this is Nixon. Nixon didn't pull any triggers himself. We all can agree to that. But I think that the key to it all is Nixon. The hush money conversations about Watergate shows a Mafia-style knowledge on Nixon's part. Bags of untraceable cash? Yeah, we can do that. So who (plural) was bankrolling all this? To what end? Johnson gave the MICC Vietnam. We weren't getting out very quickly on LBJ's watch. But Johnson was savvy enough to know that when he lost Cronkite's support, he'd lost America's support as well and a second term simply wasn't in the cards. What I don't understand--and I lived through that era-- is what happened to Gene McCarthy after RFK's assassination. Humphrey, initially a stand-in for LBJ, never had the nomination sewed up. McCarthy was "persuaded" to step aside...somehow. Money? Threats? Blackmail? Not sure, but I'd wager that Nixon's backers found a way to "convince" McCarthy to drop out. I don't think anyone on the Democrat side of the ledger was was behind it. McCarthy seemed to fold his cards after RFK's death, and he only offered a token challenge to Humphrey. Once Humphrey was the nominee, Nixon's election was assured. Until someone decided they weren't getting their money's worth from Nixon, and Watergate came about. The cabal giveth the White House, and the cabal taketh away. Not convinced the warhawks were the only kingmakers of the Nixon presidency.
  18. "... JFK+RFK+MLK+Geo Wallage+Watergate ..." OK...so what do these names have in common? Richard Nixon. JFK? Won the '60 election. Nixon's loss to JFK led to his '62 California gubernatorial loss, and his "you won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore" speech. JFK had to pay. Mission accomplished. RFK? Would have beaten Nixon in '68 election, if he could get past Gene McCarthy at the convention. RFK had to be neutralized. Mission accomplished. MLK? '68 was the first presidential election after the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. MANY formerly disenfranchised black voters would be voting for the first time. MLK was a leader in the black community with national prominence, and he was leading the black voters AWAY from the Republican Party. MLK had to be neutralized. Mission accomplished. George Wallace? Stealing Nixon's "law-and-order" thunder. Opened up the potential for a 3-way '72 election to be decided in the House of Representatives if there was no clear Electoral College winner. Nixon had few friends in the House in '71-'72. Wallace had to be neutralized. Mission accomplished. Watergate? It was an attempted black-bag job at the DNC headquarters, to either steal information prior to the '72 election or to plant suspicious material which could then be "discovered", which would discredit the Democratic Party. However, McGovern was so inept as a candidate, the failure of the mission at the Watergate was of little consequence in the election. Now, Dick Nixon certainly benefitted from each, with the exception of Watergate. Cui bono, indeed?
  19. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    The key is the COLOR of the BACKGROUND of the card. The ORANGE background, according to my research, was SPECIFICALLY FOR DEPENDENTS of military or ex-military personnel. If Oswald got a hardship discharge from the military ostensibly to deal with the health of his mother, it would be conceivable that he convinced someone that his mother had no one else to care for her. That would make the case that, in the eyes of the military (at least those just above Oswald) that Marguerite was Lee's "dependent," in this context. So that would imply that the card with Lee's name, photo and signature was a forgery. If Lee produced the forgery, it was likely during his employment at Jagger-Chiles-Stovall. But if the card was NOT a forgery, then Lee Oswald likely had an undercover relationship with some organization (CIA, MI, etc) that provided him with the bogus credential. So which scenario is most likely? We may never know the definitive answer. I would think that, while Oswald was in the Soviet Union, having this card in his possession there after allegedly renouncing his US citizenship would have seemed quite suspect. That's why I believe this card never made the trip to the USSR with Oswald. But back in the civilians world, the card likely wouldn't be questioned, and the way the front of the card reads, he would've had PX privileges at military bases, among other benefits. And in the uncomputerized 1960's, this card would likely have gotten Oswald on any US military base just about anywhere in the world...for whatever purposes.
  20. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    CLEARLY, LHO wasn't his own "dependent." And the 1959 issue date on the reverse tells us that it wasn't issued for Marina. Therefore, in 1959, the ONLY "dependent" LHO had, in the eyes of the military in 1959, was Marguerite Oswald. So this card HAD to have begun its life as MARGUERITE OSWALD's card.
  21. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    Just a thought: Was Marguerite Oswald considered a DEPENDENT of LHO, for military purposes related to his accelerated discharge? Could this have begun as Marguerite's DD1173...and have been altered by LHO during his employment at JCS? IMHO, this would be the ONLY way the LHO would have obtained a "dependent"/orange DD1173 with his own name/photo/signature on it. Unless he actually WAS connected to some intelligence operation.
  22. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    A very brief internet search tends to show that the ORANGE card was for DEPENDENTS.... But if it was MARINA'S card, it would naturally have HER name and photo. What was LHO's "service number"? Because the bottom line has number "1653230" as the service number of the SPONSOR of the person named on the card. If we can figure out whose number the "1653230" was, we might get somewhere.
  23. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Of course, the letter/draft/copy didn't surface until after Lee Oswald was DEAD. Dead men refute no "evidence."
  24. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Problem is... Walker was an EX-GENERAL from the date of his resignation forward. Like being the EX-president of General Motors, you don't blame GM for what he did after he left that office. And the US citizens have ALWAYS been intelligent enough to understand the difference. America in 1963 was NEVER as stupid as your theory tries to paint them.
  25. The latest from Ruth Paine

    But you asked why they didn't PROSECUTE. I answered your question as it was asked. Unlike you, I don't read minds. I read words.