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    Author of The Butler Pennsylvania Poems.

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  1. Thomas Merton (1915-1968) was a contemplative monk who spent 27 years inside the walls of a Trappist monastery in Kentucky. Only in his last year was he permitted to travel at any length. Even though he was never at Auschwitz this poetry places him there so as to let a generous sensitivity and tenacious faith like his respond to this horrendous calamity. Merton stands for all those who, in the light of Auschwitz, ask the question: where was God, and in so asking expose their belief to severe trial. Merton's struggle with this question was lived out elsewhere. Only the location has been shifted
  2. The Poetry of Eduard Moerike German and English
  3. Quote from Monk's Progress ~
  4. Visit to Antietam by Charles L. Cingolani 1. Alone I arrive, walking from Frederick over the gaps, across gentle hills out onto a knoll to view this burnished landscape. Before me I see countless writhing rows of indiscernible shapes gathered in terrible rituals mid fire and smoke that darken the sun. From distant corners I hear the rhythmic thudding of cannon, and from fields astir with figures converging the eery muffled rumbling of drums. From behind, hoofing sod aloft couriers gallop past straightway into throngs to where ruffled flags slant, to men mounted, with
  5. Höchenschwand, Baden Württemberg, Germany Charles Cingolani, onetime seminarian, teacher, served in the U.S. Army, studied and taught in the States and abroad and now lives in Germany. He is the author of The Butler Pennsylvania Poems. His In the Wheat : Songs in Your Presence are poems about early spiritual awakening. He has written Civil War poetry and poems about Auschwitz. He has a volume of Collected Poetry. His interest in German literature led to his translations: Poetry of Eduard Mörike in English and the translation of fairy tales and poetry by Richard von Volkmann-Lean
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