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    I guess I am pretty boring. Have only a few interests, such as reading trying to learn something new every day, and, of course, trying to find some answers to what happened to our country on 11/22/1963. .

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  1. I sure hope we, as a community, can stop smearing one another altogether. Fellas and fefellas, we're not children, we've been at this for quite some time now, right? Isn't it time to stop personal attacks, respect each other's opinions, and just present our points of view? I used to absolutely abhor some people here, not for their information in their postings... It was simply the dismissive manner, the denigration, or ugly name calling going on which brought out my own less than gentlemanly responses. I made a decision to make every attempt to let the information I share
  2. Correct. It is Frazier proving, without meaning to, that the position is very possible. Now, I keep wondering, was it... Naahh. Just a coincidence.
  3. I don't know if this has been mentioned here before, but, I have a capture from a film which has someone standing in the same unusual style. The funny thing is that the person is one of the people who had been arrested that first day in Dallas before being released later with no charges against him. Guess who this is.
  4. Okie dokie David. I was all into a sappy message in which I was thanking you for presenting such a mature message, etc., then I saw the date ... Nice one, good for a chuckle, and you know what? A thank you is still warranted! Thank you for your sense of humor
  5. Teamster Oswald. There would have been records of a Union dues paying member available for quite some period of time after 11/63. With the testimony given regarding "Teamster Oswald" you would think there would have been a mad scramble to issue a subpoena for Union records. Considering Bobby Kennedy's well known interest in Union activities, this would have been a windfall of sorts, giving his Justice Dept. unfettered access to Union records. Once again we find an evidentiary path which, though it should have been followed, appears to have been avoided.
  6. When I did the original translation I neglected to use the whole word hidell and simply used hidd el. Using the Hungarian translator I found that hidell's usage includes "cool, cold, algid, icy, frosty, clammy, chilly, chilling, chill".
  7. Sport Und Kulturverein The above is supposed to mean St. Oswald. I am guessing it is German? I am reminded of a message on the DPD transcripts regarding a Johnson Aide named Minesport (Mein Sport = my saint?), who was to be met (at the airport?), and I can't help but wonder if this was a code name for Oswald. Mr. Hemming said minesport was in reference to the "football", a briefcase with nuclear codes, carried by a military aide. Mr. Mack said minesport was a mistake and probably was supposed to be hyannisport. I know I come up with some wacky stuff, but, if nothing else, it is as proba
  8. I was playing poker online today when I saw players speaking in a foreign language. I saw these two words in a sentence...and I stopped thinking about poker altogether...hidd el. First I asked these men what the two words meant. I was told these words mean "Believe In". Then, I thought to ask them what language this was....I had a gut feeling I would be told Hungarian... It was Hungarian. Wasn't one photo of the "Mystery men" at the Embassy in Mexico supposedly identified as a Hungarian man? Personally, I think the name Hidell was given to remind him to believe in himself and wha
  9. No apology necessary, Chuck. I must admit to occasional confusion when looking at US state/city abreviations. When I read your previous post about the car reportedly being stolen in "LA", I immediately assumed Los Angeles. This report was the one you seem to have been referring to in that prior post? If so, it's not entirely clear to me what your concern is. The car ended up back in Louisiana and was stolen on or about the 29th. Is there more to it than that? There is no report which indicates a time of theft. The date on that paper is the date the message was sent to Dallas. I don't u
  10. Portion of Greg Parker post follows- The doc re the car being stolen in Californmia is in DPD archives folder 1 box 8 item 38. Repoduced below: THIS IS LSP BR GA PLS 9248 TWX 214-899-8553 1712 11-29-63 LSG BR DATA AND STLEN LA LIC 914-985 PLS CALL COLLECT OUR TWX PD DALLAS HENRY ACK PLS GA LSP BR REC GUARISCO I can decipher some of this, but not all... GA = Georgia LA-Los Angeles PLS=please TWX=Texas West Exchange? ACK=Acknowlwdge GUARISCO= A surname -End of Partial Greg Parker post. I believe the LA is Louisiana, where Jada was from. LSP is Louisiana State Police? T
  11. SE stood for? It's interesting that the cryptonym was assigned on November 27th, but the file wasn't opened until December 12th. Everything in the 200-5-41 file was reclassified to Oswald's 201 file. See the document cited by Chuck Robbins in this thread and then this document: http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/...amp;relPageId=2 The other day, I ran across a document that said most of Oswald's stuff was in the files pertaining to the WH and SE divisions. I know that WH stodd for Western Hemisphere. Do you know what SE stood for? Steve Thomas There is mention of a 200-5-40 fil
  12. I agree...beat up the woman but let the man be treated with kid gloves....strange policy. They should have used that lie detector on everyone who gave testimony. This WAS the murder of our president after all. Maybe they didn't want to know who was being deceptive when it came to "evidence" supporting the WC? The date on the following is 1960-62 and has a reference to gpfloor. To call it project oswald AND to have a codename-gpfloor seems to indicate a little more than just another way to keep track of one dead LHO. Project names and codenames indicate operations. Operations nee
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