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  1. Alternative Theory

    If there was a shaped charge in the backof the seat,wouldnt the seat back be all schredded?I havent seen any damage to the seat like that in my recollection.
  2. Judyth Vary Baker

    Looking forward to it Rich.
  3. Jim Marrs Has Passed Away

    One of the first for me as well.I was able to attend his class at UTA some years ago.He was a gifted storyteller.
  4. JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald

    Just watched the first episode and iI am dumbfounded.They sure didnt mention the photograph of the older heavy set Oswald impersonator in the surveillance photo from Mexico City.
  5. James,thanks for posting this.
  6. Thanks for the update Anthony-will sit down and read it this weekend.
  7. Looking at the Tippit Case from a Different Angle

    Thanks for posting this-makes me examine the Tippit angle from a whole new light
  8. Best Evidence: The Research Video

    Thanks for posting the link.
  9. Thanks for the link.So much easier to view when steady.
  10. Thanks Robert,enjoying reading these old volumes
  11. Air Force One Radio Transmissions

    Thanks very much for producing the transcript.
  12. Harrison Livingstone

    Thanks for the link.
  13. The agents who were drinking that night in Fort Worth should have been disciplined and or terminated from their positions.It is inexcusable that they were not.When dealing with the protection of the President,nothing less should have been acceptable.
  14. Lamson, White, Thompson, Hagerman, Colby, Fetzer.

    I have to agree-I dont post,but I read very often and the fighting,name calling and tit for tat,etc should be left for kids to do-not grown up mature adults.