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  1. whole lot of blatant speculation there.
  2. Thanks for the link-pretty good image quality.
  3. I search used bookstores in the DFW area and 7 or 8 years ago was lucky enough to find a signed first edition for $5.00
  4. One of the first for me as well.I was able to attend his class at UTA some years ago.He was a gifted storyteller.
  5. Just watched the first episode and iI am dumbfounded.They sure didnt mention the photograph of the older heavy set Oswald impersonator in the surveillance photo from Mexico City.
  6. The agents who were drinking that night in Fort Worth should have been disciplined and or terminated from their positions.It is inexcusable that they were not.When dealing with the protection of the President,nothing less should have been acceptable.
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