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  1. One of the objections that the Church made to the printing press was that it would destroy memory. Of course, the Church was primarily concerned with losing control of the communication process, but they clearly had a point. The printed book did reduce the need to hold all information in the head (as long as you could read – another thing the Church was against the peasants from doing). The internet has clearly affected the motivating for remembering information. In fact, if I come across any interesting information, I either put it on my website or post it on the forum. When I need this info
  2. Hello, I'am arriving at BRATISLAVA SK IVANKA airport from Munich on Friday 16:05 LH 3174 and leaving on Sunday at 13:10 LH 3173. I'm looking forward to meeting you all. Best wishes, Caterina
  3. Hi My name is Caterina Gasparini. I'm an Italian teacher of English and also the ENIS Project coordinator of my school (an industrial technical institute), which is one of the biggest secondary schools in Italy (about 2,000 pupils). I have been coordinating several European Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci and LLP projects on the use of ICT in education and I run some sections of my school website (the Aeronautics Department, the ENIS section, etc). I'm interested in promoting new kinds of approach to teaching and learning with the use of ICT, so as to improve and increase the pupils' motivation
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