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  1. I have wondered for many years if things actually played out in the following manner: One of the original goals of the JFK assassination was to justify an invasion of Cuba. But, according to Richard Case Nagel, the plot had been penetrated by Soviet intelligence well before Dallas. The Soviets then ordered Nagel to kill LHO, which Nagel refused to do. Then, almost immediately after JFK was killed, a very high level Soviet intelligence officer communicated to his opposite number in the U.S. that any attempt to blame Castro for the crime would result in the Soviets revealing all they knew about the plot and a threat of WW3. Hence the need for the sudden pivot to the lone nut gunman and LBJ's warnings to Warren commission appointees about the risk of a new world war.
  2. Folks interested in this subject will find the book, "Haig's Coup" quite revealing.
  3. Re: "Giancana was also quoted as saying, "There were three people who knew who shot Kennedy. Now there are only two and we're not talking" after the death of Jimmy Hoffa." This quote has long been attributed to Santos Trafficante, including by his attorney Frank Ragano. Just because something is printed in a book doesn't mean it is necessarily true. Never once, in all the bios of Mooney or books on the Outfit that I have read, have I ever (before today) seen this quote linked to Sam. It might have been Bill Kelly who many years ago compared the JFK hit to an onion. After years of work, one is able to peel back one single layer of the onion and believe that what they have found is the truth, only to eventually realize how many more layers of the onion remain. It has been suggested that the real reason Mafia types were present in Dallas was to provide a secondary patsy. If the original patsy story fell apart, suddenly the mob did it. I get so annoyed when the newcomers here fail to appreciate the full depth of more than 50 years of scholarship by some members of this forum simply because the newbie has read a book or two and are convinced that they now know the truth that is contrary to the decades of work by dedicated researchers. To say nothing of the company sponsored trolls whose role is to confuse and obscure that work.
  4. I saw a TV show, maybe 'Myth Busters', where they interviewed the NYT editor who was a witness to the Gallo hit. When shown a picture of Sheeran she stated that he was the hit man she saw.
  5. After much speculation, there is now DNA confirmation that Jack's real name was Aaron Kominsky. This has been known to Scotland Yard for decades. https://www.amazon.com/Naming-Jack-Ripper-Russell-Edwards-ebook/dp/B00NHLL062/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=naming+jack+the&qid=1564078674&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  6. Personally, I continue to lament Richard Nixon blowing off Castro after Fidel came to power, which drove him straight into the arms of the Russians.
  7. "I do not think that Roselli owned that racetrack where Sirhan was a walker.I do not think that Roselli owned that racetrack where Sirhan was a walker." IIRC, It was Mikey Cohen who owned the track.
  8. IIRC, Gerald Ford described the single bullet theory as 'made up' to either the French President or Premier. John Connolly stated that his body contained enough lead to refute the single bullet theory. Nor did Mrs. Connolly believe the SBT either. By your words, neither President Ford or Governor Connolly are important people.
  9. Re: "A week before Lincoln was shot he was in Monroe, Maryland. A week before Kennedy was shot he was in Marilyn Monroe." I created this joke and posted it on this forum a couple of years ago and hardly got a snicker. I am honored to know that it has now become a historical fact. I presume it made it's way to Wikkipedia? Too funny.
  10. There hasn't been a riot in Chicago in a long time, perhaps not since the King riots, depending on how you define riot. I am not aware of martial law in Illinois, and I live in Chicago. What is your source for this info?
  11. As a long time lurker who rarely posts, I find this forum to be a very valuable resource. Given the volatile subject matter, I believe that consisent monitoring and standard of behavior enforcement to be essential. Frankly, I am amazed that some of the insulting and derogatory comments I have read were allowed to stand unchallenged. An enforced level of civility is essential to a rational discussion, to say nothing of putting a muzzle on the occasional foam spewing xxxxx. Please keep this forum alive, else the forces of darkness defeat a valient quest for truth. As such, even (espesically) moderators must be held accountable.
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