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  1. following on from post #161 In both of these calculations I assume the structures being square, level and plumb. I think that's a reasonable thing. Obviously there will be slight deviations and errors compounded by a not so clear photo as well as the how of choosing lines of projection by eye. Nevertheless, such a derived Azimuth of 212.3 giving a time of 14.10 + and a derived Elevation giving a time of 14.00 + is an indication that this way of working out the time of a photo in a particular place on a particular day is useful. A number of more careful derivation may lead to more precise
  2. Just for fun I calculated the time of the photo on post 93 using an online right angle calculator, a pythagoras theorem calculator and a us navy sun table calculator and found the time to be just past two o'clock. 13:50 32.3 207.1 14:00 31.3 209.6 < I found the elevation to be 31.5 degrees. 14:10 30.2 212.0 This table also tells that the Azimuth (E of N) is 209.6+ at that time. I can use that to double check. ie that must be the Azimuth as derived from the photo. I should also compute error margins. Later. http://aa.usno.navy.mil/cgi-bin/aa_altazw.pl?
  3. MOSCOW, April 5. /TASS/. The command of Ukraine’s armed forces are moving their headquarters and control centers closer to the line of engagement in Donbass as part of preparations for an offensive, Eduard Basurin, a spokesman for the defense ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), said on Tuesday. "According to our reconnaissance, the headquarters and control centers of the 72nd and 128th brigades of the Ukrainian army are being moved from the rear of the Kiev’s force operation in Donbass closer to the line of engagement. This fact testifies that Ukraine’s military p
  4. Denounces Against Poroshenko Affect Creation of Alliance in Ukraine Kiev, Apr 5 (Prensa Latina) The publication of the so-called Panama Papers, with allegations of corruption against President Petro Poroshenko, decrease the chances of creating a new parliamentary coalition in Ukraine, said a member of the Parliament. Svetlana Zalishchuk, deputy of the Petro Poroshenko block said that, in contrast to the government and parliament, the president seemed to be an institution that enjoyed relative credibility. The war of "all against all" is entering a new
  5. I now looked at the two different photos at link (post 131) to robins. Obvious. Away from corner by wall, on landing, not step, in shadow, cup, ~5.4 ft..
  6. The person is standing near the corner having an after lunch cuppa in a white mug. If it had sun shining on it it would be much brighter. The persons presence didn't register well as eyes are adjusting to dark after the bright sun when heading back indoors.
  7. The average mature males ulna is about 6.4 'ths of height.
  8. The first upright of the railing should line up with roughly he middle of the window.
  9. Read also Source says two Donbass militia fighters were killed by sniper fire last night MOSCOW, March 30. /TASS/. Ukrainian forces have moved artillery, heavy weaponry, ammunition and volunteer battalions to the contact line on Gorlovka and Mariupol directions, the spokesman for defense ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Eduard Basurin said on Wednesday. "DPR intelligence continues registering movement and build-up of military weaponry along the contact line," Donetsk News Agency quoted Basurin as saying. He noted that Ukrainian forces moved five self-propelled
  10. off top of head : One way to look at it is that the closer the figure is to the corner the less of it is obscured. iow. If it is LHO then knowing his shoulder width and the location of the camera it should be possible to work out where the figure is with a set shoulder width by working out how much of the backgound is obscured. ?
  11. At first look I think you need to establish the angle between true north and line A-B. (triangle abc horizontal) This plus the angle between line A-B and line A-C gives the westward angle of the sun. The angle between X-Y and Y-Z gives the elevation of the sun and a sun chart of the date, lat, long, will give the time of day. (I think. Prob use some wrong words but thats roughly it. If the people weren't there the shadow would be along the red line. Not including minor things like column plinths etc.) edit add: a few corrections. A bit quick off the mark there. You need to establish true
  12. Amazing admission (the free republics have been defending themselves from criminals) : “According to all juridical norms and practices, and to the Ukrainian Constitution, speaking in meager legal terms, the Right Sector volunteer battalion is an illegal armed group” - Judge Advocate General Anatoly Matios- Ukraine’
  13. That's a very broad, almost meaningless, stroke, Ernie. It applies to every single news print article ever written, every polemic, biography, monologue. Biased in favour of ones own view and in turn ones own view becomes just that.
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