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  1. 13 hours ago, Michael Clark said:

    President John F. Kennedy
    Washington, D.C.
    June 10, 1963

    President Anderson, members of the faculty, board of trustees, distinguished guests, my old colleague, Senator Bob Byrd, who has earned his degree through many years of attending night law school, while I am earning mine in the next 30 minutes, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

     Wrong thread? If not why did you post it here?

  2. On 7/29/2019 at 12:55 AM, Ron Bulman said:

    After this, JFK went on to do more for civil rights than any president in history.  As a result Davis has been able to continue to remain relevant.  


    Beyond the Rat Pack.  He took a hit for the cause and survived?

    That honor actually belongs to LBJ. JFK was pretty reluctant in his support of civil rights, even Schlesinger acknowledged that.  


  3. On 7/27/2019 at 7:32 PM, David Von Pein said:

    I'm wondering, though, if it could have been a decision made more by Kennedy's Secret Service detail than by John F. Kennedy himself. (I would bet that that was, indeed, the case.)

    By not inviting Davis to the Inauguration event, the Secret Service didn't have to worry about the "bomb threats", "picketing", "demonstrations", and other unpleasant baggage that always accompanies such racist points-of-view.


    Well hopefully if the local PDs could have dealt with the furor the USG could hve done so as well


  4. "Sammy Davis Jr. was at the height of his stardom in 1961 when he and close friend Frank Sinatra campaigned to elect President John F. Kennedy, but after Davis married Swedish actress May Britt, Kennedy refused to let him perform at his inauguration, Davis’ daughter claims in a new book.



    ... not even Sinatra's friendship could get Davis into Kennedy's inauguration. When Davis married the glamorous blonde Swedish actress, Britt, in 1960, it not only made headlines, it inspired death threats and demonstrations and forced Davis to hire 24-hour armed guards. Though Davis had campaigned tirelessly, alongside Sinatra, to get Kennedy elected, his daughter wrote that after his interracial marriage, which at the time was forbidden by law in 31 states, her father's name was dropped from the list of entertainers at the president's inaugural party hosted by Sinatra.




    When, in 1960, he married Swedish actress May Britt, there were bomb threats where he performed and picketing by the American Nazi party. It was around this time that Frank Sinatra’s enthusiasm for John F. Kennedy led Davis to support his presidential bid, bringing in many black votes. But on the night of JFK’s inaugural party, Davis’ invitation was abruptly canceled, leaving him bitterly hurt. Kennedy didn’t want to alienate his Southern constituency by inviting the mixed-race couple. Worst of all, his great friend Sinatra did nothing to defend him. This dismaying incident really puts Davis' support for Nixon in a different light, as well as his supposed integration into the Rat Pack.




    Davis was a supporter and activist within the civil rights movement and supported John F. Kennedy’s presidential bid with many appearances on the campaign trail. But when Davis married the white Swedish actress Britt May in the same year, 1960, the Kennedys started viewing him as a political liability. Even at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, Davis was booed by Southern delegates. Days before John F. Kennedy’s inauguration, the new president withdrew Davis’ invitation to the celebration, which Davis’ close friend Sinatra was producing.







  5. Lawyers for Sandy Hook families say Alex Jones sent them child porn

    By Daniel Tepfer

     Updated 4:05 pm EDT, Monday, June 17, 2019

    • Infowars founder Alex Jones attends Google CEO Sundar Pichai's hearing before the House Judiciary committee on Capitol Hill on December 11, 2018, in Washington, D.C. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS) Photo: Olivier Douliery / TNS / Abaca Press
    Photo: Olivier Douliery / TNS
    IMAGE 1 OF 5

    Infowars founder Alex Jones attends Google CEO Sundar Pichai's hearing before the House Judiciary committee on Capitol Hill on December 11, 2018, in Washington, D.C. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)


    BRIDGEPORT - Conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host Alex Jones sent child pornography to the lawyers for the families of the Sandy Hook tragedy, their lawyers said.

    The law firm representing the families of the 2012 mass shooting, stated in court documents filed Monday they have contacted the FBI after discovering child porn in electronic files Jones recently turned over to the Sandy Hook families as a result of their lawsuit against him for calling the tragedy a hoax.



  6. 19 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:


    Great Twilight Zone inspired 60s garage punker.



  7. 23 hours ago, Thomas Graves said:



    You should realize that I only post things here that have been given to me by my Deep State Controllers.


    "Say, what's this electrode at the back of my head?  I've never noticed it before!  And why does it get warm and start vibrating only when I sign into the JFK Assassination Debate forum? 


    Wait!  I think I'm getting a new secret message from Headquarters! ..."


    --  TG



    Stop spilling the beans

    [That was NOT a request. Disobedience can be fatal]

  8. On 01/04/2018 at 7:51 PM, Michael Clark said:

    Agreed. Jack White is dead. Fetter is no longer here to defend himself. I am kind of surprised at Len's having taken such latitude in posting this. I am particularly irritated that he has caused me to find myself in agreement with DVP. :P


    Gee folks, lighten up, it was a joke. And no it didn't inspire the antagonism the naysayers feared. And a good way to improve the forum's tone would be to lay off the Twilight Zoney topics like the ones I cited and "two Oswald's" etc. 


    "Fetter is no longer here to defend himself" because of his trollish behavior. 

  9. The last 10 days or so have been quite "interesting". I'm not sure exactly how much time it's been, everything's a blur but I went on a bender for several days drinking copious amounts of Mescal and stayed awake the whole time by gulping down speed. I then spent several days in an isolation tank under the influence of peyote. This eventually led to an epiphany. FETZER & WHITE WERE RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING!

    - The Zapruder Film and all other images of the assassination were faked!

    - Greer shot JFK.

    -Madelne Brown is highly credible

    - The Moon landings were faked

    - Wellstone's plane was shotdown with a deathray

    -No planes struck the WTC or Pentagon. Those buildings were destroyed by space beams

    - WTC6 was gray

    - The Holocaust was a hoax

    - Paul McCartney died in a automobile accident in 1966

  10. My month with chemtrails conspiracy theorists


    Standing between beds of golden beets and elephant garlic in the garden of Lincoln Hills, a small organic farm in Placer County, California, Tammi Riedl looks up and points to a stripe of white haze running across a cloudless blue sky.

    “See that?” she asks, raising her eyebrows. “What do you think that is?”

    I look up. The white stripe looks like a normal contrail of jet engine exhaust to me. But to Tammi, a 54 year-old organic farmer, it’s a “chemtrail”: a toxic cocktail of aluminum, strontium and barium sprayed from planes in a plot to control the weather, the population and our food supply.

    “See how it dissipates and becomes cloud cover?” she says. “That’s not normal.”

    I nod, unsure how to respond to this unexpected declaration, and Tammi resumes demonstrating how to cover crop rows with frost blankets.







  11. Northfield pub puts free speech limits to the test

    January 21, 2015 — 9:10am




    But when word got out that Butler invited conspiracy theorist Jim Fetzer to do a series of talks on historical events on which he holds controversial opinions, some customers revolted.

    They say that Fetzer is an anti-Semite because he also denies aspects of the Holocaust. Several residents sent notes to Butler saying they would stop frequenting his pub unless he canceled the talks.





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