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  1. Ref https://catalog.archives.gov/id/305143?fbclid=IwAR1j2AR8R8FCTjdBOkphcBJDyIFVVuz6CYERqvUBOwhh0iBZHpP-_lt6J-o No Holes:
  2. Haslam's book is very good for those that know real cancer research, history, and pathology.. The Polio Vaccine gang decided there were junk virus in their vaccines and SV-40 was not a junk virus issue. It made a cancer pandemic issue. They were warned of the SV-40 problems, but they ignored the warnings. So, Nixon was placed in charge of the Polio Vaccine cover up and he classified SV-40 research starting in 1959 and it was not open again until 1999. Haslam's dad knew Oschner and they knew Oschner knew Dr. Harold Urey----the fella that isolated deuterium. He also became a big p
  3. The President Trump deals often enter into his JFK political interests. There is even an odd person dressed in Black with scruffy face hair and a cute Blonde trim lady with him. Along with that the slogans like "Where We Go One, We All Go" or WWG!WGA. That was a slogan on JFK's ship's bell. Then, the Number 17 and the JFK burial site in Arlington that is shaped like a Q as viewed from the air. Trump and JFK, Jr were good pals in NYC, and now these Trump Drama's highly involve JFK associated symbolism. A huge following has developed from this. In Oak Ridge we all well know
  4. It is time to dribble out another piece of the Puzzle. Most all the JFK interest folks know about New Orlean's David Ferrie and his Mouse Lab and cancer researching interests. Ferrie was brought out by Ed Haslam and other highly credible JFK research folks. David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald were old buddies in New Orleans. Lee Oswald learned all about deuterium's dangers and special uses from Oak Ridge in the Summer of 1963 as a runner for the CIA's kill Castro Project being headed by Dr Alton Oscher and Dr. Mary Sherman. They were both part of the failed SV-40 cancer vaccine proje
  5. Well, you just have to pay attention. Even with JFK there was PERMENDEX (inclusive of DISC/Bloomfield/Div 5) as a WTC type clone. They were highly involved with the JFK hit. Very similar deals with WTC and ROCKEFELLERs and they hate Catholics and anyone that knows real nutrition. They went after Hitler as he figured out cancers. Cancers were high lactic acid and high deuterium. Hitler's Dr. Otto Warburg got the lactic acid issues in 1931 and same year the US got Deuterium isolated by Harold Urey. Germany we
  6. The real analysis shows a shot from behind moves JFK's head forward a frame or two, and the temple flap pops off and the bullet's exit plinks the inner windshield left of RV mirror. This Nicoletti from Dal-Tex. Then the Grassy Knoll shot hit above the temple at hair line, rips a 7 inch defect along top of skull and pops up a large skull area under the cow lick at rear of head. Fills the rear scalp zone with brain mush and blood. That is the massive rear-ward motion that shows up predominately. This James Files and the 223 Remington's work. JFK was dead at those two shots in close
  7. Sinister Secrets, Murders, Crimes Against Humanity---> The Oak Ridge real Secret City History of Murder via Deceit and Treachery To put the Oak Ridge, AMA/Pharma, and religious cover ups on Deuterium into perspective---this is a part of their sinister history. Back in the Summer of 1963, Oak Ridge and the USAEC hated JFK for cooperation with Russia on ended Atmospheric nuclear testing----which is a huge deuterium release issue. Oak Ridge was planning to have Jack Ruby and his Mafia Pals kill JFK in LBJ dominated
  8. The truth on JFK runs deep and is extremely complicated---no author to date has even come close to the truth on JFK's hit. The JFK hit was and still is a National Security issue related to deuterium knowledge and uses to kill Castro via cancer. As such, the USAEC, CIA, Mafia, and DISC/Div5 were all in on the hit to kill both LHO and JFK to maintain concealment of multiple deuterium issues highly related to the USAEC's special compartmentalized and extremely sensitive knowledge regarding deuterium. Deuterium has a long history related to religions and once exposed would dethrone al
  9. Posner is a posing. Because all that backed WC, backed the conspiracy involving lots of higher ups. As Dylan's verse comes out and Vincent comes alive-----the Poser see bars in their futures. imho
  10. It just gets more interesting----looks like the real deal on the JFK hit might soon become apparent around the world https://beachbroadcast.com/articles/f/timber-trumps-powerful-speech-deal-done
  11. 17 minutes run time song---sounds like his longest ever production. 17 min ---> 17 th letter ----> Symbolism
  12. Looks like Garrson found out that Jack Ruby was right in the middle of the JFK hit formulation and was the controller for LHO in Dallas. More than likely while Dorothy K was down in New Orleans in 1965 she found out this same level of information, for which she was targeted for death also. She was so panic'd over the New Orleans visit she sent her hair dresser friend back quickly and told him to not even admit he was there with her, as what she found out they might kill her over. Fits the scoop that I got in Nov 22 63. Ruby was solicited by ORNL person named Raymod W. Tucker, Sr. beca
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