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  1. Osborne is interesting, but for the FBI it was a good way to keep DISC and Oak Ridge pinned down. Looks like lots has been written about him, and he fits a DISC agent or pre-CIA type things that were going on in the US. When the Manhattan Project began in New York there were BUND Germans everywhere, and almost all the Manhattan Project was developed in NYC and New York state area. The Army's MED worked out a deal with the NYC Mafia to get them immunity from simple crimes, if they would kill suspected spies around the project. That operation was run out of Plainfield, New Jersey by the Army's Ralph M. Lockhart. This operation had thousands killed around NYC and NY state that appeared to be spies around the Top Secret Project. The CIA then took up similar games of using the Mafia to kill Castro and others after its creation in 1947, by Harry Truman. Harry Truman and Army's Ralph M. Lockhart were great pals, and it was Lockhart that told Truman about the super secret Manhattan Project. Lockhart also had to calm down Senator Truman in looking for Govt waste as he spotted millions going into the top secret project. The deal with the CIA getting the Chicago mob to attempt to kill Castro involved John Roselli as the contact agent. The Mob was mad because Castro tossed out all the Mafia's operations in Cuba, so they were willing to help and in return get protections from prosecution as was arranged for NYC Mafia. All that worked until the JFK and RFK got into place and went after Organized Crime and the history leads back to the Manhattan Project's deals with the Mafia and then the Harry Truman created CIA deals with the Chicago Mob to help kill Castro. All that being said: It is well understood that JFK and RFK were threats to the Mafia, CIA, and Manhattan Project itself, exceptionally so, over the deuterium issues Ruby set up the JFK hit at the insistence of Oak Ridge and used his old Chicago Giancana pals. The Oak Ridge contact agent to Jack Ruby was Raymond W. Tucker, Sr of ORNL Nicoletti and Files did the shooting. LHO was on the top front steps of the TSBD at that time of the shootings. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-dual-life-of-albert-osborne#ednref7
  2. From the info of the URL below, it Looks like Osborne was running with the DISC folks around Oak Ridge and Knoxville. His connections with religions might be from nothing odd things in Oak Ridge, like Elza Gate, Bethel Valley Road, and some interesting statues at the Catholic church. All the TVA power people would be talking about that stuff All those interesting Hebrew words certainly set off Jewish thinking and deep religion folks. Those things made names for the plants like X-10 and Y-12 linked also to religions, as in God and Ten Commandments and Yahweh and twelve disciples. Deuterium itself is extremely religious in its origins in deep history, so it appears Osborne was busy talking with DISC and Bloomfield about the deuterium being used as part of the kill Castro project as the method to initiate cancers. Oak Ridge and its AMA and Big Pharma partners have long suppressed the health issues on deuterium, but these health effects about deuterium are in the lime light around the world now. So, they cannot hide it any longer. Osborne was likely trying to get LHO not to speak to the religious connections with deuterium, as Louis Bloomfield would demand. It is getting pretty obvious that JFK was killed to suppress deuterium's health and religious issues, along with a bunch of other factors that are all obvious also. Deuterium is the heart of 90% of the worlds illnesses linked with virus, bacteria, and mitochondria https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/news/grimsby-news/who-albert-osborne-how-find-691238
  3. No much on Albert Osborne, but I would not doubt his connections with DISC and thus Bloomfield. Knoxville was HQ for TVA, which is how DISC got started. Muscle Shoals was the first DISC area, and then they needed Knoxville covered. When Oak Ridge came, it was because of TVA's power generation to feed the power hungry gas diffusion systems. TVA fed power into the gas diffusion systems from three different feeds to insure it stayed powered up. All kinds of TVA lines going into Oak Ridge. TVA had the same priority as the Manhattan Project for security. Bloomfield's connections with DISC, FBI Div 5, and PERMINDEX are very well established. Just add in they were trying to keep deuterium health issues from coming out via LHO and JFK/RFK, and that connected with CIA, Oak Ridge, and Manhattan Project scientists involved. It is a sordid issue for deuterium and health issues. Deuterium wrecks mitochondria ATP synthase production of ATP and causes a lot of health problems from cancers to AIDS. Lots of the Bloomfield data is still being hidden. However, connecting the dots for why should be obvious now. https://kennedysandking.com/news-items/john-kowalski-sues-over-release-of-louis-mortimer-bloomfield-papers
  4. Most do not know the full JFK issues without entering into the New Orleans cancer Vaccine Project under the Alton Oschner, Mary Sherman, Harold Urey and various Manhattan Project Deuterium scientists: We all know all about PERMINDEX. All JFK folks know that PERMINDEX was a pet project of Louis Bloomfield's connections with DISC and FBI Div V. Bloomfield was raging Zionist connected with LBJ, Ruby, Larner, and others. Bloomfield pulled PERMINDEX into DISC and into the Rockefeller AMA and Big Pharma network to cover up the issues of deuterium making problems with viral and bacteria infections in humans and its problems in the US food chain. We all know that PERMINDEX's Ferenc Nagy was in Dallas for the JFK hit and they were under Bloomfield and Masonic George Mandello. He is Polish and trying to protect Polish Polio screw ups by Hilary Koprowski That effort to cover up, conceal, and collisions with AMA and Big Pharma made trillions from that cover up on a predominate health causal issue and killed tens of millions of Americans. They sold the diseases and they made expensive treatments that left out the low cost treatments using low deuterium. Such is called Racketeering. And TREASON ! The New Orleans Cancer project came from using Green Monkeys for Polio vaccines with known problems of SV-40 or SIV, that set off the cancer pandemic in the US from contaminated Salk and Sabin vaccines, but also set off the SIV to HIV jump in Gabon in 1959 from live green monkey vaccines used on the Black Communities in that area. Here that screw up was by Polish Hilary Koprowsk. Everyone knows all these people were warned not to allow contaminated Green Monkey SIV/SV-40 vaccines loose on the public, but they did it any way and caused the cancer and HIV Pandemics. And the whole reason for the LHO and JFK cover up is due to these crooked Louis Bloomfield types working with CIA New Orleans to kill Castro with SV-40 and Urey's deuterium techniques for cancer causality. They sold the diseases and they made expensive treatments that left out the low cost treatments using low deuterium. Such is called Racketeering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s09unra20ZM&fbclid=IwAR346yhM4vZuw1-ct3r-ThP1zHzze3KIQ18XUYbVh970gUuASvxMp2vuNKg&app=desktop
  5. The Murder of JFK highly involved the Oak Ridge helping on the CIA project to kill Castro with SV-40 or the SIV Simian Immune Virus that needed deuterium to have it work well. In the run up for the JFK hit, they had all the Southern Masons all upset over backing MLK and Black Civil Rights. They said it interrupted their Southern way of Life----that they wanted Separate But Equal. Lots of that got in a war between the Black Prince Hall Masons and the all White Scottish Rite Masons that did not like Catholic JFK. Things worsened when RFK went after organized crime and had people like Marcello and Giancana all upset, The Chicago Mob joined the CIA in efforts to kill Castro. JFK and RFK got onto the Mafia and CIA alliances for CIA Cut Out operations and they were going to tear both into a Million Pieces. What JFK and RFK did not know what that the Manhattan Project started the Govt and Mafia deals in WWII to protect the Manhattan Project from German Spies. Hitler had the German BUND folks in New York and all around. The Manhattan Project arranged for Mafia Protection to have them kill off suspected German spies in NYC and New York state as much of the project was inside Manhattan and Columbia University and uranium and other materials were stored in various warehouses. Major chemical companies in upstate NY were doing the fluorine chemistry for the UF-6 process to make bombs, The Military Project with the Mafia was run out of Plainfield, NJ by Army man named Ralph M. Lockhart. The operation killed thousands, some good and some just in the wrong place. When Oak Ridge got involved in the JFK and RFK discovery of the CIA and Mafia alliances they were going to go down with the CIA and Mafia as planned by JFK and RFK. So, Oak Ridge went back to their roots and courted Chicago Mafia man Jack Ruby in Dallas to kill JFK using the Chicago Mobs killers. The protection of the Mafia in WWII was part of the FBI Div 5 special protection issues. FBI Div 5 and DISC, or Defense Industrial Security Command was the US spy network that spotted the suspected spies to be eliminated in wartime. DISC was headed up by Louis Bloomfield. It was this old network that went back into the Protect the Manhattan Project mode in getting JFK and later RFK killed. They also did things like place a Southern Masonic backing despot as VP for JFK. JFK and RFK detected that LBJ was connected with murders in Texas and they were going to push LBJ off the next election and shove LBJ into prison. Oak Ridge was offended by JFK wanting the Atmospheric Test Ban with Russians and that began the actual plot to kill JFK in Dallas using Mafia man Jack Ruby and the Oak Ridge contact was Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. of ORNL. Haters of JFK involved the JCS, and persons like Lyman Lemnitzer and Curtis LeMay, both Masons. Leminitzer got his Northwoods plans from London's Northwoods NATO underground bunker and that tried to push JFK into making a fake reason to attack Russia. JFK opposed people like Lemnitzer and fired him from JCS and he ran right to the London NATO Northwoods base afterwards. The JFK haters were many and very connected and many backed pushing LBJ in to replace JFK using violent Coup method and get their savior despot LBJ into place to keep up war footing, maintaining the Fed Res control over the US, and making nuke bombs. At the time of JFK, the JCS were trying to force JFK to take advantage of the Russian Missile Gap or their response time to launch nuke issues. Persons like Harry Truman wanted SR Masons in high level positions in US Govt and this happened with LBJ, Hoover, Dulles. Lemnitzer, LeMay, and many others in high places. All these wanted JFK dead and despot LBJ into place. All even benefited the proliferation of nuke weapons into the Middle East, that JFK also wanted to stop to get a better footing for the nuclear weapons elimination in his next term and the plan for peace, not war making NWO's. As Oak Ridge was convinced they had the backing to kill JFK in Dallas, they pushed Jack Ruby to become a "Tough Guy" like the Mafia in New York that was used to kill German Spies against the Manhattan Project, and Ruby took up the plan and got Ginacana's killers in Dallas to hit JFK in a cross fire from Dal-Tex and Grassy Knoll. All that went down while LHO was out on the front steps of the TSBD eating a sandwich. Because of the Manhattan Projects cover up of Mafia killers for the Manhattan Project, the same type deal happened again to kill JFK and reward criminal depots in high places in the US Govt. It gets worse in that the plan that LHO was working on to kill Castro for the CIA involved the SIV called SV-40 that was part cancer virus and part reason for the HIV, as the live Polio virus in Gabon/Congo jumped to humans as AIDS/HIV. So, the costs to human kind for the JFK murders and the cover ups on SV-40 / SIV is now in the billions of lives. Solving the JFK hit with all the factors is not so hard, but not solving the JFK hit has killed billions and it is getting more rapidly worse. So much so, that the National Security of the US must solve the JFK hit and get into the issues of cancer virus, HIV, and the universal health and death problems from deuterium
  6. As far as JFK, George D wanted to keep distant from LHO: LHO knew the SV-40 and deuterium issues and that was a major highly classified health disaster and pandemic issues, that grew into the "War on Cancer" cover up by Nixon, and the NWO 2/3 population reductions under Kissinger. The mistakes in Polio vaccines and SV-40 were extreme in nature, hence why the secret Oschner and Mary Sherman cancer vaccine experiments in New Orleans were part of SV-40 being classfied from 1959 to 1999 and then sill not much said, but more is leaking out in recent time. National Sec Memo 200 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Security_Study_Memorandum_200 More details on George D https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKdemohrenschildt.htm
  7. Well, George D had his hands in a lot of things: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_de_Mohrenschildt
  8. This one is quite good. Cancer becomes the Bioweapon to attempt to kill Castro. SV-40 SIV appears to have become the HIV in Gabon in 1959. If JFK had survived the world might have learned the bitter truth of science gone bad to promote pandemic deaths. The Ed Haslam's insights on SV-40 have proven to be prophetic in that the contamination in Vaccines given to Gabon by Hilary Koprowski, Who Developed First Live-Virus Polio Vaccine, formed the HIV and AIDs crisis. Out is this mess we have pandemic cancers, pandemic HIV, and pandemic health issues of all kinds due to the suppression of deuterium problems in the food chain. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=92423 The cost to human life due to the cover ups on the JFK hit have become extreme and the National Security criteria needs to now emphasize protection of the public from these many mistakes. First, the real truths need to become public and obvious. We have solutions, many of them.
  9. RB: RFK only held sway over the state dept security issues as AG. And RFK only learned LHO wanted to come back from the False Defector Assignment and that he was the perfect pick as their deep cover agent to spy on CIA and Mafia. LHO's relative was involved with New Orleans Mafia. Obviously, when LHO wanted to come back, the Kennedys got him the state Dept loan and he came back and got his new Kennedy assignment. They had to protect him from Otto from being put on the all agency hot list. So, LHO fit easily into the Ex-FBI Chicago Station Cheif's Guy Bannister deal to help LHO appear to be Pro-Castro to pave the way for his going to Cuba as the courier for the virus into Cuba. LHO fit quickly into the CIA's kill Castro with Cancer project and so on. David Ferrie was a big Marcello backer, and LHO was close with Ferrie. LHO infiltrated just where the Kennedys wanted him---Mafia and CIA ties with war crime deals..
  10. TK: I do think I stated that Oak Ridge was reacting to the Atmospheric Test Ban, which became clear that Khruschev would back in July at the White House level. That was the trigger issue for Oak Ridge in planning to off JFK in Dallas. It was clear that the ice between Khruschev and JFK had melted and deals to end Nukes were next. JFK made it clear he was going for Peace and the elimination for nuke weapons in his next term. The Oak Ridge July planning is revealed by the Oak Ridge Atomic Museum's Guest registry page that was written on July 26, 1963. It has the FBI evidence sticker on it and that means it landed in FBI DIv 5 and then DISC. That blew LHO's deep cover. Ref Nobody said one word about April. George D. left town as he knew treason issues were in the works. He obviously wanted no ties to knowing what was going to happen, either way he would be killed. When LHO was refused entry into Cuba around first of Oct 63 that moved to plan 2, which was set up LHO as communist agent, move him to Dallas mid Oct 63, and get him into the Oak Ridge plan to eliminate JFK to keep building nukes. The really wanted to start a war for the Missile Gap issue the JCS were pushing. LBJ had tentatively talked JFK into coming to Dallas in April for summer visit, but more things had to fall into place. Example: The Kill Castro with Cancer Project had to fail, and they needed a Patsy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_John_F._Kennedy_assassination
  11. DA: It is pretty straight forward. Ruby was the Point Man for the hit, held CIA and Mafia positions, and he knew LHO and LHO was seen in his club. The Day before the JFK hit the early Chicago person that brought down Nicoletti's car loaded with Guns in a hidden compartment was James Files. Ruby had LHO show Files all around the TSBD and the lower floors of the Dal-Tex building which TSBD had been using for book storage also. Ruby, the Chicago connection in Dallas, was giving the orders to LHO to show the shooters the locations. Which means LHO knew he was being set up and was not going to plan along on the Day of the Shooting as LHO was out standing on the top steps of the TSBD finishing a sandwich before going up the front steps to get a coke on 2nd floor lunch room. LHO soon departs the TSBD and heads to Texas Theater to try to make a Live Drop visit to other agents.
  12. Yes, that is right. The State Dept gave LHO a loan to get back to the US, and the Kennedys picked him up for one of their deep agents to dig into CIA and Mafia. LHO quickly paid that loan back. Ole Otto wanted to put LHO on the Inter-agency hot list and that would keep LHO from doing the job for the Kennedys. So, RFK tried to sideline old Otto and that made him worse or more determined. Joan Mellen dung into that issue deeply and even went down to Fla. to talk to him in retirement to get the total scoop. RFK was just trying to protect their agent without explaining he was their agent to anyone, especially Otto..
  13. The issues that were once kept behind Manhattan Project's Fences are becoming public knowledge now, many decades after the Manhattan Project's internal knowledge. Deuterium is linked to religion in many fashions beginning with Genesis: Meet Dr Boros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7PdYx0hHU4&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1pXNJrHne8fiOCPU68W6uZMdlajNVzph8MCN8QB5PMcVU5DU6zAFuCSN8 The knowledge of Deuterium and its role on cancer causality is being well established in modern open sciences, but this deuterium causes cancer effect was well known in the Manhattan Project since the 50s: A UCLA deuterium researcher explains the deuterium and cancer etiology issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7SjlJy1xME&fbclid=IwAR0tZ3GuNtv5zflgK4mp7lfWs_hllgKG1fWK2WK4k92I99pN74ECQG530P4 The long cover up on Deuterium has resulted in pandemic illnesses in the US, one being cancers. Deuterium issue run deep in old world religion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/285712712138611/
  14. The Deuterium and Cancer News is going out more widely. Deuterium's role in the Sun's operation and the Genesis Chapter for Let their Be Light is slowly entering the Deuterium sciences and the public views. These issues have been very well know in Oak Ridge for decades and we even have interesting statues that deal with the imagery about town. The issues for killing JFK was about not telling a principle cause for cancers. SV-40 was classified from 1959 to 1999, and the corrupt deep state powers did not want JFK learning about SV-40 or about deuterium, as he would act to correct the cover ups. Others have recognized the significance of Deuterium in the JFK hit, and its link to the New Orleans cancer project and its SV-40 bio-science. JFK Assassination and LHO Murder also carried out to protect the Cancer Industry | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary JFK Assassination and LHO Murder also carried out to protect the Cancer Industry – The Millennium Report JFK Assassination and LHO Murder also carried out to protect the Cancer Industry | Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond Every day that passes without solving the JFK hit motives kills many more than just JFK. The JFK cover ups are costing millions of lives.
  15. George D was a White Russian pal of LHO, who likely knew LHO was ONI trained for False Defector Program and was working for Kennedys upon his return via the Kennedy controlled State Dept. He also found out enough in Texas that he knew LHO was being set up for the JFK hit. He decided to get out of Texas to distance himself from the JFK hit and LHO, and took a Haiti job. Subsequently, years after JFK hit, he was killed with Shotgun blast to the head in Fla. for exposing too much to a European reporter. George D is one of the many casualties of those that knew a little too much on the JFK hit, that would make world news aware that LHO was not the JFK Killer, and that Jack Ruby was the leader of the JFK hit in Dallas and CIA connected, LBJ connected, as well as had Zionist Tough Guy Motives to install LBJ in place of JFK, For The Jewish People. Persons like Dr. Mary Sherman were killed in New Orleans just ahead of a Congress Probe. David Ferrie, the owner of the Mouse Lab that made the mutated SV-40, was found dead after Jim Garrison pegged him as knowing a whole lot about the plot to kill JFK because LHO was a deep cover agent for the Kennedys. All rather obvious issues for those that know the real deal of Harold Urey and deuterium then connected to the Cancer Project for elimination of Castro, and then LHO caught Oak Ridge in his deep cover net reporting to the Kennedys. Others that were killed because of congressional information seeking were John Roselli because of his close Chicago Mob connections with Giancana and CIA anti-Castro operations. Sam Giancana gets a bullet in the head as he supplied the JFK shooters to Jack Ruby on Dallas, and he was about to give into investigators to avoid more prison time. The list goes on and on, but the large dead people list points to Jack Ruby as the kill JFK plan leader in Dallas, and that Oak Ridge was seeking to have Dallas kill JFK 3 month before over the Atmospheric test ban deal with Russia. But when the Castro plan failed, that Oak Ridge plan got Ruby his chance to become a Tough Guy. Since Jack Ruby was the operations plan leader in Dallas and LHO got away from TSBD, and if he told too much in Police Custody or at Trial, Jack Ruby was forced to kill LHO on National TV and try to claim he did such for Jackie. The Corrupt Warren Commission was all about not finding Jack Ruby in the middle of the JFK hit acting as Tough Guy, The JFK hit is easily solved when Urey and Deuterium used for Cancer Bioweapon and Oak Ridge is included.
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