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  1. The KGB and the JFK case

    Sandy, With all due respect, do you not find it interesting that it was a Ruskie (Obyedkov) who suggested to "Oswald" over the phone on 10/01/63 that it was Kostikov with whom "Oswald" had (supposedly) met with at the Soviet Consulate the previously Saturday? Not to mention the fact that the only reason for CIA's tentatively believing, at that time, that Kostikov was "Department 13" was then-recent "info" from a FBI fake double-agent, Aleksy Kulak, aka "FEDORA"? -- Tommy
  2. silver

    The purchasing power of $184 in 1963 was comparable to $1498 worth of purchasing power in 2017. https://westegg.com/inflation/infl.cgi -- Tommy
  3. Lee Henry Oswald

    Bill, With all due respect, I guess I should have put it in the form of a rhetorical question. (lol) My bad. -- Tommy PS Just curious -- Do you believe there was a legitimate molehunt (or two) going on at the time, or not? Thanks. PPS My next "leading question" for you, Bill: Why would thin, 5' 7", blond, blue-eyed, very thin faced, 30 year-old KGB officer Nikolai Leonov be used by James Jesus Angleton in the impersonation of Oswald, which impersonation you believe was used to create a molehunt, which fake molehunt, in turn, became a "poison pill" for all those who were involved in the paper trail involving Oswald? Or (as I believe may have been possible) did somebody force Azcue and Duran to describe, in their 1978 HSCA testimonies, the invisible 9/27/63 impostor in such a way as to implicate KGB-boy Leonov? If so, could the person who did the abovementioned coercing have been ... (gulp) ... Fidel Castro?
  4. The KGB and the JFK case

    Sandy, With all due respect, you don't seem to "get" it. First of all, only one of them is a book. The other one is a 35-page PDF, the first four or five pages of which would be the most important ones for you to read. You know, just to "rock your boat" a little, "whet your appetite," and "peke your curiosity"? Secondly, Bagley (who was not "Angleton's guy," BTW) had intimate knowledge of the Nosenko case (that KGB "defector" who told CIA about a month after the assassination that KGB hadn't even interviewed or monitored-very-closely Marine Corps radar operator LHO during the 2.5 years he lived in the USSR), having been involved with said case from "day one" (in May, 1962 in Geneva, Switzerland), and having later become privy to the file on (the six-months-earlier-and-true) defector, Anatoly Golitsyn, which privy-ness shed considerable light on the intelligence leads on Soviet spies and U.S. moles, etc, that Nosenko was sent to Geneva in 1962, and to the U.S. in January, 1964, to try to obfuscate and deflect attention away from. But Sandy "Genius" Larsen would rather read "Harvey and Lee," and books about forensic dentistry? Anything but four or five pages of "Ghosts of the Spy Wars" or ... gasp ... Simpich's entire "State Secret"? LOL! http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/08850607.2014.962362?scroll=top&needAccess=true -- Tommy
  5. Lee Henry Oswald

    Bill, So I guess it boils down to whether or not the molehunt was real, or perhaps contrived by that evil, evil, evil James Jesus Angleton for some other purpose. -- Tommy PS If CI/SIG's role of protecting CIA's internal security was such a big secret, what did non CI staff think that little group was doing all along?
  6. Lee Henry Oswald

    Paul, With all due respect, when I said "paranoiac-thinking kind of way," I was referring to those (IMHO) "tinfoil hat" conspiracy theorists who fervently believe JJA was wittingly involved in the assassination and/or the coverup. -- Tommy
  7. Lee Henry Oswald

    Paul, I guess another good question would be, "Why in the heck was there a lapse of nine whole days between the "Kostikov" phone call and the sending out of the October 10 cable?" -- Tommy
  8. Lee Henry Oswald

    Paul, So, does this exonerate Angleton from the charge that he was the mastermind of the assassination and / or coverup, or could it be seen to implicate him even more so in a paranoiac-thinking kind of way? -- Tommy
  9. Lee Henry Oswald

    Paul, With all due respect, if it is really that simple (and it may very well be, for all I know), then aren't the sixty-four thousand dollar questions -- "Who altered the information in the 201 file?," and "Did the person who made that file available to her know that it had been altered?" -- Tommy
  10. The KGB and the JFK case

    James, With all due respect, wasn't it Angleton's underling in CI, Edward Clare Petty, who not only thought that Angleton himself was a Ruskie mole, but said (according to Dick Russell) that George DeMohrenschildt was probably a very long term KGB "illegal," and that he (Petty) had arrived at this view of GdM based on some decrypted WWII VENONA intercepts? -- Tommy PS Which of the new releases would you like for me to take a look at, James? Any in particular? Like that one that's one of the (twelve in total) interviews of Nosenko by true-defector Ptyor Deriabin? Or must I read all of the new releases, as you undoubtedly have? No help? I'm all on my own?
  11. Why Would Oswald Have Hidden the Gun?

    Ron, With all due respect, relax, dude. Take some deep breaths. (In through the nose, out through the mouth ... ) Who's to say that Oswald was even ON the sixth floor during the assassination? For all I know, Igor Vaganov might have been up there, eatin' fried chicken. (lol) -- Tommy
  12. The KGB and the JFK case

    Cliff, Exactly one of the points I (rather obliquely) made in my post (which I edited several times before I'd read your very perceptive remark). Perhaps you could read my post again and see if you can "catch" it? Thanks, -- Tommy
  13. The KGB and the JFK case

    Kirk, With all due respect, the "books" I'm imploring everybody to read, Bagley's "Spy Wars" and his 35-page follow-up PDF "Ghosts of the Spy Wars," do not speculate or theorize about the JFK assassination. They simply show, in great (and sometimes necessarily convoluted) detail how we've been penetrated many times over the years by incredibly sophisticated and long-term Soviet and Russian counterintelligence operations, and that at the time of Bagley's writing (2014 for the PDF, iirc) there was still at least one highly-placed "mole" in U.S. Intel. The book in particular proves that Yuri Nosenko was a false defector, sent here to discredit Golitsyn's early leads, *AND*, apparently, to nullify any U.S. suspicion that KGB might have had something to do with the assassination. Problem is, Nosenko was so "over the top" in his denials of possible JFK assassination involvement as to cast said denials in a rather strange light. Question: Why are so many JFK Assassination Debate forum members so staunchly pro-Nosenko (and, concomitantly, so staunchly anti pre-1964-or-so Golitsyn)? Because to believe that Nosenko was a true defector is to "confirm" that that evil, evil, torturing James Angleton was a very sick man at best and an evil, evil JKF Assassination Mastermind/Traitor at worst? And that to disbelieve in Nosenko is tantamount to admitting NOT ONLY that James Jesus Angleton and Tennent H. Bagley, working in two independent-from-each-other CIA counterintelligence divisions or departments, might actually have been "on to something" regarding the extent of KGB - GRU penetrations and recruitments (and how darned good the Ruskies were at interweaving "active measures counterintelligence" ops with "strategic deception" ops (since 1958)), but also somehow tantamount to conceding that the Ruskies MUST have killed JFK through their evil, evil agent, Lee Harvey Oswald? (lol) Question: Why do so many Forum readers refuse to read "Spy Wars" and "Ghosts of the Spy Wars"? It think I know the answer: Because they fear that the book and/or the PDF would upset their worldview "applecart," and they just don't want to find out how wrong and misguided Hart, McCoy, Helms, Colby, Turner, Solie, Cramm, et al., *might* have been in their analyzing and interpreting and selectively choosing and spinning "the facts" in coming to their "incubus"-killing conclusion that (hooray!) ... Yuri Nosenko WAS a true defector, after all! (sigh) -- Tommy
  14. Operation Tumbleweed?

    Larry, IF it is true that FBI's "Fedora"(Aleksey Kulak) was a fake double-agent (he did vouch for Nosenko's being a true defector after all -- lol ), can you think of any reason for him to claim that OLEG BRYKIN at the UN, known to be in contact with Guenter Schulz and Kostikov, was Department 13? The reason I ask is that it appears that the ONLY reason CIA suspected that Kostikov was Department 13 was because of his associating with Brykin and Schulz. -- Tommy
  15. The KGB and the JFK case

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