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  1. Swedish Elections

    An important part of the Swedish "private" schools, is that they are still tax financed, and they are now allowed to take any tuition. So it is a far cry from American or English private schools, where you have to pay to get in. So they students are not divided into "rich" and "poor" students, but into students with active parents who help their kids find the best school, and those whose parents don't care and let their kids go to the closest school. It has led to some segregation, but it has also in my opinion, led to more pressure on the public schools to be attractive and offer better education.
  2. Swedish Elections

    An interesting editorial in today's Dagens Nyheter stated that the Social Democrats actually won the election. It said that the Social democratic ideology has such a strong hold of Swedish politics and society, that any party that wants to get a large share of the votes has to pursue a Social democratic political agenda. That, I think, explains a bit of this "boredom" that led the Swedes to vote for a liberal-conservative government. They know that the even with such a government, they will essentially get a Social democratic society, i.e. tax financed schools and health care, no real privatization of important parts of society, OK unemployment benefits (they will be reduced with 10%...) etc. So, the Social democrats did win, but their politics will be run by another party.
  3. Sweden and the World Cup

    Even if the top players may be a bit past their prime, Sweden's strength has always been the quality and the organization of the whole team, not the individual players. And John, you are a historian - what can we learn from history? Sweden has never lost against England in a World Cup ever - and has no intention of doing it this time either!