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  1. Everyone MUST read Turner and Christians book on the Assassination of RFK. And check out the publication history of this book.... When a friend of the authors called Epstein about the book's fate, he replied he did not want to speak about it. But what appears to have occurred is that when Random House was sold to Si Newhouse-Roy Cohn's family friend-Bob Loomis's star ascended, and Epstein's began to fade. As readers of Probe know, Loomis was once married to the secretary for James Angleton. He has been a mentor and shepherd for the likes of Sy Hersh, James Phelan, and Gerald Posner. In ot
  2. As I have typed before Colby apparently felt that Angleton and Claire Booth Lucy In Whose Sky may have been collaborating with each other round his back when Colby was ostensibly top Rome CIA dog. I think the year that was mentioned was 1956. My source for this is Prados' Lost Crusader, and it might be true. On the other hand there are so many different possibilities for the origins of the alleged Angleton-Colby dispute that hardly anyone would notice if a few more were added.
  3. ----------- This is what I mean by going on offense. Right now we are just letting PBS get away with using CIA hacks. If we don't raise the cost nothing will happen. PBS and examples of media complicity are also a way that the assassination can be used wide-angle to show new audiences its continued relevance. Nothing shows media complicity better than the JFK assassination and that is why the new edition of Destiny Betrayed is so good.
  4. Precisely how interesting is Jesse H. Jones? We know he was important to LBJ. The writer Charles Higham claims that Jones was a big influence on FDR's decision to advance 6$ million a year to Ibn Saud, even though the latter was a Nazi collaborator, so the Germans would not get enough oil. "Saudi Arabia was emphatically not a lend-lease country. If it were known that Ibn Saud as Hitler's close ally in Nazi pay was being bribed by the President to protect an oil company [Jones was part owner of the Davis Oil Company] there would have been a major public outcry. Roosevelt ordered Harry L
  5. "He was a charter member of what came to be known as "the goon squad," a group of young New Dealers who, in the days before Pearl Harbor, met o Monday evenings in the apartment of economist Robert Nathan ,who by day was in charge of developing military requirements to help the nation mobilize for war. In addition to Phil, Rauh and Prich, the group included Isaiah Berlin, diplomat, Oxford don, philosopher, and great friend of Felix Frankfurter, and Lauchlin Currie, the first professional economist to work in the White House. The company was all male; wives were not welcome. Phil placed a s
  6. Thanks for getting this back on track. As a McCarthy for President coordinator of volunteers in 1968, at 17 I was not old enough to vote, yet was very active in the campaign and was in Chicago, on the national staff as part of the Special Projects Committee, as I think I explained earlier. While surprised at the CIA support for McCarthy, which probably stems from their realization that the Vietnam war was a sham, I understood McCarthy's antimosity towards RFK, who only entered the race After McCarthy convinced him that LBJ could be defeated by his strong showing in New Hampshire. I also resen
  7. You got me backwards on that one Nate. I don't say or believe that the CIA sparked or predicated or had anything to do with Arab Spring, and therefore those who say that they are supporting the dictators because they are against NATO are wrong - the Arab Spring is for real and not a CIA sparked invention, and if the Arab Spring is now supported by the CIA, that is no reason to support the dictators. I don't check to see who the CIA is for or against before I make up my mind. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syira were ruled for decades by ruthless dictators who no one predicted could or would be ove
  8. Count me out on that one Bill. The CIA is the opposite of Democracy. No way they can spread it. When it comes to foreign intervention, track record, and motives matter. The CIA gets a 0 out of 100 on that scale.
  9. Tom, Why do you think that extremely labor-intensive efforts to gain a moveable beach-head are better than the alternative strategy of a coordinated effort to delegitimate Wikepedia as a source on the JFK assassination and related CIA media ops? You raise a provocative question pointedly, but the answer does not seem as obvious to me. There are some pretty pyrrhic beach-heads out there. I might be convinced otherwise in this case, but, more generally, it seems to me that anyone who wants to change media has got to switch strategies. The time for merely offering "alternative media" is over,
  10. " The LHO wikipedia article has been rated at most, by 118 registered wikipedia users. The LHO article has had more than 104,000 page views in the last 30 days. Wikipedia is what it is, a source where links leading to other sources of information can be quickly obtained. Each wikipedia article is a result at any given moment, of the status of the "input" of dueling POV's of editors, (mostly ordinary members of the public, enabled by their support from agenda driven, wikipedia administrators and hyper editors, and hidden monied, political, and ideological influences). Almost 3500 page view
  11. I almost never go to Wikipeidia, but on my notion of lark, I decided to see if they could find a way to warp the batting statistics of the St. Louis Cardinal currently known as Allen Craig, and compare their objectivity re his bullets to one or a baker's dozen in Dallas. What I discovered was that there now seems to be A RATING PAGE for each subject. You need to have an account in order to rate the pages. It might be interesting to see how much gravity weighs on them scales.
  12. Oh goodie now more people can say "Only anti-semites believe in these wacky conspiracy theories" I am getting this response more and more from people who have actually gone to colleges. We are in mediated styraphome. This is another example of why lies aimed at the left are most important. Only cutting off the assassinations from their structural connections to the growing dominance of the military industrial congressional complex can these alternative jello packets be served in school lunch trays. I know there are those who are going "no left right, no left right no left, right" Let me
  13. “Butch” Griswold was a popular deputy commander, possessing far more people skills than “Tommy” Power " HUMANELY IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! "Their wives marveled at the mutually taciturn airmen whose friendship seemed based more upon mental telepathy tha conversation." Who said there was no checks and balances in Omaha! No seriously folks, this is very interesting in terms of Richard Rhodes comments that SAC possessed some degree of autonomy within the air force on the ability to launch a nuclear first strike and also independence from presidentS.
  14. "He then suggested that I apply for a job with his friend from college days, Robert Maheau, but I was leery of him. " ------- EBW BETWEEN the 1954ish troika of Nixon, Hoffa and Maheau on the one hand, and RFK on the other. Then immediately after the RFK assassination gets all of RFK's little helpers working for his new outfit and Intertel. In between he refuses his former client, Jimmy Hoffa, when Hoffa appealed to Williams to use some highly volatile dirt on RFK, if we are to believe Jim Hougan in his book Spooks. EBW BETWEEN 1954ish Phillip Graham, Frank Wisner and a young Ben Bradlee
  15. Nathaniel, BFD. (Big Fledermaus Deal) --Tommy ---- Tom if you listen to the interviews that mistake falls into a pattern all of which seem to belittle the windshield research. I am currently using the Richard Dudman angle to provoke awareness on the web site of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and am interested in the relative merits of each side of the windshield discourse. I am sorry for saying discourse. I have not taken sides on the windshield, because it can be unhealthy for insects and posters on this forum. I am merely trying to see what the consensus view of the windshield
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