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  1. David Syme

    French Revolution

    Trying to find info about the actual declaration of war by France on England/Britain on Feb 1793. This was during the Terror and I would like to know how and who declared the war.
  2. David Syme

    Mrs Fitzherbert

    Looking for info regarding the address of Mrs Fitzherbert, paramour of Georve IV, before she moved to Brighton. She had a townhouse somewhere in London. Any help appreciated.
  3. David Syme

    Biography: David Syme

    My full name is David Syme, of Lanarkshire, Scotland. I was educated at Ruskin College, Oxford, and Glasgow Caledonian University. I have been a journalist, a trade union official and a schoolteacher. I have written for newspapers as diverse as the News of the World and the Financial Times, organised the defence of my members' rights during the Thatcher period and taught Computing and Business Studies. I am an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and hold the ECDL. I am also a member of a number of sites relating to the JFK assassination. I am a "lone nut" supporter. Presently I am helping a friend do some historical research for a book he is writing.