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    Political Science and History I am very proud to have met Robert F. Kennnedy in April, 1968. when he came to my hometown of Whitesburg, Ky.during his presidential campaign. I have been active in local politics most of my adult life, having been elected to public office twice.

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  1. Terry Adams

    Number of shots

    Couldn't they also explain the "firecracker" sounds that many witnesses referred to?
  2. Terry Adams


    James, I like the idea of auto pay as well. I am guilty of forgetting to pay on time, occasionally. If you can set that up through credit card payments, I believe that will solve our problems. I think that most will agree that with me, because we won't have to remember it each month. Whatever you come up with, I will try to send something each month. This is a wonderful forum and it would be a terrible loss of valuable information, as well as the opportunity to talk with like minded individuals, if it had to close. I started on Lancer back in the day, and have been here for years. In my opinion, it is the premiere forum on JFK, as well as many other subjects!
  3. Mr. Jenkins says he saw a hole in the back of the head, with brains, skull and skin gone, seemingly at the same place the Parkland doctors said it was located!
  4. Terry Adams

    JFK's three meetings with General MacArthur

    Just as he did with the blockade during the missle crisis, President Kennedy would have also had those words of wisdom," do not fight a land war in Asia" in the back of his mind and the Unites States would not have put large numbers of troops in Viet Nam. We have the president on tape with Walter Cronkite, saying that it is their (the Vietnamese) war. The U. S. can help them, but in the end, they have to fight it. (paraphrasing). There would not have been a Viet Nam war if John F. Kennedy had lived!!
  5. Terry Adams

    More truths that are forever quashed!

    Thank you Mr. McBride. I have always known that it was a George Bernard Shaw quote, but it was just my way, and as you pointed out, so do many others, of putting a signature statement to Robert Kennedy, whom I, obviously, have tremendous respect for. I was not, and would not, in any way, take away from Mr. Shaw's words. Back, all those years ago, when I wrote the signature statement, I should have put his name in parenthesis! But, to the post that I have put up for comment, I know that it is old information to most of us here, but I felt that, particularly, if two of JFK's closest friends/advisors would immediately go with the "official" story, there had to be powerful reasons for them to do so! So, I hoped that some of our long time contributors, as well as any other member would weigh in on this.
  6. “I told the FBI what I had heard [two shots from behind the grassy knoll fence], but they said it couldn’t have happened that way and that I must have been imagining things. So I testified the way they wanted me to. I just didn’t want to stir up any more pain and trouble for the family.”– Kennedy aide Kenneth O’Donnell, quoted by House Speaker Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill Jr. in “Man of the House,” p. 178. O’Donnell was riding in the Secret Service follow-up car with Dave Powers, who was present and told O’Neill he had the same recollection. (this is a post made by Goban Saor on the 'Reopen the Kennedy Case' forum)
  7. Mr. Parnell, I agree with the terminology, "killing Castro business." I am sure that a tremendous amount of money was spent by the U. S. Government and others to "kill" Castro. The fact that he was not assassinated shows that he may well have been a story from a bad novel. If I am correct, I think that Castro himself claimed that over 100 attempts had been made on his life. It was just great politics on all sides to keep him alive. I'm sure that the little people involved were trying their best to get the job done, when all the time, there were actions, over their heads, that kept anything "real" from happening. I am sure that many, many people (powers that be) got rich in the "killing Castro business." This is somewhat off course, but if that had really been an effort to allow someone such as Veciana and his people to have removed Castro, the tragic events of Nov. 22, 1963 may have been averted.
  8. Pat, you are absolutely right on the money. People under 30 look at JFK as they do Abraham Lincoln. He was one of our past presidents who was also assassinated! End of discussion.
  9. Terry Adams

    Perry Russo: Perjury in FBI unredacted report

    Paul, Are you saying that the CIA did not kill, or have JFK killed? I thought that was a given among the CTers! I know that everyone, including, but not limited to, LBJ, Jimmy Hoffa and Edwin Walker, to name a few, have been blamed. I have been under the obviously mistaken impression, according to you, that basically anyone connected with the assassination were connected, somehow, with the CIA! I have been believing the government did it since my Dad and I watched Oswald murdered on live television! So, I would greatly appreciate it if you will tell me what to tell the people I talk with, and have been talking with most of my life, about that horrible tragedy on November 22, 1963, NOW! And Paul, I am not really speaking directly to you, I am just trying to grasp onto something real after almost 54 years .
  10. Terry Adams

    Toronto Film Review: ‘Chappaquiddick’

    If this was supposed to be a critique of the film, Chappaquiddick, what was this statement of 'fact' doing in it? "The Kennedys lived outside the law; the one instance in American history of an illegally stolen presidential election was the election of John F. Kennedy in 1960. He in all likelihood lost the race to Richard Nixon, but his father tried to steal the election for him by manipulating the vote tallies in (among other places) Illinois"
  11. Terry Adams

    Steve Jaffe interview

    Are there suggestions on where one may find Steve Jaffe on multiple interviews ( I mean over time). This gentleman has so much information on The JFK assassination, MLK and even the Princess Diana death (not to mention Jonestown). He is obviously elderly, based on his age when he was working with Jim Garrison. It would be such an injustice to genuine history to have his massive vault of knowledge about all I've mentioned and probably so much more that will be missed out on, just because he was not recorded before we lose him forever! I certainly hope, if that has not already been extensively done, that someone who has access to Mr. Jaffe will sit with him and get all that he wishes to reveal on record, for all time.
  12. Terry Adams

    Dust on the shirt

    I do think that the dust we see in the first picture came from the window sill, but my question is, since they mention hearing the shells hitting the floor and the ratcheting of the rifle, why wouldn't they say that it seemed as if a cannon was blasting above them. I mean, if you look at the picture of them in the window, there is only 8-10 feet between them and the shooter. Those shots should have been LOUD!
  13. Terry Adams

    Lancer Forum Sign Up Area

    Looking forward to it. Count me in!!
  14. Kathy, You mentioned all of the old posts will be put back up. Doesn't that mean that we are already members of Lancer (those of us that were in the past) or do we need to sign up again through the Ed Forum?
  15. Larry, thanks for that information. I was under the obviously mistaken impression that President Kennedy called off any support, very early, after he concluded that he had been duped into the Bay of Pigs fiasco by the CIA. This was my reasoning on thinking that Castro was playing it up to be a much more involved USA.