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  1. Doug, I have watched this interview, with Roger Craig, a few times over the yeas and find him to be believable. I have nothing to base this on other than his mannerisms. He seemed very direct with his answers. He did not hesitate. He responded immediately to each question without having to think up an answer. He just, matter-of-factly, told what he saw on that day, Nov. 22, 1963.
  2. If the curtain rod story is real, then why wrap them in paper? Why not bring them to work then borrow some tape to hold them together. I do not believe that, if there was a package, it had anything to do with curtain rods!
  3. John, do you know the mental capacity of Carl Jenkins? If he has not been approached, don't we owe it to humanity to make every attempt to see if he will talk, if he is coherent, before he passes. Sadly, though, it will probably be dismissed as "the babbling of an old man," by the msm, if he does come forward with information on his involvement in the assassination. Anyway, if he is approachable, then, certainly, someone needs to make an effort to speak with him.
  4. Ron mentions that Dallas was 'CIA controlled'. I doubt anyone on the forum would question that Chicago and Miami were CIA/Mob controlled, as well. So, as to what part Dallas played in the assassination, it was simply another place that, with the help of others such as Cabell, met the criteria, as a location, for another attempt to murder the president. If the earlier attempts were carried out by the same people, then Dallas was just a convenient location to finish the job. As president Kennedy said on the morning of the 22nd, (paraphrasing) anyone could kill him from the top of a building with a high powered rifle. My belief is that once the decision was made to kill him, if it didn't happen in one planned location then they would go on to the next, and the next, until it was done!
  5. My father a corporal in Patton's Army in Europe. I know from his discharge papers that he fought in the Rhineland and France. Although my family has 3 Purple hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star, we have no information on why those medals were presented to my father. Nor can I find out if he was exposed to any germ warfare in the areas that he fought. All I know is that he entered the Army a very healthy young man and was dead at 51 years old. I have no answers because my government told me that all records having ANY reference to my father were lost in a fire at the National Personnel Records Building in 1973.
  6. Although some may not agree with my assessment, I think that there was only one(1) secret service man who went waaaay above and beyond his job duties that day, and his name is Clint Hill.
  7. The CIA would not comment on the lawsuit, but the agency dismisses all accusations that it was involved in a conspiracy to kill the president.(taken from the article) “While the CIA conspiracy theories make good fodder for movies, they are pure fiction,” spokesman Edward Price said. My question here is; how would Mr. Price know anymore about CIA involvement than you or me! Does he have access to the papers that Jefferson Morley has been attempting to get through the FOIA for more than a decade. I don't think so! It is an opinion of a man who happens to be allowed to write "CIA" after his name.
  8. "All I wanted to be was a hero and it looks like I just messed things up." According to Leavelle, this is what Ruby said to him as he was being transported to the county jail. I have not read this before as a reason for Jack Ruby shooting Oswald. Is this news to to anyone else on the forum?
  9. In July, 1969 I was was 17 (would be 18, August 03). I was working the summer for a clothing store where I had worked, part time during my junior and senior senior year of High School. The family that owned the clothing store also had a furniture store, where I also occasionally worked as well. On Thursday, the 18th, I borrowed a 13' color television from the manager of the furniture store so that my family could watch the moon landing in color. We had a floor model B&W television. So, I was sitting with my Dad (just as I had during 4 days in November, 1963). Mom was there as well as my two brothers. We watched the landing and man walking on the moon as well as their blast off and docking with the Command Module. On Monday, I went back to work and purchased that 13" television (on payments) for a sum of $849.95. (took me all the way through community college to pay that off...lol) Yesterday I was in my Mom's house showing my wife where we all were in the living room 50 years ago! What wonderful memories!!
  10. Ron, I totally agree with you on everything you are saying. I should have added it in my post. The fact that he would take such information given him and make it public just angered me so much I had to say something about it. When Robert Kennedy, himself, says "there are guns between me and the white house", it is because he knows this, it is not, in my opinion, speculation. With all of the respect I have for Mark Lane, and it is immense, he should have known the risk he could be putting RFK in. Obviously the Ambassador Hotel plan was already in the works, but my belief is that with Bobby saying he was going to prosecute the perpetrators of his brother's murder, it seemed that he had names. These people were not going to let him get into the position to do that!!
  11. If it is true that Mark lane made this, obviously, very private statement by RFK public, then he had to know he was putting the Senator's life in extreme danger. And, as Tony states, Garrison was there when he said it, he obviously had no regard for RFK's safety!!
  12. Ron, I believe this is the first time that I have heard one of the attending doctors to outright say that a member of his team was told to change his statement about a wound! This is an amazing article. What a shame that such a talented surgeon, Dr. Malcom Perry, no doubt very proud of what a career he had built for himself, had been badgered by a man, Secret Service, no less, to change his statement that the president had been shot from behind, instead of how he had believed, based on years of looking at gunshot wounds, that the shot to the throat came from the front. It is also extremely sad that a person, while holding such a prestigious job title, as Secret Service Agent, Mr. Elmer Moore, simply because of his beliefs that President John F. Kennedy was soft on communism, was okay that the president could be killed and then agree to pressure a person who is a medial doctor to lie about how he was killed (all shots from behind). Mr Moore has admitted to having been ordered by his superiors to badger Dr. Perry into changing his statement. https://crosscut.com/2017/11/john-f-kennedy-assassination-files-seattle-trump-release-shooters
  13. Right on all points, Jim. Johnson was :biting at the bit" to get that finished. People working there have since written about the scurrying to put the final report together. Also, a point that sticks out with me, in my memory, was that Dulles slept through a great deal of the time that he was in the room. From that I had drawn a picture of an older man that may have not necessarily been in touch, but this interview, with his darting eyes, and quick responses points me back to the arguments that have been made of how Dulles was sitting over the hearings with very little interest as to what evidence was brought in front of them, as he was going to have the report written the way he wanted it anyway!
  14. To what extent Oswald was involved, as Pamela indicates, cannot be fully known, but I concur that had he been watched, or better yet, brought in for questioning, we could very well have had a different outcome on that day. As everyone here know, the feelings on Oswald's involvement cover the whole spectrum, from patsy to shooter. I do not think that we can patently say that he had nothing to do with the assassination.
  15. The fact that Hosty did not take his job seriously enough to, at least, verify where Oswald was on November 22, 1963 says that it is possible to place the blame for the assassination squarely at his feet!
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