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  1. Lancer Forum Sign Up Area

    Looking forward to it. Count me in!!
  2. Kathy, You mentioned all of the old posts will be put back up. Doesn't that mean that we are already members of Lancer (those of us that were in the past) or do we need to sign up again through the Ed Forum?
  3. Larry, thanks for that information. I was under the obviously mistaken impression that President Kennedy called off any support, very early, after he concluded that he had been duped into the Bay of Pigs fiasco by the CIA. This was my reasoning on thinking that Castro was playing it up to be a much more involved USA.
  4. The reason that I posted this was the fact that Castro indicated that 'hundreds' of his soldiers were killed and that the invaders had U.S. plane support as well as an aircraft carrier. This just was not the case. I just don't understand him bringing this up, at all, in 2016.
  5. Referring to the 1961 failed invasion of the Bay of Pigs, Castro wrote of the U.S.' "mercenary force with cannons and armored infantry, equipped with aircraft ... trained and accompanied by warships and aircraft carriers in the U.S. raiding our country. Nothing can justify this premeditated attack that cost our country hundreds of killed and wounded." Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/03/fidel-castro-obama-221279#ixzz44FO5gsKr
  6. Condition of Oswald's Rifle

    Bob, I have mentioned this before, and I think that it was Lt. Day of the DPD said that one could not tell if a rifle had been fired today, last week, or a month ago. What I have always argued is that by the time the rifle was found, fresh gunpowder would still have allowed for a "smell test". What are your thoughts on this?
  7. "It was my impression that O'Donnell had the greatest influence in shaping the President's most important decisions. He was able to set aside his own prejudices against individuals and his own ideological commitments (I would rate him a moderate Democrat) and appraise the alternatives with total objectivity. It was impossible to categorize O'Donnell, as White House observers did with other staff members, as either a "hawk" or a "dove" on foreign policy, or a Stevenson liberal or Truman conservative on civil rights. JFK gave extra weight to O'Donnell's opinions because he knew he had no personal cause to argue. Ken had only one criterion: Will this action help or hurt the President? And that, for O'Donnell, was another way of asking: Will it help or hurt the country?" Pierre Salinger (1966). I cannot imagine anyone doubting Kenny O'Donnell's loyalty to President Kennedy. They were extremely close. He was part of the "Irish Mafia", having known the Kennedy family since rooming with RFK at Harvard. And yes, he did help plan the motorcade, which caused him to blame himself for the assassination until his own death in 1977 from alcoholism at the age of 53.
  8. I got the impression that he HAD looked at those files, and found what he expected to find; nothing! Just what the rest of us will get to look at in 2017.
  9. Tom, IMO, this picture goes to the very heart of the problem in identifying people from old photos or film frames. How many people here see Andy Griffith of "Mayberry" instead of of Ed Byrnes in the still?
  10. CIA Reactions to JFK Assassination

    I can picture that/those scenario(s). Thanks John!
  11. CIA Reactions to JFK Assassination

    John, I've never heard this before. I was under the impression that LBJ was going around saying WWIII, but never called for a higher alert. So, I am mistaken about him on this?
  12. CIA Reactions to JFK Assassination

    "Fears that Moscow might have masterminded the president’s killing rose sharply when the CIA was unable to locate Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev for 24-48 hours afterwards. Agency officials worried that he was “either hunkering down for an American reprisal, or possibly preparing to strike the United States.” This is from the article that Mr. Caddy posted. Yet like LBJ, there was no effort, nor request, to raise our preparedness for war. defensively or offensively. So, this makes what is written about or by the CIA less than believable, IMO.
  13. Photograph of JFK attempting to restrain LBJ!

    Thanks for the picture, James. And David, to put words with the picture is a treat, thank you!
  14. Photograph of JFK attempting to restrain LBJ!

    Also, I would hope that someone would please post the photograph for those that have not seen it.
  15. Does anyone know if there is film of this 'infamous' picture? I would like to know how LBJ reacted. Because, from the look he had on his face, if he did not know that it was the president pulling on his sleeve, he may very well have struck out or at least "cussed out" the perpetrator. Obviously, the reason this has been shown in relation to the assassination is to show that LBJ had absolutely no respect for the President, by acting this way in his presence.