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  1. Thank you! I posted often while researching the Silent DOn, but haven't been around much in the past few years. But I'll go back and look through some threads to see where I can add some value.
  2. Sammy Paxton's real name was Salvatore 'Sam' Amarena, a Tampa native who worked for Trafficante in Cuba, then headed out to New Orleans to work for Marcello, before ending up in San Francisco where he fell in with Jimmy "The Weasel" Frattiano.
  3. It's been a few years since I've posted, but started lurking around again. Whether the Mafia would fix the match if or course obvious- yes they would. It's their MO. However did Mr. Shaw see Santo Jr., Marcello, and Ragano at the Palma Ceia in late 72, early 73? Not likely. Marcello often came to Tampa (and Trafficante to New Orleans) to discuss business, but late 72, early 73 is problematic for Trafficante. As I detail in a recent piece I wrote: "The information on Trafficante during that time period is more detailed. According to an internal FBI memo dated September 12, 1975, “Traf
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