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  1. Zaid has about as much room to advise an attorney about ethics as Jim Comey does on FISA applications.
  2. BTW, MacNeil, his partner said something notable when the film JFK came out. Words to the effect, how can anyone deny the possibility of a conspiracy, we were living in a Fool's Paradise back then.
  3. Can I ask a question? What is the point of Oswald not being at Beckley? Where was he living then?
  4. David: Do you have any idea of the origin of the passport photo? You must know the FBI went to every passport photo shop in a five mile radius and no one recalled Oswald.
  5. LOL. Pat, I guess its hard to keep track of all the BS. Especially when dealing with the DPD.
  6. It is always good to go back to the Lopez Report. As Danny H said in Pittsburgh, he and Eddy and Goldsmith had drawn up bills of indictment for Phillips and Goodpasture for perjury. The Committee would not pass them. But one of the many gems of that report is about Goodpasture and the photo of the Mystery Man. As the report notes, Goodpasture lied about the date it was first taken. Danny and Eddy argue that this had to be a lie since the chart was clearly demarcated as to dates. So they said that Goodpasture's defense that she had just made a mistake was simply not credible. But further, the CIA actually knew who the Mystery Man really was and Goodpasture had to have known this, by the latest, one week later. They also argue that Goodpasture had to alter the date to link it to a phone call. This is probably part of the perjury charges that Eddy and Danny and Goldsmith were writing up. And I must add, the work on that passport application by David Josephs is really fascinating. Where did that picture come from?
  7. Obviously I did not know that the links do not work. Is the withdrawal of Between the Signal and the Noise by Rahn because of Roger's death and the attempt to establish an estate, or because of a legal threat by Lifton? I don't see how it could be the latter.
  8. They are making a movie about this--11/22/63 news coverage-- with Chris Pine called Newsflash. Pine is playing Cronkite. They bill it at as the day that TV news came of age. I have had to watch that same day news coverage while working on this documentary for Oliver Stone. I would say it is the contrary. Its the day the networks showed all of its weaknesses and utter mediocrity. All these guys did was follow the story. In other words, they tagged along as it progressed. At times--like with NBC-- they did not even have a remote pick up. They had to rely on telephones. In other words, you would have Chet Huntley in studio in New York, on a call to some reporter in Dallas. And he would be literally repeating what the guy on the line said to him to his audience. Evidently, NBC needed more time to send a reporter to the scene with a camera man. This was what was the news coverage. People in a studio saying, the president is now at Parkland Hospital. He is in an emergency room. Doctors are working on him. He has now been pronounced dead. But then, comes something really important. Huntley says, Dr. George Burkley says that Kennedy was killed with a shot into the right temple. Kind of important detail right. Especially since later, when Oswald is apprehended, he says I was arrested because I work in that building, the TSBD. Yet, Huntley does not say, "Well wait a minute. How could Oswald shoot Kennedy through the right temple if he was in the building behind him?" Same thing with the Perry/Clark press conference. Perry says the neck shot came from in front. Three times he said it. Clark says there was a large gaping wound in the rear of Kennedy skull. But still, none of the network guys asks that question. And this is called "coming of age"? Barbie Zeilizer wrote a book about this called Covering the Body. She details the first day coverage and subtly points out how the bid media missed the real story that was right in front of them. And I should add, by doing this, they showed why a well designed conspiracy could make them look like fools. PS . Link to Feinman's booklet http://www.kenrahn.com/JFK/The_critics/Feinman/Feinmanbio.html
  9. If you ever read my article, "How CBS aided the JFK cover up", based on pilfered documents out of CBS, you will see how a major news organization abased itself to John McCloy and then lied about his true role in the 1967 four night celebration of the WR. I could not have written that essay--which is the most comprehensive and detailed expose of how a network literally fabricated its support for the Commission--without the documents pilfered out of CBS by the late Roger Feinman. Roger told me that when CBS repeated the BS exercise in 1975, Cronkite declined to go along with it. So Rather became the lead talking head in that one. But to show just how hypocritical it is, in 1992, when Rather hosted another program, specifically designed to attack the film JFK, he had Belin on with Tanenbaum. When the camera stopped on their segment, Rather told Bob: "We really blew it on the JFK case."
  10. I recommend everyone listen to this, and also read the section at Pat's site called Unsmoking the Gun. Its probably one of the best, if not the best, review of the alleged finger/palm print evidence there is. And what he does to the 1993 PBS special is way overdue.
  11. See, when you give up the senate, not only do you surrender a lot of power in foreign policy and oversight, you give up a lot of sway in judicial appointments. That is how we got Citizens United. And this is how Dark Money got into play.
  12. I don't agree with that. He came very close to beating Cruz at a time when he had almost no name recognition outside his own district. By the end of that race, when he scared the heck out of the GOP, he had become a national name. He was actually on the cover of Vanity Fair. It all went to his head and he decided to try to run for the Democratic nomination. Bad error on his part. But what Beto did is he began to turn Texas from red to purple. Which is a really estimable achievement.
  13. I would have to agree with the hack Milbank on this. But as I also have said, the Democrats should have concentrated on retaking the senate. Instead, we had 21 people running for president. Like Beto, who could have won the senate seat and replaced a neanderthal.
  14. It is really something when you count up all of the name journalists who were in Dallas/Fort Worth that weekend. And not one of them ever pursued the real story. Only one I can think of who even gave it a half try was Dudman from St. Louis. Can anyone think of anyone else?
  15. I always liked Froomkin. He is acute and he has guts.
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