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  1. When did the Coke Appear?

    Greg sent me some other stuff on this which I will post later.
  2. When did the Coke Appear?

    I got a reply from Greg Parker on this. He says that the first mention of the coke was in Oswald's FBI interrogation. But the problem with that was he made it pretty clear that he had gotten the coke before the motorcade had come by and was drinking and eating on the first floor. Therefore, after the was killed, both the FBI and DPD went to work changing that story to vitiate his alibi..
  3. Max Holland Says Enough!

    I have to say Mike, the indefatigable Malcolm Blunt is building on that revelation made by Bagley to him about the Oswald files. The one I mentioned in my article which he emailed me about. He told me that Betsy Wolf of the HSCA was actually working on that. He is going to send me her work file on this soon. But if that is true, it again goes to the point that the HSCA really concealed more than it revealed in its published volumes. Or course, Max would say, "So what? Why is that important?" In the real world of course, its always good when you get these revelations from guys inside the CIA. In this instance, a guy who closely worked with Jim A. himself.
  4. When did the Coke Appear?

    Thanks Steve.
  5. Max Holland Says Enough!

    I am beginning to think that since John McAdams had been discredited for endangering the life and health of a student teacher at Marquette, Holland has now amped up his efforts and been embraced by the rightwing media as his replacement. His latest is really one of the silliest articles on the JFK case that I can remember in recent times. And talk about misrepresentations! Frank Drebin lives. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/max-holland-says-enough
  6. When did the Coke Appear?

    Since Baker was confused about this point all the way to September, and I don't think Truly mentioned it in his testimony, when was the first appearance of the Coke Oswald allegedly was drinking on the second floor? Did it come from the Fritz notes?
  7. The latest from Ruth Paine

    It was not Ruth Paine's car. But what Craig said about seeing the man running down the incline who resembled Oswald, and then seeing him in Fritz's office was true. That has corroboration to it of more than one kind. Which is why the WC did all they could to ignore it. But, IMO, what Thompson did with that at the end of Six Seconds in Dallas was unforgettable. One of the highlights of all the first generation books.
  8. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Jeff: What is your take on this? Did Barger plant the bug for the FBI, and is the FBI now trying to deny responsibility for it after the assassination? It would seem to me that the FBI suspected Marina was,as Hosty said, a Sleeper Agent. That appears to be the reason for the bug as far as this document goes. Although, I must say, I am not sure just how much they would accept Aynesworth into their secret lair. The guy does have a big mouth.
  9. Bloomfield Papers

    Yes, that is who I was talking about. Funny, I did not know he was a Canadian until now. I thought he lived in Texas for some reason.
  10. Bloomfield Papers

    John: I would have to say so based upon this new evidence. And let me add: in all candidness, until this new evidence surfaced, i thought this was a dead lead. Which is what I think Paul was saying. But you know who hinted there was more to it? RCD. When he was here, and I was downgrading the Torbitt Document, he said words to the effect that, whatever I thought about it, Bloomfield was a player. Turns out he was right, as he was about a lot of things. Bloomfield seems to me to be one of these international lawyers who is right in bed doing the dirty work for these upper level, incredibly wealthy, morally depraved, jet setters, who are one level above the CIA. One good thing about these new revelations about the relationship between Shaw and Bloomfield, and Bloomfield and the Powers that Be (Permindex and Freeport Sulphur), is that for those not in the know, it shows how the world really works. And of course, Switzerland, where deposits are not traceable, would be their preferred repository. No wonder the Bloomfield family wanted his archives closed. It gives us little people a peek into how the world really works. PS Joe, the scene from Nixon is not the exact dialogue. But RMN did get a little tanked one night, and went out to talk to some protestors.
  11. Bloomfield Papers

    The Powers that are Always there, that is good. I liked this scene from Nixon, and BTW, it really happened.
  12. Bloomfield Papers

    That is true Paz. But what I find interesting in this new work by John, Maurice Phillips and you and Michele is that there are now clear and obvious traces into a level above the CIA. That is the stratosphere of wealth and power in groups like the Bilderbergers, who the CIA often works with and for. In this particular case, it looks like the lawyer making the arrangements was not Dulles or McCloy, as it usually was, but Bloomfield.
  13. Jean Souetre

    More on Souetre, unless Steve had already linked it:
  14. New Article by John Armstrong

    Can we get this out in the open? The two people were the late Gary Mack and Dave Perry. Mack of course that that mid life conversion, like St Paul on the road to Damascus, and Perry was Gus Russo's old buddy who transferred to Texas just in time to help Posner on his book.
  15. Bloomfield Papers

    John: This is what I mean: https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/david-atlee-phillips-clay-shaw-and-freeport-sulphur No wonder the Bloomfield family closed down the archives. You and Maurice Phillips are really hitting on a lot of key stuff.