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  1. James DiEugenio

    “Hogwash” by the silly wc rascals.

    Have you ever admitted on your site that Humes told the ARRB and Jeremy Gunn that he not only incinerated his notes but his original autopsy report also? Have you ever indicated on you rite that his original BS story about not having the blood of the president on report as a souvenir was a pile of BS since he wrote the report in the confines of his home? If you have not then who is pot and who is kettle?
  2. James DiEugenio

    “Hogwash” by the silly wc rascals.

    We don't know who wrote the report we have today. Because as Humes admitted to the ARRB, he not only deep sixed his notes, but also his original report. (McKnight, p. 165) McKnight goes on to add that this likely happened right after the murder of Oswald in Galloway's office. (ibid, p. 163) Its your secret since you do not divulge this information when you make your silly assertions.
  3. James DiEugenio

    “Hogwash” by the silly wc rascals.

    DVP: Totally untrue. Arlen Specter and the Warren Commission could have very easily determined the location of the back wound from the autopsy report ("14 cm. from the tip of the right acromion process and 14 cm. below the tip of the right mastoid process"). And that's no doubt what they did. Even if they did look at the autopsy photo, they wouldn't have relied ONLY on that photo. They would have utilized the best measurement for the back wound---which was in the autopsy report. Does this guy ever get tired of putting his foot in his mouth? Let me quote from Pierre Finck through the auspices of the ARRB, a body which DVP has never quoted from to my knowledge, and for good reason. In relation to the 14 cm BS: "These are not fixed landmarks, and unless the length of the neck and the position of the body on the autopsy table are known, the measurement is forensically useless. The forensically prescribed fixed body landmark used as the point of reference for locating a trauma suspected of being a through and through wound should have been Kennedy's vertebrae. The correct medicolegal procedure would have been to locate the wound by measuring from the top of the head down the midline or the spine of the body. In his ARRB interview FInck conceded to Jeremy Gunn that JFK's spine, a fixed landmark, was the correct and only point of reference to determine the accurate location of this posterior wound." (McKnight, Breach of Trust, pp. 178-79, emphasis added) The reason the 14 cm nuttiness was used was to disguise the true location of the back wound. Because by using that terminology, the location, as McKnight notes above, is allowed to drift. (FYI, the mastoid process is part of the ear! Why anyone would use that to locate a back wound is DVP's secret. Because its baloney.)
  4. James DiEugenio

    “Hogwash” by the silly wc rascals.

    Oh no. That is really too bad. John Hunt, as Pat notes above, was one of the real work horses as opposed to a show horse in this case. Like Malcolm Blunt, John really did research. And he gave it out to anyone who was interested. He was quite meticulous and he dug up stuff on the medical and ballistics angle that no one else did. He will be missed.
  5. James DiEugenio

    “Hogwash” by the silly wc rascals.

    BTW, this also makes it harder to understand how DVP can say that if you lower the inshoot from the neck to the back, that makes the Single Bullet Fantasy more tenable. From the look on Specter's face, i think he disagrees. But there is also this point: this picture also demonstrates the lie that the WC did not have the autopsy photos. They had to have them to get that dotted location.
  6. James DiEugenio

    “Hogwash” by the silly wc rascals.

    LOL, ROTF, LMAO That look on Specter's face is priceless. "Hmm, we have a problem here."
  7. James DiEugenio

    “Hogwash” by the silly wc rascals.

    False. You did not post it here. What person with any brains would go to your site to see your phony discussions which you rig? Or maybe some of the newbies like Adam do not know that? See, what DVP does is he steals some stuff from this forum. As you can see, about 99 per cent of the time, he gets thumped here. (The other 1 per cent no one pays any attention to him.) So he then picks that stuff up from here and brings it over to his site. There he arranges it in such a way that it looks like he does much better than he actually did. In other words its all a dog and pony show with him as the MC of DVP Follies. One of the reasons he will not show the reverse angle here is because on that angle its actually shown that they placed the back wound too far down for the shot of Specter to be matched up with it. As you can see from just the photo above, Lying Arlen has the rod on top of the guy' shoulder. The top of one's shoulder is at the base of the neck.
  8. James DiEugenio

    “Hogwash” by the silly wc rascals.

    This is so silly. But that is Davey. Any fool, or zealot, can handle a pointer. (But note Davey never shows the reverse angle.) But what about the ramifications of that picture? From Jim Gordon on May 27, 2014 to DVP: As I see it you have three major problems. First. The body has no natural path from entrance to exit without the body suffering incredible damage. Second. The bullet enters at a point lower than it exit point. How was this bullet able on a downward trajectory move upwards in the body? Third. If the bullet did take the direct route from entrance to exit, once it had passed T1 there was no means to correct its direction. It will exit going in the wrong direction. His last point is devastating to DVP, Bugliosi and Dale "Mr. Single Bullet Fact" Myers. John Orr's simulation will demonstrate that not only did Myers pull a hoax--as has been proven by Harris, Speer, and Cranor--but it will show why he did so.
  9. James DiEugenio

    Now it can be told: Dag Hammarskjold

    I agree Derek. I have been saying this for a long time. From about 1997. At that time Lisa Pease and myself wrote a two part essay in Probe Magazine about JFK and the Congo and the murders of Hammarskjold and Lumumba. Ever since that I have tried to stress how important Congo was in both the history of Africa, as a Third World struggle and what huge stakes were on the table. Three central actors had to be murdered for the imperial powers to win out: Lumumba, Hammarskjold and Kennedy. And that is what happened.
  10. James DiEugenio

    Prayer Man

    When I wrote The JFK Assassination: The Evidence Today, I went back and revisited the George O'Toole book, The Assassination Tapes. If you recall, he was very skilled in the use of the PSE. When he ran it on tapes of Oswald, he concluded that Oswald was truthful. When he ran it on Frazier, he concluded that he was lying. This is one of the points that made me go back and reassess the whole Frazier story. See, according to Bill SImpich, that afternoon the first of the news about the name of the rifle used was broadcast. According to both Walt Brown and Bill, the first rifle named in the local broadcasts was the Enfield. This was the type of rifle that Frazier owned. Then Linnie Mae Randle wandered over to the Paine home with the police there. She told them about her brother giving Oswald a ride to work that day. She then told them about Oswald's alleged bag and also where her brother worked. Wesley was then searched for, he was not easy to find, and he was detained. His house was searched and they found the Enfield. This was the background to the infamous midnight polygraph that no one on the DPD wanted to remember. But which Jim Bishop later wrote, Frazier reacted with such controlled hysteria that it was hard to get a reading on him. (see page, 208)
  11. James DiEugenio

    Now it can be told: Dag Hammarskjold

    Hopefully, this will give some exposure to the whole Congo crisis and the murder of Lumumba. IMO, the best part of Newman's Countdown to Darkness is his research and analysis on that affair. Ike and Dulles ordered the assassination of Lumumba and then tried to cover it up. https://jfkjmn.com/new-page-1/
  12. James DiEugenio

    Now it can be told: Dag Hammarskjold

    The Williams book you linked to actually had a strong role in igniting all of this. But who would have thought that it would have gotten to this point, with documentary films coming up at Sundance. Kennedy called Hammarskjold the greatest statesman of the 20th century. And he was. To put it all on the line for Congo?
  13. James DiEugenio

    Now it can be told: Dag Hammarskjold

    If you click through to an earlier story you well see something that I had no idea about. Kennedy's ambassador to Congo, the visionary Edmund Gullion, suspected that Hammarskjold was shot down the night it happened! And he suspected it was this guy. We had to wait fifty years to learn that. Its enough to give me a headache. This makes my cover article for the first issue of Deep Truth Journal look pretty prophetic. It was titled, "JFK and the Congo Crisis".
  14. James DiEugenio

    Oswald was not in MC

    FC: The guy they talked to was not Oswald. Oswald was not short and blonde OK. And why do you keep on bringing David Mantik to this? What has Mantik ever written about Mexico City? Josephs' article is profusely footnoted with primary documents. If you do not want to read it, fine. But do not comment on it unless you have. Denny: That is a good question. I am beginning to lean toward the idea that the short, blonde guy was the person masquerading as LHO, but afterwards the CIA set up some phony evidence (transcripts) , and then Ochoa and Echeverria put together the false trail on the buses.
  15. James DiEugenio

    A Lie Too Big To Fail by Lisa Pease

    This is neat. The late Bob Parry's site, Consortium News, ran a year end poll of the best articles they published for 2018. My negative review of Chris Matthews biography finished in the Top Ten. After you read it, I think you understand why they killed RFK. https://consortiumnews.com/2018/06/04/distorting-the-life-of-bobby-kennedy/