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  1. James DiEugenio

    Carter: the POTUS nearest to JFK?

    Ted Kennedy ran that year because he made astute observations about both Reagan and Carter. As he told Bob Shrum, he thought that Reagan, off his performance in 1976, would be the GOP candidate. This was correct, as Reagan steamrolled Bush I in the Republican primaries. He also thought that Carter was in such a weak position that, not only was there a distinct possibility he could lose, but he would not be able to motivate the Democratic Base the way Reagan would motivate the GOP Base. Which could lead to a wave election. It might be accurate to say that Carter was closest of all Democrats to JFK in foreign policy since 1963. But Carter was simply an incompetent, non charismatic and rudderless president on domestic policy. If you recall, there was the rising gas prices, the economic stagflation, that stupid malaise speech, Carter's idiot brother, and Carter wearing his sweater in front of fireplace etc etc. Carter was so non inspirational that John Anderson ran in the general. Did that make a difference? From the final results I have looked at, not likely. Arthur Schlesinger wrote a long essay for The New Republic where he just lambasted the Carter administration for being so weak kneed that he pointed out that it was the first Democratic administration since FDR that did not even have a nickname e.g. The New Deal, the Fair Deal, The New Frontier, The Great Society and then ? I make good peanuts? On top of that there was the renewed Cold War, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan--which Carter's NSA predicted to him would happen and which they planned on--and then John McCloy cinching the decision to let the Shah into the country at David Rockefeller's behest. But the final twist was the October Surprise, or actually the second October Surprise--after Nixon and Thieu in 1968. It has always puzzled me to no end that the media did not pick up immediately on the fact that the hostages were being released right after the bell tolled on Reagan's inauguration. If you recall, the idea this was prearranged and was done with Reagan's campaign involvement did not really pick up any steam until something like 1991. And then Gary Sick wrote a book about it in 1992 and Bob Parry did a couple of TV specials for PBS around this time. I will never forget my puzzlement as to the timing of that release. I recall scratching my head and wondering, "When did Khomeini turn into a good guy and why does he like Reagan?" As Bob Parry later put the pieces of the puzzle together, Iran/Contra was not in and of itself. It was a continuation of what happened in the fall of 1980. That is how determined Bill Casey was to be sure he finished off the wounded Carter.
  2. James DiEugenio

    Records release regarding intercepted messages

    This is really interesting now. Good find Steve. I thought the stuff about NSA intercepts was an assumption by Garrison. But now it appears it had a firm basis in the guy's work record. Again, this is one of those things that Garrison surfaced, investigated but did not have the resources to follow through to fruition. The HSCA should have done that. But alas, we know what happened there.
  3. I thought this turned out pretty well. The sound quality is really clear. As I said, I later discovered this trashy show was from Discovery Channel, which explained their not so hidden agenda. David Giglio is doing some really good work at Our Hidden History. If you are not aware of his site or You Tube Channel you should be.
  4. James DiEugenio

    Angleton's Testimony

    Let me say something else. When congress locked up the files of the HSCA, they sure as heck knew what they were doing. Because the stuff that was classified was about ten times more interesting and relevant than what is in the HSCA volumes.
  5. James DiEugenio

    I agree with Trump

    I don't think I have seen a phenomenon like this since Watergate for saturation coverage.
  6. James DiEugenio

    Whistling by the Graveyard

    William Bishop is also a witness to seeing an exile training film with Oswald in it. Gene, the guy I think you are referring to who get beat up to the point he could not testify is Clyde Johnson. Not Hicks. As per the radio addition I think that was done by Dick Sprague the photo analyst who found a pic that resembled Hicks from the rear and what did look like an electronic gadget in his back pocket. Personally, I never knew what to make of this guy.
  7. James DiEugenio

    Angleton's Testimony

    From what I have, there is not a formal interview with Gambino. What I have is Betsy's notes on the interview. Let me say this. It is really too bad what happened to the HSCA. That is the fall of Sprague. Because there were some good people investigating for them. Betsy Wolf was like a bulldog on this issue.
  8. James DiEugenio

    I agree with Trump

    Jeff: If you read Josh Marshall's lengthy analysis of the IG report you will see that something did force Comey's hand. It was the fear that the info would leak out of the NY FBI office which was anti HRC. This is something that he feels was not made the focus of the report. But it should have been. Jeff: I agree that this has become almost McCarthyite by the MSM. The thing is that everything that Mueller had done so far is kind of questionable. On two grounds. First, it does not directly relate to the original charge. I mean operating as a foreign representative without registering is a very common offense. As many in that business have said, it is almost never enforced. Second, the Democratic hack charge has been criticized by some very smart and technically minded people. No less than Bill Binney. Third, where is the evidence of collusion and conspiracy? Nothing that has come out so far comes near to what Bill Clinton did in Russia in 1996. And hardly anyone ever mentions that double standard.
  9. James DiEugenio

    Library Archives Canada Lawsuit

    A lurker wanted me to forward this to John: One of the PDF files he shows under the Bloomfield thread is a letter Richard Coit (likely Cote) in C/O: Sir William Stepheson, the British SOE at address 608 Fifth Avenue 20, NY. That address was the Goelet Building and it was adjacent to Rockefeller Center, which according housed the David Sarnoff RCA - NSA appartatus which included Stephenson and Walter Sheridan. Pages 418---pages 487-491 in Dope Inc. Dope Inc PDF file can be accessed and downloaded on line. Interesting history of the building maybe John would like to review. http://s-media.nyc.gov/agencies/lpc/lp/1810.pdf Bloomfield really was a player it seems. He really moved in the upper circles of the power elite.
  10. James DiEugenio

    I agree with Trump

    You know Kirk, if every once in awhile you would get something right about me, I might take you seriously. You don't. Which shows the kind of cheap shot artist you are. I have never voted for a Clinton in my life. Just like I never voted for Obama. California is a safe state. So in the general I vote Green. So i voted for Stein. In the primaries I vote for the best I can find. The last time I voted for Sanders. In 2008 I voted for Edwards. In 1992 I voted for Jerry Brown. Andrew, that whole thing about "racist appeals to the worst instincts", I mean how old are you? You never heard of Nixon's Southern Strategy? The Republicans have been doing this for almost half a century. That is news to you? You are shocked by it? To me its sort of like Claude Rains tongue in cheek line in Casablanca: "Do you mean there is gambling at Rick's? I am shocked, shocked." If the Clinton campaign did not anticipate a method that has been around since the sixties, then they were incompetent. For God's sakes, do you not remember where Reagan made his first post convention speech in 1980? The Neshoba County Fair just seven miles from Philadelphia, Mississippi. Why was that significant? Two reasons. Philadelphia was where the bodies of Cheney, Schwerner and Goodman were found. Reagan's speech was themed around the idea of states' rights. So please, this technique is so old its banal. The real question is why didn't those highly paid advisors and so called strategists find a way to neutralize this, especially in the north? Why did she not spend more time there? Why did she not talk about what she planned on doing for them and take Trump head on? I can suggest one reason: she had little credibility on the issue of globalization since her husband's record hurt her on that issue. Secondly, its hard to say you have the interests of the middle class in mind when you are doing speaking engagements for Goldman Sachs at $260, 000 a pop. Plus, there was the problem with the whole Clinton Foundation pay per play accusation which, incredibly, they never found a way to counter. I have little doubt today that Sanders would have beaten Trump. And its for this reason. He would not have lost the Blue Wall. He really could have convinced those people in Ohio and Pennsylvania that he understood what they were up against and had their best interests at heart. But as we now know, the whole DNC structure and schedule was rigged against him. And then, Obama made sure that Ellison did not take over the DNC and flush it out by getting his Perez flunky to take over, a guy who endorses in Democratic primaries. Another reason HRC lost is that Obama left her little to run on. I mean JFK achieved more in 2 years and ten months, than Obama did in 8 years. Obama had a Golden Opportunity to do some great things with the American economy in 2009. He could have blamed the GOP for causing the blowout and then said we will now rebuild, bypass the failed policies of the past and put the culprits who did this in jail. You know sort of like FDR. And the GOP was really afraid he would do something big which would realign the American political system like the New Deal did. What does he do? He appoints Geithner, the soul mate of Larry Summers, and decides to make the Affordable Care Act his hallmark. Which would be cool if it worked, but it does not work well at all. He then makes HRC his Secretary of State. The Democratic version of Jeanne Kirkpatrick. She is even worse on foreign policy than domestic policy. From 2008-10, Obama had the senate, the House and the White House. It could have been the new Hundred Days. Instead he meets with conservative leaders like Kristol for dinner at the White House. I have a friend from Illinois who once said, "Jim, the key to Obama is all those roll call votes he dodged in the state senate plus the fact he got pummeled by Bobby Rush when he ran for congress." No one took any of that seriously though. But he did bail out with a sixty million book contract. Leaving us with a candidate so flawed she could not even beat a goof like Trump. But what does one expect from Obama, a guy who once introduced Bill Clinton as a great president. Thanks for that going away gift Barack.
  11. James DiEugenio

    I agree with Trump

    OMG, in heaven. All that Cory said was this: Trump ran a very smart campaign and he won the electoral college vote. He kept Clinton out of the south, save Virginia. He then took down parts of the blue wall in the north. He visited those states much more often than HRC did. Michael Moore predicted in advance that this was going to happen. That the people in the north who were hurting were going to tell the Democrats to stuff it: What did Obama do for me? But no one would listen. In addition, only three of the 21 polls got it right. Huffpo said there was a 97 per cent change of Clinton winning. It was a lock. If you watch the election night returns from 2016--and there are many of these reels on You Tube--all the so called pundits were rocked. They were wrong. Clinton had twice as much money as Trump. Let me say that again: Trump was outspent 2 to 1. He did not have nearly as many employees as Clinton. But he ran a smarter campaign. Which the MSM completely missed since they never took him seriously anyway. In my view, Russia Gate is a direct reaction to this shock to the system. Its a way of getting back for an embarrassing flub. There is, of course, a parallel here with the JFK assassination. They missed that one too, and they will abide by no one telling them they were wrong.
  12. James DiEugenio

    Angleton's Testimony

    So Angleton testified before the Church Committee twice then? Once before the Hart/Schweiker sub committee, then this one looks to be before the Republicans on the full committee. Then, how many times did he testify before the HSCA? I know he did at least once with Surrell Brady. Did he ever testify before the Rockefeller Commission? The thing is, so far no one has focused on what should have been a very important point. Which is: the way Oswald's file was set up when it was first opened and how that limited the routing of his files through the system. Malcolm Blunt has been sending me a lot of documents on this issue. Betsy Wolf--and to a lesser extent Mike Goldsmith--both of the HSCA, spent a lot of time and effort trying to figure this out. Betsy Wolf made reams of pages of notes on this and interviewed several people about it.
  13. I kind of look at Kissinger being the guy who took up where Foster Dulles left off. Kissinger liked and believed in covert action, but he was more the public face of the dirty tricks. And I should also add, Kissinger served under Nixon. Once you listen to their conversations in the White House, you understand why they fought tooth and nail to keep them classified. And why Kissinger is still fighting to keep his personal papers closed. If you ever had two men who created their own reputations and had a coterie of followers that helped in that regard, it was Nixon and Kissinger. Now that much of the material is finally out there, Nixon is exposed and being nothing but a dyed in the wool Cold Warrior who learned at the foot of Ike and Foster Dulles and never adapted himself to a changing world. Kissinger once said to Haldeman that when all Nixon's tapes are declassified, "history will not be kind to us." If anything that was an understatement. And when you compare them to JFK, I mean, forget it.
  14. James DiEugenio

    First Article from NY Times on Warren Report

    Like most of his book, Nelson is full of baloney with that LBJ ducking issue. Groden discredited it in his book Absolute Proof. That is interesting Gene, I was not aware of how much RMN and Warren disliked each other. I really like that comment from Warren that his service of the WC was the unhappiest time of his life. I wonder why.
  15. James DiEugenio

    Library Archives Canada Lawsuit

    God John, If i hear that phrase conspiracy theorist one more time I think I will puke. This is not about a conspiracy theory, its about the free flow of information. The guy has been dead for over thirty years. If he donated his papers and said they would be open in 2004, what is the legal problem? Why does a third party have to intervene on such a nebulous tenet? Really, its just nutty.