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  1. The latest from Ruth Paine

    So Jeff, what is your educated guess of the origins of the information? Was it an FBI tap on the Paine phone line? If so, it must have been before the assassination. If it was a tap, then the information has to be accurate. And Ruth's current denying that Oswald's name was mentioned would have to be looked upon as revisionism.
  2. The Dual Life of Albert Osborne

    Chris: That is a really interesting reply. It seems really odd that he would not even want to even respond in any real way to such an important event in his life. Really makes me wonder about the genuineness of their testimony or if the WC or FBI told them to shut up afterwards.
  3. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Not at all a Walker thing. Alpha 66 was a CIA sponsored operation with Phillips having a major role. But if Oswald was there is dicey since one of the people in the group looked like Oswald, as Larry can explain. Its incredible that the WC or HSCA never got to the bottom of this phone tap: what was the physical technique, when was it placed, why was it placed, and who gave the permission to do so? The WC was a bad joke that gets sicker each day.
  4. The Dual Life of Albert Osborne

    Thanks Ron, will try and correct that. God Osborne is one really weird guy is he not? Its hard not to think he was involved with intel work down there in the Mexico southwest border.
  5. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Jeff: Thanks for all that good information. Let me ask you two questions: 1.) How accurate is the info itself? In other words, is that exactly what was said? 2.) Is there any way to determine precisely what they were talking about?
  6. John Kowalski has written a new article about the wholly mysterious and mendacious Albert Osborne, on a bus to Mexico with someone called Lee Oswald in September of 1963, who then left the country nine days before the assassination to see his family in England. Which he had not done in two generations. When the FBI finally tracked him down, he continually lied about who he was and probably also about his bus ride. But then, when the Bureau could have nabbed him for perjury and obstruction of justice, they dropped the Osborne case . Then they filed a ninety page report on the guy complete with index and Table of Contents for the WC. Fascinating character, fine article which Ron Ecker will like. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-dual-life-of-albert-osborne
  7. The Paine Files

    That testimony above is almost funny. Buddy Walthers' report got waylaid.
  8. The Paine Files

    Wasn't she also deposed in Dallas? It might be then that all her testimony wouldn't be in one place.
  9. The Paine Files

    If Oswald was supposed to be a communist, then it would make sense for him to have pro Castro names in the file boxes. But from New Orleans. But the Paines were not supposed to be doing that kind of thing, at least there was no record of it, in Dallas.
  10. The latest from Ruth Paine

    There you go Mike. Don't you read that incontinent fighter for truth in the JFK case, the novelist Thomas Mallon? You know, the guy who reviewed Bugliosi's Reclaiming History in The Atlantic? He began the review by saying that he recalled spending an afternoon with Ruth, inside the garage where Oswald had hidden his rifle before he shot Kennedy. How can you go wrong with Tom?
  11. The X-Files: JFK Disclosure is set to begin October 25

    Isn't it amazing how the JFK case still has a grip on the media, even past the fiftieth? First that crappy Tracking Oswald series, now this. And you know there will be more. Our culture has a kind of Jungian collective denial about the subject. A giant suppression complex. We either deny what really happened or we reduce it to pop culture.
  12. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    From what I understand Liebeler had the records in hand when he asked this question. That would indicate he phrased it for the wrong day on purpose. It would seem to me that the phone records and FBI report would have the time on them.
  13. Johnny Roselli and Howard Hunt?

    I agree. That is one month before the Bay of Pigs.
  14. In my opinion, a better answer that fits the actual evidence today is that Oswald never ordered that rifle.
  15. The Paine Files

    Paul: If they were Oswald's, why would they be so reduced in number and then stripped? And then subjected to the speculation and rumors section of the WR?