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  1. From Greg Parker: Here is the Kaminsky evidence in the Texas AG report: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10484&relPageId=74 This is really interesting.
  2. Hasan Yusuf is an underrated researcher and writer. His take on Roy: http://jfkthelonegunmanmyth.blogspot.com/2013/01/roy-truly-truly-interesting-character_14.html
  3. Ron, There is no "might'. Ruth Paine did send LHO to Truly, who had just fired some people a day or so before. And let us not forget how Ruth studiously avoided giving Lee the lead to a better paying job, thus guaranteeing he would be at the TSBD.
  4. Steve: Can you give me a little more on that aspect?
  5. Is it safe to say that Truly is responsible for two aspects of it? First, after Baker's first day affidavit denying the second floor encounter, is it not Truly who puts it together? Second, isn't it Truly who runs the mirage line up and reports Oswald as missing to the police?
  6. From that article, the idea of not indicting a sitting president was Justice Department doctrine all the way up until the Starr inquiry. It was only then that some of the people the fruity Starr hired began to question it. As for that whole murder thing, do you know how fast Trump would be removed from office if that happened? They would be working on the indictment in the SDNY as the impeachment proceedings began. As per a direct answer on Mutual defense agreements: from New York Magazine 9/14/18, "In the criminal defense world, there is nothing untoward or immoral about lawyers for targets and subjects of complex criminal investigations pooling resources and sharing their notes. There's power in numbers, and joint defense agreement are a perfectly acceptable, if not preferable, way for lawyers to navigate a complex criminal investigation and not do double work and for their clients to get their stories straight and feel as if they're not alone in this. Big government is coming after them, after all, its resources are limitless, and a coherent defense strategy makes perfect sense." That article then adds, that whenever someone wants to drop out, as Flynn did to cop a plea, he lets the other lawyers know and the flowing of info stops. If these things are common practice and designed to pool resources in these types of large complex inquiries, then why should their use be some kind of golden talisman in this case?
  7. As one can see from below: https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/alex-jones-on-the-kennedy-murder-a-painful-case
  8. I posted this days ago. To me its probably the best article there is on the so called FB angle and it specifically deals with the MSM accusations. https://consortiumnews.com/2018/10/10/the-shaky-case-that-russia-manipulated-social-media-to-tip-the-2016-election/ Second, how can you possibly say that the FBI played a crucial role in beating HRC, and ignore what they did with the Steele Dossier and trying to get people close to Trump interested in the so called HRC emails? Third, what Trump has tried to do through people like Barr, and unsuccessfully Gowdy, is trace the beginnings of this whole Steele Dossier, Russian collusion angle which began before the election. Mr. Wheeler has posted some really interesting stuff about this that you will not get from the MSM. And when I say MSM, I also include the so called liberal blogosphere. Which has become the MSM online. They invested tons of credibility in this Russian collusion idea also. Here is a pretty good article on the whole can you indict a sitting president issue: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia-indictment-explainer/can-a-sitting-us-president-face-criminal-charges-idUSKCN1QF1D3
  9. Just remember what Gordon Gekko said in Wall Street: GREED IS GOOD!! And just remember, thanks to Reagan and the Bushes, those guys won. When JFK was assassinated the top income tax rate was around 72 per cent. Today it is half of that. And every other tax on the richest ten per cent has also gone down radically. Like they need the money. As AOC said, why do we need all these billionaires with helipads, when we have people sleeping in the streets? So lobbyists can pay them for the parking meter they sleep at when they arrive in the morning? Which, by the way, happens in DC. And it took AOC to expose it. But I knew about it decades ago. Tom Brokaw would have never told you about it. SInce he is part of that class.
  10. There were so many of us sitting at a coffee shop watching, of all people, David McCullough pontificate about John F. Kennedy. Then when we went outside, and we saw Alex Jones screaming at the cops through his bull horn, across the obstructions to get into the Plaza. Behind the obstructions were three layers of police: on foot, in cars, on horseback. All I could think of is if JFK had this kind of protection on 11/22/63, none of this would have been happening. It was really sickening. It was clearly a triangular arrangement between the Sixth Floor, the Morning News and the mayor's office. We should have challenged it in advance in court.
  11. Bob and Ray: In the law there is something called precedent. Most lawyers not in the Federalist Society will tell you that its important legal doctrine. You do not always have to abide by it, see Brown v Board 1954 versus Plessy V. Ferguson 1896, but you have to genuinely consider it. Concerning Mr. Wheeler and his choice for the second whistleblower, it this story is accurate, then it sounds like its either Bolton or Hill: https://www.politico.com/news/2019/10/15/donald-trump-impeachment-ukraine-investigation-046915
  12. That makes perfect sense. I was just prediagnosed with Meniere's Disease which is not curable. So my doctor recommended two drugs to take once I feel an attack coming on. One for vertigo and one for nausea. My health plan does not cover the anti nausea one. So I asked the druggist, how much is it without insurance. She said 8 bucks per pill. How do people get along without insurance? And my God, how much profit is enough for big pharma? As RFK Jr said, Big Pharma owns congress.
  13. Mr. Wheeler: This is really interesting. Addendum: It's embarrassing when a CIA operative posing as a Russian Intelligence agent looses his Crowdstrike Blackberry and Attorney General Barr and  US Attorney John Durham travel all the way to Italy to retrieve it. Everyone should click through on this. To me that just about cinches it as far as George P goes. But you think Mifsud was CIA instead of FBI? Why? Also, what do you think the whole Awan brothers episode was about and why was Schultz invovled?
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