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  1. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    Paul: I don't think that can be settled, for the simple reason that so much of Garrison's data is gone today. Back in the nineties I had the opportunity to look at what was left at that time, and I indexed them alphabetically. I do not recall any files on Dinkin. Considering how sensitive those files would be, since he did predict the assassination in advance, I could understand why someone like Boxley would deep six that early. Because it would lend so much credibility to what Garrison was doing. BTW, I have to add, from my info, I think DInkin is still alive.
  2. Cheese

    Really funny Kathy.
  3. Even though he predicted the JFK assassination in advance, very little has been written about Dinkin. Especially as opposed to Rose Cheramie and Richard Case Nagell. Ronald Redmon's article is probably the most through treatment we have of his case now. And we include some documents at the end. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/eugene-dinkin-the-saga-of-an-unsung-hero
  4. That is a really interesting article with some new stuff in it Bart. The American Embassy deliberately kept up the cover up on the atrocities so they could continue and kept their extent from Sukarno also. So the perps and the embassy wore working hand in glove. Would have never happened if Kennedy had lived.
  5. Key Documents to Stay Concealed?

    There were two indications of this. First, when the National Archives changed their announced pattern of release, and when the two blowhards, Sabato and Shenon issued their new article on the subject. At first, NARA was going to release the rest of the documents at announced intervals until the last day, 10/26. But then, about two weeks ago, with nothing released from July, they said they were waiting until the last day. Which made me wonder if the CIA or FBI had talked to Trump. Second, Shenon and Sabato printed a column at Politco saying that the final document dump would provide "the army of researchers" with plentiful ammo to pronounce new conspiracy theories. This reversed their previous column from about two months ago saying that Trump should release everything. Isn't that odd? I think the natural reaction is to think something is in those docs that someone does not want to see the light of day. That may or may not be the case, but that is the deduction I think. Why run the risk of leaving that impression?
  6. I have always thought it was so interesting what former agent, the late Bill Turner, told me about this subject. He was out of the FBI at that time. But he still had contacts inside. And he got some of the investigatory files from his old pals. He said to me there were three steps in any FBI field investigation: 1.) The collection of all relevant leads 2.) The following out of each lead to its ultimate conclusion, and 3.) Compiling all of the relevant information collected into a comprehensive report. He told that if you did not do step 2, then obviously step 3 was doomed. He told me that when he looked at some of the files it was so obvious that step 2 had been abandoned, that the agents must have gotten the message from up high. Because from his experience, FBI agents simply did not do that kind of shoddy work. (RP, p. 243) He also said that to him that very bad job on the JFK case marked the end of Hoover's reputation in public. Because this was something that would not be forgotten or covered up.
  7. LBJ -- the movie trailer

    Joe, This has all been gone over in Joan Mellen's book. If you are not going to read it, then read my review over at Kennedysandking.com One of the things that we should stand for is the best and newest research. If not, we just keep sliding back into what I call assassination folklore. Has anyone been reading the NARA releases besides me? There is some really interesting stuff in there. And no one is reporting on it. Especially those two blowhards, Shenon and Sabato.
  8. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    Thanks Ron. BTW, the reason I knew a lot about the Nixon/Kissinger Vietnam story was that, at one time, I was going to do a long, detailed examination about how American foreign policy changed from Kennedy, to LBJ, to Nixon. In other words, how it unmistakably and specifically lurched rightward. A big part of that story was dealing with Vietnam. The Burns/Novick pastiche allowed me to do that comparison. Let me add, one of the publicity tag lines for the series was that it would expose buried secrets. I watched all 18 hours of this bloated mediocrity. I could find no major revelation in it that had not been published previously. The thing it tries to trumpet, about the rivalry for power between Ho Chi Minh and Le Duan was revealed five years ago in a book called Hanoi's War. So in addition to the imbalances and outright censorship I mentioned, there is also the fact that Burns and Novick came up with very little, if anything, that was new. Which is really kind of surprising considering the time and money they spent on this.
  9. My point was that Hoover went along with the Oswald did it scenario because that's what the establishment wanted. Not because he believed it. Thanks for endorsing it in your first sentence. The date of that Hoover and the "entirely different reality" story is before the WR was issued. (RP p. 246) As per the disagreement about the SBT being just a quibble, well, even the WC agreed that if there was no SBT that meant there were two assassins. The way that Hoover stuck to his alternative scenario was to (literally) get rid of the Tague hit. He had to since there was no copper in the trace elements of the curb. (RP, pgs. 250-254) As for Hoover not buying into "an entirely different reality", you might want to check out how he had his operator rig Jack Ruby's polygraph test, because that was a systematic, premeditated, first class professional job; or in your terms, "a strategic deception". (ibid pgs. 267-70) Concerning the JFK case, I don't do anything glibly. I spent about forty pages on this subject--how Hoover and the FBI deliberately covered up a conspiracy-- in Reclaiming Parkland.(See Chapter 9)
  10. David: You didn't answer the question. That is your right of course. As per Hoover and the SBT, all you have to do is read Anthony Summers' book Conspiracy and you will see that Hoover never bought the SBT. I used this in Reclaiming Parkland, p. 246. Transcript of his call to LBJ, Beschloss' Taking Charge: LBJ: How many shots were fired? JEH: Three LBJ: Any of them fired at me? JEH: No...The president was hit by the first and third. The second shot hit the governor. (p. 54) He also didn't buy LHO in Mexico City either. John Newman proved this for an article he did for Probe Magazine.(RP p. 266) And the FBI sequencing of shots is different than Arlen Specter's is it not? Even Bugliosi admitted this. (RP, p. 251) As the former FBI agent Mr. Adams wrote in his book, "From an Office Building with a High Powered Rifle", the agents who studied the case knew the LHO story and SBT were BS. When Adams was transferred to Dallas and saw the Z film with them for the first time, he said: "Its obvious he was hit from two different directions" They said to him, words to the effect: You think we don't know that? But that's what Hoover and Tolson want. (ibid, p. 245) In other words Hoover and the FBI went along with the official cover up. That's really news to you?
  11. At a talk she gave a year or so ago, Judy Baker said that Lifton's deal for his book got cancelled. I wonder if he will comment on that.
  12. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    My installment on the Nixon years and the Fall of Saigon. Difficult to write because Nixon was an even worse skunk than the film portrays him as. Really sad to compare what happened there under Tricky DIck with what Kennedy was doing in 1963. And no they do not mention the Cambodia genocide or the Golden Triangle heroin running, which Ky was involved in. https://kennedysandking.com/reviews/ken-burns-lynn-novick-the-vietnam-war-part-four-the-nixon-years
  13. Bill Davy at VMI

    Well I guess we disagree on that Dan. IMO, if you follow the evidence, that is the time schedule, the witness testimony, I am pretty sure about that conclusion. Placing someone in a sanitarium is stronger than getting him an appointment with a shrink. Mike: That is an interesting question that will probably never be solved. But IMO, the evidence would indicate that LHO was being set up as one of the patsies while in New Orleans. The other one that I am pretty sure of is Valle in Chicago.
  14. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    Certain elements of the were were off limits? There is not one word about the Golden Triangle poppy/heroin business, or the body bags packaged with heroin coming into the USA. Something even Hoover acknowledged.
  15. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    This is good and I agree. It was really a shame that Burns and Novick felt they needed to belittle the anti war movement. And paint it as somehow ineffective. Not true. As I will show in Part Four of my review. The anti war movement stopped Nixon from launching an all out 1969 offensive against Hanoi.