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  1. John Kowalski has written a new article about the wholly mysterious and mendacious Albert Osborne, on a bus to Mexico with someone called Lee Oswald in September of 1963, who then left the country nine days before the assassination to see his family in England. Which he had not done in two generations. When the FBI finally tracked him down, he continually lied about who he was and probably also about his bus ride. But then, when the Bureau could have nabbed him for perjury and obstruction of justice, they dropped the Osborne case . Then they filed a ninety page report on the guy complete with index and Table of Contents for the WC. Fascinating character, fine article which Ron Ecker will like. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-dual-life-of-albert-osborne
  2. Welcome. BTW, who is the informant in this document anyway? And did he really know Ruby? What is the original 1977 report based upon?
  3. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    Mike: I don't know what on earth you are talking about. "You and all believers..." Can you please point out where I have ever said that? Or where I have participated in the debate here? I deliberately steer clear of those things. I just cannot waste my time there since there are so many files being released right now and hardly anyone is reading them. If you want to trash Armstrong, join up with ROKC. I mean they do it all the time. But you probably already have. Jim, I will try and see if I can get you an electronic copy of WIlcott's testimony.
  4. I hope a lot of people did notify the White House after. I mean, really I think this is it as far as these files go.
  5. Joe, thanks for listening. And no I do not think Shenon or Posner was in the audience. But I would love to debate either man.
  6. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    From my numbers, unless we underestimated the last release, I think Morley is overestimating the number of pages that have not been released en toto. And he does not include Ramon Herrera's work, which is the big X factor. Its really a national disgrace that people like Lesar and Bradford are not being consulted on this by the MSM. They are the most credible people around on this. Not Shenon, Posner or Sabato who have not described one single document or given us any real numbers. Anyway, if you want to do something, go to Kennedyandking.com and contact the White House by phone or e mail. Tell them that Trump has to appoint a special ad hoc staff to oversee this thing. If not, NARA will be run over roughshod. And that staff should consult with Bradford and Lesar.
  7. Here is a survey of some of the releases, plus the real scandal that is going on which the MSM is ignoring like the plague. And its not an accident. Not by a longshot. Our media simply cannot handle this kind of thing. And after you read this, you will see that the ARRB could not either. I think its time to reevaluate them. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-newly-declassified-jfk-assassination-files
  8. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    BTW, Curry was on the phone with Cabell at the very moment of Oswald being moved to the elevator. Also Jim, I don't know if you are aware of this, but the entire declassified HSCA executive session examination of Wilcott is now declassified without one single redaction. Can you imagine that! Not one. This guy seems to me more credible than he was given credit for. He actually names names in his deposition of people who he talked to about Oswald being a CIA agent. I was not aware of that. Also, there was an SR division in the Tokyo station, I was not aware of that either. And he says that station was one of the biggest the CIA had, fully staffed, well over 200 people worked there.
  9. The Dual Life of Albert Osborne

    That is interesting on that FBI report. DeBrueys key informants are an employee of WDSU and Jesse Core, a good friend of Clay Shaw who alerted Shaw and the FBI about the 544 Camp Street address on an Oswald flyer. Is this part of the lost period that John Newman talks about in his book, where the FBI says it could not locate Oswald?
  10. Oswald mock trial drop box of CLE course materials

    I do not think this was a promotion by people like Cheeser, and Mantik as Pat seems to imply. Those guys are not activists in any sense. They just do their work and get published willy nilly. From my info this was a CAPA production, that is people like Andrew Krieg and Bill Kelly and Wecht etc. The witnesses were chosen by the lawyers, just as they would be in a real case. And what the witnesses testified to was also proscribed by the lawyers. As any lawyer or judge will tell you, the presentation's effectiveness is as much determined by the examiner as by the witness. There will be a DVD of this put out and those who did not subscribe to the Livestream can then see what the procedure was themselves. Having watched the whole thing over two days, I stand by what I said. There was too much information, which needed more explication, for a jury to digest in two days. In a real trial, you can do that since you have much more time to do so. But considering the limitations of this proceeding, I would have streamlined it and spent more time on explication of a few central points, than on presenting a welter of material to a layman. The other thing is, you also had to go right after the circumstantial case against Oswald. I don't think that was done. Only Bill Simpich tried to explain the Oswald profile and that was on the second day. And as I said, the Craig-Robinson testimony was not introduced at all, even though you had Thompson there. As I said, I think former police officer Brian Edwards was the most effective witness, but he went last. If he had gone first, and if he had been allowed to expound more on a few key points, I think the result may have been different.
  11. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    Yes I think that is true about what the strategy is. McKenzie said that about MHCHAOS, I am not sure if that is correct. It may or may not be, as I do not have that book anymore. People forget how great Ramparts was. It was simply a quantum leap ahead of everything else except the LA Free Press. I did my best to make people understand its enormous stature when HInckle died. https://kennedysandking.com/articles/warren-hinckle-and-the-glory-that-was-ramparts
  12. Oswald mock trial drop box of CLE course materials

    I am not sure George since the strict rules of evidence did not apply here. BTW, the NAA came up twice. Once with Haag who was their only witness, and once with Spiegelman who was the defense witness. BTW, it got really heated between Pappas and Aguilar. I am pretty sure that Len Osanic will have a special hour on tho subject this week.
  13. Oswald mock trial drop box of CLE course materials

    I can see that very few people here watched it. First, the NAA was discussed more than once. Second, there were very loose rules about admitting people as experts and also admitting certain testimony. One thing I did not understand was if these rules applied, why was the prosecution allowed to question an expert's qualifications? For instance, Aguilar testified as an expert witness, and Pappas ridiculed him for being an eye surgeon. Same with Don Thomas since he is not an acoustics scientist. I thought there were some people who should have been there are were not. Like Jeremy Gunn. He deposed all the autopsy doctors and Stringer. If it had been me I would have done all I could to get him there. And if you were going to use the acoustics, and I am not sure I would have, then why not try and get Weiss or Achenasky? But beyond that, in my opinion, Dawn was absolutely right. The defense tried to dump about 5 MB of information on the jury in two days. We tend to forget sometimes that people who do not live this case do not understand it anywhere near as well as we do. But secondly, in a two day setting--which is totally unreal for this case--you cannot educate them as to all those issues. Not even close. I thought the best witness for our side was Brian Edwards. He really benefited from his years in police work and was very calm and collected and confident on the stand.
  14. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    That is true Rob. But they also sent infiltrators into Ramparts. I had those documents once. BTW, Angus McKenzie in his fine book Secrets actually thought that the roots of MHCHAOS began with the operation against Ramparts. This is why I don't think people understand how bad it is that they are now making RT register with FARA. RT is one of the very few outlets which lets people left of center have a microphone.
  15. It would be like me on Coast to Coast last night. And the revolution would begin.
  16. Oswald mock trial drop box of CLE course materials

    Dawn: I watched the whole thing. I was disappointed in many different aspects. And I agree, the lawyers did not do a good job either keeping things simple enough for the jury, or in countering the circumstantial case. Plus, they let the prosecution get away with saying that there was no evidence of any other kind of weapon or ammo. My God, what do you call the recovery by the FBI of a 7.65 Mauser shell in Dealey Plaza and the three reports of the rifle being a Mauser in the Commission volumes? And I agree that they should have said something like, yep LHO was really in a panic to get away. He walked toward the bus station about four blocks away to get on a bus going back to the scene of the crime. That bus stopped in traffic and he got off in the Plaza. He then hailed a cab, but then offered the cab to an older lady first. Public transportation to beat a murder charge. And BTW, they did not use the other way to counter that: Roger Craig and Marvin Robinson. What made that hurt was this: the guy who made that Nash Rambler escape famous was sitting at the defense table: TInk Thompson. PS Dawn, I want to send you a message but your box is full.
  17. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    To answer your question Ron, yep it has. But I think it was a good appearance on Coast to Coast tonight. They gave me two hours to go through this stuff and about 1.5 million people got to hear the real story of what is going on in this disgraceful charade that is, for me, the last triumph of the fascist state over JFK. So I told the audience to go to the White House web site and email or call the number and tell Trump that these people are breaking the law and you are the only person who can stop them. You screwed up once but you can make it up, declassify everything en toto by April 26th. Because that sure is not happening now, not by a long shot.
  18. Oswald mock trial drop box of CLE course materials

    I agree. Also Dawn, is there something wrong with DPF? I cannot get on of late. The connection is so slow.
  19. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    There is a lot of truth to that Ron. And its gotten worse and worse. John Barbour has noted that one of the worst things Reagan ever did was to eliminate the Fairness Doctrine and the accompanying equal time clause. That is how Garrison got on TV to reply to that hatchet job done on him by NBC. John: Is McKenna the guy who actually advocates for an inside job on 9-11?
  20. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    We do no know what was in his safe Mathias or what the value of anything there was. You might ask yourself if the tapes Scott had were really of Oswald, why were they stolen by Angleton within a day or so after Scott's death? And then disappeared. And if the photo was really of Oswald in Mexico in front of the proper embassy, why was it not shown to Slawson when he asked for it? In fact, for Slawson, Scott made up some BS technical excuses as to why they did not have a photo of Oswald entering or exiting either embassy. He said they did not have the money, manpower or proper lighting to cover the embassies full time. When in the Lopez Report, these are all exposed as being false. That would all have been eliminated if he had flashed them the photo.
  21. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    Mathias : You did not provide the full context of the Fonzi quote. FYI, the DP in MC was Alan White, (which was allegedly not his real name which was Easby.) You may want to ask yourself why this info was not listed in the Lopez Report on pages 90-108 where they review this type of evidence. Well, Fonzi explains why on that same page. Because White/Easby did not recall where the picture was taken, or if it was taken before or after the JFK murder. So what is it worth as evidence? BTW, White/Easby was pretty cooperative with Ed and Dan, he actually exposed Goodpasture's lies to them, so if that was all he could recall, then I think its credible. This is why he is not listed in that section in the Lopez Report, which goes on for 18 pages, 90-108. The key to this is about half of the stories are traced to Scaleti. When Ed and Dan got to her, she said she did not recall seeing any picture of LHO. (ibid pgs. 108-111) Still surprises me how few people have read that excellent report.
  22. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    This is an excellent point. It's actually sad that we should even have to waste our time going over it, but... If Oswald was never in Mexico City, then he could never have met with these Soviet officials. Can we at least agree on that? So why then would they each confirm his visit to the Soviet embassy, when they could have distanced themselves and their country from the alleged assassin, and "laid bare" the alleged CIA plot to frame LHO? All it would have taken was for them to say... "someone calling himself Lee Oswald visited, but it was not the man arrested in Dallas", and they could have hung their CIA adversaries out to dry. Here is why... OSWALD WAS IN MEXICO CITY. I don't care how he got there. A train, a plane, an automobile, or his tricycle. He was there. The Soviets knew it, and they weren't about to get caught in a lie by denying it. They were in enough trouble. Why did the CIA create the controversy over Oswald's trip to Mexico that we are now bashing each other over? Before the assassination it's purpose was to conceal an ongoing operation. Following the assassination it helped conceal the CIA's long hidden "operational interest" in the alleged assassin. Craig: Why leave out what they said? They pictured him as a tragic figure who was saying the end was near and was waving around a handgun because the FBI was going to kill him. Do you buy that story? Its the same story that was used on Tracking Oswald. Did you buy that series? And why are there no pics of him going inside or leaving the complex? Do you understand the background to that book? If you do not then you did not read our review of Tracking Oswald.
  23. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    Boy and what about the suspected destruction of two Clay Shaw files? If so, the news never leaked out did it? Until over 20 years later.
  24. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    Thanks Joe. At the banquet in Houston last night, Alec Baldwin probably made it pretty obvious why Maddow did what she did. He said that he wanted to do a special at NBC about the JFK case. They told him that they had subscribed to the Warren Report version, so it was a non starter. Second, he did manage to do a spot on JFK himself. Except that is nowhere to be found today anywhere. Whenever anyone tells you that there is not some kind of censorship problem in the MSM on this case, just let them know that. But what I did hear is that CBS has purchased the rights to the Parkland Doctors film that was shown in Houston. So every once in awhile, there are exceptions. In my article, I think i was the only person who talked to Bradford and Lesar on the issue and then published a written report. As I said this makes no sense since those are the two guys who know the most about this situation. And the stuff the MSM has spewed out about Oswald in MC is so full of baloney. They could not have fallen for the CIA BS on this if it had been rehearsed in advance.
  25. David Ferrie interview audio from NARA?

    Anthony: I think this is someone reading Ferrie's statement. I don't think its Ferrie. The statement is Ferrie trying to defend himself against the charges of corrupting the morals of minors. Where did you get it?