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  1. I would like to invite all interested in blogging and international webpublishing projects to visit Dekita.org and join us at the Blogstreams Salon Group Dekita.org highlights the Web-publishing work of EFL (English as a Foreign Language)/ESL (English as a Second Language) students, showcases the classroom Web-publishing projects in EFL /ESL and introduces links relevant to personal Web-publishing in language learning contexts. Dekita.org also serves as a means for learners, educators, and other interested people to locate student Web-publications and participate in the conversation. The Blogstreams Salon Group meets synchronously at Tappedin every Sunday at 21:00 UTC to chat informally, sort out teachers' doubts, examine and discuss innovative work and international webpublishing projects. Once a month we invite guests, experts in their fields, to make a presentation in the ASO (After School Online Room). Hope to see you there! Looking forward to your feedback and comments. Warm regards from Brazil, Bee
  2. We are studying at the Lycée Pasteur, the Franco-Brazilian school in São Paulo. To celebrate Spring Day together with you and learn more about Europe, we decided to start a project to find out about the European origins in our families, school, city and country...and share what we have with you. Although we know that Brazil is just one country and Europe is a continent with many different countries, we will try to draw parallels between them and find the points we have in common and the ones that are different. We have also given our views on Europe. In order to make this project more interesting, we would love to collaborate and interact with you, either by mail or in the forum section. If you have information that you think may be valuable, send it to us and we will try to include it in this site. Let's rEUNite! Europe in Brazil
  3. Hello Juliette, I constantly update myself through demonstrations or presentations online which take place at: Tapped In Learning Times or informal workshops like the ones being lead by CoP (communities of practice) like Webheads in Action It saves you time and money...you meet hundreds of interesting and fun people and establish wonderful professional contacts. Give it a try! Warm regards from Brazil, Bee
  4. Hello, I teach EFL at the Franco-Brazilian secondary school in São Paulo. I have created a website called The English Department with resources and links for EFL teachers and students. You may have a look at the sitemap at: http://members.tripod.com/the_english_dept...on/sitemap.html I hope you will find what you need!
  5. On this page you will find links to video, audio and internet material on branding and advertising as well as teaching modules and language exercises based on the various resources. Reviewed by Merlot
  6. My name's Barbara Dieu and I teach English as a foreign language to high school students preparing for the French baccalauréat at the Lycée Pasteur, the Franco-Brazilian school in São Paulo. I enjoy change and experimenting with new ideas, international projects, creating webpages, online material and webquests, surfing on the net, trying my hand on poessays, travelling and reading about culture, house decoration and architecture, education, ethnology, symbolism and semiotics. On weekends, I relax in the countryside, read, do some special cooking for friends and family, go for walks with my dogs and watch the videos of all the films I have not found time to see while in the city. I have organized and managed trips for students abroad and a number of international projects onlineinvolving different schools and institutions. I have also started a blog, where I record my comments and impressions on blogging and learning online.
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