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    Ph.D. in Philosophy (History and Geography), Universidad Autónoma, Madrid, 1994 <br />I am Head of Department of Geography and History in IES Parque de Lisboa, a secondary school in Alcorcón, Madrid.<br />Last years my interests have been focused on:<br />Using the internet and ICT in teaching late modern history<br />Participating and coordinating international collaborative projects in the EU (Comenius), in the US (Fulbright) and Japan (Japanese Foundation Study Tour).<br />Developing strategies for teaching history and geography through a foreign language (English) in a Spanish speaking context.

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  1. Thanks Richard and Les. It was a quite fruitful meeting and, apart from a boring football match , the visit to Albi, the wine tasting and the dinner in Cordes sur Ciel restaurant were unforgettable.
  2. Althoug the media try to bring the public's attention on our national team, I think that, so far, people is not very interested in the next World Cup. Why? History. Spaniards tend to consider with a great fatalism our team performance. We always lose. We always feel dissapointed after every World Cup. However, our Prime Minister, who so far is quite daring and fortunate, has just claimed that this year will be "our year". I tend to not believe politicians. Even if I have voted for them. So... just relax and enjoy "o jogo bonito" from Brazil.
  3. I've got a few ideas, but very clear.... No more Chinese wine!
  4. After reading the excellent Max Hastings' post, I have no doubt in replying to his question: yes.. and the Spaniards, Americans and so on. When studying the Resistance topic, one realizes what a great cheat "nationalist" history is. I remember my father talking about the Spanish Civil War (he did it almost every day) and putting the blame of the Republican side defeat on "the British". He was a working man who started working in his early childhood and it was a simple and false answer, but he had a clear idea: the policy implemented by the British Conservative government was crucial to unde
  5. I take part this year in LINK AND LEARN EUROPE, a MyEurope initiative. I was told to write an article on some educational issue and I did it on our project... by being inspired in some John's texts. I hope it can be a good way to disseminate it.
  6. Well Done For the benefit of the slower learners in the group could you now describe the process of setting it up step by step? Yes, please...
  7. "Objective" history is out of question. Only conservative, naive and, why not to say it, quite unintelligent history teachers dare to claim that they are teaching "objective" history. As a matter of fact, students become aware very soon of our ideology. I cannot teach one single day without conveying my political or social views. However, one of the most important potentialities of learning history is getting to know that every event can be considered from different points of view, that every historical event can have different "interpretations". I think that one of the few things I have le
  8. Most probably, next year I will be teaching Middle Ages. It would be very interesting to carry out this simulation (maybe with some adaptation to Castilian context) at my school. Maybe Richard and I might somewhat do it together. Is it appropriate for 13 years old students?
  9. Captivate and Articulate was the software I mentioned in Herleen. Captivate permits to create Flash and stand alone files in a very easy way. It is an excellent tool to create attractive and didactic presentations to be used in our classrooms. http://www.macromedia.com/software/captivate/ Articulate Quizmaker allows us to elaborate a broad range of different sort of quizzes that enhance a web site interactivity. http://www.articulate.com/quizmaker.html
  10. Thanks Nico for such a well organized meeting. Thanks Elizabeth for your hospitality. And, although I complained about the weather all over the meeting, I have to be frank: I love to see white fields and snowflakes falling. It is not easy to see it in Madrid.
  11. Here you can see some examples of Flash animations Hominisation process - Timeline http://www.historiasiglo20.org/prehistory/proyector[timeline].htm Neolithic Revolution http://www.historiasiglo20.org/prehistory/proyector[revolution].htm Prehistoric Cave Paintings http://www.historiasiglo20.org/prehistory/proyector[paintings].htm Please, copy and paste the URLs. I have been trying for a long time to write a proper link, but something does not work Here you can find the software I spoke about in my presentation: Captivate Articulate Quizmaker
  12. The fact that IES Parque de Lisboa and CAP Alcorcón missed the Gothemburg meeting has kept us a bit apart from the dynamics you started up there. As a consequence, we have not dealt with subjects such as video editing or story telling. At the same time, the perspective of our teachers training course in Toulouse in 2007 getting closer has prompt us to be quite practical in our contribution to our project. We are 10 institutions involved in EHELP and we are very probably giving a five day course in Toulouse. I don’t mean that we have to share our workload in an exact mathematical proportion,
  13. So far, I am ipod illiterate, so I have no clear idea about podcasting. After searching for information on the internet, it sounds very interisting. I support Richard's proposal. We all will have time to catch up with him.
  14. It could be an interesting area to investigate. Democratic participation in decision-making at schools. Here in Spain, law is quite progressive: teachers, students and parents participate in the School Council who has the upper hand in the most important decisions. Unfortunately, lack of participation characterizes parents and students' and ,increasingly, teachers' attitude. My special project is focused on setting up a web site on History of Human Rights. I will deal with the topic from a historical point of view and will focus on Contemporary History, although I would like to introduce so
  15. Thanks Richard. We have now clear ideas about the subject.
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