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  1. MWN Episode 112 – Larry Rivera on the JFK Assassination’s Most Controversial Photos https://midnightwriternews.com/mwn-episode-112-larry-rivera-on-the-jfk-assassinations-most-controversial-photos/
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/1974/02/21/archives/yeoman-tells-panel-of-role-of-admirals-special-to-the-new-york.html?fbclid=IwAR1I5ArZYELZ0RvuXHje-9xb2A72hHA9vK03CkWrCJsY0PAA3NDt5RfFA8c
  3. Jim Jordan (see above) and other Trump lackeys do not understand how FISA warrants are approved by the court (FISC) authorized to issue them: https://www.lawfareblog.com/how-fisa-court-really-works
  4. Former Trump adviser Stone ordered to appear in court over Instagram posts by Reuters Tuesday, 19 February 2019 16:12 GMT http://news.trust.org/item/20190219160255-wegx7
  5. You can watch the video of Stone's arrest here that was recorded on his home private surveillance system. It was in no way Gestapo. It has since been revealed on the Rachel Maddow Show that Stone's indictment is linked directly to a prior Mueller indictment of Russian GRU agents involved in influencing the 2016 election in favor of Trump. https://cbs12.com/news/local/exclusive-surveillance-video-from-inside-the-roger-stone-raid https://www.justice.gov/file/1080281/download
  6. John Newman posted this on Facebook today: Note: I published Into the Storm on Kindle at 6 this morning; it should be available on Amazon in a day or two--I'll post here when it is. Here is a new review of the book on Amazon this morning--by a very important friend whose many years of crucial work on the case (see the acknowledgements in the book) many of you are familiar with: Dan... 5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding Work February 7, 2019 Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase I read parts of this book in advance of publication and provided some help to Dr. Newman in the preparation of the book. Now that it’s been published, I have read the whole book and I cannot say enough about the value of this work. Dr. Newman takes care to ferret out established facts, tying down timelines, and putting the facts in proper chronological and historical perspective, thereby laying a solid foundation for his outstanding analysis. It is very refreshing to read a book on the assassination of President Kennedy that minimizes speculation and replaces it with solid factual development and analysis. On one level, in this book, Dr. Newman picks up on the historical context work of David Talbot in Brothers, and Jim Douglass in JFK and the Unspeakable, but with more precision and detail in laying out the political developments of the Kennedy administration that laid the foundations for the widespread animosity the establishment had when it came to John Kennedy. On another level, Dr. Newman tackles the myths and propaganda canards that have arisen from the events leading up to the assassination and does a very good job of laying important myths and deceptions to rest. The chapters in the book dealing with the issue of what Bobby Kennedy knew about the CIA’s plotting with the Mafia to kill Castro are, alone, well worth the price of the book. His analysis of the Yuri Nosenko case is, likewise, outstanding and sets a standard for research and analysis in this area. Finally, his work in regard to Antonio Veciana’s story makes an invaluable contribution toward clarification of events surrounding the assassination. You need to read this book.
  7. A Facebook member who follows the membership and support of over 250 organizations and websites devoted to study the JFK assassination reported recently that he has noticed a severe decline in public interest in the topic over the past year. He noted that one organization has lost over 1000 members. His research raises the question as to why this decline is taking place. Could it be that public has finally concluded that the mystery surrounding the death of JFK 56 years ago will never be solved? Or could it be that the millions born since 1963 have received little education information about the entire topic? What ever the cause his research finding is disturbing.
  8. https://nsarchive.gwu.edu/briefing-book/intelligence/2017-06-02/white-house-cia-pike-committee-1975?fbclid=IwAR1UR42j0cge6KoUSLMOX2Ec8Q6MAw7Q8PSGbGZzDkxufvzN_98rxLf-lvw
  9. Posted today on Facebook by "Stand With Mueller": Special counsel Robert Mueller has signaled to defense lawyers for Roger Stone, the longtime adviser to Donald Trump, that prosecutors might brandish Stone’s bank records and personal communications going back several years as evidence in the case against him. Legal analysts said the move could be significant because the sizable amount of potential evidence listed by Mueller – and its nature, in the case of the bank records – seemed to go well beyond the current known charges against Stone. A court filing by Mueller on Thursday said prosecutors had seized “voluminous and complex” material including “multiple hard drives containing several terabytes of information”, material seized from search warrants executed on “Apple iCloud accounts and email accounts”, “bank and financial records, and the contents of numerous physical devices (eg, cellular phones, computers, and hard drives)”. Stone was indicted last week on charges of obstructing an investigation, witness tampering and five counts of making false statements. Two of his residences – one in Florida and one in Manhattan – were raided during his arrest. “It’s interesting that Mueller produced bank and financial records to Roger Stone, given that they don’t appear related to the charges he faces,” former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti tweeted. “Perhaps Mueller’s team has a practice of producing broad discovery to defendants, but it is not required by the rules. “If that is not Mueller’s usual practice, perhaps they want Stone to have this information now because there could be additional charges down the line, or because they think his knowledge that they possess this information could encourage him to flip.” Former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance called the filing “good news for the investigation”. “This implies that the FBI was able to access communications Stone and others could have assumed were protected from law-enforcement,” Vance tweeted. “This is good news for the investigation, there is no telling what might be in there Stone thought law-enforcement would never be able to see it.” The indictment of Stone last week suggested that prosecutors might have gained access to encrypted messages sent or received by Stone. One section of the indictment describes a text message exchange between Stone and an unidentified Trump “supporter” asking about a Stone contact in London alleged to be in communication with the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. “The supporter involved with the Trump Campaign asked STONE via text message if he had ‘hear[d] anymore from London’,” the indictment reads in part. “STONE replied, ‘Yes – want to talk on a secure line – got Whatsapp?’ STONE subsequently told the supporter that more material would be released and that it would be damaging to the Clinton Campaign.” Stone is suspected of attempting to establish or carrying out back-channel communications between the Trump campaign and Wikileaks – although he has not been charged with any crime along those lines. He has pleaded not guilty and denied any wrongdoing.
  10. Lawyers, especially criminal defense attorneys, look at the current Trump/Russia scandal through the lens of the law. Most lay people lack the education and experience to do this. These lawyers agree that there will be additional indictments or one massive indictment that links all those involved to a criminal conspiracy bordering on treason. Watergate broke on June 17, 1972. Over the July 4th holiday --- less than three weeks later -- I was approached to pass "hush money" to the five arrested burglars and to Hunt and Liddy who had fled from the Watergate Hotel minutes after they learned of the arrests inside the DNC in the Watergate Office Building from their lookout, Alfred Baldwin. (Baldwin was a member of the Watergate topic of the Education Forum until he was run out by one of our insidious members when he attempted to tell what he knew.) John Dean had directed Anthony Ulasewicz to approach me with the "hush" money. Ulasewicz told me in his "mysterious" telephone conversations to name the amount of money and it would be delivered in a laundry bag. In our final conversation I told this mysterious telephone caller to take a hike, that I did not know who he was and wanted nothing to do with him or his offer. I attempted on July 19, 1972 -- about a month after case broke -- to tell the federal grand jury investigating Watergate that I had received these "mysterious" phone calls but my recitation was quickly cut off by Seymour Glanzer, one of the three prosecutors present in the room. I knew then that Watergate would end badly for President Nixon because "hush" money was involved. Two years later he was forced to resign. Trump/Russia is Watergate on steroids. The future of our country and of Western Civilization is at stake. Mueller knows this and is proceeding accordingly. Lawyers recognize this if the general public does not.
  11. Mueller closes the circle of Russian collusion on Trump The next indictment will tie together the Russians, WikiLeaks, and the top of the Trump campaign https://www.salon.com/2019/01/30/mueller-closes-the-circle-of-russian-collusion-on-trump/ [Roger Stone will face a superseding indictment or second indictment]
  12. The 1st Garrison Files Released https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCYtGfx5sec&fbclid=IwAR0FOKGfh5oyfQc0LUCLZZ1TdztybHxW5Ni8v7rC5U_P7O6yCmP5ggvBo5U
  13. Rich: There is really nothing to forgive. I lived in Manhattan and Washington, D.C. for years and now live in Houston. I could never return to reside in a really cold weather location. Not that hurricanes are to be preferred. But this year's sub-zero weather is the worst for a large part of the country and is bound to affect peoples general outlook. John Simkin, the founder of the Education Forum, is a school teacher by profession. He thought by creating the sundry topics on the EF that it would be an effective and modern way to supplement classroom teaching. We are indebted to him for his foresight. The number of people around the world who have visited the EF for research and information must be astronomical by now. Best wishes, Doug
  14. JFK's PT-109 Found, U.S. Navy Confirms https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2002/07/news-jfk-pt-109-wreck-robert-ballard-archaeology/?fbclid=IwAR0MMKskQ6lkhUnfz0fSPHxWlFJi_-LaKyxQIIMRGt7-v-eqPD8WsUrFWQI
  15. David Talbot posted this on Facebook . Let us share his joy in his son's work and in his triumph over his stroke last year that was a near death experience: I just returned from the Sundance Film Festival where I had the emotionally overwhelming experience of watching the world premiere of my son Joe Talbot's first feature movie, "The Last Black Man in San Francisco" -- to critical and audience acclaim. The film is already being heralded as "a breakout festival highlight" by Rolling Stone magazine among others (see the rapturous review below). Hollywood Reporter critic Todd McCarthy actually calls "The Last Back Man" "by far the best film I've seen" at Sundance 2019. "It's one of those unique films that doesn't fit into any category at all." (Watch McCarthy's Sundance wrap-up here: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/…/last-black-man-san-fran…) Here's what Rolling Stone says about "The Last Back Man": "This extraordinary ode to the displaced delivers a major breakout hit for the festival’s opening weekend. It feels singular, righteous, heartfelt. It’s the type of film that reminds you why you go to Sundance in the first place." I'm overcome for several major reasons: Because raising Joe was always a creative challenge for his mother Camille and me (let's just say that school was not Joe's thing), so it's especially gratifying as parents to witness his artistic triumph. The film also stars our "third son" Jimmie Fails, who lived in our home for five years, when his own home life evaporated. Joe and Jimmie worked out the movie's plot -- which is based loosely on Jimmie's personal story -- over years of long walks through our neighborhood in the Mission and Bernal Heights, as San Francisco grew increasingly alien to these two young native sons. The film brings to life a San Francisco that few outsiders know about -- and features some of the talented young African American men that Joe and Jimmie and our younger son Nat grew up with. "The Last Black Man" seems like an artistic expression of some of the themes I explored in my book "Season of the Witch." But it goes beyond my efforts as a journalist and a historian to a whole new creative level. Finally, I was deeply moved to the point of tears many times during the film (and believe me, I wasn't the only one in the cavernous Eccles Theater at Sundance) for a very stark reason: because I didn't die last year. Because I survived my stroke, and was physically intact enough to fly to Utah and to navigate the icy streets of Park City, and to enjoy this magical moment. There were more than a dozen of us family members and close friends of Joe and Jimmie crammed into a rented ski lodge together -- all there to experience this miraculous event. In fact we were part of a 70-person home team of cast and crew members, most from San Francisco, who showed up at Sundance to revel in this moment. I could go and on, but I'll stop being a proud poppa and simply quote director Boots Riley ("Sorry to Bother You") who also showed up at the Eccles Theater to watch the film's world premiere and afterwards tweeted this: "'The Last Black Man in San Francisco' is a beautiful work. It's visually poetic, hilarious and definitely had me crying throughout the movie -- but without those cliche oh-they're-trying-to-make-me-cry cinematic tricks -- but from an intense recognition of life. See it." The film will certainly play at the SF Film Festival in April and then after finishing the festival circuit, probably open in theaters in the fall.
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