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  1. From the report: The-Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) is an avowedly radical organization formed in 1963 by Richard J. Barnet and Marcus G. Raskin, both of whom had backgrounds of government employment. Barnet had worked for the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, while Raskin had worked for several members of Congress and for the National Security Council. Along with Barnet and Raskin, the most prominent IPS figure has probably been Resident IPS Fellow Arthur I. Waskow, who served at one time as a legislative assistant to Congressman Robert Kastenmeier of Wisconsin. All three have also been noticeably active in radical movements, , including the anti-Vi6tnam war-movement; Barnet traveled to Com- munist North Vietnam during the war, and both Barnet and Raskin were reported to have had contact with representatives of the Communist government of Hanoi in Paris during-the same period. https://www.heritage.org/conservatism/report/institute-policy-studies
  2. It is my understanding from a posting on Facebook that Oliver Stone will be engaged in filming his three hour JFK documentary through the end of March. I have heard of no proposed release date.
  3. Massive leak of data reveals new money-hiding secrets of superrich — and this is ‘only the beginning’ https://www.rawstory.com/2019/12/massive-leak-of-data-reveals-new-money-hiding-secrets-of-superrich-and-this-is-only-the-beginning/
  4. Is the world laughing at our President? http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/elections-2020/biden-releases-viral-campaign-ad-slamming-trump-a-president-the-world-is-laughing-at/ar-BBXNFFX?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=UE07DHP
  5. This is a giant scandal: Report points to Trump as the ringleader of a global conspiracy https://www.rawstory.com/2019/12/this-is-a-giant-scandal-report-points-to-trump-as-the-ringleader-of-a-global-conspiracy/
  6. The Walnut Creek mob hit ordered in 'The Irishman' really happened By Katie Dowd, SFGATE Updated 7:34 am PST, Tuesday, December 3, 2019 https://www.sfgate.com/entertainment/article/irishman-bufalino-true-story-mob-hit-walnut-creek-14875864.php?utm_campaign=CMS+Sharing+Tools+(Desktop)&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&fbclid=IwAR2FOn-7fugLep74K32Br3dL7GOgmmGwcQf3aPmn1FV_ETAaNWfDFo9BF28 Full Disclosure: I lived in Walnut Creek in the early 1950's when I attended high school. Upon on the advice of my attorney (me) I can state without hesitation that I have no recollection of knowing any members of the Mob at the time. America was a different country then. We had a war hero as President not a draft dodger/traitor like we do today. Members of my breakfast club at McDonald's these days who are about my age agree that we lived in the best of times and will have few regrets when we cross over to the other side where we don't expect to see Hoffa or any Mobsters.
  7. Steven Hager wrote on Facebook today: "After I moved to NYC and became a professional journalist, I got a subscription to the Nation, the oldest leftwing publication in America. That only lasted a year because I was astounded by some of the dogma being pushed in the magazine, and shocked to discover the magazine's "expert" on the JFK assassination was insisting Oswald killed JFK. How could David Corn be so blind? Then I realized the reason the Nation and Buckley's National Review support the absurd Warren Commissi...on Report has something to do with both being located inside the Council on Foreign Relations. The question is how is it I'm the only journalist in America who seems capable of putting 2 and 2 together? The media has been controlled ever since the JP Morgan firm secretly bought up all the influential newspapers. There was a brief period during the late sixties when an independent, alternative press appeared, but those publications were put out of business or taken over by octopus ops. Maybe in some far-off future some bright person might pick up on my research and deprogram themselves and others. Left and right are wings of the same corporate bird, and most people are so easily played by this game."
  8. Origins of the Radical Left http://stevenhager.net/2015/09/19/origins-of-the-radical-left/?fbclid=IwAR3hfJ-l4tsiSRrvwGZMhfS7BHamhs2oC6nYt-iV5QAaOGXE5BF6VNcPyQY This is brilliant reporting by Steven Hager. He ends his essay with a video “What Really Happened to JFK.”
  9. READ IT: Democrats’ House impeachment report against Trump https://www.rawstory.com/2019/12/read-it-democrats-house-impeachment-report-against-trump/
  10. The Remarkable Power of “The Irishman” https://www.aier.org/article/the-remarkable-power-of-the-irishman/
  11. New York Times Guide to the impeachment process https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/us/politics/what-is-impeachment-process.html
  12. So how will Oliver Stone’s revisitation to the JFK assassination through a television series turn out? It is hard to say because every aspect connected to it seems to be in flux at the present time in the wake of Stone’s recent appearances at the two JFK assassination conferences in Dallas. Stone has chosen our distinguished resident scholar, Jim DiEugenio, to write the script. There is an art to writing such a script and I would suggest that Jim talk to Joseph McBride who last week on Facebook wrote about his frustrating experiences that arose after he finished writing scripts and turned them in. Has there ever been a film or TV script that was not subject to re-write by others, sometimes strangers, whether the re-writes be minor or major? Then there is the matter of Judyth Baker. Stone seems to be enamored with Judyth’s story with Oswald, which Jim refuses to embrace as being credible. Why is Stone so taken on this? Could it be that what Judyth told him about what Oswald in turn told her in 1963 in New Orleans dovetails with documents from the Russian archives on Oswald compiled before, during and after his living in the Soviet Union if such documents are already in Stone’s possession? Maybe Judyth told Stone new information about Oswald’s time in Russia, whether he was actually an American spy or a genuine defector who later decided he wanted to return home. In any event Judyth’s love story, whether or not embellished by Russian Intelligence, presents a new angle to the Kennedy assassination that viewers of the series will find intriguing. A majority of these viewers were born after 1963 and have only slight knowledge of the assassination and so the series will shape their view of history. Another potential controversy is Stone himself who may be viewed by the U.S. Intelligence Community as being a Russian asset because of his close relationship and that of his son, Sean, with Putin through RT, Russia Today. Stone is akin to Oswald in this regard because the motivations of both regarding Russia are not clear. Then again Stone may instead be an American asset who was recruited by our intelligence community to cultivate Putin. Or he may be what he appears to be, a brilliant and patriotic screen director in search of the truth. The rubber will meet the road so to speak if Putin provides Stone with real or fake information on Kennedy’s assassination from Russia’s archives and in doing so indicates that he expects Stone to incorporate this into the series’ script. Such an event would present Jim as the principal script writer with a dilemma although in this forum Jim has consistently espoused the Republican/Russian view on President Trump, which may be one of the reasons Stone chose him to write the script. Putin may view the impending series on the Kennedy assassination as am extremely useful tool to confuse and divide Americans even more than they are today as a result of past Russian Intelligence operations. Putin has publicly hinted that he knows who killed Kennedy. What will be the effect if he injects such alleged knowledge, true or fake, into Stone's proposed series? Recent research by John Newman and Bill Simpich point to the U.S. Army playing the decisive role in JFK’s assassination with members of U.S. Army Reserve being officers in the Dallas Police Department’s Intelligence Division while at the same time being members of the KKK and the John Birch Society. If that is the enhanced conclusion of Stone’s revisitation to the Kennedy assassination, it would indeed result in fracturing American society with our armed forces today being blamed for something that happened 56 years ago. Once our military is severely diminished or virtually destroyed, our enemies abroad would join to finish us off, ending the American experiment of 243 years in democracy and liberty. Russia for a century has had as a goal the destruction of the United States. The Bolsheviks drafted a plan soon after the Russian revolution to do this. Another example is its spy network that during World War II worked successfully to steal the secrets to our development of the Atomic bomb. Russia influenced the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and is working on doing so in 2020. So how will Oliver Stone’s revisitation to the JFK assassination through a television series turn out?
  13. By Jessica Campisi @ The Hill: Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley on Friday predicted that public support for President Trump will collapse as House Democrats continue their impeachment inquiry against him. "It just tells you what deep trouble Donald Trump is in. I mean, when you have 50 percent of the country wanting you not just impeached but removed from office, and the game hasn't even gotten fast yet," Brinkley said Friday morning on CNN, where he serves as a contri...butor. "I think once the vote is taken by Congress to impeach him and he's wearing the 'I' on his chest, you're going to see that movement grow even more," Brinkley predicted. He added of Trump, "It tells you he doesn't have a lot of friends. He's a base politician. He doesn't know how to turn this around." Brinkley noted the successful campaigns of politicians from opposing parties that came after previous presidents faced political fallout. "I think the Democrats might want to look at the way Jimmy Carter pulled off victory in 1976. He took the high road. He ran on saying, I will never tell a lie to you," Brinkley said. "He didn't have to say Nixon's lies or Lyndon Johnson's lies, just that I am clean, good governance coming your way if you vote for me." Polling on impeachment has fluctuated in the nine weeks since Democrats launched their probe. A Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday found a slight shift in the president's direction on impeachment. That survey found 45 percent in favor of Trump's impeachment and removal, with 48 percent against it. That was a reversal from the poll's findings the previous month. However, a CNN poll conducted after the first week of public hearings in the inquiry found that 50 percent of Americans said Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 43 percent said he should not be - the same margin from a poll conducted in October.
  14. Dan E. Moldea wrote on Facebook today: Our friend and colleague, investigative journalist Scott M. Burnstein, the top expert in the country on the Detroit Mafia, reports that the Detroit field office of the FBI might be on the verge of proceeding with a preliminary investigation of my reported claims of Frank Cappola who insists that Jimmy Hoffa is buried at the PJP Landfill in Jersey City, New Jersey. Coppola, who has executed a sworn statement at my request and offered to take a polygraph test, gave me a 45-min...ute tour of the site on September 29, culminating with the alleged “exact location” of Hoffa’s grave. I videotaped the entire tour. According to Scott, “One person directly connected to the ongoing investigation calls the recent tip that the slain Teamsters boss was buried in a mob-owned New Jersey landfill ‘intriguing,’ and something that ‘needs to be taken seriously.’” Presumably, the FBI’s Detroit field office is seeking authorization from FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. to take the next step. Stay tuned. Also, for those interested, our friend and colleague, Eric Shawn, will host a one-hour special about the Hoffa case, coinciding with the release of the fabulous but false-fact-filled film fantasy “The Irishman” on Netflix—featuring Frank Cappola and Phillip Moscato Jr., among others—on Fox News tonight at 10:00 P.M., Eastern. See More gangsterreport.com The Gangster ReportFBI Agents In Detroit "Intrigued" By New Developments Out Of NJ In Quest To Find Jimmy Hoffa's… November 27, 2019 — The Detroit FBI office doesn’t dismiss new revelations in the search for Jimmy Hoffa’s remains, according to sources in federal law enf
  15. The most vulgar American president ever? It sure as #$@!%* isn't Donald Trump https://nationalpost.com/opinion/the-most-vulgar-american-president-ever-it-sure-as-isnt-donald-trump
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