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  1. DC 'Big Event' Boosts Pressure To Disclose Suppressed JFK Records http://www.justice-integrity.org/1461-dc-big-event-boosts-pressure-to-disclose-suppressed-jfk-records
  2. Michael Paine dies at 89

  3. How the emergency room where JFK died was demolished and has been stored in a secret underground bunker for DECADES http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2330674/Kennedy-assassination-How-emergency-room-JFK-died-demolished-stored-secret-underground-bunker-years.html#ixzz59aKO6Lx7
  4. Testimony of Walter J. Sheridan https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32202441.pdf Please read his pertinent testimony starting on page 17
  5. Oswald’s Bulgarian Connection: The Spas Raikin Papers https://www.hoover.org/news/oswalds-bulgarian-connection-spas-raikin-papers
  6. From my autobiography "Being There: Eyewitness to History" that will be published on March 28th: I saw Howard Hunt only three times during the Watergate case. The first was when he came to my residence in Washington on June 17, 1972, at 3:35 a.m. after he had telephoned me from his White House office a half hour earlier. At that meeting he explained what had happened at Watergate and retained me as his attorney to represent him and the five arrested burglars. The second time I saw Howard was at the funeral of his wife, Dorothy, in December 1972, after she had died in a mysterious plane crash at Midway Airport in Chicago. I am not alone in thinking that Dorothy was killed after Howard made this recorded threatening phone call demanding “hush” money to Charles Colson in the White House in November 1972 once Nixon was re-elected: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwNYgiVv-rs. Howard thought so too. In the wake of Dorothy’s death, he called his four children together and told them that he was going to plead guilty at the upcoming Watergate trial in January. He said to them that he was afraid that if he did not do this, they would be killed next. When he pleaded guilty the next month all the work that I had done on his behalf to protect the attorney privilege that led to my being held in contempt and jailed by Judge Sirica was dropped down a memory hole as the Watergate case mushroomed. The third and last time I saw Howard was in early 1975 when he telephoned and invited me to join him at a dinner. He said that he would soon enter prison to serve his sentence for Watergate and that he wished to express his appreciation for my legal representation of him in the case. Even though I had been Howard’s attorney before Watergate broke, we legally had not been able to have a conversation once I was served with a “forthwith” subpoena to appear before the grand jury by Prosecutor Silbert on June 28, 1972, after which my role evolved into being a voluntary witness for the seven defendants and an involuntary witness for the prosecution. But now the case was over and we could talk. Hunt and I chose the Yenching Palace, a popular Chinese restaurant, as our place for dinner in 1975. When the restaurant went out of business in 1997, the Washington Post published an article, “Five Decades of Secrets to Go” because so many important decisions had been reached inside it, including the U.S. representative and his Soviet Union counterpart agreeing over dinner to settle the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. As our dinner progressed I wanted to ask Howard some basic questions about Watergate but sensed that he would be reluctant to answer these. I prefaced my remarks to him by saying that Watergate could lead ultimately to the destruction of Western Civilization. I believe this to this day. Watergate, along with the Kennedy assassination and 9/11, were steps that hastened the decline of Western Civilization and could usher in the future Empire of Chinese Civilization. Howard showed no emotion when I said this. Nevertheless I pressed forward and asked him, “Why did the burglars go into the DNC?” After a pause he said, “I told them to photograph any piece of paper that had numbers on it.” This was obviously a ridiculous answer, so I said, “Come on now, Howard. You cannot get away with that. Think of all that I have gone through on your behalf as well for the burglars.” Howard merely shrugged his shoulders and did not respond. “Well,” I said, “As you know I was a witness at McCord’s and Liddy’s trial and when I was on the witness stand I saw a long table in front of me that was covered with what looked like wiretapping equipment and other electrical things. Didn’t the burglars go into the DNC to fix a defective bug left there from a previous break-in?” After a moment Howard nodded his headed affirmatively while remaining silent in a way that I took it to be assent. After a long pause I then asked, “There was a lot of publicity about a prostitution ring being operated out of the DNC. In fact, another prostitution ring was uncovered on Capitol Hill a few weeks before the DNC break-in in which the book of clients had been recovered. So didn’t you go back into the DNC to get the book of prostitution clients that was there?” Knowing the names of the clients of the rings could lead them to being compromised and subjected to blackmail. Again in response Howard merely nodded his head affirmatively while remaining silent, which I took to be assent. I pressed on, saying “Burglary of any sort is a serious criminal offense. While fixing a bug and getting a list of the clients of a prostitution ring are significant matters, they in no way could justify such a reckless break-in with so much at stake with Nixon’s re-election. There had to be a more important reason, a crucial one, for justifying the break-in.” Howard remained silent for an unsettling period of time and then answered slowly and reluctantly, “Well, there was such a reason. We believed there were important Cuban Government documents inside the DNC dealing with the Kennedy assassination.” It took me a moment mentally to absorb this startling revelation and then I asked, “Cuban Government documents dealing with the Kennedy assassination? What did the documents contain?” At this point Howard raised both his hands so that their palms were facing me and waved them from side to side. It was his way of ending our discussion about Watergate. It was obvious that the burglars were arrested before they could do any of their assigned tasks inside the DNC and there was no way of knowing if Cuban Government documents were there. So the rest of our dinner was devoted to discussing how his children would cope with their mother being dead and with his going into prison and also with my personal circumstances. After dinner and when we were outside the restaurant on the sidewalk I decided to make one more stab at learning what was behind Watergate. I asked Howard, “Why was Kennedy assassinated? What could have been in the Cuban Government documents on his assassination that was so important to justify a break-in?” Howard hesitated for a moment the replied, “Kennedy was assassinated because he was about to give our most vital secret to the Soviets.” Stunned at hearing this, I asked, “Our most vital secret? What was that?” Howard looked me in the eyes and declared, “The Alien Presence.” With that he shook my hand, turned and walked away. That was the last time I saw Howard although we did correspond subsequently and talk on the phone on a few occasions.” In 1975 at the time of the dinner I was not a student of the Kennedy assassination. Nor was I very familiar with Aliens and UFOs. Neither of these subjects was on my radar screen so to speak. So Howard’s parting comments did not register much with me although I did recognize because he had uttered them that they were significant and something to remember. It was not until 2006 when the JFK Assassination Topic of the Education Forum based in England started a members’ thread on me that I began to acquire detailed knowledge of JFK’s assassination. The forum’s thread was initiated because Billie Sol Estes, LBJ’s silent business partner and bagman, had told me in 1984 about LBJ being behind JFK’s assassination. It was also around that same time that I started listening to coasttocoastam on the radio each night whose moderator was the charismatic Art Bell. Many of its programs dealt with the circumstantial evidence of UFOs and Aliens. Only then did I start to connect the dots as to what Howard had told me forty years earlier.
  7. Here is the coasttocoastam program of March 1, 2018
  8. March 1, 2018 Tonight Part 1! Dark Journalist will be Appearing on Coast to Coast AM Radio on Thursday Night, March 1st to Go Deep Into Nixon's ET Time Capsule Hidden in the White House. He will showcase Robert Merritt's Exclusive Interview and Douglas Caddy's Historic Letter to the National Archives. Get Ready to Break the Wall of #UFO Secrecy with Linda Moulton Howe! https://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2018/03/01 The program will discuss how the presidencies of both John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon were terminated because of their knowledge of and interaction with the Alien Presence.
  9. Why do you focus your criticism only on Merritt? He was profiled and recruited to be the sole employee of the infamous Huston Plan where his orders came from the White House and from the FBI, CIA, Military Intelligence and the Washington, D.C. Police Department to name a few. He was the water boy for these government entities. He did not dream up the assignments, he carried then out as ordered. Washington, D.C. Police Detective Shoffler sent him to NYC to cover-up how Shoffler had set up the Watergate burglars to be arrested. As the NY Times story indicates, there the U.S. Marshal proclaimed he was working for them. The NYC Assistant District Attorney drafted the affidavit and directed him to sign it although this was an act of perjury. The NYPD and FBI ordered him to plant false evidence in the rooms of tenants of the Kenmore so that they could be arrested and evicted. Should not your criticism be aimed at the higher ups who were behind all these criminal and quasi-criminal activities instead of the flawed high school drop out whom they recruited to do their bidding?
  10. https://www.amazon.com/President-Apprentice-Eisenhower-Nixon-1952-1961/dp/0300181051 President Nixon may have got his idea of a "time capsule" from President Eisenhower. In the highly praised book, "The President and the apprentice," the author writes: "In 1953, after his first few months in the White House, President Eisenhower wrote out a handwritten list for Project X, a secret recollection of his presidency to be deposited in a time capsule at his Gettysburg farm."
  11. Billy Graham tried to stop JFK becoming president https://www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/billy-graham-jfk-catholic
  12. David: You ask above why "Nixon did Nixon need Merritt to deliver tapes and documents to Henry Kissinger when Nixon could see Kissinger privately every gogdammed day?" The answer to this is as Nixon told Merritt there was no one in the White House who he could trust to deliver the letter to Kissinger that contained the all important formula/code. He could not do this himself. His every movement was being monitored. The CIA had a spy operation inside the White House called "Crimson Rose" which was headed by Howard Hunt. The Pentagon had its own spy operation inside the White House under which thousands of Kissinger's documents had been secretly copied and ended up on the desk of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Fox News article below explains how General Alexander Haig was involved in this. It was also Haig who gave the order to John Dean who in turn gave the order to Gordon LIddy to go into the DNC. Nixon told Merritt that the break-in had been hi-jacked by the CIA that led to the arrests of the burglars on June 17, 1972. It was Angleton who orchestrated the hi-jacking, just as he had carefully planned the assassination of JFK. Washington, D.C. police officer Carl Shoffler, who was actually a military intelligence agent, was alerted two weeks in advance of the break-in of the plan by Merritt and he was on the scene to arrest the burglars. Fox News published an article on December 15, 2008, by James Rosen titled, “The Men Who Spied on Nixon: New Details Reveal Extent of ‘Moorer-Radford Affair.’” Here are key excerpts from it: A Navy stenographer assigned to the National Security Council during the Nixon administration "stole documents from just about every individual that he came into contact with on the NSC," according to newly declassified White House documents. The two-dozen pages of memoranda, transcripts and notes -- once among the most sensitive and privileged documents in the Executive Branch -- shed important new details on a unique crisis in American history: when investigators working for President Richard Nixon discovered that the Joint Chiefs of Staff, using the stenographer as their agent, actively spied on the civilian command during the Vietnam War. The episode became known as "the Moorer-Radford affair," after the chairman of the Joint Chiefs at the time, the late Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, and the stenographer involved, Navy Yeoman Charles Radford. The details first surfaced in early 1974 as part of the Watergate revelations, but remained obscure until historians in the 1990s and this decade began fleshing out the episode. The affair represented an important instance in which President Nixon, who resigned in 1974 amid wide-ranging allegations that he and his subordinates abused the powers of the presidency, was himself the victim of internal espionage. In adding to what has already become known about the episode, the latest documents show how the president and his aides struggled to "get a handle on" the young Navy man at the center of the intrigue and contain the damage caused by the scandal A trained stenographer, Radford was in his late twenties when he was assigned to the NSC staff of Henry Kissinger during Nixon's first term. The yeoman worked out of the Executive Office Building under two admirals, Rembrandt Robinson and Robert O. Welander, who served as formal liaison between the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the NSC. As Radford later described his work -- in polygraph tests, sworn testimony, and interviews with historians and journalists -- he spent 13 months illegally obtaining NSC documents and turning them over to his superiors, with the understanding that the two admirals were, in turn, funneling the materials to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and other top uniformed commanders. Radford's espionage took many forms: making extra photocopies of documents entrusted to him as courier; retrieving crumpled drafts from "burn bags"; even brazenly rifling through Kissinger's briefcase while the national security adviser slept on an overseas flight….. Under intensive polygraph testing in late 1971, Radford denied having leaked the India-Pakistan documents to the columnist. ([Columnist Jack Anderson died in 2005 without ever disclosing who had been his source, but he told author Len Colodny in November 1986: "You don't get those kinds of secrets from enlisted men. You only get them from generals and admirals.") However, the young stenographer did eventually break down and tearfully admit to Nixon's investigators that he had been stealing NSC [National Security Council] documents and routing them to his Pentagon superiors. Radford later estimated he had stolen 5,000 documents within a 13-month period..... He [John Ehrlichman’s aide, David Young] encouraged Ehrlichman to mention to Admiral Robinson that the young stenographer-spy had already told investigators that he believed the material he had been stealing was destined to go to "your superiors," meaning the Joint Chiefs. Young also urged Ehrlichman to determine the extent to which Kissinger's top NSC deputy -- Alexander Haig, who had personally selected Radford to accompany Kissinger on his overseas trips, and who later went on to become secretary of state in the Reagan administration -- was "aware of Radford's activities." Nixon and his men eventually concluded that Haig had been complicit in the Pentagon spying, but opted not to take any action against him. [Note: Haig later become Nixon’s chief of staff.] http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2008/12/15/men-spied-nixon-new-details-reveal-extent-moorer-radford-affair.html ------------------------ So Nixon knew it was not safe to give the all-important document and tapes directly to Kissinger inside the White House for fear that Haig or some other Pentagon or CIA spy would learn about it. In Nixon’s opinion the document and tapes were so important to the nation’s national security that he had to summon Merritt to a clandestine meeting deep beneath the White House to assign to Merritt the task of getting the document and tapes to Kissinger without anyone knowing about it. This Merritt faithfully did.