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  1. From the South Wales Valleys to busy Hong Kong. After completing my PGCE in Swansea University, I managed to get a job teaching History in Bryntirion Comprehensive School, Bridgend in South Wales. I had never lived outside of Wales despite always wanting to travel. After four years of teaching I felt the time was right for a change, but positions in Wales were few and far between. I took a look at my life and at the age of 25 I was still living with my parents and the only possession I owned was a car. I quickly began to look at the International Section of the TES and literally the advert fo
  2. I'm Jude Owen and am Second in the History Department in King George V School Hong Kong. KGV as it is better known, is a large International School which is part of the English School's Foundation. We follow the National Curriculum at KS3 and teach GCSE, AS and A Levels, usually EdExcel exam board. I am responsible for the History Departments' Web Site which has recently been updated. The site contains many detailed power points and links to other resources on numerous British, European, American and Asian topics. I am new to this game and would appreciate feedback. http://www.kgv.edu.hk/hist
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