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  1. key board controls

    I just looked at this but its wordy and too complicated for my brain. Is there something in simplified format or pictorial???? Denise
  2. Posters

    Does anyone know where I might obtain any of those beautiful Women's History / Suffrage posters? The ones to which I am referring are like those done by Pre-Raphaelite artists.
  3. Selection

    Surely, its less about the set one is put in and more about the quality of teaching and learning. I was an advocate of mixed ability teaching for many years. Some of my students persuaded me otherwise to some extent. One student in particular said that most students are well aware of their ability. He said he would rather be taught amongt students of a similar ability rather than stuggle amongst those who were clearly more able. I might even have enjoyed PE lessons myself had a similar approach been taken when I was at school.
  4. Management

    I totally agree that the focus of leadership should be on the things that make a difference to classroom practice. However, without a vision, how does one know where to take a school. Recruitment and support are essential, undoubtedly.
  5. AQA English A GCSE

    I would be happy to help. Denise Burgess Dartford Technology College
  6. Introduce yourself here

    My name is Denise Burgess. I teach English and Media Studies at Dartford Technology College.