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  1. Hi Ali, Please contact me at my email. WE have much to discuss👍 wco7171@msn.com
  2. Hello William

    How goes all with you, how is Dr. Jeff doing?


    1. William O'Neil

      William O'Neil

      Harry, Jeff is doing fine.  We continue our research and follow ups, and not get bogged down by fools with no insight.


  3. I have corrected my post typo in which I wrote Oswald had Walkers address in his notebook, it should have been name and phone #. Bill
  4. I think things are getting a little twisted around. Caulfield’s theory is not that Walker knew Oswald personally or had a direct relationship with him. Rather, that Oswald’s involvement in the shooting attempt may have been the result, of his getting involved with others who did have relationship with “Ted” The reference by Caufield to Oswald and Walker “possibly working together”, was in regards to the Police ignoring the odd fact that Oswald had Walkers name and phone number in his address (note)book (p392). Not only did the DPD,FBI and the WC fail to consider that possibility, every subse
  5. Paul B. When you’re running a covert operation do you reveal your relationships in writing and risk blowing the Op? Banister, Walker and Co. weren’t foolish enough to do that, and if there were breaches that they knew about they would have tried to resolve them before it did any damage. It would have been very poor tradecraft to leave evidence like you suggest around, especially when your plotting to kill the President! You don’t commit those things to paper, especially anything linking yourself to the fall guy. If at one point there were some written evidence linking individuals with Oswa
  6. Actually Ernie, Jeff and I agree totally on this. If the book included all of our sources and citations, the book would have been back to 1,200+ pages again.I mentioned this example, as a means to show there was not a monolithic viewpoint among all Right Wingers. I don't believe Caufield states that at all. Write a book, and deal with editors who insist on compromise and brevity. Bill
  7. There were radical anti- communists and there were radical anti- communists racists. They often co-mingled and sat at the same tables. However, that doesn’t mean they all shared the same particular philosophies across the board. Walker complained / explained to J. Evetts Haley, that Robert Morris was not quite like us on the segregation front. He also had to be convinced of the threat in their view, of the United Nations threat to world order. This is documented in a letter from Walker to Haley. These folks are not always monolithic, or in lock step with each other. Like any movement there a
  8. It is my understanding that the FBI is not a prosecutorial body. That would have to come from the Justice Dept. and the AG. The FBI’s job was to investigate and gather information. Bill
  9. We don't know that it was LHO that Hubie was referring to in this instance. However, it shows a definite proclivity and MO as to what these folks were up to at the time! The activities that LHO subsequently engaged in, fit the designed program to a tee. If it wasn't directed by Banister it definitely helped his cause, coincidence? Bill
  10. Look, towards the last few years of GPH's (Hemming) interaction with researchers, he was just F'N with researchers.What he had to say was suspect, as to it's validity and or purpose. Having interviewed him on two occasions, I realized this when he kept dodging my questions the second time, most of those had never been previously broached by anyone to my knowledge. Once he realized I was on to something REAL, Oh boy, his respect level changed and his attitude got more serious. He wasn't shinning me on anymore (I guess)... cause he caught himself in mid sentence several times, realizing he was
  11. Paul B , Caufiled and I are in agreement on Garrison. I was just elaborating on the other factors which( IMO) also played into his actions. Bill
  12. Paul . Yes, essentially Garrison was trying to make them synonymous which is absurd. The Radical Right hated the CIA and that's reflected in their literature and correspondence. That's what caught my eyes and ears when he tried to make that metaphorical shift, like a slight of hand diversion to shift focus onto another object. Yet, there was a reason for this, and he felt the need to verbalize it. Bill
  13. Paul, Actually it's a general observation that has to do with the nature of the Garrison "probe". It's sudden turn away from the 'Racist Right' (or "Nazi's" as Garrison once described them) to the "intelligence agencies" was noticeably acute. It's a theory, but I believe from our research that it's an accurate take. I saw a video once where Garrison says (and I'm paraphrasing here) 'When you talk about the NSRP and the Citizens Councils... what you're really talking about is the CIA!... that's whats behind them. Somewhere I have this video, but I cannot locate it. My point is that it displa
  14. Due to others of record who were on the scene, we suspect Garrison was also influenced by certain “researchers” who gained favor with the DA. They managed to sway ( distract) Garrison towards their own theories that mostly revolved around Government involvement, chiefly, the CIA. I won’t get into individual names but they are known to most. In our opinion, the main factor for Garrison’s abrupt shift was fear and intimidation by the Right Wing extremists in Garrisons midst. I suspect he was strongly urged, if not threatened by some influential segregationists to cease pursuing that trail.
  15. Paul T; This was part of a larger effort called “Operation Tip Top” secretively code named “Operation 50” This was designed and motivated by the state of Louisiana’s effort (LUAC), to link so called ‘communist’ orgs with the civil rights movement, principally targeting SCEF, but incuding several others including CORE and the FPCC as well. All part of a larger project by the SISC (Senate Internal Sub -Committee) and Senator Eastland and others, to create examples of their theory of “interlocking subversion” Don’t know what LUAC or SCEF is? Do the research and reading on it. Or, consult the
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