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  1. Brian O'Leary, Mars, and the Moon

    Hi: When a member of my circle was approached to help terraform Mars, his reply was manifold. Mars is geologically dead, which means that there are no plate tectonics to circulate elements (called “cycles” on Earth, such as the carbon cycle), as the radioactivity that powers Earth’s tectonics died out long ago on Mars, as it has on the Moon. The smaller the planet or moon, the faster it will become geologically inert, at least for rocky planets and moons. There is water in Mars’s crust, quite a bit of it, but Mars lost its ocean long ago. If not for oxygenic photosynthesis, Earth would have lost its ocean long ago, too, and with it, life as we know it. Earth’s internal dynamics gave rise to its magnetic field, which helps shield Earth’s atmosphere from the worst of the solar wind and the Sun’s radiation. Mars has none of that. Today, Mars’s atmosphere is 1% as thick as Earth’s, and far less than 1% of it is oxygen, and its temperature averages about 80 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. None of that is very conducive to life as we know it, much less a transplanted civilization. But the people who tried to recruit that guy said that they had all the answers, and he laughed at them. Without free energy and antigravity, any kind of terraforming project is going to be wishful thinking. Chemical rockets are not going to begin to get it done. With free energy and antigravity, many terraforming projects begin to become feasible. That is one reason why I would be very surprised if the Face on Mars was artificial. Who the heck could live there to make it, and why make it? While Brian entertained the idea that the Face was artificial, his erstwhile colleague Carl Sagan misrepresented the evidence to dismiss the idea. Sagan did not play fair, although I consider it likely that the Face is a natural formation. Sagan’s career as a debunker was a dubious one. The idea of terraforming Mars as an elite survival enclave, while that very same elite toys with making Earth uninhabitable (and withholds the technologies to turn Earth into something resembling heaven), is the height of evil and insanity, but such is the nature of the lust for power and control. It can never be satiated, and as Uncle Noam said, the institutional ideologies rank hegemony over survival. The GCs are in good company, although their saner members advocate the release of those technologies from their Golden Hoard, and one of their factions likely gave my friend a little demonstration of some of them. Richard Hoagland dragged Brian into the Face issue, and Brian eventually concluded that the “City” and other features of Cydonia that Hoagland argued were artificial were likely natural formations instead. I was at Hoagland’s 1994 presentation at Ohio State University (where I also watched Manufacturing Consent in 1992), where he made the case for artificial structures on the Moon (there very well may be, but I would put more trust in somebody other than Hoagland to determine that), and I attended his 1998 conference in Seattle, where I met Tom Van Flandern and Tom Bearden. Co-finding evidence of Armstrong’s Leap on the Moon brought Brian into my life as a colleague (we had our seminal note-trading session several weeks later), and Hoagland soon tried to recruit me as one of his image analyzers. I declined the invitation and replied that I only knew enough to be dangerous, and I was then assured how easy image analysis was. That made me really wonder about the quality of Hoagland’s work. Brian independently developed the same feeling about Hoagland’s work, although he still entertained the idea that the Face might be artificial until he died, while holding to his scientist’s caution and advocating more investigation. The Martian and lunar milieus are strange ones in ways, and Brian was right in the middle of them from the beginning of his career. The year before he died, another Mars colonization plan made publicity waves. They did not plan the launch until the 2030s, and Brian joked that he would volunteer, and that when the mission launched, he would be about 90, but would finally get his chance to go to Mars. Since Brian’s death, several Mars colonization plans have been announced, and I never saw Brian’s name mentioned as the original Mars mission designee. Buzz Aldrin has been the most prominent advocate lately, along with Musk, and I have to wonder how many of Buzz’s ideas came from Brian. All in all, these are fascinating subjects and were big aspects of Brian’s life and career. I am so happy that we got his Martian credentials published by NASA (the astronaut corps had no problem with Brian’s Martian credentials, even though that space debunker did). Time will tell if posterity gives Brian his due. To also be the most prominent scientific advocate of free energy puts Brian in rarefied air indeed. If free energy technology ever escapes its current sequestering, Brian will likely be a prominent historical figure, although the usual process is to bury people like him in obscurity while his work is stolen. Not if I can help it. I am going to end these Mars posts for now, but this subject will likely keep rearing its head in the future. Best, Wade
  2. Brian O'Leary, Mars, and the Moon

    Hi: I studied organized skepticism since the early 1990s, and my worst suspicions were confirmed and then some when I interacted with a prominent “skeptic.” Today, I consider organized skepticism to be a criminal enterprise. That “skeptic” became my Internet stalker for a decade, and the experience was much worse for people such as Dennis and Brian. I watched Dennis get heckled the day that I met him, and that was only a gentle preview of what lied ahead. Brian’s life-shortening brush with death was only the beginning for him. Brian told me that as he left the sherry-sipping comfort of the Establishment and the more that he pursued the truth, the more isolated and ostracized he became. During his Ivy League professor and Capitol Hill days, Brian’s op eds ran in the New York Times and his books were published by major publishing houses. As he began navigating the fringes, he eventually lost all of his access. His last books were self-published, and one such effort bankrupted him, when his distributor went bankrupt with the entire print run of Brian’s latest book in his warehouse. In his last years, when Brian traveled and spoke at conferences, he had a professional heckler stalk him, and Brian dreaded each encounter. Brian had a publicly available email address to his death (he was braver than me! ), and would sometimes send inquiries to me. During an exchange not long before he died, he said that the previous few days had been rough ones, as he dealt with personal attacks via email. After the months-long adventure of getting Brian’s NASA bio published, one of the leading space “skeptics” attacked Brian’s Martian credentials in one of the most idiotic efforts that I ever saw. I heard elsewhere that the space debunker not only engaged in pedestrian, even fraudulent, debunking, but he also subtly threatened his debunking targets by reciting his NSA and other spook connections. I believe that the man is somehow on the payroll, as Mr. Skeptic likely was. If I outlive that space debunker, I will be more forthcoming about my interactions with him. It was not all bad, but his behavior was just more of what gives organized skepticism a bad name among the informed. His attack led to my asking Brian what he could give me, if a campaign to expunge his Martian credentials was launched (that space “skeptic” was in a position to mount one), and it led to Brian’s giving me his Alan Shepard and Werner von Braun anecdotes. So, some good came from it. I am happy that I got Brian’s bios done while he was alive, and Brian’s Martian credentials seem to be permanently on the record now. That is what the truly great people of our times have to deal with. Now, the narrative gets a little stranger. Humanity’s fascination with Mars is ancient, and plans for Mars missions were published before Sputnik was launched. Brian is history’s first human to be officially and publicly asked/ordered to go to another planet. In recent years, the Mars colonization talk has reached a fevered pitch, and that article on Elon Musk’s Mars colonization plans spurred this series of posts. What is peculiar about Musk’s stated rationale (such as a preserving a remnant of humanity that could survive whatever catastrophe (probably self-inflicted) that Earth-bound humanity might face), is that these plans have long been known in my circles, and Musk is literally parroting one of Godzilla’s contingency plans with this latest Mars colonization effort. One of my fellow travelers was approached long ago on Godzilla’s “terraform Mars” project, which he considered insane, partly because we have a perfectly good planet to live on, and those behind the suppression of free energy and attendant technologies that would usher in the Fifth Epoch instead threaten to make Earth uninhabitable with their evil games. Dwight Eisenhower’s great granddaughter has gone public with efforts to recruit her to Godzilla’s Mars colonization project. So, for a “visionary” such as Musk to be a big booster of a Mars colonization project, while literally reciting some of the GCs’ rationale, is a very curious situation, and in none of the Mars colonization talk in recent years have I seen Brian’s name come up even once. Even in death, he is shunted to the side. It is similar to an effort to resurrect Dennis’s heat pump technology without mentioning him. This is the typical treatment that the true pioneers have received. I’ll make another post or two, but I’ll begin winding down this series. Best, Wade
  3. Brian O'Leary, Mars, and the Moon

    Hi: During Brian’s SAIC days, he briefed people such as McNamara, Wolfowitz, and Perle, and it was a strange experience, as they acted like robots. But Brian was at SAIC to promote space colonies and asteroid mining, he refused to work on Reagan’s Star Wars, and lost his job just before he would have vested retirement benefits. His office was literally given to an Air Force general who was showered with millions to figure out how the USA could win a nuclear war. That was Brian’s last job for the Establishment. Brian told me that he could have played ball and retired very comfortably, but he would have sold his soul in the process (it was not the first time that I heard something like that). He soon began exploring the fringes full time. On that fateful day when I met Brian in 1991, he was just getting his feet wet in the free energy milieu. Within five minutes of meeting him, he gave me Sparky Sweet’s name, and within a half hour, we were driving past the front gates of Wright Patterson Air Force Base and joking about Hangar 18 and the Blue Room. The next year, Brian sponsored a UFO conference under the auspices of a new science organization that he co-founded (with a co-founder of the Peace Corps), and was made an “offer” by the American military to do classified UFO work. Brian rejected the offer and immediately afterward had a “heart attack.” His health never recovered and the incident shortened his life. When we traded notes in 2001, Brian described the details of his “heart attack,” and he concluded that his heart attack was the military’s response to his “no.” He was made the offer that he could not refuse, and they used their exotic toys to try to kill him. Brian epitomized the ET-free energy connection, which Steven Greer later pursued. When I told Brian in our note-trading session of my friend’s underground technology show, his response was, “So, he got a show from the spooks.” Brian was not surprised, and was more interested in my CIA contract agent relative. This milieu trips the light fantastic and then some. I have gone to see UFOs myself several times, and always saw something bizarre (I also visited James’s Ranch in 2015). My circles are not all that large, but the stories I have heard from fellow travelers could be doozies. Adam Trombly’s life story is the only one that I know of that compares to Dennis’s. For the rest of us, our lives have been relatively dull, and being asked/ordered to go to Mars was only an amusing footnote. One pal was told by an astronaut about a days-long ET encounter at the International Space Station. When such events happen, the secrecy apparatus jumps into action and the astronauts and related personnel are “read in,” but they can’t always stay silent. The astronaut’s blurting out the encounter to somebody who could be trusted with the information is not that uncommon, and such encounters formed the basis of Greer’s Disclosure Project. I was always most impressed with the witnesses who saw something that they shouldn’t have. Best, Wade
  4. Brian O'Leary, Mars, and the Moon

    Hi: At Berkeley, with his mentor Donald Rea, Brian performed the experiments and wrote the scientific papers that led to his becoming an astronaut. They wrote about Venus, Mercury, and particularly Mars, which is what attracted von Braun’s interest. After he left NASA, Brian became quite the NASA gadfly, not only leading high-profile protests of the USA’s genocidal imperial behavior, but he wrote many high-profile challenges of NASA’s activities and goals, which had plenty to do with his being the only NASA astronaut who did not have a biography on NASA’s site. It was a bit of an adventure to get it published. After Brian left NASA, Carl Sagan recruited Brian to teach at Cornell, where they studied lunar mascons and were the world’s two leading Mars experts. Brian became very politically active and advised several presidential candidates, beginning with George McGovern in 1968. After his stint on Capitol Hill with Mo Udall, Brian taught at Princeton, at the behest of his astronaut-interview roommate Gerard O’Neill, and they studied the feasibility of asteroid mining and space colonies. Several Nobel laureates were on Princeton’s staff, and Brian smugly sipped sherry with them as they ridiculed and debunked the paranormal. Brian was quite the academic vagabond, teaching at Cal Tech, Berkeley, Hampshire College, and elsewhere, never finding a place to call home. By 1979, Brian had already lived quite a life, but his big adventures had yet to begin. His departure from mainstream science, even though asteroid mining and space colonies were pretty fringe in those days, began when he took a human potential class in 1979 and had a remote viewing experience while performing the same exercise that I did five years previously, and they gave us our mystical awakenings. Neither one of us knew it at the time, but it was the beginning of the end of our Establishment scientist days. We could no longer drink the Kool-Aid of materialism. I did not leave the path for another three years, and it took Brian nearly a decade to leave the fold. About the time that he left Princeton, he had a paranormal experience during a car accident that he probably should not have survived. After that, there was no looking back. Brian left Princeton for space contractor SAIC in LA, moving there in the same year that I did, for another of the many overlaps in our journeys. I could have walked to his house from mine, but it was another decade before we met. Buzz Aldrin was so rudderless after the Moon landings that he tried his hand at selling cars before Brian got him a job at SAIC, and they shared the same office. If you shared an office with Buzz, do you think that you might have asked him what it was like on the Moon? Brian and Ed Mitchell were prominent members of Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project, and Ed and Buzz needed therapy after returning from the Moon; Buzz ended up in a mental institution, and Ed refused to discuss his time on the Moon. Those responses, or lack of them, contributed to Brian’s suspicion that not all was as publicly presented about the Apollo Moon landings. But that was far from the only influence on Brian’s views. In Steven Greer’s recent book, he alleged that the Apollo 11 flag-planting ceremony was also performed on a sound stage on Earth, so that NASA would have some passable footage if they needed it. That certainly had something to do with Brian’s statements of doubt about the Moon landings, which he regretted for the rest of his life. He did not regret them for the doubts that he expressed, but for the firestorm of controversy that it caused, which overwhelmed everything else about him. I had a devil of a time with his Wikipedia biography over that issue, which led to what truly became Brian’s final word on the issue. Greer also wrote that Armstrong and Aldrin encountered ETs on the Moon, but the cover-up apparatus went into overdrive. For me, it was kind of strange to read Greer’s statement on the flag planting ceremony. I went deep on the Moon landing evidence long ago and never found convincing evidence of faked Moon landings or faked evidence, so reading Greer’s account last year made me wonder about where Greer was getting his information. That seemed like it came from the conspiracist rumor mills. Maybe that fake ceremony was indeed filmed so that NASA could have an ace in the hole if they needed it, but another allegation in Greer’s book made me wonder. Brian also got sucked into the Face on Mars controversy, and while he never said that the Face was artificial, he stated that it was intriguing enough that NASA should take better pictures of it when it returned to Mars, and I was on the phone with him as he downloaded the 1998 image like we all did back then, on dial-up modems. In Greer’s latest book, one of his sources said that the Face was a real artificial artifact, made about 40,000 years ago, by ETs. When I read that, it seemed to come from the tabloid pages. While I still wonder about the Face’s potential artificiality, as it still has some striking features, such as the “headdress,” I would be very surprised if the Face was artificial. Brian knew Tom Van Flandern since his Georgetown days, and Van Flandern was a big advocate of the artificiality of the Face, making some outrageous statements about it. Van Flandern challenged many tenets of mainstream physics. Brian wrote a scientific paper with Van Flandern. I met Van Flandern and was in his circles a little, and he could concoct some rather hasty hypotheses. I want to acknowledge that Greer’s reporting on the Face and a faked flag-planting exercise, or Van Flandern’s outrageous (“a billion times greater than chance”) statement about the 1998 Face image, can make these issues seem to come from the tinfoil hat crowd. I agree how bizarre some of those allegations are, but could they be true? If nothing else, those kinds of allegations and reactions to Brian’s asking about what it was like on the Moon provide plenty of evidence for Brian’s doubts, however modest they might have been. Brian was not just making it up from his fevered imagination. He always approached those issues with a scientist’s caution. But he had plenty of other reasons for doubting the official story on these subjects, some of which come next. Best, Wade
  5. Hi: I am going to start a new thread in my forum with this post, and one at the Education Forum. This is going to be about Brian O’Leary, Mars, and the Moon. I already had a thread on the Moon landings and Brian, but want to broaden it a little. This is going to cover controversial territory, and what has spurred it is the latest Mars colonization talk. I read this yesterday. The author is a Peak Oiler, and I have never seen a Peak Oiler embrace free energy, and I have tried with more than Heinberg. But hearing about Elon Musk’s Mars colonization plans brought up a lot, not the least of which is that I have yet to see Brian’s name come up, and he was the first human officially asked to go to Mars. Brian’s life, like those of most of my fellow travelers, can be hard to believe at times. His fascination with space began at age eight, and he was writing about space satellites before Sputnik launched, which puzzled his teacher and classmates. He took the path to becoming an astronomer, and his work at Berkeley, as he earned his doctorate, not only set his path to becoming an astronaut, but his subsequent political persuasion was surely influenced by his Berkeley days, as it was for Uncle Ed. Somewhat strangely, I nearly went to Berkeley, but it was about chasing a girl, not trying to get into radical politics. Brian’s astronaut interview has to be one of the top ten most bizarre in history, as he was asked/ordered to go to Mars. His first day on the job at NASA was like a baseball bat over the head, as Deke Slayton informed them that NASA had just lost the budget battle on Capitol Hill with the Pentagon, and those new astronauts were not needed (the “XS-11”), and other aspects of the astronaut culture quickly drove Brian from NASA. He lasted about as long as my father did. Brian was really not astronaut material, being more of a poet at heart than a space soldier following orders. But while Brian was an astronaut, he trained with the Mars mission in mind, and he publicly talked about some of the tricks discussed back then for how they would get to Mars. It was only many years later that Brian learned that he was picked because Werner von Braun was set on making a rocket for Mars (a big one), and Brian was the first talent in the stable for von Braun’s Mars dream. Brian’s life after NASA was an odyssey that few life stories can measure up to. Being asked/ordered to go to Mars was an amusing footnote to his life. Carl Sagan recruited Brian to Cornell, Brian was soon protesting the USA’s genocidal bludgeoning of Southeast Asia’s peasants, and eventually advised presidential candidates. He advocated space mining and space colonies while at Princeton, smugly sipping his sherry with Nobel laureates as they debunked and ridiculed the paranormal, until that fateful day when Brian had his mystical awakening performing the same exercise that I did five years earlier. Then Brian’s adventures truly began. There is much more to come. Best, Wade
  6. Hi: What big picture awareness do I think that the choir needs to attain to be productive for what I have in mind? We will have to shake all in-group awareness. Identity politics and other in-group activities will have no place in the choir. It does not matter if people are white, black, brown, male, female, straight, gay, rich, poor, and so on. We are all the Universal People, and anybody can attain the awareness needed for my approach to work. However, Third and Second Epoch peoples probably can’t help too much, although among the best that I saw in the free energy pursuit began their lives on farms. But they did not stay there as illiterate peasants. We have to lay sociality behind, which is based on survival, and understand that combined positive intention, not sociality, is going to be the key. That is far easier said than done. Mass movements are based on sociality, and mutual self-interest is another way of saying it. If self-interest is the “glue” for what I am doing, it will certainly fail. You don’t see me asking for money. I purposely designed what I am doing so that I don’t need money to build the choir. The biggest of the big picture understandings is about seeing the world through a creator’s eyes, not a victim’s, and creators create with love. In the end, it is all about love. In the best mystical material, that message comes through very clearly, and the Michael Material comes to mind. Many years after first reading the Michael Material, as I look at my big essay, many of Michael’s themes can be seen in it. Michael calls humanity an ensouled species, he says that cetaceans are also ensouled (I’ll buy that), and that there are one million different ensouled species in our galaxy. He made that statement when there was great debate on whether many star systems had planets. Now we know that they are standard features, and his million ensouled species number seems entirely reasonable today. Michael said that even though we are ensouled, we are primates, with the traits that evolution gave us, and to realize that both are true, and interact, is a very valid understanding. Non-ensouled species have more of a hive awareness. I have also seen in the Michael teachings that cetaceans have a much more fluid relationship between souls and bodies than humans do, to where a pod of eight dolphins has eight souls, but they switch and swap them among the bodies. They play a different game than we do. Michael described the evolution of souls through the physical plane in “ages,” which overlies my “Epochs” conception with almost eerie correspondence, which I did not realize until I stepped back and recalled the Michael teachings. Michael said that humanity became ensouled about 60,000 years ago, which is also about the time that humans became behaviorally modern, left Africa, and conquered Earth. So, the First Epoch was about the journey to becoming ensouled, as our brains grew and our ancestors discovered new ways to harness energy. The Second Epoch was the Epoch of Infant Souls, as they learned to be an ensouled species. The Third Epoch was the Epoch of baby souls, as they learned how to become civilized. Rigid social hierarchies typify that phase, and there is not enough energy surplus to fund freedom except for the elite. The Fourth Epoch has been the Epoch of Young Souls, for whom winning is everything. Young Souls are great civilization builders and planet destroyers, and their religion is materialism, in all of its guises. Michael repeatedly stated that our species is on the cusp of the greatest transition that any ensouled species ever undertakes, going from Young to Mature, as the focus changes from outward to inward. Michael also said that a third of the time, species like ours do not make it, and destroy themselves in the transition. We obviously have our toes over the edge of the abyss today. Michael said that when ensouled species destroy themselves, a third of the time it is through warfare, and two-thirds of the time through environmental destruction. If humanity survives long enough to enter the Fifth Epoch, the transition will be the greatest of all. If we keep to Michael’s framework, then the Fifth Epoch would appear to be the realm of the Mature Soul. Maybe so, but I think that Old Souls will be vital. I have been read as an Old Artisan, and my site and big essay in particular is classic Old Artisan work. Under Michael’s framework, he might call that heavenly Roads world an Old Soul civilization. I can get with that. As I have stated, humanity will not become enlightened overnight if the Fifth Epoch arrives. It will take some time to shed the “ideals” and delusions of a Young Soul world. Maybe there will be a century or two of a Mature Soul Earth, until the Old Soul Epoch materializes. Is that heavenly Roads world a Sixth Epoch society? I can get with that. The Fifth is mind-boggling enough to wrap our heads around. That hellish Roads world I would call a late Fourth-Epoch civilization that went to the dark side, taking materialism and egocentrism to its extreme. Somebody like Max would be right at home in it. Readers of my work know that I certainly don’t take an either/or stance on the mystical teachings, but I see how they all have their validity. If it is about love and enlightenment, it is a worthy teaching. I also see strong echoes of the Ra Material in my work, especially where dark pathers and the GCs are concerned. A comprehensive perspective takes it all in, making sense of the whole, and it is possible that only Artisans can do the initial work, wired as we are. But I hope that my work can appeal to all roles, and I think that it eventually will. Michael stressed that love is the positive pole of all roles and orientations (except for the Chief Feature, perhaps), and fear is its opposite, and that all ages and roles can understand love. Love is the energy of creation and the greatest power, ultimately the only power, in our universe. This is where my work comes full circle, from the mystical to the physical to the mystical again. Seth’s statement on idealists has been a key star that I steered by during my journey. During my journey, and seeing how all free energy efforts failed and what they had in common, I began to suspect that the zero-point field is divine in nature, and that if an effort was not properly aligned with its nature, it would fail. Again, that is far easier said than done, in a world of scarcity and fear, but if there ever was a soul-sized issue to take on in the human journey, this is it. In physical and mystical ways, the coming of the Fifth Epoch will be the biggest event in the human journey, by far. I may make a coda post or two, but my big picture posts are done for now. This year is about regaining my health, while being crazily busy at my day job, working on Uncle Ed’s bio project, and seeing if I can get that essay update done this year. That is a lot to have on my plate, for a guy turning 60 this year, and we will see how it goes. Best, Wade
  7. Hi: My list of desirable choir-member qualities (1, 2) is not something that I dreamed up one day, but was developed over many years of my adventures, study, thousands of interactions with people, trading notes with my fellow travelers, and deep thought about all of it. Only the first quality is really one of those, “either you have it or you don’t” qualities. It is the first of the “integrity and sentience” qualities that I have repeatedly discussed. If a person does not have that, the rest will not matter. Integrity is absolutely the key, and is the scarcest commodity on Earth today. It does not matter how smart, talented, and experienced somebody is, if they don’t have the integrity issue mastered, they are not going to travel very far down the free energy path. I have designed my effort specifically to discourage low-integrity individuals. I offer no riches and fame. My work challenges the egocentric conceits of my culture, and every culture has them, in a world of scarcity and fear, and only those with soul-centric orientations are going to be interested in what I am doing. If the effort that I am slowly mounting bears fruit, history’s most lucrative technology is going to be given away to humanity, and the Fifth Epoch will begin. Sure, there will be fame associated with any successful effort, but the choir should expect to labor in obscurity, and the only big payday will be living in the Fifth Epoch, or the soul’s satisfaction in helping it manifest. It would be the crowning achievement for almost any soul that ever walked on Earth. None of that makes any soul better than any other, but some souls are here on special assignment. I long ago accepted that about my journey. It has been a very mixed blessing, but I don’t regret any of it. I must have asked for it. I don’t expect my work to become “popular,” as that does not attract the people I seek. Looking for needles in haystacks. Those who lust after wealth and power are generally not going to be attracted to an effort like mine, although I fully expect silver-tongued devils to see if they can infiltrate, take it over, and either wreck it on Godzilla’s behalf or try to turn it into a wealth and power play. I saw those plays many times during my journey, which invariably harmed or wrecked the efforts. While we suffered from provocateurs plenty (1, 2) and attacks from corrupt public officials (1, 2, 3, 4), the media (1, 2, 3), “skeptics,” and so on, it was the lack of integrity from within the efforts that proved the most damaging (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), and seeing the criminal attacks from within the free energy milieu was simply more of the same. That other key quality is consciousness, sentience, intelligence, or whatever you want to call it. It is the quality that is needed to develop a comprehensive perspective. It will necessarily be scientifically literate, discerning, worldly, and the like. It might be the case that only Old and Mature Souls can get there for those two key qualities. I am not entirely sure about that, but they will definitely have an advantage over younger souls. They are generally past the power games that Young Souls relish, have learned that love is the answer over their many lives of trial and error, and they generally are going to march to a different drummer and not fall into line with the population management ideologies, which are huge handicaps for developing one’s sentience. As I have written plenty, the intelligence issue was a key one in my family, in which a world-class genius had children with a woman whose IQ was about half of his. The good news is that I am not that smart, with an IQ on the low end of the genius range, and the middle member of my family, intelligence-wise. I lack about 15-20 IQ points that would have put me in the world-class mathematician and physicist class. If you saw the movie Good Will Hunting, I would have been that math professor that Matt Damon’s character ran circles around. I have known quite a few people with IQs in the 150-170 range, and they have a hard time relating to the rest of us. I am at a more normal level, in which I can eventually understand what those world-class geniuses are saying, and I have some ability to make it understood for a wider audience, which is called being a popularizer, and I have received the popularizer thumbs up from the best. I am doing my best to put that talent to productive use. I have had scientists caution me about how much the laity can understand on the comprehensive front, and I have reluctantly agreed with them, but I doubt that it takes a very high IQ to develop a comprehensive perspective, if somebody puts in the work, but only about 25% of humanity has an IQ of 110 and above, which is what I think the lower threshold is likely around. It just takes an IQ like that to be able to juggle the many pieces of information that comprise a comprehensive perspective and then put them into place in one’s awareness, where they fit, and people can develop their own ideas about the material that I present. People have to stand on their own sentient feet. I can only help a little. But if a person has not been awakened, and that can only happen through experience, all the study in the world does not mean much. That is why an awakening experience is also a key prerequisite for the choir. Again, there is no judgment to any of this, but I have found what might work and what is highly unlikely to. The biggest event in the human journey is not going to be easy to manifest, and the hardest part of my effort will be building the choir. Best, Wade
  8. Hi: I don’t regard Michael Road’s account of his visits to two future Earths, both heavenly and hellish, to be fiction. I know and know of accomplished psychonauts who have made similar visits. But most of my visions for the Fifth Epoch were developed before Roads published his account. If I try to recall my state of mind back then, the most significant aspect of the Fifth Epoch that I thought of during my first stint with Dennis, especially after I became his partner in early 1987, was the end of scarcity. But we were going the businessman’s route, and after my first stint with Dennis, I had strong doubts about such an approach’s viability, and after my second stint, I was certain that it did not have a prayer. Dennis is the Indiana Jones of the free energy field, but one man with a whip and fedora can’t save humanity from itself. I was done with the capitalist approach in 1997, but was soon carrying Brian’s spears after I finished the 2002 version of my site, and we tried the charity route, which was also a disaster. NEM was the last mass movement effort that I will ever be a part of. Mass movements simply won’t work, not for manifesting the biggest event in the human journey. Dennis and Brian gave it the college try and then some, but the obstacles were too great, and the ones from within the movements proved the most damaging, even as they survived murder attempts from the organized suppression. Dennis should be dead dozens of times over from his adventures, while Brian’s life was shortened due to his poking his nose into the fringes, but his most dismaying experience was being attacked from the inside and kicked out of the organization that he founded, once again. When Brian moved to South America after Mallove’s murder, I could not blame him. Dennis kept it up until he was legally banned from the energy industry in his home nation, soon after David Rockefeller called him at home. Dennis called me recently for help in his latest venture, and he will keep swinging to the grave. Dennis is scientifically illiterate, and does not understand the Epochal significance of free energy himself. If he does not understand, how many among the laity really will? Not many. That is one of many reasons why I know that I seek needles in haystacks. There are not many walking on Earth today who can help with what I am attempting. I long ago released any judgment of the situation; those are just the numbers. But free energy newcomers almost invariably deny that truth and think that I am wrong, as they rush out to tell their social circles the “good news,” and the best of them return to me, chastened, with tales of their ostracism and other traumas, from proselytizing to their social circles. Relationships and careers have ended because of that approach. As they work their naïve ideas out of their systems, they can become ready to learn. Everybody that I respect in the field began their journeys naïve to the realities that they would encounter. Naïveté is no crime, and we all lost ours honestly. When my monster of a midlife crisis finally passed by early 2007, I began the study that resulted in my big essay, and I also began thinking about what my related effort was going to look like. I really did not begin thinking in truly Epochal terms until about 2010, when I read a book published by an oil company, of all things. It was then that the Epochal framework of my work really took shape, and the Epochal nature of the energy issue only became starkly evident as I studied for writing my big essay. Some of it did not truly became clear until I wrote the essay. I was expecting that new insights would accompany the writing of that essay, and it happened like I thought it would. My upcoming essay update will drive that Epochal framework home even more clearly. If I think back to influences on my thinking, I would say that Seth’s statement that the means become the ends stayed with me, from when I first read those words as a teenager. I did my best to live by it, through my crazy rides, and I think that that is partly why I survived my adventures with my sanity intact. It was only after seeing what paths to free energy invariably ended in failure, often life-wrecking or life-ending failure, that I slowly came to my approach. In the end, I decided that any attempts to manifest the Fifth Epoch had to be aligned with the Fifth Epoch as much as possible. Seth’s advice was not just something nice to say, but might be the only way to get there. It is the only approach that I am interested in anymore, and the coming posts will deal with what it has been like so far, and what I hope to see in the future. Best, Wade
  9. Hi: In returning full circle on the big picture, humans are animals with a long evolutionary history, as well as a long cultural history, as we arose to dominate the planet in a way that no other animal ever did. Some of that cultural history is from being social animals, and some is from our unprecedented intelligence and toolmaking ability, which has been used from the beginning to gain greater energy security. As humanity’s energy surplus increased, by exploiting new energy sources, human societies became more humane, because they could afford to be. Late Second Epoch men died violently about a third of the time, which was slightly better than half of male chimps dying violently. When females rose to prominence, in chimp societies or human, life became far more peaceful. I have sketched the evolution of human societies through its Epochs, and will do more so in my essay update, and there is no argument that today’s industrial societies are far less violent than they used to be, at least among each other. The West’s imperial behavior, inflicted on Second and Third Epoch societies, however, has been nothing short of genocidal, and it continues to this day. I learned the greatest lessons of my journey before I hit the books and performed the deep study over the past 30 years that has resulted in my work as it stands today. Humanity is an egocentric species that treats all outgroups terribly, as people look after the interests of their in-groups, which is how they survive. When I became Dennis’s partner, I literally had no idea what I was in for, and three years later, my life was shattered and I was radicalized. It was only years later, as my studies took me into many areas, as I traded notes with fellow travelers and the like, that I began to understand what had happened and why. Americans are history’s most brainwashed people, but it happens largely through the so-called free market. That is what Uncles Noam and Ed were instrumental in helping me see. The USA’s Founding Fathers were genocidal thieves, the California equivalent of Hitler was literally sainted recently, and my grammar school was named after him. We blithely discard the lessons learned as children, turn vices into virtues, and the like. Insanity in all directions. I could not make this up if I tried. Will humanity suddenly become enlightened when the Fifth Epoch arrives? No. However, the coming of the Fifth Epoch will be the most radical change of all, as humanity becomes a Type 1 civilization. Many aspects of our societies are based on fear and scarcity, and are baked so deeply that they are unchallenged assumptions of all of our dominant ideologies, even invisible to most who embrace them. Abundance will end all of that, and quickly. I have a higher opinion of humanity than the Heinbergs and environmentalists do, who can only see more raping of the planet and each other if we had the energy to live in abundance. Instead, it can be the Golden Age of golden ages, and that energy won’t run out anytime soon. But the masses are not going to help, as they live in fear and denial, the elites are not going to, either, as they see the end of their world, too, although some so-called White Hats cheer from the shadows, and the so-called “smart” are in ways the most stuck of all. Everybody who gets involved in the free energy field and begins to understand the lay of the land is dismayed, shocked, disgusted, and the like, if they survive the experience. But for those still active and productive, they had to relinquish all judgment of the situation and accept it. It does not mean that we gave up, but it meant that the reality of our world sobered us up. I strongly doubt that we can usher in the Fifth Epoch by dragging around the baggage of the previous Epochs. It has to be let go before we can progress, and without significant exception, all of those failed approaches to free energy suffered from that baggage-dragging, and it eventually led me to an approach that has never been tried before. Next up will be what such an effort could look like. Best, Wade
  10. Hi: One last comment on Melinda’s post. There are a million ways that people can fail or refuse to understand what the Fifth Epoch means. People who argue that free energy just means more of the same, or that we would just have bigger wars and rape the planet to oblivion with it, are projecting fear and scarcity onto a situation of abundance. They are either: Scientifically illiterate; Have yet to understand the Epochal role that energy has always had in the human journey; Can’t shake their various addictions to scarcity, often using sophisticated arguments to buttress their denial; Work for the GCs; Etc. Those people will not begin to understand until they can experience what the Fifth Epoch means, and that is OK and normal, and they are not my target audience. Looking for those needles in haystacks… Best, Wade
  11. Global Warming, Peak Oil, and related topics

    Thanks Melinda: You can tell where James Cameron got some of his ideas for Avatar from. The sequel(s) is going to have underwater scenes, and I expect that we will see creatures that resemble those jellyfish. Jellyfish are among Earth’s oldest animals. Yes indeed, human spirituality, consciousness, and the like will flower in ways currently hard to imagine when the hum of fear and scarcity is removed from our daily lives. Yes, the oceans are being killed off by humanity, in numerous ways, from overfishing to habitat destruction to anoxia to acidification to plastic and chemical pollution, etc. We use the ocean as one big toilet and garbage dump. There is a relationship between climate change and solar activity, such as the Little Ice Age, so it has been studied (the Sun is about 25% brighter than it was a couple billion years ago, as it gradually brightens, which will put an end to Earth one day), but solar variation pales when compared to the skyrocketing carbon dioxide levels that humanity is solely responsible for. It is our responsibility to control our effects, not get all worked up about what the Sun is doing. The Sun’s output is exceedingly stable. Yes, a scientifically illiterate public is easily manipulated, which is why at least some scientific literacy is a choir requirement, to stay out of rabbit holes that go nowhere. In my forum writings, perhaps the single most contentious issue has been global warming. You can see it on this thread an elsewhere, where scientifically illiterate people groove to my work until they get their global warming ox gored, and then they run away or attack. The basics are easy to understand. There is no debate at all among anybody with the slightest scientific literacy that carbon dioxide traps infrared radiation and warms the atmosphere. None. There is also no credible dispute that humanity’s industrial era has caused carbon dioxide levels to skyrocket. None. We can do something about our behavior. We can’t do much about the Sun. As Uncle Noam has said, we are all the most responsible for the predictable consequences of our actions, not somebody else’s. It is an Ethics 101 concept, but for people playing the victim, the idea is avoided like the plague. That is also a key mystical understanding. When we pass over, we are accountable for our actions, not somebody else’s. That is the whole point of being here. The global warming “debate” today is almost completely fraudulent, led by “scientists” who sold their souls to the hydrocarbon lobby, and scientifically illiterate “free thinkers” lap it up, as it seemingly absolves us of responsibility for our actions. It is really bizarre that so-called “free thinkers” march to the tune of the hydrocarbon lobby, thinking that they are somehow exercising their critical thinking faculties, even being noble about it. There is a world of difference between describing problems and pursuing solutions. Krishna recently mentioned how Richard Heinberg is good at describing the role of energy in our world. I agree, and I give him credit for an exercise that I recommend. He is a very articulate spokesman for Peak Oil, which has already been reached, globally. However, his “solution” is to depopulate Earth by 90% or so, and he considered free energy just long enough to semi-ridicule it. So, he is great at describing the problems, but is terrible and even arguably fraudulent in proposing solutions. This is a very common issue. Yes, the global warming issue has become a huge political football, but that does not mean that the problem is illusory. Creating the problem and then cashing in on the “solution” is standard racketeering practice. The Global Controllers will also offer “solutions” that ensure that they stay dominant while still hiding in the shadows. I can almost live with their truck-sized fusion “solution,” as they sell it for $1 billion a pop. But it is just one more fraudulent “solution.” With free energy, these problems are laughably easy to remedy, and whatever the Sun does will not matter to human welfare. That is one of the surreal aspects of my journey. The solution to it all is studiously ignored by all sides. Brian O was beside himself over that. Nice post, Melinda. Best, Wade
  12. Hi: To come full circle on these big picture posts, what are we here for? I have seen many stories over the years, and here is one way to look at it. In short, I see two purposes for being in physical reality: Grow consciousness; Find and express love, in a dimension where it is far from evident. Physical reality is a tough, dense place to be, and growing our consciousness while here, and finding and expressing the love inside us, which is the essence of our being, is anything but easy. Love is the energy of creation, and everything is comprised of consciousness, according to my understanding. When I mention that manifesting free energy will be a test of integrity and sentience, I am getting down to the basics of what it is all about. The “funny” thing about that is that I did not arrive at my approach because of some mystical understanding, but because I saw what did not work and why, and my approach is designed to avoid the pitfalls. It was only much later, as I pondered my approach, that I realized that it aligned with those “what are we here for?” reasons. It only confirmed to me that my approach might have a chance. Next up will be some observations on what I think my approach will look like and what might work. Best, Wade
  13. Hi: My entire big essay before my Fifth Epoch chapter was primarily intended to make that chapter comprehensible. That essay was intended to draw the big picture of how we got to where we are today, and what the technologies sequestered by the global elite make feasible. Nobody on Earth can credibly argue against the facts that humanity’s fossil fuel age has caused the carbon dioxide levels of Earth’s atmosphere to skyrocket, and that carbon dioxide absorbs infrared radiation, which will warm Earth’s atmosphere. There is simply no debate among any sane scientists on those two facts. The only debate out there, when not engaged in by hydrocarbon lobby shills who sold their souls, is that there may be regional variability and other variables, such as the Sun’s output and Earth’s orientation to the Sun, but I have not seen any credible discussions that put much credence in those variables, as far as arguing against the idea that Earth is warming up, and quickly. This is far from the first time this has happened (1, 2, 3) in the eon of complex life. The advent of free energy makes that entire issue vanish, and quickly. If we wanted to, we could bring the carbon dioxide levels back down to preindustrial levels, and all air pollution would also immediately cease. Those are simply side-effects of the introduction of free energy technology. All of humanity would have ready access to pure water. No more drawing down water tables to get the water, which is one of many of humanity’s unsustainable practices. My friend was also shown antigravity technology during his exotic technology show. Steven Greer got a modest antigravity (AKA electrogravity) show at an underground facility. With free energy and electrogravity technology (which needs a lot of energy to run), humanity would quickly become a spacefaring civilization, and the end of mining Earth would also quickly come to a halt. It just won’t make sense anymore. One asteroid could provide all of humanity’s metal needs for the next million years, never mind the rocky planets and moons in our solar system, or the Kuiper Belt. Mining Earth will quickly make about as much sense as playing Russian roulette. Another natural outcome will be the end of the idea that humanity needs to exploit Earth’s ecosystems to survive. That idea will quickly go the way of chattel slavery and other barbarities of the human journey. Just as human societies became more humane, and the human conscience developed over the Epochs, as the energy surplus increased and people could afford a conscience, the ideas of exploiting anybody, warfare, and the other evils that humanity has endlessly inflicted on each other will no longer make any sense. The dark pathers will lament the passing of their glory days, but for the rest of us, it will be a huge relief when fear and scarcity are no longer the background hum of our daily lives. In fact, that relief is currently hard to imagine, but that is normal. For those who are willing and able to understand, the above events are trivial outcomes of the advent of free energy and its attendant technologies. Somewhat crazily, the so-called environmentalists treat free energy like their worst nightmare. All that they can see is further raping the environment and bigger wars, and they have prophets such as Richard Heinberg preaching austerity, as they sit in rapt attention. Those reactions blow away free energy newcomers, but that has been the drill since at least the 1970s. Brian got a snootful of those crazy reactions during his years playing the Paul Revere of Free Energy, and the most memorable that I heard from Brian was Lester Brown’s reaction. What I eventually came to understand was that all of that fear and denial to the idea of free energy reflected their various addictions to scarcity. It took many years for me to finally figure that out. They are not going to begin to wake up until free energy is part of their daily lives, and that is OK. The sleeping will not awaken via talk. They never have and never will. But put aside all of that fear and denial for a moment, and what else becomes feasible, almost inevitable, with the introduction of free energy and related technologies? Poverty will quickly disappear, on a global basis, and never return. It will be seen like living in caves is today, or slavery, etc. All organized religions, to one degree or another, are means of social control, conditioned by scarcity, and all will quickly become obsolete. Even today, organized religions have lost their sway in the cities of industrial nations. They are a Third Epoch phenomenon that will vanish in the Fifth Epoch, as will the religion of the Fourth Epoch, materialism. The introduction of free energy and its related technologies will not only turn today’s physics textbooks into doorstops, but materialism is going to quickly be seen as just another seductive but false religion. The Fifth Epoch will certainly have spirituality, at a level never seen before on Earth, but it will have nothing to do with forming social cohesion to prevail in warfare, and the other ugly aspects of organized religion. It will be based on love, which is the energy of creation. Invasion, enslavement, and genocide will no longer be the operating principles of imperial states such as the USA. In fact, nations will no longer make any sense, being elite territorial constructs, and will go the way of the other barbarities of the human journey. Geographic isolation will end among all peoples, and even race will quickly disappear. In various Fifth Epoch glimpses that I have encountered over the years, all of humanity had golden skin. That may only be a century or two away, if we turn the corner instead of crashing and burning, and arthropods once again ascend to dominance. Cities as we know them will also stop making sense, and will cease to exist. All of humanity will live in true abundance for the first time ever, and the super-Epoch of scarcity will end. The obsession with economic exchange will also end. It just won’t make sense anymore. The nuclear family will also likely become just one option among several, and I expect that it will eventually disappear and be replaced with something infinitely more enlightened. Earth can quickly begin to resemble heaven on Earth, and nobody is going to need to be coerced. All will come willingly, once they place their irrational fears aside. And, of course, when everybody on Earth is richer than Bill Gates (just as the average American today lives a richer life than Earth’s richest human of three centuries ago), the very idea of elites will become obsolete. While the ideas in this post generally blow people’s minds, and they react in denial and fear all too often, as all that they can see is their carefully constructed survival niches in a world of scarcity and fear disappearing, the GCs know full well what I am describing. They were aware of these ramifications before I was born, which is why they keep those technologies under wraps, in history’s greatest cover-up, as they know that the Fifth Epoch means Game Over for them. They will lose their ill-gotten leverage over humanity and will no longer be able to play their games of power and control, which is a dark pather’s wet dream. They have my sympathy, but their dark games will destroy Earth, and I live here! Who put them in charge? With free energy and the related sequestered technologies, all of the above is feasible, almost inevitable. Without free energy, almost none of it is. That is my primary message. Reshuffling the deck of scarcity (or maintaining the disparity), which is what all political and social movements are about, is nothing more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, getting their in-group better seats on the doomed ship (So they can enjoy the view? Sip some champagne for a few fleeting moments?). That is the big picture that I am attempting to help my readers see. If we can’t imagine it, we can’t pursue it. Getting there will be the hard part, but it is not going to be a challenge of technology, heroism, and the like, but a test of integrity and sentience. I don’t need many for my plan to work, but the hard part will be finding and training them. They are needles in haystacks. The next post will be on getting there, and what people need to do to help, and it all starts in the heart. Best, Wade
  14. Hi: Back to the big picture posts. The Third Epoch marked radical shifts in the human journey. Plant and animal domestication, sedentism, professions, slavery, civilization, metallurgy, literacy, mass warfare, city-states, nation-states, empires, and other features of the human journey appeared in the Third Epoch. The Fertile Crescent and Mediterranean had the most Third Epoch influence on the human journey, and rising and falling civilizations marked those times. There is plenty of scholarly attention and debate on why England initiated the Fourth Epoch. How did it pass that energy threshold? In a word: coal. England was not the first to use coal. The Chinese were large users of coal long ago, and the Romans used it (particularly in England). But deforested England, in the midst of its imperial and commercial ascent, turned to coal in desperation, and a new Epoch was born. In ways, the Fourth Epoch was the most radical change yet, but there were plenty of Third Epoch features that survived into the Fourth, such as farming, cities, elites, mass warfare, and the like, although they all changed dramatically in the Fourth Epoch. But chattel slavery ended as a hallowed institution, peasants gradually disappeared, the demographic transition accompanied industrialization, and science fitfully rose. A new kind of elite appeared: capitalists, along with their ideological enablers, the court historians of the new Epoch. Materialism describes both the rise of greed as a virtue, as well as the idea that the physical universe is all, and consciousness is relegated to a byproduct of brain activity, which has largely supplanted the Third Epoch’s organized religions. Women’s status rose once again with industrialization, after they became the broodmares of agrarian societies. The Fourth Epoch is only a few centuries old, and most of humanity still lives in preindustrial nations, so the Third Epoch is still very much with us. There are no pure Second Epoch peoples left on Earth, practicing the hunter-gatherer lifestyle free from Third and Fourth Epoch influence. The rise of England was part of the rise of Europe in general, as it began conquering humanity when it learned to sail the oceans. Science began its rise as Europe rose, spurred by the reintroduction of ancient Greek teachings. Technological advance, riding atop a new energy wave, interacted with scientific findings, and the rise of science and industry was a very swift affair. My grandfather lived in a sod hut, his son helped put men on the Moon, and his son devoted his life to initiating the next Epoch. Nothing in the human journey compares to the radical changes of the past few centuries. As England led the conquest and rape of humanity as it pushed its rivals aside, its most successful colonies revolted, aided by England’s chief rival, and that new nation quickly conquered and raped a rich continent, as a prelude to raping humanity and Earth on an epic scale, while calling it “progress” and other euphemisms. It continues to this day, both directly and through proxies. Humanity’s “progress” today threatens the planet, and humanity might inflict the greatest extinction of all on Earth’s denizens, which might take humanity with it. The USA was able to industrialize by raping Earth’s richest unplundered continent, and in the midst of its expansion, oil became Earth’s most lucrative commodity, which it remains to this day, and scientists and inventors learned to harness electricity. Those heady days led to a new class of capitalist called robber barons, and the man who conquered the nascent oil industry became Earth’s richest man. He soon became a racketeering “philanthropist,” helping establish a pattern of phony billionaire “philanthropy” that lasts to this day. Today, the USA invades nations and slaughters millions in the name of “humanitarianism,” which sends Orwell spinning in his grave, as controlling what the public thinks became a science. Uncle Ed coined a new term to describe the unprecedented levels of deceit that accompanied the USA’s rise to global dominance. The USA emerged from history’s greatest war (so far) with unprecedented global dominance, and it announced its ascendance by gratuitously incinerating two cities with nuclear weapons, and its planners helped insure American dominance with stratagems that would make Machiavelli blush. The rise of the national security state followed World War II, and among its architects were fixers for the Rockefellers and other elite interests, and when one American president was not enthusiastic enough on the imperial front, he was murdered in a hail of bullets, and the cover-up continues to this day. All American presidents since then have been dutiful puppets (with perhaps the partial exception of today’s president, who like JFK came to the office rich, and less easy to control), and they are completely out of the loop on the most important issues that humanity faces today (they are down the food chain a ways), the most important of which is that the energy source for the next Epoch was tapped long ago, but those technologies are sequestered from humanity in history’s greatest cover-up, which is related to the ET cover-up. Tesla was arguably the first to try tapping the zero-point field, the robber barons then pulled the rug on him, and keeping those technologies at bay has become a science among the global elite, who desire power above all else, even if their addiction makes Earth uninhabitable. However, their global cabal is fractured, most of their members would rather not destroy Earth’s surface, and one of their factions gave a close friend a demonstration of what sits in their Golden Hoard. Few on Earth have ever played at the levels where they would be candidates for such a show. That is the very brief story of how we got to where we are today. Next up is what can be next for us. My plan will take an unprecedented level of integrity and sentience, but I don’t need many for my plan to succeed. Best, Wade
  15. Thanks Krishna: Free trade has probably never existed, just as a true democracy has never existed, a free press, an objective history, a purely pursued scientific method, etc. These are all ideals that have never been seen in the real world. I rarely watch anything on YouTube, but that was informative (and nice and short ) on walking. I doubt that you can have an illiterate industrialized society. Literacy is a big help, exercising that brain. On Heinberg, he preaches austerity as a “solution,” and discovering his feigned interest in free energy was a step in my growing awareness of the innumerable obstacles that free energy faces. As I have stated before, my pupils at least have to get to the stage where free energy is a least possible. There is plenty of room in today’s physics for it. And yes, portraying its epochal significance might be the most important part of my work. You will probably have to have it delivered to your home before you truly “believe,” and that is OK and normal. When a pal saw a UFO light up on request, he was never again the same. He walked around in a daze for a week. I have seen what experience can do to people. My first ten seconds of the first Silva “case” that I ever saw permanently ruined me as an aspiring mainstream scientist, although it took a few years for that to manifest. It took Brian nearly a decade to finally leave the Establishment after his mystical awakening. Brian had that astronaut cachet, which he used to get his foot in the doors, or at least try. He was my favorite voice in the free energy milieu, and it was an honor to carry his spears. His life was shortened because he snooped into the fringes, and that made him an honorary member of the free energy clobbered club. For me, what Brian brought to the milieu was his honest scientific stance and a willingness to do the work. What a great man. When I told Brian of my friend’s little show, Brian was not surprised in the least and was more interested in my CIA contract agent relative. I was eager to introduce Brian to Heinberg and Uncle Ed, but found no takers. When I worked with the astronaut corps on Brian’s NASA bio, they pointedly did not want to work with Brian, but with me instead. It was really something to front for Brian like that, and see that kind of treatment of him. Damn. But as far as Brian’s making free energy credible, in my circles, not really. He was a well-meaning outsider who used his reputation to try to make it at least thinkable, and what a rough ride that was for him. He never played close to the level where he was going to get an underground show like my friend did, but he knew enough about the milieu to know how the deadly land lied. The spook world is all too real, and the GCs’ toys beggar the imagination. My friend’s eyes were bugging out of his head, and during the show, he told those people, “You don’t play in my galaxy.” Best, Wade