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  1. Jack, somewhere back on the forum (maybe Miles can help for a change, there was a four frame gif that I posted showing Hudson turning his head with the movement of the car. So whether the frames are 1 - 4 or 16 - 20 - or 100 - 104 ... its not their numbers that was an issue here, but whether the person's head is seen in more than one frame. Bill Zapruder actually shows the peak of Hudson "Baseball" type cap turning left & then dropping sharply. Watching it again now it's even more obvious than before. Alan, thx for reviving this gif. Not quite clear on your interesting point.
  2. I wondered if you would consider that maybe the lot wasn't muddy like it may have been up near the fence. Bill Miller Right. I considered that, as well as considering that the cloud burst was confined to selectively dropping a downpour only over the small 2' by 3' muddy area observed by Holland. A micro-burst from a passing very small cell at low altitude. I also considered that what Duncan calls "The Magic BILLet Theory" & which I call "the barrel between the slats theory" is now officially exploded & is now consigned to the dust heap of history, the eternal abode of obvious no
  3. So, you really think that someone hiding in the trunk of the car used a shoe attached to severed mop handle to place 100 shoe prints in mud produced by spilling water from a canteen onto the dirt near the fence? And that this was done to deflect attention away from these telltale prints overlooked between the cars? Edit: format error
  4. Sometimes - usually once in about 300 posts - you actually get something right. As Duncan will tell you, it's always a cause for delighted wonderment. In this case you have really hit the nail neatly & squarely on its head. You have said: "You have simply been asked..." Correct! Your question is indeed simple, so simple indeed as to be almost simple minded in its sweep & scope & profundity. The evidence is the prints in the mud. The prints were made relative the shooting: 1.) before 2.) during 3.) after 4.) before & during 5.) before & after, but not during 6.) d
  5. The 2' by 3' muddy area where many footprints were found impressed into the mud was located between the car & the picket fence: NOT between the cars. If the sniper is standing in the muddy area & if he attempts to rest his rifle barrel between the slats, then he finds that because of the length of the rifle he does not have room or enough space between the car & the fence to remain standing within the locus of the 2' by 3' muddy area observed by Holland. In other words, the length of the rifle requires that the sniper step out of the muddy area & to move to a position betwee
  6. LOL!!! Bill Miller Addendum: If Hatman stands between the parked cars, with barrel between fence slats, then he is exposing himself to Bowers' attention & to that of anyone else in the area. Nonsense # 23.
  7. LOL!!! Let me ask you if the footprints found in the 3' x 2' space ... were they made during the shooting or do you not know? And was there spaces between the parked cars so someone could go around one and walk up to the fence?? Now seeing that you cannot tell at what point the footprints were made or if the Hat Man is positioned between two cars ... it appears that your post fell under the weight of your own trolling. Bill Miller LOL!!! Correct! The barrel between the slats theory is laughable. Agreed. Let me ask you if the footprints found in the 3' x 2' space ... were they made d
  8. If a sniper shot from Holland's position, he stood between the picket fence & a parked car in the muddy area where his shoe impressions were seen by Holland & described by Holland as an area 2' by 3'. But if this sniper places a rifle barrel between the slats, then he must sit on the car or stand on the car bumper, where Bowers easily sees him. This awkward cramping & obstruction of movement is caused by the sniper resting the rifle barrel between the slats. Therefore, he does not place his barrel between the slats because he seeks to optimize his chances of success rather than
  9. BM's idea that the limo was at a near stop & barely moving from Hatman's view point is nonsense & is refuted by this: This means that BM's sniper, resting his rifle barrel between the picket fence slats, aiming at an extremely narrow target zone, will be forced to move his rifle & thusly destroy his aim stability. He will miss his target. Ooopps. If he does not move his rifle, then he has correctly guessed that the target will magically move to his single point of aim. Nonsense.
  10. Peripheral Vision ??? Here it is : Better call the OH-OH squad. The picket fence blocks Peripheral Vision!
  11. Actually, all I have done was to say that it was a possibility ... Bill Actually, you said: Duncan BM described what he would do. That's fair. He is not describing what a trained & experienced sniper would do. Here's a sniper's point of view. Notice that the fence blocks his view of the approaching limo. But he's not looking anyway because he is aiming at the target zone! BM says that the sniper fixes his rifle at a "target zone" (BM quote) & waits aiming at that zone without seeing or tracking the limo. Here's the zone (red oval): The time window of opportunity is
  12. "I found (as I have previously stated several times over) that one could wait for the car to enter into a target zone and one could pull the trigger when the President passed in front of the gun sights... a basically still shot with a car moving at a walking pace and coming towards the assassin." -- Bill Miller Walking pace? Not so. Try this: OK. You are taking a still shot, to quote your words. This means that your rifle will not move. The bullet shoots to a single point. Therefore, the target must move to that exact point. You are poised, holding & aiming the rifle to the singl
  13. I have stood at the fence with a MC rifle like Oswald's, thus I know what can be done from testing it. Bill Miller OK. There is overwhelming evidence that there were two distinct individuals, one known as Harvey Oswald & the other known as Lee Oswald. But I have never heard of Hatman Oswald. Are you saying that you went to the picket fence to test a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle in order to see if Oswald could have been the grassy knoll sniper? The Mannlicher-Carcano rifle has only a few inches of barrel which to put between the fence slats: This means that to track the limo Hatman O
  14. Placing the barrel between the slats guarantees a miss even with large (Big Foot) rifles. The rifle butt traveling totally destabilizes the aim. Not moving the rifle hopes that the target moves to a single point. This is like saying Bowers did not see Big Foot near the stairs, therefore Big Foot was sitting next to Hudson on the steps. Just as logical, as Duncan will tell you. Edit: grammar
  15. Miles, you can post all the garbage that you like for anyone who actually cares can take a rifle and lay it in any 'V" shaped structure and test what I have said against what you are claiming. This is just more of your 'Duncan has consulted Mack and Groden' and ' Bowers could see the men on the stairs' deception. If I can do it, then I am sure that most people can simply test what we have posted to see who has bothered doing what they claim and who is merely blowing off once again about something they know nothing about. Bill Miller The dark green arrows show the EDGES of the two sl
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