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  1. No doubt a plant to reinforce a shot from behind. Wasn't there a report by one of the motorcycle outriders that a piece of skull was found by a young boy on the grass at the time of the shooting that the boy then gave to a SS agent who threw it into the back of JFK limo. I have to think that this is the piece of skull that magically reappears in the Plaza later that day . Also, the events described presupposes a much longer and far different scenario as seen in the Z-Film. But that's a whole other subject.
  2. Why have we discounted the possible source of the head shot ( from forehead out the back/top of JFK's head ) as coming from the storm drain opening at the base of the steps on Elm? Can we reopen the discussion to at least allow for the possibility that Tom Wilson's belief that the head shot tracectory is from below to up. Also, lets allow for Tom's assertion that the limo is 7 ft 6 in farther down Elm towards the overpass, along with a limo stop. I think a shot from the drain would increase the amount of gunpowder at street level and would explain why the odor was so strong in that area. Loo
  3. Karl, In my opinion, The Dal-Tex shooting team is located on the second floor. What would your line of sight drawing look like if you used the 2nd floor nest as the Tague/pavement point of origin. Please consider my post above that moves the limo 7 ft 6 in farther down Elm Street. How does that trace out on your photograph? I also feel that this is the second , maybe third shot taken from that window.
  4. Something to consider, if as Tom Wilson had proposed that the location of z-frame 313 is actually 7 ft 6 in closer to the triple overpass were true, then the Dal-tex shot that nicked the curb was not a "wide, poor shot" but a shot that must have narrowly missed JFK's head and accounts for the curb/Tague chip. In addition, a 7 ft 6 in change to Z-313 location would allow for the head shot to have originated from the storm drain located at the base of the steps. I think Tom Wilson got it right and allowing for frames removed from the Z original can explain both the Tague hit and the upward proj
  5. I think Jim is just compliling the long list of reasons that shows the obvious differneces with the Z-Film to eyewitness testimony. To those who dismiss Jim, I would challenge you to answer each of his points concerning the films discrepancies with your "alternate" explanations. I think a single explanation is more believable and logical than a dozen or so " coincidences".
  6. I'm a bit suprised at some of the negative commments regarding Jim Fetzer. Personally, I think Professor Fitzer has made major contributions to the JFK research community . He is tireless at keeping the subject of Jack Kennedy's murder fresh and active. I've always felt it is these types of divisions that have harmed the Research by keeping us apart. All findings should be exchanged free of judgement because of the source. If one person were to be the face of the "JFK Reasearch" I would nominate Oliver Stone. He would give us some media clout at least.
  7. Sorry Jim, but having read through the evidence presented by Jim Fitzer, I conclude that Jim is right on the money about the alterations and chain of custody issue with the Z-Film. I think that Jim Fitzer gets a bad rap on this forum, not sure why. He is really one of the few who seemed to have picked up the battle flag and moved forward with meaningful JFK research, not to mention a forward thinking investigation into 9/11.
  8. Farewell Jack, You will be missed.
  9. Get better soon Jack, we need you up and running. Best Regards, Steve
  10. Not to change the subject tread, but does anyone else think that a LHO look alike is hanging onto a light standard pole in the background of the JFK Tampa Motorcade photo?
  11. Michael, Allow me to add an alternative explanation to JFK's apparent reaction when the car is close to the Dal-Tex building. I have posted in the past the results of Tom Wilson's photo analysis using Photonics. In short, Wilson sees a person in the second floor open window of Dal-Tex looking into the eyepiece of a box like "device". As I have found in a US Patent search, there is a device (with that identical design) that fires an "ice bullet" that could have been of a compound that would causes paralysis in seconds. The devise can use a powder charge to fire the bullet but it would be of su
  12. Thank you, Jack. I have been able to find the phone number of the co-inventor , the CEO of Jet Energy, Inc and thought I might try call to learn of the devices history. Not sure he'll say much, but it worth a try. Regards, Steve
  13. I have just reread A Deeper, Darker Truth by Donald Phillips which presents the work of Photonic expert Tom Wilson. In one chapter, Tom analysed an enlargement of Atlgens photograph #5. Tom Wilson's conclusion of the Dal-Tex second floor open window shows a man with a beard looking with his left eye through a device described as follows: " the device has a small oval tube at the end nearest the window. There are two small protrusions coming out of the device on the side away from the man. The device is aprx 6 to 9 inches in diameter and is aprx 36 to 48 inches long with a 90 degree eyepiece.
  14. Recalling the TMWKK segment with Tom Wilson's analysis of the Mary Moorman photo, he concludes an upward angle head coming out of the ground and out the back/top of the President's head. I also recall that Tom struggled with limo locations based on the Z-Film. If the Z-film were altered by frame removal and artistic overlays (which I believe is the case) then perhaps we should revisit Wilson's original study with those changes in mind. Perhaps the unaltered Z-film would have changed the angle of entry to one witha slight downward angle. Thsi of course supports the GK shooter who I believe was
  15. Some thoughts on Ruby's shooting of Oswald.. We agree that Ruby was put in a position to kill LHO. Ruby MUST be successful the first time, there would be no second opportunity. Could the bullet that Ruby used have been a poisonous type? All Ruby would have to do was to make sure that bullet entered Oswald's body and not worry if he hits vital organs. I seem to remember that LHO was said to have had intense convulsions and muscle spasms on his way to Parkland. Head, neck, body muscle tightening are symptoms of strychnine or cyanide poisoning. Did the Parkland doctors look for the presence
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