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  1. I read Michael Cain's "The Tangled Web" biography of Richard Cain. I thought that it was informative enough, but it couldn't have covered the breadth of Cain's activities and interests, unless Cain chronicled them with his half-brother, which is highly doubtful.
  2. This is a good article about someone who is very tight-lipped. I followed a link in the article to a different article in the odious Washington Decoded website. I'm reading Silent Coup now, and I am interested to learn whether there is a backstory to the "third rate burglary" known as Watergate.
  3. I read Russell's lengthy tome earlier this year, and I am embarrassed to admit that I have already forgotten the alleged proof of this matter. It's an interesting book, but it just went on and on. I almost never fail to finish a book, so I soldier on until I'm finished.
  4. Christopher, Gerda Dunkel over at JFK Assassination Forum was wondering last December if TJM's "Long Coat Man" might be Deputy Sheriff Clinton L."Lummy" Lewis. --Tommy Edit: I think I've noticed others wearing the same kind of raincoat and acting in an (apparently) official capacity after the assassination. Could this be C.L."Lummy" Lewis with his back to the camera? Thanks a lot, Tom. I wonder how many minutes after the assassination that this footage was shot. It seems odd that a deputy sheriff would wear a top coat and not a thermal jacket. I was 7 when the assassination too
  5. I am interested as to who the long coat man in the background could be. Does anyone know the temperature at the time of the JFK assassination? Wearing a trench coat seems illogical to me unless things were significantly colder. Someone referred to him above as a detective, but, if he was, he ostensibly wasn't a homicide detective because they wore their trademark white Stetsons (or so I have read). FWIW, I think that the film captures a handoff (perhaps a rifle scope or magazine or a small handgun).
  6. That remains to be determined, like so much in this case. On this page from Weberman's site, about 3/4ths of the way down http://ajweberman.com/images_other/index.htm this caption appears: "A sketch of the assassin of Martin Luther King and the CHRIST tramp." (BTW I am not persuaded that Christ is Frenchy) I am unable to post the images, but I think anyone who checks it out will be struck by the resemblance between "Frenchy" and the guy in the King sketch. So these "tramp" photos may be important not only in the JFK case, but also in solving the King assassination. And I have no doubt that
  7. Why do you say it was a plant, Bill? I discounted the alleged Wallace print because it was contained in Barr McClellan's ridiculous book. Why do you think it was a plant, if it existed at all? Chris
  8. I know that sniping is currently done in the US military with a spotter and a shooter (at least that's what I see on the Military Channel), but the assassination of JFK in 1963 was not a military sniping. There were other very successful snipings which took place in the civilian arena that lacked adherence to US military sniping protocals. Read "The Valachi Papers", for example. And irrespective of the extent to which the method of the execution of the JFK assassination may have differed from the manner in which a US Army sniping team would handle the job, the JFK assassination was both suc
  9. I half agree with you Christopher... I don't believe Witt was the Umbrella man. I'll fully agree with you if you can explain why the CIA coached him into saying completely the wrong story. Umbrella man is clearly standing still with the Umbrella open Yet he told the HSCA "I think I got up and started fiddling with that umbrella trying to get it open, and at the same time I was walking forward, walking toward the street". He has a clear view of the President. yet he told the HSCA he didn't see "because of this thing (the umbrella) in front of me....My view of the car during that length of tim
  10. The UM and the DCM gave the "fire away" signal - nothing more, nothing less. How many other umbrellas are observable in Dallas from earlier parts of the parade route? Was waving an umbrella a popular form of deriding JFK? To shoot a poison dart at JFK, one would have to aim it and pull off a great shot to hit him in the throat area. The UM doesn't look like he's aiming the umbrella - he is just pumping it. I agree that Witt isn't the UM, but instead someone the CIA coached into perjuring himself for the benefit of the HSCA.
  11. Just one more Gerry Hemming "story". When Gaeton Fonzi met with David Atlee Phillips' family (brother, wife and daughter) and showed each of them the artist's sketch of "Maurice Bishop" they all responded that it was David Phillips. Veciana all but admitted this to Fonzi. And the shot to Veciana's head was a remeinder that the CIA does not like it when one of its covers is blown. (Even tho Veciana SAID this was Castro retaliation it's clear he knows it's CIA). Do good old Gerry provide a photo of Jake Esterline for comparison? I agree that Fonzi covers this material quite well. I th
  12. I am mixed up about the debate within a debate regarding the hole (or alleged hole) in the front windshield. The pictures that I have seen posted look authentic. Apparently, someone thinks they have been altered. Assuming the pics are authentic, from what shooting position do you think they originate? 1. Overpass (this seems most likely); 2. TBSD (the missed/Teague shot?); 3. DalTex Bldg (possible); or 4. GK (this seems like an odd (or impossible) angle)?
  13. Does anyone know anything else about William Lohmann? I did a quick Google search and noted that there was a R.P.B. Lohmann with the CIA who was part of the CIA's task force on evaluating (or suppressing) UFO sightings in the 1950s. I don't know whether this is the same person. It appears that I misread "William" to be "Willie" - my apologies. Nonetheless, Lohmann is an odd name, and William Lohmann of the CIA had lunch with Cain 3 months before the JFK assassination. I may check a few of my CIA books at home tonight or over the weekend to get info on this CIA Station Chief.
  14. John- This is all very interesting info. I always thought that Cain was more of a low-level crooked cop/detective and not the peripatetic character that he apparently was. I believe that the 3rd to last paragraph of your January 31 post erroneously refers to Cain as "Robert" and not "Richard". I wonder what, if anything, Cain was doing for Giancana in 1973, the year of his death. It would also be interesting to learn more about the hit on Cain, such as the 3 or 4 people with whom he dined before he was hit. I did a double take when I saw the reference to CIA operative Willie Lohmann, an
  15. Ron- What grounds does VR have to demand that anyone be place into protective custody, unless they want to be so protected? Legally, you have to demonstrate that someone is incapable of taking care of himself before a court will declare a conservatorship or guardianship. As for me, I will take a pass on any small aircraft, irrespective of who is flying it and of whom I may offend by declining the offer to fly. It's a lot of fun, as I am sure riding a Harley is, but it doesn't pass my risk-benefit test. Glad to see you posting and Merry Christmas. Chris
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