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  1. Peter McGuire

    Lee Harvey Oswald and the Linguistic Problem

    “On the trail of the non - assassin,” is an excellent way to describe much of the conversation here. And that is why I tired of the matter a few years ago. The accused assassin was a Marine , a multilingual married man with a lover on the side who got used by powerful forces who felt Kennedy was a threat to the security of the United States. My only question is out of the hundred or so reasons different people felt Kennedy had to go, which reason was actually a National Security issue?
  2. Peter McGuire

    The Babushka Lady- Fact or Fiction

    Kennedy was shot in the back first. It was a “short shot,” or it would have killed him. This made the assassination more complicated and messy since frontal shots were then needed. It also allows the killing to be exposed because it had to be covered up by saying all shots were from behind.
  3. Peter McGuire

    WTF is going on with Trump?

  4. Peter McGuire

    WTF is going on with Trump?

    He is hurting national security by his immature behavior. I don't know what more can be said. I have written to my representatives several times - even before he was the nominee. Now, as POTUS, he is harming the interests of the United States and the world.
  5. Peter McGuire

    1979 assassination attempt on President Jimmy Carter

    yes was worthy of a bump
  6. Peter McGuire

    Trump and the JFK Assassination

    History is in the making. Since I became bored with the Kennedy assassination as it pertains to gathering evidence in the private sector, sadly this immature brat who somehow got elected POTUS is making life fun again.
  7. Peter McGuire

    Trump and the JFK Assassination

    It seems to me that Schumer gave Trump some helpful advice.
  8. Peter McGuire

    Trump and the JFK Assassination

    Great posts Douglas and Cliff. The "get over post" represents so many Americans who can not see what Trump is. Adding insult to injury we have Trumps speech at CIA and the White Houses Press Secretary lying on the job this past weekend. I moved away from the forum because it became clear, from the great research here, what really happened to Kennedy and more importantly why. The only thing that it seems that we don't know for sure is exactly by whom. But I think you have a pretty good idea. Now we have history in the making with this incompetent POTUS who is endangering our national security.
  9. Great speech by President Kennedy addressing what Blacks face every day. So many of us enjoy White Privilege and forget how difficult it is for all minorities.
  10. Peter McGuire

    Dorothy Kilgallen

    My post got this response.
  11. Peter McGuire

    Dorothy Kilgallen

    I wanted to see what I had previously written before I post again on this 12 year old thread.
  12. Peter McGuire


    Thanks Jim, for taking the time to chime in on my thoughts and this topic. I guess I may be a little hungry for an issue worth looking into. My biggest concerns are about our National Security under a Trump administration. I think voters should have had that in mind rather than voting anti-Clinton. An interesting story brewing is the unwillingness of National Security experts to even work for him.
  13. Peter McGuire


    The more I put together what has happened in this election, the more I believe it is related to the assassinations of the 60's - all of them. They began with JFK and that makes this thread relevant. I believe forces that need the Republican establishment to stay in power have completely taken over the government in a very slick coup. What Comey did is obvious,as is overlooking Trumps dialogues to Russia. Someone backing Clinton tried to stop him with the Bush tapes ( with a Bush family member no less) but it the counter punch by Comey neutralized that move. The bottom line is that powerful forces could not bear a Clinton presidency, just like they could not have the Kennedys stay in power.
  14. Peter McGuire

    Maheu on Harvey

    Jim, I was first read about Maheu when reading a biography of Hughes. That was before I read about the Kennedy assassination. Have you written in detail about Hughesgate in one of your books? I read this biography around 1985.