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  1. "When asked to specify, Perry said the entrance wound was in the front of the head," AP, "Treatment Described," Albuquerque Tribune, 22 November 1963, p.58
  2. Published on Mar, 25, 2019 Mueller’s Sideshow Closes – But it has Served its Purpose Kit Knightly To state my position clearly – I never believed, for a second, that the Mueller investigation would find any evidence of “Russian collusion”. And not simply because there isn’t any. I mean, let’s be honest, the powers that be “find evidence” of things that never happened all the time. They “found” photos of Lee Harvey Oswald holding a rifle, and they “found” Satam al-Suqami’s passport in the rubble of the World Trade Center. They produced “evidence” the Russians shot down MH17 and p
  3. You can read - or join up & download - the report here: https://archive.org/details/PikeCommitteeReportFull
  4. Fingers-crossed. Thanks for taking the time & trouble to run this piece down.
  5. I defer to you on the precise title, Andrew. If you do manage to obtain a copy of the piece featuring Stewart, please post.
  6. Some dates for Dr David Stewart's interviews and media appearances. Don't know if they're exact, but useful as a starting point: 1) New Lebanon, Tennessee, Democrat", 3/30/67 2) "The Joe Dolan Show", KNEW radio, Oakland, CA, 4/10/67 3) Nashville Banner as reported in The Milwaukee Sentinel - Jan 30, 1967 http://kennysideshow.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/jfk-and-doctors-at-parkland.html
  7. Hi Daniel, Good to see you back hereabouts. On the subject of Yarborough's observations about the Secret Service detail's movements on Elm, it's worth noting that he has powerfully supported by the long-ignored testimony of the motorcycle escort. There is a quite outstanding & readily accessible collection of these testimonies in Larry Rivera & Jim Fetzers' The JFK Escort Officers Speak: The Fred Newcomb Interviews: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/05/01/the-jfk-escort-officers-speak-the-fred-newcomb-interviews/ Paul
  8. Shots from inside the presidential limousine 1. Bobby Hargis (Police motorcycle outrider, left rear of limousine):Mr. Stern: Do you recall your impression at the time regarding the shots? Hargis: “Well, at the time it sounded like the shots were right next to me,” 6WCH294. 2. Austin Miller (railroad worker, on triple overpass): Mr. Belin: “Where did the shots sound like they came from?” Miller: “Well, the way it sounded like, it came from the, I would say right there in the car,” 6WCH225. 3. Charles Brehm (carpet salesman, south curb of Elm St.): “in front of or beside” the Preside
  9. Yes; and there was a fourth female witness removed from the south curb. In citing her intial testimony, I touch upon the issue has kept troubling you in this thread - that is, the question of time. You're rightly puzzled by the problem of timings - when did such-and-such a witness move to where and at what speed. The problem partly arises because time - in the form of frames - were excised from the Z fake, condensing the execution sequence, with important consequences for what followed. As to the question of an "innocent" mistake by the FBI man in his location of the group of three, look a
  10. Delighted to at least partially assist, doubting Thomas. Here is Holt from the ROKC website thread, Minor Witnesses, courtesy of Stan Dane, who, to his additional credit, correctly identifies the side (south) of Elm on which she took temporary residence: http://www.reopenkennedycase.org/apps/forums/topics/show/13242379-minor-witnesses So, in the spirit of amicable reciprocity, a question for a question: where are the group of Holt, Jacob, and Simmons on the south curb of Elm facing Zapruder?
  11. Gloria Jeanne Holt, statement to FBI’s SAs Eugene P. Petrakis & A. Raymond Switzer, 18 March 1964: Left the TSBD “at approximately 12.10 p.m.” Stella Mae Jacob, statement to the FBI’s SAs Eugene P. Petrakis & A. Raymond Switzer, 18 March 1964: Left the TSBD “at approximately 12.00 p.m.” Sharon Nelson (nee Simmons), statement to the FBI’s SA E.J. Robertson, 18 March 1964: Left the TSBD “at about” 12.20 p.m. The presence of these three south Elmers in a group, in the immediate aftermath of the assassination, was confirmed by Deputy Sheriff C.L. “Lummie” Lewis: We know the
  12. Robert Scheer, “A Political Portrait of Robert Kennedy,” Ramparts, February 1967, 11-16 http://www.unz.org/Pub/Ramparts-1967feb-00011
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