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    Gunner Edward Luxford

    Edward James Luxford was my grandfather,on my mother's side, and I would like to know where your information about him came from. The photo of him is part of a larger one showing him with his wife Elizabeth, and was taken in Southend in about 1916. I also have a copy of the St. Barnabus Pilgrimages book, which belionged to his wife. I presume your information must have come from an unknown relative of mine. So please let me know your source Stephen Wood
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    Introduce yourself here

    My occupation was as a Quantity Surveyor but I am now retired. I live in East Grinstead, West Sussex, England, and am interested in family and local history. I came across the Forum whilst looking for infomation on World War 1, and have found some most usefull facts about East Grinstead and those who served at this time. It is extremely well researched and I hope to gain more from it, especially about my grandfather Gunner Edward James Luxford who is mentioned.