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  1. Hi, I'm Chris Higgins. I teacher history and politics at Invicta Grammar School in Maidstone, Kent. I am also an ICT co-ordinator (Deputy Director for e-Learning) and have responsibility for training staff in use of key and new appllications and sharing good practice across the school. The department has a very successful website www.igshistoryonline.co.uk which is used frequentlty by staff and students at school and outside. Invicta is fortunate to be taking part in a laptop programme with all students from Years 7-10 having their own laptops, so there are lots of opportunities to promote interesting IT projects. I am curently involved in a project sponsored by the Innovations Unit of the DfES to develop the use of handheld technologies in teaching and learning.
  2. I have only recently got to know Richard, after I was invited to particpate in an E-Help conference in Stockholm, but on that brief acquaintance could immediately see what an innovative and inspirational teacher he is. His passion for his subject and drive to explore innovative new ways of teaching and learning is entirely infectious, and I returned from our conference inspired to improve my own professional skills. Richard made me feel instantly welcome to the group, his generosity and kindliness are a credit to him, and I wish him well for the future. Whatever he now decides to do, I am sure he will be immensely successful!
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