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    Student Questions

    I'm currently working on a documentary on New Zealand's involvement in the Vietnam War for school and would really appreciate any information on the following focussing questions: 1. To what extent did the ANZAS alliance affect the choice of the NZ government to become involved in the conflict? 2. Were the experiences of the NZ soldiers typical of those experienced by the American and Australian soldiers? (information regarding camp life, food, objectives, fighting style, equipment etc etc for any of the three armies would be helpful for this question) 3. To what extent did the soldiers' involvement in the war affect their social interactions once they returned from the conflict? Thank you in advance for any information you can give, Jacinta
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    Biography: Jacinta Cording

    My name's Jacinta Cording and I'm an 18 year old female in my last year of high school. I live in Rangiora, New Zealand and work part-time at a fish n chip shop. I am interested in the forum because recently we were given an assignment in History which involves studying an event in living memory, and then making a docomentary on it. I chose the Vietnam War, and would like to ask questions concerning my project and just for general interest.