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  1. There wasn't the concern over an uncontrolled autopsy, a thorough crime scene search, a competent interrogation AND a trial for the patsy
  2. Actually, I was earlier today but no longer. The problem with some folks, like the teflon don's buddy Sammy can't keep her mouths shut once they're in.Otherwise I agree to disagree based on first hand information I possess.
  3. I've always thought that one of the reasons the conspiracy wasn't tumbled to earlier was simply the fact that we as a nation were too innocent and did not have a clue that such enthusiastic evil existed within our own government.
  4. Same for JFK. Frankly, Hoffa's death never interested me. He was a thug and we used to have serious problems in Detroit PD whenever the Teamsters were involved in demonstrations or strikes.
  5. The Code Of Silence evaporated years ago and witness protection is full of made men who snitched out their fellow slugs.
  6. Shortly before my retirement I met with the FBI's political corruption unit about my knowledge of DPD involvement in drug trafficking. When I asked them towards the end of our lengthily meeting if they knew who killed Hoffa they responded they didn't care!
  7. The question, of course, is why was a basic rule of homicide interrogations ignored repeatedly by Dallas PD?
  8. They should have been conveyed downtown and interviewed out side their comfort zone ASAP. I walked into Homicide one morning and we had 100 witnesses who needed to be interviewed.
  9. I learned a great thing at Detroit Homicide. Almost every witness has at least a speck of gold on them and sometimes with a little effort you uncover the mother load.
  10. Beto's idea of a vibe is pathetic and hardly an heir to the Kennedy I liked most.
  11. I joined the Detroit Police Dept in 1969. It was common practice to write down the appropriate info in a notebook and then towards the end of the day it would be transferred to the official run sheet.I knew coppers who kept these informal notebooks from their entire carer. And I suspect that November 22nd would be a day where such informal and unofficial records would be kept after transferred to the actual activity log. Maybe not but maybe
  12. Next he'll blame global warming and the ice age on those of us who are LDS. Grow up!
  13. Air America on forged orders. Spent time in NV getting ready.
  14. Talked to him face to face and having served two separate tours in Detroit Homicide I'm convinced of his honesty. He shot from the Dal Tex building with a Winchester Model 70 re barreled in 6 MM. His personal motivation was family members killed at the Bay Of Pigs. Since I'm not selling anything I'm perfectly content to just sit and watch and comment occasionally.
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