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  1. As somebody who was assigned to Detroit Homicide for two separate tours, Fritz's "note's" are embarrassingly unacceptable. I've personally taken statements in the murder of a drug dealer than ran 30 pages +. I was told by a coworker of Fitz that he was semi illiterate and as you look at the Dallas cases reviewed and decisions overthrown I find the whole thing an obvious rush to judgement.
  2. When I was assigned to CSI in the early 70's and then twice to Detroit Homicide we had no idea a thing called DNA existed but it does and it did even back then. Let's just relax and listen politely to what she has to say. Kindness and patience never killed anybody.
  3. Our ego's are often the most dangerous weapons we possess. I do not know what the white streaks are but I'm willing to listen with an open mind.
  4. How many fatal shootings with a rifle have you investigated and how many autopsies have you attended featuring rifle wounds? . Autopsies are the real world, sonny. And while you were playing key board commando I was getting my hands bloody in Detroit.
  5. Should have added that the only shooting involving multiple shots to the head I investigated where the face was somewhat intact was with a M-1 carbine with military fmj ammo I freely admit that if we're not careful we can become victims of our experience.
  6. Threats? People can't disagree with you without it being considered a threat. I find David Manticks discussion of how many shots is rather compelling and, of, course, push Oswald out of the arena. Never been in the military though trained with a number folks from the black side of spec ops. You were claiming I had no experience or knowledge of suppressed weapon. When I worked for Israel military Industries I fired a wide variety of suppressed weapons in Israel And at NNSA I fired a number of suppressed weapon in 5.56, 7.62, and .338 Lapua thought the Lapua suppressor was short lived and not very effective.
  7. What part of SWAT and Homicide don't you understand?
  8. Thanks for the correction as at 76 my memory is not as solid as when I was 75 AND I don't see why my faith in God should be relevant to the subject at hand. I was the original training Sgt for the SWAT Team in Detroit and spent 5 1/2 years as a training specialist for The National Nuclear Security Administration's Office Of Secure Transportation training the feds who transport nukes and yes I'm aware the "Silencers" really don't silence anything.
  9. could have been firecrackers thrown by a random idiot or by a conspirator. Remember Greer reported a flurry of shots that hit the car he was promptly ignored. FYI, just noticed that Federal is offering a subsonic load in .45 ACP>
  10. I've been in Dealy Plaza on several occasions and suspect very few there were actually expecting gun fire. Though some folks across the country were watching their clocks. We were with another city's SWAT Team when their team leader produced a suppressed MP5 and told us it was perfect for taking out the watch dogs at a drug house. He then fired, hit the dog in the butt and it howled until the vet sedated it and patched it up.. We were really impressed. Some one, perhaps Lapua. loads subsonic .308. Actually Sam Cummings of Interarmco had warehouses full of all sorts of weapons he picked up for pennies at the end of WW II CIA was one of his most regular customers.
  11. Larry- I've always had the greatest respect for your efforts but I'm also convinced that Mitch was involved at some level.
  12. Mitch was an interesting fellow. i talked to a him a couple of times. There were silencers used during WW 2, but the ones I saw where attached to Sten Guns. And they were best suited for assassinating some one in a bath tub. I think the plan was to point out LHO's contact with the Russian Embassy in Mexico and scare people into the suppression mode We had H&K MP5 sub machine guns at Detroit SWAT, but we passed on the suppressed version. I wrote for Soldier Of fortune magazine for a number of years and Bob Brown , retired Green Beret and was the real deal with extensive spec ops experience and deep links to the intelligence community. Bob Brown introduced me to Mitch.
  13. Two separate tours in Homicide and assigned as the first training Sgt for the swat team gives me a point of view that may be wrong but is not one of a keyboard commando. From investigating a large number of homicides I found to my surprise that eye and ear witnesses are often unreliable. Cooberation? Does that mean they confirm our personal view of what happened. I believe in a conspiracy and suspect Mitch Werbell might have supplied suppressors for some of the weapons. I still wonder why people can't disagree without being disagreeable. My conclusion it was a conspiracy came from reading 26 volumes twice.
  14. Once again, its clear that ego will prevent us from listening to others and perhaps expanding our understanding of what really happened. I don't speak for God but I do speak to him on a regular basis.Maybe if we didn't angrily reject others points of view we might be able to refine our points of view. And I'm not talking about my view of what happened. My dad raised me to be a majority of one and I simply don't care if others agree or not. My ego? I buried it years ago.
  15. !st, i did not bring your name up and the inability to express oneself without obscenities indicates a serious issue.
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