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  1. Welcome Penny As a member, You are now IN LIKE Flynn Comments on Heaney thread?

  2. Dear All I am one of the readers referred to on this thread. I am not a researcher like many of the members here and have rarely posted, but would be sad to see the forum go. I came by this forum by accident in 2004 having been spurred into reading about the assassination by a tv programme pointing out the discrepancies between the alleged wounds and the physical evidence. I have read a lot of very interesting information here. I occasionally read threads that seem to consist of a personal battle between personalities and/ or politics and find them annoying, but I tend to ignore these type of threads and look at others that are conducted in a more serious and professional manner. It is up to me what I read. I think I once read a thread in which a male contributor tried to suggest that a woman contributor should 'shut up' because 'men don't like loud women' or some such rubbish, but wasn't really offended. Even this level of misogyny was an expression of freedom of speech - however abhorrent. Freedom of speech is important and I am quite happy to wade through personal battles, disinformation, inaccurate information, attempts to divert from the point, even bigotry, as I have found that there is always some nformation on this forum that is interesting, makes me think and is worthwhile. I am aware that many members do serious work and may be under pressure. I also understand that this forum might become a burden to those that own and administrate it, but be assured that, up till the end, readers such as myself will always hope to have access to the forum to keep up to date with the latest research. Best Regards Penny
  3. Spanish and Hispanic people take both their father and mother's surnames. So they all have a first name and two surnames i.e. Felipe Gonzalez Márquez. When Spanish women marry, they keep their own name but can add their husband's if they wish. My sister is married to a Spaniard and her full name is Joanne Steel (de) Cudilleiro. Any children would be :Juan(ita) Cudilleiro Steel. Hope this helps. Now you can get on with your discussion! All the best Penny
  4. I have been asked to help a local special needs centre find out information and advice for a family planning to emigrate to Spain. The family has a totally blind 4 year old child who has been receiving full-time support in a mainstream nursery. Has anyone on the forum had experience of helping a family with this kind of advice or does anyone have experience of the kind of support a child might entitled to in a pre-school situation in Spain? Any advice would be gratefully received. Penny
  5. John This is the first time I have posted on the forum, although I have been 'lurking' for several years and have only applied to join in the last six months. I think this is an important thread as one of the most important aspects of the forum is that it provides not only specific information of the assassination of JFK with regard to how it may have been carried out and the motives behind it, but it also presents information that clearly presents evidence of how world events are manipulated through the media and how propaganda is used to manipulate current events. I have recently finished reading ' The Assassinations' by Lisa Pease and James DiEugenio and the section regarding the failure of the 'Fourth Estate' was one of the most interesting sections because of its resonance with regard to current events and affairs. A few years ago I would have been happy to read the reports presented by the usual press outlets and media, however the information I have read on the forum has encouraged me to look at everything more skeptically and to try to match the 'words' with the known 'facts' and think for myself. I read 1984 when I was 16 - and had no real idea of what Mr Blair was saying. This Forum is a mine of information regarding the era during which the assassinations in the US occurred (and many other assassinations and covert actions by the various governments we are asked to trust) and it must always maintain its objective of trying to uncover the particular crimes committed at the time, however it also would seem to offer an education in the modus operandi of most modern governments with regard to current events as well. After reading into this subject, my first reaction to the death of Dr Kelly, for example, was to question whether his death may have been the result of murder rather than suicide..... 10 years ago this would not have been the case. Unfortunately, given the extreme secrecy regarding this affair, the facts will surely never be knows. The almost impossibility of ever knowing the truth of what really occurs in these matters is maddening, except for the fact that just being able to question these events is a mark of having a little bit of freedom left to fight for. The point of this is simply to be able to say that you are not necessarily going to accept the official version of anything and that, even at the risk of being wrong or lead by your personal prejudices / incorrect information, it is still possible to do this, without being censored/censured in a serious way. I am personally sick to death, for example, of listening to anti-Muslim propaganda, pro-war/fear engendering propaganda all over the place, invading my tv and radio........ aaaaaaaaaaargggghhhh, but I still feel I can criticize this without punishment. On another note It is interesting that the Shane O'Sullivan piece has managed to make its way onto the airwaves. Although noone I know, except me, has seen it or heard of it and the reaction to it has come from minority interest groups, I still think it's important. With the current world crisis, it is still important to find out more about the past to inform us about the present however, and Mr O'Sullivan should be commended for trying to do this. I hope than any subsequent work should not only put forward more evidence that this assassination was not as history has so far portrayed it, but that it should help to inform us that we should also look more intently at other events currently shaping the world (within the last few days for example, the assassination in the Lebanon and the assassination of Mr Letvinenko....). Educating us all about the methods and motives of disinformation and doublespeak is the most important function of this forum. Bringing to account the criminals who commit these crimes is important, but making us all aware of the corruption around us is paramount.
  6. Occupation: Sales & Marketing Assistant Engineering Company in the Midlands. Education History: I studied French and Hispanic Studies at The University of Liverpool in the 80s and have a Diploma in Translation from the Institute of Linguists. I have taught EFL abroad and ESOL in the UK. In recent years I moved back to Wolverhampton, my home town, where I currently work in Sales & Marketing for a local company dealing with customers/markets in Spain and France. I would like to join the forum because I have been lurking for a long time now and would like the opportunity to ask the occasional question! I first became very interested in this in 2003, when I caught a documentary on tv detailing the discrepancy between the bullet holes in the President's jacket/shirt and the wounds described in the Warren Report. I had seen JFK and my parents both declared their doubts about all the assassinations, but I had not really thought how important this event was until that point. This prompted me to start reading the Warren Report on-line and since then I have not been able to stop reading as much as I can on this assassination, and the others. I am no professional researcher, just an interested reader. So I might not be able to contribute much (except the odd translation from Spanish/French if requested) but I am very keen to take part on occasion. These last few years reading about the case have served to help me look at all current events and the way the media report them in a more skeptical/broad minded way.
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