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  1. Welcome Penny As a member, You are now IN LIKE Flynn Comments on Heaney thread?

  2. Dear All I am one of the readers referred to on this thread. I am not a researcher like many of the members here and have rarely posted, but would be sad to see the forum go. I came by this forum by accident in 2004 having been spurred into reading about the assassination by a tv programme pointing out the discrepancies between the alleged wounds and the physical evidence. I have read a lot of very interesting information here. I occasionally read threads that seem to consist of a personal battle between personalities and/ or politics and find them annoying, but I tend to ignore these typ
  3. Spanish and Hispanic people take both their father and mother's surnames. So they all have a first name and two surnames i.e. Felipe Gonzalez Márquez. When Spanish women marry, they keep their own name but can add their husband's if they wish. My sister is married to a Spaniard and her full name is Joanne Steel (de) Cudilleiro. Any children would be :Juan(ita) Cudilleiro Steel. Hope this helps. Now you can get on with your discussion! All the best Penny
  4. I have been asked to help a local special needs centre find out information and advice for a family planning to emigrate to Spain. The family has a totally blind 4 year old child who has been receiving full-time support in a mainstream nursery. Has anyone on the forum had experience of helping a family with this kind of advice or does anyone have experience of the kind of support a child might entitled to in a pre-school situation in Spain? Any advice would be gratefully received. Penny
  5. John This is the first time I have posted on the forum, although I have been 'lurking' for several years and have only applied to join in the last six months. I think this is an important thread as one of the most important aspects of the forum is that it provides not only specific information of the assassination of JFK with regard to how it may have been carried out and the motives behind it, but it also presents information that clearly presents evidence of how world events are manipulated through the media and how propaganda is used to manipulate current events. I have recently finished
  6. Occupation: Sales & Marketing Assistant Engineering Company in the Midlands. Education History: I studied French and Hispanic Studies at The University of Liverpool in the 80s and have a Diploma in Translation from the Institute of Linguists. I have taught EFL abroad and ESOL in the UK. In recent years I moved back to Wolverhampton, my home town, where I currently work in Sales & Marketing for a local company dealing with customers/markets in Spain and France. I would like to join the forum because I have been lurking for a long time now and would like the opportunity to ask the oc
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