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  1. My theory on who fired the fatal shot

    I am going to examine Robert Turner's theories. At least he's not claiming that James Files did it or that a secret service man on the Queen Mary did it by accident. The identities of "Mary Moorman" and her friend, who arrived on Elm street dressed differently than what we see them wearing in the Z-film. Another person, is the one who claims she was the Babushka Lady. She looks old in the Dealey Plaza pictures, but today is the young Beverly Oliver. And of course there's the Umbrella Man and the "Cuban" waving right in front of Kennedy to signal to others that the President is not dead yet. Kathy C
  2. It Wasn't Ruby

    Because deep down he feared that the Chicago Mob did it, which I believe. They offered to go to Hollywood and investigate the murder but Irv said no. You don't ask the mob to do anything for you because then they own you. Walter Winchell asked Irv to give it his blessing because he wanted to solve the murder and "win a Pulitzer Prize doing so." He drove the cops nuts. The downstairs neighbor was suspicious and she was very depressed. Irv's friends believed she committed suicide but you couldn't tell that to Irv. I'm told that Irv was sorry he hadn't brought in a private investigator. Kathy C
  3. It Wasn't Ruby

    I don't agree with my own stated opinion. I haven't read what others said, except my old friend, DVP. If Jack Ruby hadn't killed Oswald, Karyn Kupcinet would be 76 years old.
  4. Help David Talbot's Stroke Recovery

    Ron, I will look through Talbot's book tomorrow (if not tonight). Kathy C
  5. Oswald home movie one year before JFK assassination

    Dan, Maybe Marguerite Oswald was doing the filming. Kathy C
  6. Help David Talbot's Stroke Recovery

    I'm glad David Talbot is home for the holidays. My brother had suffered a stroke. When they took him to the hospital they found that his sugar was in the 500's and my girlfriend suffered several and is losing her eyesight. But many people survive without too much trouble. I feel like I'm asking an odd question at this time. Members, in "Brothers", the author said that when Kennedy came back to Washington after Dallas , he was going to have Castro killed on December 1. How true is this? Opinions?
  7. ebay: JFK Assassination AP Wire Teletype Archive

    Too expensive for me. Kathy C
  8. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    About James Fetzer: This man will believe anything you tell him. His acceptance of the Paul is dead theory is incredible. I remember how nasty he got while trying to tell us Judyth was real. He was calling people things like, "You're the leading mediocrity in JFK research." The holocaust never happened. There were gadgets on our satellites that helped bring down the towers. Kathy C-
  9. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    I believe Duncan Macrae has done some wonderful stuff. Do you remember him finding "Tan Jacket Man" in the Hughes film? Prayer Man I never warmed to the topic.
  10. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    LHO did not have a missing tooth. It was a part of his lip that made it look that way. Photographer Duncan, from Scotland, I believe, showed us this picture resized. There was no missing tooth. It's an illusion. Kathy C
  11. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    The first man is Harvey. Someone touched up the photograph. The second is a young Donald Trump. The third might be "Ralph Geb," someone told me years ago. And, of course, Harvey himself, Judyth Baker's lover.
  12. Jim Fetzer's latest conspiracy

    I thought it sounded like, "I feel very slow." Kathy C
  13. Nazis as Participants

    I just want to say I have The Nazis Next Store on CDs. I have studied WW2 a lot. However, I tried to read Levi's book on the camp he was in. Maybe I got to page 6 and I couldn't take it anymore. Kathy C
  14. Proof CIA did not plan or execute the JFK assassination

    --tps:/www.youtube.com/user/nightfri&r http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=48091&r I am experiencing problems with my computer. It is driving me nuts. But I plan to finish this soon. Many tales, many shooters. My computer keeps erasing what I write. Kathy C