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  1. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    I believe Duncan Macrae has done some wonderful stuff. Do you remember him finding "Tan Jacket Man" in the Hughes film? Prayer Man I never warmed to the topic.
  2. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    LHO did not have a missing tooth. It was a part of his lip that made it look that way. Photographer Duncan, from Scotland, I believe, showed us this picture resized. There was no missing tooth. It's an illusion. Kathy C
  3. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    The first man is Harvey. Someone touched up the photograph. The second is a young Donald Trump. The third might be "Ralph Geb," someone told me years ago. And, of course, Harvey himself, Judyth Baker's lover.
  4. Jim Fetzer's latest conspiracy

    I thought it sounded like, "I feel very slow." Kathy C
  5. Nazis as Participants

    I just want to say I have The Nazis Next Store on CDs. I have studied WW2 a lot. However, I tried to read Levi's book on the camp he was in. Maybe I got to page 6 and I couldn't take it anymore. Kathy C
  6. Proof CIA did not plan or execute the JFK assassination

    --tps:/www.youtube.com/user/nightfri&r http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=48091&r I am experiencing problems with my computer. It is driving me nuts. But I plan to finish this soon. Many tales, many shooters. My computer keeps erasing what I write. Kathy C
  7. Caroline Kennedy on JFK: I miss him every day

    Yes, it's John Kennedy's birthday. He'd be 100 years old.
  8. It Wasn't Ruby

    A fake Ruby is not my theory. There are 2 Oswalds and 2 Marguretes (sp). Most researchers believe that. Kathy C
  9. It Wasn't Ruby

    I put this on a Ruby thread below, but I don't think it'll see the life of day. Follow this link and see the real "Ruby." Ruby never shot Oswald. https://youtu.be/KB39U3XVM. It's around 2:26 of "OK Ruby Didn't Shoot Oswald." Kathy C

    I just saw a photo of "Jack Ruby," waiting for Oswald -- and it wasn't Jack Ruby. I saw this on youtube. I will try to get the link. It's about it's not Ruby. And you see the man at approx. 2:48. This post is at youtube: "OK, Jack Ruby Didn't Kill Oswald." I think this is new and very important. The cops must have been in on it. https://youtu.be/KBuB39U3XVM :
  11. A Book

    Amazon has a book on sale, Inga Aarvard. Someone here might like to read it. It costs $1.99 in Kindle format.
  12. Lancer Forum Sign Up Area

    I and the spirit of Karyn Kupcinet are in. Kathy C
  13. JFK's teen mistress addresses relationship

    Kennedy never hid his Addison's Disease. There is a conversation on tape between JFK and some reporters. Here is the clip from January 1960 on youtube. https://youtu.be/D84+32eP8cd?+=Jm42s Kathy C