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  1. I was watching a video on youtube that I had never seen before. It said that Monroe was killed because she knew the Kennedys were talking about sending a nuclear bomb to China's own nuclear devices -- blowing it all up. I never heard this before. Can anyone shed light on this? Kathy C
  2. Kathleen Collins

    Shocking Statement about the Kennedys

    What about China? Kathy C
  3. Maybe they (powers that be) sent an American over to Russia and a Russian came back. I don't understand why this (if) happened -- the purpose. I mean who was to gain from this? What was the point? And the emotion the Oswald family displayed at LHO's funeral. I don't think he was a blood relative. Robert Oswald was not related to his "brother's" children. He never visited them. Kathy C
  4. I knew someone who knew someone who knew Frank Ragano. Ragano wanted to tell this person who killed Hoffa and where the body lay. The person said he didn't want to know anything. And that was the end of the discussion. Kathy C
  5. I have another answer to who killed Hoffa. On Paramount Network on demand they still have "It Was Always Me," a 6-part show on the murders of serial killer, Edward Wayne Edwards. He often became friends with police, detectives and religious figures. He came across as charismatic. At some point he became friends with Jimmy Hoffa, and wanted to kill him. I think they met in prison. When Hoffa disappeared it was because Ed Edwards killed him and hid the body. There is a book by Det. John Cameron that proves Ed Edwards killed people, often in famous murders. It is Cameron's belief that Edwards took out Hoffa. At least it's a consideration. The book tells more than the show, proving Ed killed more people than one would believe possible. Jimmy Hoffa was crazy about him. Kathy C
  6. I came across a supposed frame of the Zapruder film that had an "Indiana Mellotone Player" on South side before the little girl. Strangely, such a figure was at Nixon's about to enter the helicopter. And where Reagan was shot. I never heard of this before. Can anyone shed any light? Were they photoshopped? Reagan assassination attempt Indiana Mellotone Playwe.html
  7. Kathleen Collins

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    This is why I hate George H.W. Bush. Does he think we're stupid? Kathy C
  8. I just want to bump this up. Does anyone see what I see? This could be monumental. Kathy C
  9. Kathleen Collins

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    I read that Braden was questioned in the Dal-Tex building as to what he was doing there. He said he was trying to find a phone to call his mother to tell her that Kennedy was shot before she heard it on the TV. Kathy C
  10. Kathleen Collins

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    The footage of Dubya was taken from film that was thrown out at a network. I believe it was Cooper. He grabbed all the film and pieced them together. It's possible that someone saw this boy, Dubya, and they blackened out his chin. Dubya had a stronger chin. This could be done at the time. And I'm guessing that the CIA looked at every bit of that film. Kathy C
  11. Kathleen Collins

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    I have a friend who is a researcher and I'm sure most of you know him: Walt Brown. He had read Barr M.'s book and gave a public nod to the book. But after it was published it was very different and Walt was sorry he told people it was the truth. Which it wasn't anymore. Kathy C
  12. I'm sticking my neck out. I believe there is a multitude of people in the Moorman photo. What I see is to the left of the pergola, a bunch of people in what looks like white choir robes. It starts at the bottom practically and moves upward. It's hard not to see it once you've seen it. There are many people on the grassy knoll. I believe one is a cameraman in the tree, shooting the "other film." I believe they're members of the Ku Klux Klan! Kathy C
  13. Kathleen Collins

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    GHWBush at TSBD Having trouble uploading. Kathy C
  14. Kathleen Collins

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    This may seem far-fetched, but it looks like Bush in Tyler and the man in front of the TSBD have the same suit on. Look at the knot in his tie also. Kathy C GHWBush at TSBD
  15. Kathleen Collins

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    Thank you for adding this picture. If you resize it and make it bigger, you will see he has something in his ear. KathyC
  16. Kathleen Collins

    Louis Steven Witt : Umbrella Man

    I thought a bullet struck the rear view mirror from the front and turned it around. Kathy C
  17. Kathleen Collins

    Shocking Statement about the Kennedys

    Monroe had large doses of Nembutal and Chloral Hydrate in her liver. No alcohol. Her physician Dr. Engleberg (sic?) prescribed the amount of Nembutal but too much was given to her, probably by Eunice Murray -- enema. Kathy C
  18. Kathleen Collins

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    I am referring to a photo that appeared in the Cooper film with young George W. Bush crossing the street from TSBD. The son.
  19. Kathleen Collins

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    I was referring to George W. Bush, the one who was in power during 9/11. Kathy C
  20. Kathleen Collins

    Shocking Statement about the Kennedys

    I understand that the death of Marilyn Monroe is "unspeakable" here. I don't want to anger someone but I had to explain where I heard this. That the Kennedys were thinking about sending a nuclear weapon to China's nuclear weapon. I want to say I believe Monroe died as a result of a medical accident. Kathy C
  21. Kathleen Collins

    Are you a "Q", or are you an "R"?

    I've been seeing/hearing this on youtube. I don't believe JFK, Jr. faked his own death. Witnesses saw an explosion in the sky the night he died. Q talks about Trump and is on Trump's side. He warns, Something big is about to happen." Kathy C
  22. Kathleen Collins

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    There is a photo, possibly taken from the Cooper film, of a young man who looks amazingly like George W. Bush about 19 years old. The chin has been blacked, imo. Notice he has something in his ear. Kathy C
  23. Kathleen Collins


    James, Gary Mack used to ask me to give his opinion on things, which I would do on this forum possibly and another forum. But I always said, "Gary Mack says..." Kathy C
  24. Kathleen Collins

    Ever Wonder

    That was some article Bill Kelly wrote. I'm not finished with it at this late hour. It was in film footage by a man who picked up all the tape the network threw out and pieced it together. I believe his name was Cooper. There are 2 stills of Phil Ochs standing by the garage of the Dal-Tex building with another guy.
  25. I read something tonight that has me boiling. A week or 2 ago I read that the government was taking over the Internet.Now I read that youtube is not allowing any conspiracy theories on their site, except those that come from "authoritative" people "they" will select. What about the Kennedy Assassination videos? And the people who have researched the crime. Are they authoritative enough? This is horrible. They will brainwash people into believing that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy. We're on a sinking ship. Kathy C