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  1. To all current students, teachers and parents I can only offer one piece of advice - do not give up! It is clear that delay tactics are being employed in a hope that the whole situation will blow over, and the worst thing any of you could do is allow this to happen. Continue to meet up and discuss amongst yourselves as teachers may be told one thing, parents another and the board something different. Do not let interest die out. Keep up the pressure. Keep organising student meetings, parent meetings, Friends meetings, teacher meetings, board meetings etc. Stand up to authority and do not be affraid of bully tactics, as they may be used to scare students/parents with threats of suspension/expulsion, or to encourage teachers to stay quiet due to a fear of losing their jobs. It is no longer solely about Mr Jones and Tanya - do not allow any more injustices to be carried out. What you need is a collective, not just individuals, to confront the situation and apply pressure from all angles. Whether you're a parent, teacher or student, do not back down. Giving up would be the worst thing you could possibly do. Good luck and best regards, Robin
  2. Both times I have seen the Dave Matthews Band play live in Connetticut have been amazing. The band has been voted one of the best live performances ever, and it's clear to see why. They combine five incredibly talented musicians, intense lighting effects and a lot of improvisation and the result is phenomenal. If you have never heard Dave Matthews Band before, check out their live CDs, not as good the real thing but better than nothing. Dave Matthews Band Website
  3. As soon as I learnt about Mr Jones' dismissal I was shocked beyond belief, and my first reaction was it didn't make sense. The information available to me is limited, but in my personal opinion, the reasons stated by the school are inadequate, especially when they fired one of their most influential and important assets. The following is what I wrote weeks ago concerning the situation.... To Whom It May Concern: My time at the International School of Toulouse spanned a total of five years, covering both the IGCSE and IB examinations. During this time, Mr Jones proved himself to me as one of the biggest assets the school had to offer. The success of his students past and present is a clear indicator of his worth as a teacher, and I myself achieved the top grades in both the 2003 IGCSE and 2005 IB history exams. He brought a number of other teachers and scholars from around the world to speak to us as students, and involved us in a wide range of Internet based learning programs. He used a variety of teaching techniques, including presentations, group learning, and school trips, which is not something a lot of my other teachers could claim. His lessons and advice on how to write essays have proven invaluable to myself as I further my education at the University of Sheffield in the UK. No other teacher, in my experience at IST, offered the same level of advice, teaching and approachability as Mr Jones. The International School of Toulouse, to my knowledge, has benefited greatly from Mr Jones' humanities website and involvement in international web-based programs, receiving funding and other resources. All in all, to me Mr Jones represents not only one of the school's most competent teachers, but also a pioneer in the use of information technology and international involvement in the classroom, something the school has continuously advertised as one of it's most important characteristics. Sincerely, Robin Webb As a side note, what I find even more interesting is that Mr Jones was not their first teacher involved with the unions to be removed from the school. It really makes you think. I have posted my support on the Student Education Forum and am in the process of writing letters to the board of administrators. I feel sorry for the current students at the IST as they have (temporarily) lost an incredibly influential teacher. I feel sorry for the future students too as they may never experience what I, and so many others, took for granted. But then I also feel sorry for Mr Jones, who I personally feel could go the distance with his teaching and projects, but is now held back unjustly by the school and by court cases, but mainly by one man. Without Mr Jones I would never have achieved the grades I did, and would never have been inspired to study History at university. The amount of support Mr Jones is receiving doesn't suprise me, and the only way I can see this getting resolved is by spreading the word, and pubicising the case. All I can say is good luck and I'll be doing what I can to make sure this issue gets resolved.
  4. I was born in Stevenage, England, but moved to Princeton, New Jersey at the age of 4. After nine years in America my family moved to Toulouse and I attended The International School of Toulouse from Year 9 to Year 13, taking both the IGCSE and IB exams. I am now in my second year at the University of Sheffield studying History and Politics. My hobbies include playing both ice hockey and lacrosse.
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