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  1. Good questions. I can't see what else Newman and his researchers would have to pursue legal battles about, other than documentation - trying to get some they've heard about, trying to get material unredacted that has been redacted, asking people to search for further documentation on stuff they've already heard about, or that they suspect things about. It doesn't have to just be court documents - although they could be. But they could also be HSCA records, CIA documentation, FBI materials, or who knows what. Beats me. Depends entirely on what's in the documents, what's
  2. Newman noted in a discussion under his Facebook posts that a legal battle for additional documents, presumably through FOIA, is underway right now.
  3. I'll have more to say on this topic within the next week or two. Vince was right about a number of things from this period.
  4. I found it interesting to read William Davey’s article on Walter Sheridan, NBC, and the Garrison case. That article at Kennedys and King is here: https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/shoot-him-down-nbc-the-cia-and-jim-garrison Davey concludes his article by noting that NBC was, by all accounts, working with the CIA from 1967 onwards to discredit Garrison’s case. In the four months prior to the Garrison trial, another person was stationed at NBC. Edward Jay Epstein. As part of his doctoral dissertation for Harvard, Epstein did a tour of the major networks, some of
  5. This article popped up while I was looking at other stuff. It's an unsigned story from the Los Angeles Times, published on October 18th, 1963. Allen Dulles is bothered about Soviet spy exchanges and has decided that week to share his misgivings with the author. The story covers six short paragraphs, yet Dulles is quoted directly in just one sentence, noting that "..innocent American travelers" might be accused of spying by the Russians. The story goes on to note how Americans in the Soviet Union who have never been involved in espionage might be arrested, and Dulles is bothered by this. D
  6. Epstein's professor for some years at Harvard in the late 60's and very early 70's - when Epstein was writing the Ph.D that was eventually published as News from Nowhere: Television and the News - was Edward C. Banfield. Banfield, a friend of Leo Strauss when they were both at the University of Chicago, can glibly be described as the racist academic who was later celebrated by the American Enterprise Institute. Banfield later served as an advisor to Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan. Two of Banfield's other students, Christopher DeMuth and Bruce Kovner, later served at leading figures (preside
  7. I haven't listed to it, but if you scroll down the link, Ed Haslam recently did a podcast with Kris Millegan on the book. It's episode six. https://trineday.com/blogs/trineday-podcast
  8. This is the most diverting line to me so far. "discussing US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's approval of a plan concerning US presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering US elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server."
  9. Really good article. And RAND came up a lot in some of the stuff I've looked at over the last year or two with the guys from CSIS, neocons, and all those disparate groups. Insofar in that, whenever I'd do a Google search to find out who was who at some conference somewhere, when people were typically gathering to discuss how the Cold War needed to keep going and can we get some more weapons contacts for Lockheed etc - frequently some obscure guy would turn out to have spent time at RAND before he moved elsewhere, or he'd moved from some think tank or science board direct into working with RAND
  10. I think Trump’s knowledge of deep secrets regarding the event is zero, and the whole subject came to his attention the fortnight of the original scheduled releases. He agreed to everything being released as it seemed like a popular response, then on the day, when greeted with various ‘We can’t release these, Mr President!’ messages and excuses and explanations, he responded with annoyance and a shrug, and agreed to the new plans simply as that was what so many advisors were urging. If the endless date-extensions and excuses for not releasing things became a big public issue, he might have
  11. That’s a helpful list, with quite a few titles I’m keen to read. Thank you.
  12. Larry - I just ordered NEXUS for my Kindle, as a prelude to reading your new work next month. Looking forward to digging in to both. I did read an edition of SWHT some years back - if you think there's any other pieces of yours I should make an effort to look at before reading your imminent monograph I'm happy to have a look. Thank you.
  13. Hey, I never called Bob a kook, I just said I hoped he wears his jester outfit again because it was funny the last time he did it. Bob has been helpful on this board with PDF scans. And the incongruous news stories that pop up with distraught quotes from county personnel as Bob wins another vote somewhere and pops up for work wearing the full jester get up are good value if you’re into sending screenshots of these stories to friends for laughs, which I am.
  14. Hopefully Bob will wear his jester outfit when he put together his campaign ad.
  15. No problem Ron. CSIS is discussed in this thread. You also posted in it, but it was some months back. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/26438-spy-vs-spy-the-bay-of-pigs-and-the-battle-for-the-soul-of-the-cia/ Ichord does pop up in Watergate literature (Googling 'Richard Ichord Watergate' brings up a number of links). His obituary gives more details about him. He was a fervent anticommunist. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1992/12/26/former-rep-richard-h-ichord-jr-66-dies/b916cc2b-e2b9-448d-a784-848b716e68d0/ I might start a new thread at some point
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