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  1. All this stuff is dotted throughout Walt’s full published chronology, but it’s so, so long - including all the supplementary volumes, it’s easily several times the length of RECLAIMING HISTORY - most people will never finish reading it. At the end of Volume 4 Walt includes a roughly 200 page summary of how he thinks the entire plot went down, including a lengthy Q&A discussing elements of the assassinstion from questions sent in by subscribers to his mag. I’ve browsed the summary without reading it from start to finish as I felt I should read the whole chronology first, but each of the four main ebooks takes around a month to read, so with a life and a family I’ve never hit volume 4. Just to mention for those unfamiliar with his ebooks (which I suspect few here are now), book 1 is the years and months before the assassination, book 2 is the weekend of JFK’s death, book 3 covers the Warren Commission and book 4 covers the media, HSCA, AARB and researchers up to the present day. The supplementary volumes have titles like ‘Dealey Plaza Perceptions’, ‘Motorcade Witnesses’, ‘Jack Ruby’, ‘Medical Evidence’ and so on, and are heavily annotated with essays and chapters by Walt. They’re all on Amazon, and the Word doc. CD that Walt sells is beneficial as you can correct the frequent spelling errors and typos that pop up in his self-published manuscript.
  2. Anthony Thorne

    Strategy of tension

    Happy to help. Here’s the Wikipedia page on the guy who directed the Gladio documentary, Allan Francovich. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allan_Francovich They call him a conspiracy theorist in the opening paragraph, then blandly note his death during transit through George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas. Francovich had earlier directed a film on the Lockerbie disaster. At Deep Politics Forum, a regular there (and I sadly forget who) mentioned the background to Francovich’s film, c/o her experience with the BBC and Channel 4. The documentary was done by an external production company led by Francovich and reportedly flew somewhat under the radar right up to the day of screening. The content likely raised a few eyebrows, or worse. Some more articles and essays of interest - all found under the umbrella of the Gladio site linked earlier. Richard J Aldrich’s study of the early work of William Donovan and others, OSS, CIA AND EUROPEAN UNITY: THE AMERICAN COMMITTEE ON UNITED EUROPE, 1948-60. https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/pais/people/aldrich/publications/oss_cia_united_europe_eec_eu.pdf A 1975 Washington Post article, THE CIA IS LINKED TO EUROPEAN UNITY FUNDING GROUPS. http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/White Files/Security-CIA/CIA 1276.pdf The defunct Operation Gladio site’s still active Scribd document upload page, with numerous foreign language parliamentary reports (Italian, Belgian etc) into Gladio’s activities. https://www.scribd.com/user/189925876/Operation-Gladio/uploads A 1959 report by the Italian military Secret Service, SIFAR, on Gladio, which is named a few pages in. https://www.scribd.com/document/114791703/590601-Report-by-the-Italian-Military-Secret-Service-SIFAR-on-Operation-Gladio A 1995 Italian parliamentary report into terrorism in Italy (obviously in Italian). https://www.scribd.com/document/114807817/Parliamentary-Investigation-into-Terrorism-in-Italy-1995 A declassified 1953 CIA file confirming the establishment of a ‘stay behind’ Gladio branch in Germany. https://www.scribd.com/document/147362686/Declassified-CIA-file-Review-of-KIBITZ-15-net-19-January-1953 Stephen Lang’s long 2010 article THE ORIGINS OF THE CIA AND THE NON-STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT OF U.S POLITICAL WARFARE, 1946-47. https://www.scribd.com/document/243466753/Steven-Long-The-Origins-of-the-CIA-and-the-Non-Strategic-Development-of-U-S-Political-Warfare-1946-47-49th-Parallel-2010 A long US government translation of a 1960 DER SPIEGEL article on European terrorism. https://www.scribd.com/document/228511555/Death-Comes-by-Mail-United-States-Joint-Research-Publication-Service-1-April-1960 Prime Minister Andreotti’s 1990 report on Gladio for the Italian senate. https://www.scribd.com/document/114796268/Report-by-Italian-Prime-Minister-Giulio-Andreotti-to-the-Stragi-Commission-of-the-Italian-Senate-Oct-1990 1952 CIA report discussing the hiring of a proposed team leader for German stay behind groups. https://www.scribd.com/document/146582589/Declassified-CIA-file-RUES-Dr-Jur-Hans-Erich Mario Del Perro’s essay THE UNITED STATES AND PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE IN ITALY, 1948-1955. https://www.scribd.com/document/142202985/Mario-Del-Pero-The-United-States-and-Psychological-Warfare A striking March 1973 letter from James Angleton detailing a CIA training program for ‘foreign police/security personnel’, giving the latter groups training in bomb manufacture, ostensibly to help in unspecified future ‘investigations’. Note - Gladio activities in Europe were running at a peak through this period, from memory. https://www.scribd.com/document/207339114/Letter-from-James-Jesus-Angleton-29-Mar-1973 Susan Perlman’s 2006 thesis SHOCK THERAPY: THE UNITED STATES ANTI-COMMUNIST PSYCHOLOGICAL CAMPAIGN IN FOURTH REPUBLIC FRANCE. https://www.scribd.com/document/142202286/Shock-Therapy-The-United-States-Anti-Communist-Psychological-Campaign-in-Fourth-Republic-France-2006 I’m sure I’m missing a few, but that’s enough for now. Just as a final note, Andrew Cockburn’s biography of Donald Rumsfeld has an interesting aside where it notes what Donald Rumsfeld got up to in Belgium as NATO ambassador in the early 70’s, through the same period that the anti communist Gladio bombings and attacks were (according to at least one of the books I’ve cited) being run by NATO out of Belgium. He struck up a long, ongoing friendship with Paul Nitze - one of the leading anti communist figures, based on his career - who happened to be over there at the time. Nitze and Rumsfeld, among a few other likeminded souls, would sit together on the 70’s incarnation of the Committee on the Present Danger a few years later.
  3. Anthony Thorne

    Strategy of tension

    The two good English language books on Gladio are NATO’S SECRET ARMIES and Philip Willan’s THE PUPPETMASTERS. Both are heavily researched and footnoted. Cottrell’s book isn’t particularly well footnoted or referenced at all, sadly. Willan also later published a book on the CIA, the Vatican and the Calvi murder that I gather acts as a semi sequel to his Gladio volume. I’ll just throw in the additional observation that Willan has been an Italian regional correspondent for THE TIMES, THE GUARDIAN and a few other publications for some decades, lives in Rome, speaks the language and refers to a lot of primary sources, so his stuff is not to be sneezed st. There was an English language European-based website on Gladio, with probably the biggest online collection of PDF’s and primary sources and articles, active up until a couple of years ago. They had a lot of good stuff. I think it’s gone now but I think a lot of it is still reachable through Internet Archive. I’ll search around and post a link. [Added below] The YouTube documentary above is good. The guy who made it later suffered a heart attack while being questioned in customs at George Bush International Airport. There’s some solid threads on both him and Gladio at Deep Politics Forum. Paul L. Williams also has a Gladio book out, and his volume has the most Amazon reviews. I strongly suspect his volume was given a push as it gently misdirects from some of the more overt CIA links and brings in a Mafia did it thesis instead. Perhaps I’m wrong. He earlier wrote near Fox News style propaganda fear mongering about Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, then switched to deep politics with the Gladio book and a newer title called THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM. It all feels a bit too convenient. Edit - here’s the European site on Gladio. If you dig through the site they might have those PDF’s still there. There were several on the early days of the Stay Behind groups formative years that I thought were worth reading. https://web.archive.org/web/20160728174832/http://operation-gladio.net Some of those primary sources were later collated, with commentary, by UK researcher Tom Secker. That anthology is here. http://www.investigatingtheterror.com/documents/files/gladiodocs.pdf And probably also pertinent - Secker put together an annotated document on Northwoods. Here’s the link for that one. http://www.investigatingtheterror.com/documents/files/northwoodsdocs.pdf Three PDF’s by Ganser on Gladio are here. http://blueshift.nu/doc/DanieleGanser_Terrorism_in_Western_Europe.pdf http://www.journalof911studies.com/resources/2014GanserVol39May.pdf http://goodtimesweb.org/covert-operations/2014/PublishedVersionGanserBritishinSwitzerlandStayBehindArmies.pdf And, worth reading, a long interview with Francesco Cossiga, Italian president during the latter Gladio years. https://www.gla.ac.uk/media/media_191039_en.pdf
  4. Anthony Thorne

    A Lie Too Big To Fail by Lisa Pease

    The Kindle version has just now been released, and you can read the opening of the book on the Amazon page. I'll start reading it tonight.
  5. Anthony Thorne

    A Lie Too Big To Fail by Lisa Pease

    The Illuminati aren't involved but yeah, I get my Kindle version soon as well. Looking forward to reading it. It was heavily discounted on Amazon a few days ago and may still be, but was the #1 political history volume on their chart. This surely means it's time for the Guardian to drag out an unrelated RFK story or profile of Sirhan to muddy the Google algorithms for a few weeks.
  6. David Ivry, an Israeli air commander involved in the attack, became the Israeli ambassador to the US in the late 90’s, and receives a thank you from Dick Cheney in Cheney’s autobiography for helping the administration ‘get rid of Saddam’. At the onset of the Iraq war, Ivry left public service to become the Vice President of Boeing International.
  7. Anthony Thorne

    News from John Newman

    John says the book should be available to purchase in around three weeks.
  8. Anthony Thorne

    Long-Lost Garrison Files to Be Released

    Thanks for the response Don, I’ll have a watch of that video.
  9. Anthony Thorne

    Long-Lost Garrison Files to Be Released

    I also saw this story, and found it odd - which seems par for the course with some of these alternative news sites. Barbour has 'announced his intention to release long-suppressed files'. Why not just release them, rather than saying you're going to release them? It's a bit like if a member here wrote a post in this thread about how they intended to write a post in this thread. 'Barbour was drawn in by the very first file he read, which was David Ferrie's admission that he was affiliated with the CIA'. So why not post the details, rather than summarising it in ten words? Was it an interview transcript with Ferrie? Who did the interview? What else did Ferrie discuss? Did Garrison or anyone else comment about the matter in print? Seriously - these are questions that occur to me thirty seconds after reading the story. Article author Donald Jeffries wrote the HIDDEN HISTORY volume and would be aware of the importance of this sort of info. Yet he skips past the Ferrie assertion and moves on to mentioning Donald Trump in the next paragraph, and then discussing Barbour's career in general. Huh? Maybe Barbour plans a gradual release of the files simply as he has to chuck each one into a scanner to make a PDF for each document, and then post it. That would take a while with 67 boxes, which would explain why he's announcing that he's going to do something with them. Fair enough. MFF are set up to do this stuff. John really should pass them onto those guys, and get them to name it the Barbour/Garrison collection or something.
  10. Anthony Thorne

    THE INHERITANCE: fantastic book on the JFK assassination

    I'm assuming Christopher Fulton doesn't personally remember the two excerpts I quoted. And making up stuff - like Clinton personally urging the ARRB to bury evidence, spurred by a quoted CIA daily brief that never existed - won't lead to much understanding. That fictional CIA daily brief described on page 11 of the book concludes with the name of a - again presumably fictional - CIA project name encompassing the agency's efforts to bury the evidence apparently detailed in THE INHERITANCE. I was going to quote that fictional project name, to ponder whether unwary researchers in future would be wasting limited FOIA time and resources to find out more about it - but you've now excluded that page from the Amazon preview. Fair enough.
  11. Anthony Thorne

    THE INHERITANCE: fantastic book on the JFK assassination

    Kris, Trine Day publishes a lot of great stuff. I own a dozen or more of your books. You say THE INHERITANCE is personal testimony. Was the guy sitting in the corner of the room when Louis Freeh was speaking gruffly to a subordinate? You suggest we look at the documents. Is Clinton’s alleged conference call to all former living Presidents, and his battle plan involving the ARRB, recorded on any document? The issue is that you’ve told us at the outset that parts of the narrative are fabricated, and then wished us luck as we sift through which parts are bullxxxx and which parts might actually be real. If researchers cite Clinton’s anti-JFK research call to his cohorts in future as an actual occurrence, they’ll need to add a footnote, “(CAUTION - This might never have happened).” This doesn’t happen too often in credible JFK research books, for reasons you can probably imagine. I get that the author was probably hoping for a big book tour or movie deal - on his website, he mentions how he nominated himself for the Pulitzer Prize - but I’m frankly not looking for fiction in my JFK research volumes at the moment.
  12. Anthony Thorne

    THE INHERITANCE: fantastic book on the JFK assassination

    The parts I quoted are fiction. I dunno why anyone would want to screw up a decent JFK book with stuff the author had made up out of thin air, but there you go. I’m not expecting much. Mal Hyman’s book will hopefully be out soon.
  13. Anthony Thorne

    THE INHERITANCE: fantastic book on the JFK assassination

    From page 11 of the book - Immediately after this, there's a paragraph where President Clinton, sitting in the Oval Office, reads a CIA morning brief that refers to the JFK assassination. We get a dramatic half page block of text from Clinton's morning brief - we never find out how the author has obtained the text of it, as no documents are referenced or footnoted - and the brief alerts the President that classified materials have been given to a private citizen. The assassination materials 'require above top secret classification', the whole thing is a 'national security concern', and there's a special CIA code name given in the text, so the spooks can more easily discuss the matter without insiders learning what they've just written in that morning's brief to the POTUS. Alarmed, President Clinton gets on the phone and calls up all the still living previous Presidents - GHWB, Reagan, Carter and Ford - to tell them what he's just read in the PDB. Having heard the news, Bush Sr then tells Clinton to order the ARRB to meet with the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the National Archives, to figure out how to keep a lid on the whole thing. Clinton agrees and tells the whole gang that he'll keep them posted. I'm disappointed that the book doesn't tell us what Reagan's reaction was to the news, as I'm sure it was juicy. Then I go back to the beginning of the book, and Trine Day publisher Kris Millegan has written Did Kris lose some sort of a bet before he sent the final proofs off to the printers?
  14. Anthony Thorne

    Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate and the CIA

    Shane, have you and John Newman been communicating your recent discoveries about Veciana to each other? I gather JN looks quite closely at Veciana in his imminent volume 3, INTO THE STORM.