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  1. No wonder Gelli scored an invite to Reagan’s inauguration. Birds of a feather etc
  2. Paul. Fair question. I’ll just say the notion seemed improbable from what I observed. Sharp and the Skyhorse editor have both spoken publicly about their commitment to bringing the book out. The volume was 99% finished when Albarelli passed, and required a last pass to tidy and add additional footnotes.
  3. David, re WTC7. There was also a less discussed fire that morning, at the Old Executive Office Building. Cheney’s office was there, Rumsfeld had used that building for several months during his Missile Commission with a few other PNAC members, and the building had been equipped with a crisis communications centre during the Iran Contra years. If you Google search ‘Old Executive Office Building Fire 9/11’ you can (or could) find several references to the event. I once did a post on DPF about it with several links. And WTC7 also had a crisis communications center on one floor that may have been in use before the tower dropped. So without having a crystal ball, there’s a possibility that both communications centres were in touch, before they each suffered a fire. At the OEOB, it coincided with an evacuation. At WTC7, it preceded the free fall of the whole building.
  4. Paul, I saw a listing a while back that had bumped the book from Feb to March, so let’s wait and see. The irksome thing about a three or four week delay of the book is that James Lateer at DPF uses every one of those to write a long post accusing Skyhorse of suppressing the book and Sharp as being a CIA asset. He’s done it five times now, maybe six, and this brief delay will probably cause a seventh.
  5. Looking at some stuff over the past few months, I developed the impression - and I'd have to spend an hour I don't have right now unfortunately to clearly elaborate why - that the guys at CSIS (the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank) were not unfamiliar with what was happening with Gladio. CSIS was founded some months before Kennedy was killed in 1963, CSIS was in Italy in the late 70's with various spooks and rightwing types publishing articles pushing for a coup in Italy, and CSIS had Michael Ledeen as an active member. And there are numerous articles around noting that Ledeen did know Licio Gelli personally. But the line of evidence that made me go "hmmmmm" is longer than what I've written here. Albarelli's co-author and good pal Leslie Sharp did the final polish on Albarelli's book some months ago and posted a pic of the completed manuscript around the same time. So unless civlilization collapses due to the Coronavirus over the coming months, we should see the book soon.
  6. Paul. On Googling it I see Lemnitzer was a member of at least one group alongside a close Gelli associate from Italy, Mario Pedini. I can’t remember if I read before that LL and Gelli were in another group together. So possibly Lem was floating around P2 members here and there, but not Gelli himself.
  7. Newman did a post noting how interesting it was that Lemnitzer was a proud Freemason. And Lemnitzer was - in a biography of the guy the author notes how Lemnitzer proudly displayed his Masonic ring when having an official photo taken. So I noted how funny it was that Lemnitzer later hung out with Licio Gelli, the P2 head who was heavily linked through various associates to Gladio. When Licio Gelli passed away the headlines read LICIO GELLI, FREEMASON LINKED TO CONSPIRACIES, DIES. Newman agreed it was all interesting stuff and said he was on the case. So I’m keen to read book 4.
  8. I’m just going to wait until book 4 is out, then read the first three volumes again, as I’ll likely have forgotten what is in them by late 2021. Judging by a thread JN posted on Facebook, he’s just as occupied now with Lemnitzer as he is with all the Veciana stuff, so book 4 will hopefully show what he thinks was going on.
  9. I was getting similar vibes, which is probably why I didn't investigate further.
  10. I think I saw his JFK book on Amazon at one point, and noted that he was one of the very few self-published JFK authors who was making an effort to look at new documents, but I didn't investigate his work any further. Here's his homepage. https://www.collectivepsych.com He has multiple books to his name, including one on 9/11 - Implosion - which has this note on his home page So maybe he's thinking of revisiting his JFK book. The page for his JFK volume has some commentary noting 'important revelations since the book was published', so possibly he'll revise that text. Though those revelations are mostly various strangers - plus James Files - getting in touch with him and telling him dramatic stories. His most recent book, ECOCIDE, is about global warming and was published a week ago. I'm guessing if you contacted him at his home page he'd probably respond.
  11. That link above works for me too. It’s the old ‘Welcome to the Deep Politics Forum’ page with the enter button that goes nowhere. But nice to see the site back.
  12. It’s not up for me and hasn’t been for a few days.
  13. I think pretty much across the board, the general rule of thumb is, anyone who helps or supports a major government conspiracy gets lauded, feted and promoted after the event.
  14. Trine Day has multiple good books and multiple 'cash cows' depending on the mood and season. When Bilderberg hits the news they end up selling a bunch of Daniel Estelin books on that topic. And when Frank Olson was covered in an Errol Morris documentary they sold more copies of HP Albarelli's book on that topic than usual. And Kris Millegan was probably too busy to think about it, but if he'd been on the ball Trine Day could have probably shifted a bunch more copies of Peter Levenda's Sinister Forces trilogy if they'd promoted the Manson stuff that floats through all those volumes alongside the release of Tarantino's fictitious rewrite of the Manson story in ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. I've read Walt Brown's disgusted coverage of Baker's books and understand that Baker writes junk for profit, but what can you do? If I go to the Trine Day site, scroll to the bottom, and then scroll back up and count the good to very good books that are solid works of coverage or research that I think are respectable contributions to their various fields, I can see at least 35 books that I either know or have read about enough to know are pretty good, and there's another near dozen that I know nothing about that are probably still legit. This leaves about ten or twelve books (including Baker's) that I suspect, or know, are junk. So maybe Kris Millegan isn't picky. Who knows? Either way, there weren't too many other publishers who were going out of their way to reprint Henrik Kruger's THE GREAT HEROIN COUP or Ari Ben Menashe's PROFITS OF WAR. The former was a book from the late 70's but Kris even got Kruger to write a new contemporary chapter for the book. Is anyone at CAPA surprised that Baker is doing Baker stuff at her conference? She's a shifty woman and you wouldn't want to trust her with much. But you could also note that the mainstream TV networks in the US, ABC, CBS and NBC, have perpetuated more lies and junk about the JFK assassination than Baker cumulatively will across her entire life. On the anniversary of the 50th, some of them basically played disingenuous bullsh*t for 24 hours straight - or maybe it was for the whole week. You wouldn't want to trust those networks with anything much important either, but if one of the networks offered a researcher 30 minutes or an hour to talk uninterrupted to their audience, should the researcher turn it down because it somehow legitimises the crap the network peddled earlier? Beats me. Maybe some would say that they should. If a researcher ends up talking to the crowd at Baker's festival, maybe they should gently refuse to endorse or discuss Baker's tale about how she once took Lee Harvey out on a couple of dates. That would be fair enough. But by and large I imagine the crowd that turned up at Baker's festival to hear various speakers talk aren't really there because they think that Baker's thwarted love life is a huge, ongoing national security issue. They're there because they think the fact a good President got whacked and the media and government covered it up after the event is something that should make people angry. At least I'm guessing that's why they're there. Maybe I'm wrong. Baker wants to make money and she's discovered that the best way to sell her books is to build a small publicity empire on the back of more legitimate researchers, so she can sell herself as an important figure and move more copies of ME AND LEE. I fully understand why people wish things were different, and wish that she wasn't doing this, but she is, and probably isn't going to stop unless the research community hires Michael Palin from A FISH CALLED WANDA to drop a piano on her head, or if she passes away in the throes of a torrid romance with Jim Fetzer in the back of a taxi. Since she's going to so much trouble to arrange a speaking venue, sell tickets, and get members of the public interested in the assassination to walk through the gate, researchers should probably just say "Thanks Judy" and then basically ignore her while they talk to the crowd she's hustled up.
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