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    A Lie Too Big To Fail by Lisa Pease

    The Kindle version has just now been released, and you can read the opening of the book on the Amazon page. I'll start reading it tonight.
  2. Anthony Thorne

    A Lie Too Big To Fail by Lisa Pease

    The Illuminati aren't involved but yeah, I get my Kindle version soon as well. Looking forward to reading it. It was heavily discounted on Amazon a few days ago and may still be, but was the #1 political history volume on their chart. This surely means it's time for the Guardian to drag out an unrelated RFK story or profile of Sirhan to muddy the Google algorithms for a few weeks.
  3. David Ivry, an Israeli air commander involved in the attack, became the Israeli ambassador to the US in the late 90’s, and receives a thank you from Dick Cheney in Cheney’s autobiography for helping the administration ‘get rid of Saddam’. At the onset of the Iraq war, Ivry left public service to become the Vice President of Boeing International.
  4. Michele Metta's JFK book was recently published and is available on Amazon now.https://www.amazon.com/ITALIAN-UNDER...=Michele+mettaIt runs for 164 pages and includes the (Italian language) CMC documentation in the back of the volume. The Amazon preview arbitrarily doesn't show the contents page, but offers a preview of the opening chapter. The translation looks pretty good and - happily - the book is heavily footnoted, which is a big plus in any volume discussing political events from that region and that era. UK author Richard Cottrell wrote a fat book on Gladio several years back. It was barely footnoted at all and jumbled together lots of undocumented assertions. UK journalist Robin Ramsay was less than impressed.Metta's book is now on my get list, I'll be curious to see further reviews of it.
  5. Anthony Thorne

    News from John Newman

    John says the book should be available to purchase in around three weeks.
  6. Anthony Thorne

    Long-Lost Garrison Files to Be Released

    Thanks for the response Don, I’ll have a watch of that video.
  7. Anthony Thorne

    Long-Lost Garrison Files to Be Released

    I also saw this story, and found it odd - which seems par for the course with some of these alternative news sites. Barbour has 'announced his intention to release long-suppressed files'. Why not just release them, rather than saying you're going to release them? It's a bit like if a member here wrote a post in this thread about how they intended to write a post in this thread. 'Barbour was drawn in by the very first file he read, which was David Ferrie's admission that he was affiliated with the CIA'. So why not post the details, rather than summarising it in ten words? Was it an interview transcript with Ferrie? Who did the interview? What else did Ferrie discuss? Did Garrison or anyone else comment about the matter in print? Seriously - these are questions that occur to me thirty seconds after reading the story. Article author Donald Jeffries wrote the HIDDEN HISTORY volume and would be aware of the importance of this sort of info. Yet he skips past the Ferrie assertion and moves on to mentioning Donald Trump in the next paragraph, and then discussing Barbour's career in general. Huh? Maybe Barbour plans a gradual release of the files simply as he has to chuck each one into a scanner to make a PDF for each document, and then post it. That would take a while with 67 boxes, which would explain why he's announcing that he's going to do something with them. Fair enough. MFF are set up to do this stuff. John really should pass them onto those guys, and get them to name it the Barbour/Garrison collection or something.
  8. Anthony Thorne

    THE INHERITANCE: fantastic book on the JFK assassination

    I'm assuming Christopher Fulton doesn't personally remember the two excerpts I quoted. And making up stuff - like Clinton personally urging the ARRB to bury evidence, spurred by a quoted CIA daily brief that never existed - won't lead to much understanding. That fictional CIA daily brief described on page 11 of the book concludes with the name of a - again presumably fictional - CIA project name encompassing the agency's efforts to bury the evidence apparently detailed in THE INHERITANCE. I was going to quote that fictional project name, to ponder whether unwary researchers in future would be wasting limited FOIA time and resources to find out more about it - but you've now excluded that page from the Amazon preview. Fair enough.
  9. Anthony Thorne

    THE INHERITANCE: fantastic book on the JFK assassination

    Kris, Trine Day publishes a lot of great stuff. I own a dozen or more of your books. You say THE INHERITANCE is personal testimony. Was the guy sitting in the corner of the room when Louis Freeh was speaking gruffly to a subordinate? You suggest we look at the documents. Is Clinton’s alleged conference call to all former living Presidents, and his battle plan involving the ARRB, recorded on any document? The issue is that you’ve told us at the outset that parts of the narrative are fabricated, and then wished us luck as we sift through which parts are bullxxxx and which parts might actually be real. If researchers cite Clinton’s anti-JFK research call to his cohorts in future as an actual occurrence, they’ll need to add a footnote, “(CAUTION - This might never have happened).” This doesn’t happen too often in credible JFK research books, for reasons you can probably imagine. I get that the author was probably hoping for a big book tour or movie deal - on his website, he mentions how he nominated himself for the Pulitzer Prize - but I’m frankly not looking for fiction in my JFK research volumes at the moment.
  10. Anthony Thorne

    THE INHERITANCE: fantastic book on the JFK assassination

    The parts I quoted are fiction. I dunno why anyone would want to screw up a decent JFK book with stuff the author had made up out of thin air, but there you go. I’m not expecting much. Mal Hyman’s book will hopefully be out soon.
  11. Anthony Thorne

    THE INHERITANCE: fantastic book on the JFK assassination

    From page 11 of the book - Immediately after this, there's a paragraph where President Clinton, sitting in the Oval Office, reads a CIA morning brief that refers to the JFK assassination. We get a dramatic half page block of text from Clinton's morning brief - we never find out how the author has obtained the text of it, as no documents are referenced or footnoted - and the brief alerts the President that classified materials have been given to a private citizen. The assassination materials 'require above top secret classification', the whole thing is a 'national security concern', and there's a special CIA code name given in the text, so the spooks can more easily discuss the matter without insiders learning what they've just written in that morning's brief to the POTUS. Alarmed, President Clinton gets on the phone and calls up all the still living previous Presidents - GHWB, Reagan, Carter and Ford - to tell them what he's just read in the PDB. Having heard the news, Bush Sr then tells Clinton to order the ARRB to meet with the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the National Archives, to figure out how to keep a lid on the whole thing. Clinton agrees and tells the whole gang that he'll keep them posted. I'm disappointed that the book doesn't tell us what Reagan's reaction was to the news, as I'm sure it was juicy. Then I go back to the beginning of the book, and Trine Day publisher Kris Millegan has written Did Kris lose some sort of a bet before he sent the final proofs off to the printers?
  12. Anthony Thorne

    Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate and the CIA

    Shane, have you and John Newman been communicating your recent discoveries about Veciana to each other? I gather JN looks quite closely at Veciana in his imminent volume 3, INTO THE STORM.
  13. I’m curious about the Mossad angle and will read Metta’s book when I can. Thomas Suarez’s recent STATE OF TERROR: HOW TERRORISM CREATED MODERN ISRAEL is probably the most academically respectable - though still controversial - study on how right-wing elements in Israel used Gladio-style tactics here and there to achieve various goals. Suarez dug into various archives and has a bunch of sympathetic academics giving his volume a good review. It’ll possibly be worthwhile to compare the timeline in that book with the stuff that Metta has dug up. I’d really like to learn more about what Harvey was up to over there through those years though. I asked Philip Willan, who wrote the Gladio study PUPPETMASTERS, if much new stuff had been dug up on Harvey over the past decade or two, and he said a little bit, but not much. Willan has been at work on a book about the Aldo Moro assassination for some years now, which has its own links to the Italian groups mentioned above, and he called it “the Mount Everest of Italian conspiracies..” http://state-of-terror.net/
  14. Anthony Thorne

    John Newman on Samuel Halpern

    The thoughtful follow up comments are worth a read. JOAN MELLEN - WILLIAM KELLY - LEE SHEPHERD - JOHN NEWMAN - TED RUBINSTEIN - JOHN NEWMAN - RIF 104-10310-10119 is titled MEMORANDUM: INTERVIEW BY SENATE COMMITTEE INVESTIGATORS and contains Ford's comments at length. It's here. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=12643
  15. A five star review of the book has appeared from a poster (not me, I haven't read it yet) on Goodreads -
  16. Anthony Thorne

    The Skorzeny Papers reviewed by Michael LeFlem

    Just as Russell did a blurb of praise for the Ganis book, he's also lent his support to an upcoming JFK book from Trine Day - Christopher Fulton's THE INHERITANCE - which purports to reveal earth-shaking revelations pertaining to the JFK assassination from papers given to Evelyn Lincoln, then passed down to some guy in Canada. http://trineday.com/paypal_store/product_pages/9781634242172-The_INHERITANCE/index.html I'm personally not expecting any of these volumes advertising previously unseen, privately-held documents to be of much use to researchers of the case.
  17. I’ve never found the JFK assassination to be Ramsey’s strong point. I think I have an earlier edition of that book, which uses the Madeline Brown heresay story as ‘proof’ that LBJ was the kingpin behind JFK’s death. I saw the Dorrill reference archived on Ramsey’s site, but was unfamiliar with RR’s later repetition of the commentary in WHO SHOT JFK? I hope Metta’s new volume gets the attention it deserves.
  18. If Ramsey made those dumb comments about Paese Sera, he’s way off target. I know Paese Sera is respected. Didn’t Dario Argento write film reviews for it before his directorial career? i mentioned the documentation was Italian-language as a heads up for any reader unaware who might have suspected otherwise. Ramsey has frequently attacked books for not including sufficient footnotes or documentation. In my Tweet to him I stressed this volume does not have that problem. I’m looking forward to reading the book.
  19. Great - let us know what you think of it Paul. I've mentioned it to Robin Ramsay as well, so he may cover it in future.
  20. Anthony Thorne

    Robert Morrow's updated Box of JFK assassination books

    Robert Morrow told me a few years back that he thought he had a copy of Peter Dale Scott's THE DALLAS CONSPIRACY lying around and was prepared to scan it. I contacted Peter and asked if he was okay if it was put online. Peter thought about it then said yes, so long as he could write a brief introduction for the volume. I said no problem, of course you can, then Robert got back to me and said he couldn't find his copy of that manuscript anymore. If anyone is still in touch with Robert let him know the interest is still there and Peter has given his approval if there's still a copy lying around.
  21. Anthony Thorne

    Skull and Bones and the Assassination of JFK

    Trine Day's book about Skull and Bones - FLESHING OUT SKULL AND BONES - is a decent read, but may be out of print, I'm not sure. This thread reminds me I need to read that John Allen Stern book about Jackson that came out not too long ago. We could use more volumes about those figures, I think.
  22. Anthony Thorne

    Surprised there is no discussion on this

    Jones has become even more of a bizarre tabloid jerk than usual over the past few years. He used to invite a lot of semi-credible researchers on (say a decade or so ago), and I'm fairly sure Peter Dale Scott, Jim Marrs, Joan Mellen and others were interviewed. Scott was interviewed a few times, and allowed to talk at length, with Jones simply adding an "Hmm hmm.. oh really.. okay.." as Scott discussed some topic at length. Then Jones went off the deep end and ramped up the tabloid discussion. Intentionally, I feel. There was always a tabloid element to the show. He decided (or was asked - he gets funding from various places) to push things into the realms of the bizarre. Some of those realms involves taking real conspiracies and dwelling on them in the most tabloid way possible. At other times he'll push stuff that is purely cloud cuckoo. David Icke and his theories about the global elites being descended from lizards, as an example. Jesse Ventura interviewed Icke for the second or third series of his CONSPIRACY THEORY TV show, and it went as badly as you'd probably expect, with Ventura simply asking what the hell Icke thought he was talking about. Others could probably analyse why Jones has decided to do this in a smarter way than I could. I can see a few different possibilities, but wouldn't care to pick one at the moment. But the quote discussed here, about him 'getting' Mueller, possibly has to be viewed in the context of the clip embedded in the Newsweek article up top. Ennio Morricone's music from THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY starts up. Jones then says, 'politically, this is high noon!', and pretends to be a gunslinger from the movie. He's not miming pointing an assault rifle at Mueller and committing an ugly crime. He's miming being some dopey cowboy wearing a Stetson hat and being quickest on the draw while the two of them stand off in the middle of the town square. All this is while Morricone's music plays on the soundtrack throughout the whole bit. If the music wasn't there and Jones had mimed aiming a rifle, I'd wonder if he was trying to be taken off the air. But the "I'm gonna get ya, kapow!" rant with Morricone's theme scoring him like the world's craziest Texan hero is hard to take too seriously. If he'd announced thereafter that he was going to get his best gal by his side and ride off into the sunset on his horse, it would have been in keeping with the rest of the rant. It's still a dumb thing to say about a former FBI director. Jones has also had John Williams' ominous Star Wars theme for Darth Vader - the one heard throughout THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - as the introductory musical theme of his show, depicting his struggle against the 'evil empire' while he sells his vitality pills and gregariously does dumb bits in-between interviews with various folk. I view his gunslinger comments about Mueller as just another bit. Although you'd think he'd understand it would be an unwise thing to say, whatever the context. Re the beyond weird Pizzagate allegations that have flowed through the mainstream media over the past year or two, there were credible - but weird - stories about abuse rings in the UK and UK, and odd goings on linking back to Jeffrey Epstein, Clinton (Bill) and a couple of royals on board various flights visiting Epstein's island for fun, and DAILY MAIL stories covering UK celebs bumping up against the Jimmy Saville cover-up in a weird way, but all those stories have long since been buried amid the gallons of crap peddled by Jones about Mueller and his cohorts in government kidnapping children by the dozens for satanic rituals and the like. So, again, Jones will take something that is 10% credible or based on a story about something that happened, then inflate it into a big fat tabloid balloon that he can float over the viewership. Some years back Jones was talking about doing a movie on the JFK assassination, and had interviewed Jim Marrs and some others for it. At this point I'm glad he never got that project off the ground.
  23. Anthony Thorne

    New book: At the Cold Shoulder of History

    The release date may change. It's a Trine Day volume but not currently listed on the Trine Day site, though I'm sure it will be eventually. Mal Hyman's JFK volume, which is on the Trine Day site, is listed for the same date. https://www.amazon.com/Burying-Lead-Media-JFK-Assassination/dp/1634241878/ref=pd_sbs_14_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=1634241878&pd_rd_r=cf8ce77d-a991-11e8-ab28-01ad97aa66bb&pd_rd_w=ZIMAZ&pd_rd_wg=OQsbZ&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=0bb14103-7f67-4c21-9b0b-31f42dc047e7&pf_rd_r=P0H56MHSNF09A7YDZVZ1&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&psc=1&refRID=P0H56MHSNF09A7YDZVZ1
  24. Chris Lightbown’s book is reportedly imminent, and due out in October. I’ll be getting it. It’s a hardcover, and the publisher has also scheduled a future paperback edition for next year, so I’m presuming it’s a real thing and we’ll be seeing it in October. Lightbown is a forum member from the Simkin days, and the book is called THE STRANGE DEATH OF JFK.