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    Media Coverage of the Assassination,Zfilm discussions, All things Disney,Tudor history, Titanic and her sister ships,Heraldry, Harry Potter,Lugosi, Mustelids, Classic Films, and Cuisines.

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  1. Please do not call anyone a Nazi on this forum. I removed it from both posts.
  2. Wonder if this starts a trend? "Kisses dictators' butts': Republican senator lambasts Trump in leaked call "In an audio call to his constituents, Republican Sen. Ben Sasse strongly criticized President Trump on an array of issues from the President's handling of foreign policy to US spending." https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/10/15/ben-sasse-trump-criticism-comments-raju-manu-vpx.cnn
  3. I heard the most interesting thing last night. You know how trump is saying he is "immune" to COVID now, and yet we have heard a couple of people have been reinfected? I found this puzzling-- that someone could be reinfected--thought the body would build resistance to it. Anyway, this guy was asked if trump could be immune, and he said that when we become ill we manufacture antibodies. However, in trump's case, he was given artificial antibodies so natural resistance was not developed. To top that, he was given sterioids to depress his body's ability to build up resistance. He may not b
  4. Due to the antics of one of our old members who changed his name , photo, biography, different IP, after being suspended,to return to membership on more than one occasion, and told us he would continue attempting to become a member, so we might as well let him stay, it was decided that we, for now, are not accepting anyone for membership. We apologize to anyone who has tried to join.
  5. Just an FYI-- If a word is banned, the system won't allow you to post it. Using fancy little scripts and numbers to get around using the banned word are just as bad. Cut it out.
  6. Sorry. I couldn't resist. The fly stayed on Pence's head for 2 minutes and 2 seconds.
  7. And put Secret Service Agents at risk just to drive the haters "to a new level of derangement". How asinine! Guy sure can't see past his own nose, can he? All the more reason to not be allowed to govern.
  8. Steve, Maybe I'd go along with that if he would've come out and told folks to wear or not to masks but him not, and said something like he was going to be available to the people--shake hands, get close--be approachable if they wanted him to be. Nope. He called it a hoax. It had nothing to do with who would die for who.
  9. So is this why he had superspreaders? https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2020/10/03/trump-walter-reed-treatment-president-regeneron-gilead-remdesivir/3610111001/ This info from 2017, but if they are making COVID drugs, do you think, in your wildest dreams, he was trying to pump up earnings for those companies?
  10. How the hell faking a virus is going to make Biden look weak is beyond me. You called the Corona Virus a hoax a few days ago, so Moore must be right, right? If it doesn't exist, trump and Melania must just be kickin' it. But trump hasn't even been tweeting on twitter, a platform which he loves. Trump had Pence do his gubernatorial call today. He is currently running a low grade fever and was given 8 gm of Regeneron, the new antibody thing they are testing. I am not happy when anyone doesn't feel well. You can feel awful with a low grade fever. I don't want him sick. I don't think
  11. Here's more and dated in August. This type of stuff is getting goofier and goofier.
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