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  1. New Article by John Armstrong

    How about a 24 hour moratorium on this thread, so folks can rethink what they want to discuss, and won't be so inclined to bash, or to repost their own posts just because they think someone hasn't seen it?
  2. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Hello there, everybody! This is just an FYI explaining why the thread is locked. There have been a couple posts made by someone who someone else, (who is, BTW, unable to post a response) says are untrue with respect to what was posted. We have received two reports and a couple threats too, just today. I can't seem to get a hold of the other Admins yet, so I'm locking this thing, so the post won't be reposted. I have stuff to do this weekend, and I'm sure the other Admins do too, so this, IMO, solves the problem. This thread was pinned because we got so many complaints, mostly from outside, that it should be pinned. Now, it is still on the top, of the forum, as well as the top of complaints, and .has been a real problem for the last couple years. Personally, I would be tickled pink if it were unpinned and relegated to the land where all good threads go.
  3. From their Facebook page: "There are issues with the server and the website is temporarily unavailable. Apologies for any inconvenience caused." https://www.facebook.com/Deep-Politics-Forum-99747181134/?hc_ref=ART1aduSiEbHVsbzyFmW2XnMgCL5oCwcA93s65HcHhUBQW-SwomV72e82FonMfITiHc&fref=nf
  4. Cliff, I have too. It just doesn't come up for me.
  5. Duncan has this thread pinned on his Forum: https://www.jfkassassinationforum.com/index.php/topic,14904.0.html And this is what he has said about it: "The issue of this forum redirecting to rogue websites has been solved. On searching any search engine for links to this forum, all jfkassassinationforum.com links which had been changed by the anonymous search engine exploiters, are now clean and free from redirection. Please test the forum search engine links for problems on any search engine of your choice, and please post a short report on this thread. I can guarentee that there will be no problems. This site is safe, Your computer's are safe, There was no DNS issue, There was no Forum Virus. For security reasons, I cannot reveal the solution, sorry. " Looks like it's taken care of.
  6. Yes, it's a very good Forum. Just be sure to go through the link directly: https://www.jfkassassinationforum.com.
  7. Cheese

    "This paper will no doubt be found interesting by those who take an interest in it." John Dalton
  8. Time Team

    I'm sure we could put up an Archaeology section, though.
  9. Time Team

    Evan, i don't think anyone has an outside source for this, aside from you tube, and we don't want any copyright infringements.
  10. Jim Marrs Has Passed Away

    How very, very sad. His was the first book i read on the Assassination. RIP, Jim.
  11. "Copyright It shouldn't be surprising that similar legal issues surround the online posting and distribution of copyrighted materials. The content providers (the performers, writers, artists, and retailers) want to protect their copyrighted materials. Many website operators also want to abide by copyright laws, but they're concerned about new laws that could stifle the dynamic growth of the Internet. Online bulleting boards make it especially easy for someone to upload a song, story or image to a bulletin board. The bulletin board operator then stores the digital file, and someone can come along and download the file. Generally, the bulletin board operator is liable for violations of copyright laws. Clearly, the poster is also liable for copyright infringement. An interesting line of cases dealt with the Church of Scientology's Religious Technology Center ("RTC"). RTC sued several former Scientologists for copyright infringement and trade secret violations. This arose out of the defendants' posting of Scientology materials on the Internet. Overall, the cases held that individuals who post the infringing materials are liable for copyright infringement. In some cases, the law will hold website and bulletin board operators liable too. They should use available technologies to prevent materials from being copied. Moreover, after they know about the infringement, they need to take appropriate steps to prevent additional infringement. Even a high traffic forum probably doesn't remove the operator's duty to prevent the unlawful distribution of copyrighted materials. In March 1999, Novell secured a landmark judgement against a Belgium Internet bulletin board system operator. He said there were too many postings to have to monitor everything. However, the judgment confirmed that the operator was liable for allowing someone to post unlicensed software" http://www.thsh.com/Publications/Other-Publications/Defamation-And-Copyright-Infringement-Online.aspx
  12. Ramon, It's a dangin' copyright violation, and threatening to publish it anyway may create legal problems for you as well as whoever hosts it. Please do not publish it here.
  13. Mystery Man?

    Just go to Google, search "Black Dog Man", and cut the link and paste it in the post. If you upload it only, folks who are not members can't see it.
  14. Houston Mock Trial in November

    Well, Shucky derns! We didn't make the list. De gustibus non est disputandum.
  15. Anna Watts

    She doesn't have to be interested in JFK to be a member here.