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    Faulty "if/then" Logic

    We never saw it. And if it bothered you, you should have reported it. You have been told that before.
  2. Kathy Beckett

    Faulty "if/then" Logic

    Tom, It's water under the bridge at this time. You should have said something before. Please don't drag old stuff back up.
  3. Kathy Beckett

    Faulty "if/then" Logic

    I certainly don't read every post. I have other things taking up my time. However, if someone is hurling insults, please report them to the Admins. I know when I have said that in the past that you said you do not like ratting on others. We may not see the offending posts if you do not tell us. Those folks that you mention, as is everyone, are under the same set of rules. If you are following the rules, you have just as much right to post here as anyone else.
  4. Kathy Beckett

    Faulty "if/then" Logic

    It was explained to you about the excessive bumping. Whether or not James Di asked for an intervention , it didn't result in moderation ( I don't even remember this.. If David "Jacobs" " insinuated that you " obviously take psych drugs", why didn't you report the post instead on bringing it up later? James Di does not call the shots here, ROFL. Why would he? What is that supposed to mean? It appears that you are looking outside of what we told to find a reason for being moderated. I thought you understood why.
  5. Kathy Beckett

    Faulty "if/then" Logic

    I want to know where you get this idea from. If you are talking about a recent moderation, you might ask the person why. It was not due to any theory. And who are those who have left the forum in droves? I hadn't noticed. We have had some loopy theories presented here, and we don't moderate for that. Case in point. A few years ago, someone questioned if Zapruder was made of rubber. The person who wrote that was not moderated for it. so it has nothing to do with the beliefs one has.
  6. Kathy Beckett

    Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    Say whatever you want , Michael. This whole thing stinks, any way you look at it. Brian would be here, if he weren't such a mean person. He calls everyone who doesn't agree with him names. I read all of the stuff he writes. I certainly wouldn't talk about James the way he does and expect to be welcomed here. If Prayer person is a man or woman, I don't care. I do care about how folks treat each other though. While we are at it, i think it's ridiculous to ask Andrej to do this or that, and then when he does, it's either not good enough or he is asked to do something else. I wouldn't do it. I can't believe folk would actually get upset that the analysis is not done yet. Tom, I've got a great idea! Why don't you draw some stuff, and quit badgering someone else. That you are up there in years is not a valid excuse to dog on someone else.
  7. Kathy Beckett

    One Question re: Two Oswalds

    I remember a bit of discussion on Donald ( P. and O.)Norton years ago. This from Bill Kelly:
  8. Kathy Beckett

    Oswald's Wallet

    Ron, Some of Jack's work is in this video series: https://newsblaze.com/usnews/national/the-backyard-photos-of-lee-harvey-oswald-are-fakes_9208/
  9. Kathy Beckett

    If Oswald Was "Prayer Man" ...

    Thomas, It looks like Andrej was coming back into this, offering his research for you to digest and then for you to consider and respond to. It appears as if you didn't even look. I don't know any other way to put this, but to me, it looks like you sort of flipped both he and his research off. This is probably why he is frustrated. It would have stopped me too.. (My bad for responding to this. Every time someone responds, it goes back to the top of the page.)
  10. Kathy Beckett

    If Oswald Was "Prayer Man" ...

    Me, too.
  11. Michael, It appears that Mr. Larsen and Mr. Graves are in disagreement as to what Baker did. Thomas was trying to be a smart aleck in his question to Mr. Larsen.
  12. Kathy Beckett

    A Question For James Gordon

    IIRC, Bart received the award, according to Debra, for his researching ability. Whether she agrees with his results or not is not the purpose of the award. Also, he was going to give it back, and she told him not to. I remember reading those posts. This thread could have easily been done privately with James Gordon, instead of doing it publicly. I think it was done this way to stir up the pot a bit. Regardless, I would like everyone to stop fighting with each other on it.
  13. Kathy Beckett

    A Question For James Gordon

  14. Kathy Beckett

    Dealey Plaza Walkabout?

    One of the best ways to meet "JFK people" is to attend one of the November conferences. You could always go on the day the memorial in the Plaza is done.
  15. Kathy Beckett

    The Future of the Education Forum

    Yes, i understand that, but can you answer the question he is asking? That is what he really wants. That's why he's throwing in the towel.
  16. Kathy Beckett

    The Future of the Education Forum

    Thomas, i think it more had to do with this, which he asked yesterday, "I want to make one more comment today. Mark Knight is right we do all have other commitments - though not the demands that Mark has from the needs of his family member. And I usually rely on members reporting rather than actively monitoring this site Mark is a much more restrained admin member than I. Many is the time he has counselled me from positions I wanted to take. Aside from Mark and Paul, I want to hear if there actually are members who also feel that the use of language is important in the quality of discussion. I honestly am not sure the general membership feel it is important and one member has already insulted me and this thread. So I would like to know, am I the only one who is concerned?" (Bolds mine.)
  17. Kathy Beckett

    An Open Message to Michael Clark

    This is a really silly topic. Why didn't you leave it on the thread the post was born in? Why pull it out and make a whole new thread about it? It might be a good idea to devote another area of the forum to threads where disgruntled members can post these types of things.
  18. Kathy Beckett

    The Future of the Education Forum

    I think this has nothing to do with backbones. I could care less what folks think of me--something I've learned as I've gotten older. The original problem was with the language, i guess. I wasn't here to see it. After that folks started throwing stones. As far as an attack on the forum, i don't know. I think alot of it is ego driven, but that just my two cents. All the Ed Forum has ever required (since I've been a member here anyway)is try to make sure that folks are not too far out of line. if you go back and read the old threads from years past, you'll see that. I think it is OK to question someone's position (that is what debate is about), and it is hoped that questioning it is not considered a personal affront. But if someone is being baited, that is entirely different. OTOH, some folk also become irate when their work is questioned. There has to be a happy medium. Lance, a while back we created subforums. They are rarely used because the front page is where your work is seen. Everybody looks here.
  19. Kathy Beckett

    The Future of the Education Forum

    I had no problem with the belief that if an Admin cannot contact a member that moderation may be the only way to get their attention. Mr. Josephs is not the only one who has done that in the past. It would seem reasonable that if one were to suddenly be moderated, one would ask why. As I understand it, the only thing James was going to tell him was to please watch what he was writing, and not being able to relay that to him caused James to come up with a way to get a response, which evidently backfired. What is he supposed to do? I see that David Josephs is off of moderation, which is fine. But, OTOH, he needs to leave a line open so Admins can contact him. Everybody does. And while we are at it, moderation is not banning. Banned means you cannot log in--you are no longer a member.. Moderated means that ones posts are reviewed before being made public. Then we have to go through the threads which ask "why" and say we need to be more transparent.Folks starts saying things about how this or that is wrong, only to find out that it was just that they couldn't be contacted. But of course, shoot first and ask questions later. I guess we could reopen the thread that tells the posters what the Admin/mods do. I also understand about problem posters here, and there are some who repeat the same negative pattern over and over. I'm up for what the majority thinks there. We have rules we may have to change. It's a loose set of them. Folks can pretty much say what they want, provided they don't abuse other members. If that needs to be changed, we can do that. We, as admins, have to work with the rules we have. Once again, James is trying to do the best he can, and I don't think his actions with respect to trying to contact Mr. Josephs were unreasonable.
  20. Kathy Beckett

    Why I am leaving the forum

    I think this is hilarious. The reason that registration is closed is because i usu am the one who registers and I have been on holiday to the UK for the last10 days. I also am the one who more or less oversees the emails to our forum, so if you folk wrote in the last 10 days, none of the admins saw it.
  21. Kathy Beckett

    GEORGE DEMOHRENSCHILDT Contacted by DOD in April 1963!

    Enough. Stay on topic. Tom, if you have KGB proof, post it please in a different thread. Please don't just call someone a KGB mole. Everybody here please quit slamming each other.
  22. Kathy Beckett

    The KGB delirium

    You can always send a PM to an Admin. Someone has just asked where the report button is. The report button is located on the upper right of a post. Just click on it, and it will open an area where you can send a message to the Admins.
  23. Kathy Beckett

    The KGB delirium

    I'm gonna leave this thread up for just a bit, to make a few " recommends". First, if you have a problem with a thread or a member, please use the report button. There is no reason to make a frivolous thread. It wastes space on the main JFK area. And if you wish to make a post that does not look like you are just messing around, please use a normal font size. Making people have to squint to read what you write is just ridiculous. If you want to play around, go somewhere else.
  24. Kathy Beckett

    The Question of RCD

    I checked his account. It looks fine. No restrictions or anything.
  25. I don't usu mind most of the arguments here. This however kinda hacks me off. Mental illness does not beget deceit. Having been diagnosed with major depression, and even hospitalized for it in years past, I can tell you that this simply is not the case. I'm sure it was said as a dig, and an attempt to be clever. Anyone who has experienced this would know you are way off base. We are making great headway in being more acceptable of mental illness as an illness, not a stigma. Don't start making generalizations that can colour others' thoughts, even if it only meant to be snarky.