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  1. David Denton on E. Howard Hunt's CIA file

    The comment quoted above appears on a report dated 1969
  2. Souetre picture 632-796

    Giuseppe Pièche
  3. Delay in release of records.

    Bulk download of these can be found here https://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/jfkbulkdownload
  4. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32279986.pdf
  5. Fritz ADDED the part about the photos afterward...

    Maurice McDonald ? (aka Nick McDonald)
  6. Fritz ADDED the part about the photos afterward...

    Looks like 3rd Int ? On the page 11 there is a 4th Int I believe so it's like he was keeping tracks of the numbers ?
  7. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Bart - Sophos blocks your site for me too...Says it contains a Trojan
  8. Forum Software Upgrade

    I think post numbers may have been removed in this version of the software....
  9. Forum Software Upgrade

    Can you try it now Sandy ?
  10. Forum Software Upgrade

    The Online Users is at the top now...Under the Browse tab when you have that highlighted
  11. From NARA

    Very interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing these with us Bart
  12. When was this photo of Dealey Plaza taken?

    From JFK so 1991
  13. I know we have mentioned JFK related items on here before such as the LHO wedding ring from this same auction house a while back... There is a new auction running for what is described as a Souvenir typescript of the November 22, 1963, Dallas Police Department apprehension report of Lee Harvey Oswald What constitutes a "souvenir typescript" in the USA ? It's obviously not the original as there are photo's of them all in later life signing it but the document itself dated November 22 1963 didn't ring any bells with me so I thought I would ask here....Click or hover over the images to read them full size... As he approached this suspect the suspect said, ‘This is it,’ and sprang from the seat. Officer McDonald began to grapple with the suspect and the suspect got his hand on a gun that was stuck inside his shirt. As the officer and the suspect wrestled for the gun, the suspect pulled the trigger once and the gun snapped, but did not fire http://www.rrauction.com/bidtracker_detail.cfm?IN=363
  14. Thanks Greg...I couldn't recall having seen it before..... Is anyone familiar with this document ?
  15. Was JFK hit Twice near the Stemmons Sign?

    Title changed
  16. The text on that page is in Korean rather than Japanese I believe
  17. How Important is Bill Kelly's Thread?

    Totally agree with Mark...If a thread is important and interesting enough then it will rise to the top on it's own merits
  18. Secret Service Agents Response

    I have decided to re-open this thread early. I have read the Oswald left the Building thread and am gratified with the tone and co-operation there. It is my hope this spirit will be the norm. Robert Mady, if you wish to take the opportunity to restate your views you are welcome to do so. If you do not wish to do so, that will not be seen as a reflection. Closing this thread, for the reasons I did, was a very difficult decision. James.
  19. Question for Doug Caddy

    For anyone who doesn't know and is interested that is Dave Powers film indeed taken from the follow up car…..Seemingly he ran out of film before they got to Dealey Plaza
  20. Debra Conway

    The entire forum we believe David
  21. Debra Conway

    We believe it is the end of this month Ken
  22. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    If the encounter took place at the front entrance why would Baker have been suspicious to challenge someone there ? He must have known that no one shooting from the roof or upper stories would have been able to make it down to that location in time to be at the front entrance after he had parked his bike and run over ?
  23. When I click on either My Settings or Notifications when logged in all I get is page full of Chinese/Japanese/Arabic language characters...Is thus happening for anyone else ? Happens in both Safari and Firefox.... David
  24. The Future of the JFK Forum

    As another mod I agree with Gary above....We found out about this action on John's part when he posted us a link to his "decision" thread