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  1. Can the State legislate morality? Most answer, "No". Of course, that is false. The only question is "Which morality?" The State legislates morality all the time. If God's Law forbids such behavior then the State is foolish (and rebellious) to enact legislation which makes wrong to be right. The State does not define right and wrong. God does in His Word. We are to discover it. The State is every bit under God's authority as are all things. There is no secular/sacred distinction as God is King over everything, including government leaders. To say that the State is outside of God's moral decree is to make the State out to be God. This leads to a very tyrannical State. God does not define right or wrong! People do, did and will do. For God "good" is as good as " bad' since everything is his creation. We define what is good and what is bad. It's known for ages, that what was good ages ago is not good now days and vise versa. God did not make laws, he gave us a freedom of choice from which every woman for instance is to decide for herself whether she is to keep the child or get an abortion. And every person to decide for himself loving same sex or opposite since we all given a freedom of choice. Although according to many ruling religions in the world, homosexuality is forbidden by God's Law...
  2. Angelica Davidoff, reside in Toronto, 31 years old. Occupation- Real Estate agent, Incomplete education in Journalism.
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