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    Use of fieldwork and outdoor education as part of the 16+ curriculum for members of the NEET group (Not in Education, Employment or Training): Development of free Internet resources to promote interest in, and understanding of, all aspects of geography.
  1. David Robinson

    Online revision case study

    The Guardian's Learn is very good (slightly biased view since I write some of the geography and citizenship lessons :-) but it's not what you'd call a dirt cheap resource, and I feel it is also a little limited in it's revision scope. I see you link to Internet Geography, a site that has been dormant for 4 years, but is now being reviewed and updated, so the dead links should begin to vanish. I'd suggest The Geography Site (www.geography-site.co.uk), and the features section of online Geographical (http://www.geographical.co.uk/Features/index.html) as a great source of case studies and background info during the revision period and throughout the year. It will be interesting to see whether your students find the sites useful, and if not,what was lacking from them.
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    David Robinson

    I'm David Robinson, a teacher, journalist and one time FE Head of Dept. My main subjects are geography and micro-computing. After teaching in the 11-18 sector I moved on to work with unemployed school leavers and so called 'school failures', whose problems were almost always a consequence of the school and the curriculum/ teaching, rather then inherent in the kids themselves. This included using geography, survivial skills and life skills education to turn around young teenagers who were neither in employment nor training. In 2005 I left the FE sector and set up as a full time freelance journalist, writing articles, contributing to online resources and providing reviewing/consultation services. I've been running The Geography Site website for over 10 years, (www.geography-site.co.uk) and find that I can successfully convince myself of the need to travel all over the world, 'for the sake of the website' :-)