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  1. David Atlee Phillips admitted in passing monitoring the Russians and Cubans when Oswald contacted their embassies, in his posthumously published book Secret Wars Diary (1989). With his sources in the embassies, not to mention the surveillance apparatus in place, Phillips could have easily been observing Oswald in real time - or getting contemporaneous reports. Steve
  2. Paul, George Joannides was a CIA case officer. Assets and agents have case officers. Kent/Gupton may have had a supervisory position over Joannides, but that is not certain. I don't think Kent would be considered Joannides's case officer in any sense. From what is known about JM/WAVE, Joannides likely reported to Helms, Phillips, Ted Shackley, and Dave Morales, depending on the project. Steve
  3. The preface is a good introduction to what promises to be an interesting case study. Bill Simpich writes that State Secret will focus on Mexico City, James Angleton, Anne Goodpasture, Bill Harvey, and the enigmatic David Morales. All four persons are worthy of study in the field of intelligence history generally and their relation to the JFK case specifically. The preface is packed with intriguing questions and provocative ideas from a historical and legal perspective, grounded in documented sources. It can be dense material for those not well versed in the subject. As well, some paragraph
  4. Indeed, always good info to be found at Larry's site: http://larryhancock.wordpress.com Rip Robertson was also a beast in college football.
  5. James, Thanks for that great post. It seems like eons since such original and interesting information was posted on the Ed Forum. It is a welcome return to form. I do hope other researchers take note and brave these icy and dark waters. David, I'd buy a ticket to see your Bayo-Pawley Op TILT movie. Keep at it. --- Anti-Castro Cuban exiles were indeed operating in the Congo following JFK's assassination, fighting Castro's soldiers and intel officers in the Cuban DGI. One such instance was Operation Low Beam. Stories are just emerging about the Cuban pilots. Rip Robertson trained many of
  6. Count me interested, James. As such I am reviving this moribund but important topic. I believe James's original post in this topic concerned pictures taken at Main and Houston. Those pictures can be found under Rip Robertson at the fascinating site Familiar Faces In Dealey Plaza II (James please correct me if I'm wrong). http://www.manuscriptservice.com/FFiDP-2/ Rip Robertson is vastly under-researched. Perhaps because he lived like a ghost. Among top operatives, he was a legend: soldier, trainer, covert warrior, compadre, wild adventurer. The official Bay of Pigs history noted serious
  7. Paul, what basis did the Mercer article have for concluding that QJWIN was Michael Mertz?
  8. Feel free to drop me a line with questions, tips, snide comments, etc.

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  9. And on CNN's American Morning on April 5, 2011: Kiran Chetry: "63" for when Kennedy was shot, right? Why'd you write the book? Jesse Ventura: Because Dick Russell and I felt 63 was a great number. That was the year Jack Kennedy was killed ... [On the show Conspiracy Theory] We had a confession. E. Howard Hunt confessed to his son St. John Hunt on his deathbed. He said it was called the "Big Event". He was on the fringes of it. He named who it was. It was William Harvey, who at that time was head of the CIA's assassination team, and David Sanchez Morales. And he is also famous for som
  10. Jesse Ventura was on Piers Morgan on April 4, 2011 promoting his new book 63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read. Morgan asked: John F. Kennedy's assassination ... who did that? Ventura: It was done by William Harvey, who was the head of the CIA's assassination unit at that time. David Morales was directly involved in it. He likewise is the man, the gentleman who killed Che Guevara, down in Bolivia in '67, when they put him up against the firing wall and killed him, and shot and killed him, Morales was part of that. Ventura bases this on E. Howard Hunt's somewhat dubious d
  11. The attached obituary for William A. 'Rip' Robertson confirms that he died on December 1, 1970 at age 50, making his birth likely 1920. Hard to say with certainty when cemetery records from the Department of Veterans Affairs have conflicting birth dates and burial dates. - Steve WA_Robertson_obit_Wash_Post_Dec_70.pdf
  12. Couple of interviews: This is an April 8, 2010 Black Op Radio interview with Jim Lesar, the attorney who represents Jeff Morley in his lawsuit with the CIA for the records of George Joannides. Lesar discusses the recent defeat in federal court, including Joannides "undercover" CIA liason status with the HSCA; reveals that there is some question as to the validity of the recent judgment against Morley; explains how the CIA's "routine instructions" & "file numbers" are not "trivial", as ruled by Judge Richard Leon; notes the most important issue for appeal may be that Judge Leon did not
  13. A dark day indeed. Bad news for proponents of truth and disclosure. The Memorandum Opinion is linked at https://ecf.dcd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/show_p...?2003cv2545-102 on the federal court website at https://ecf.dcd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/Opinions.pl?2010 - Steve
  14. James Angleton in 1976 photographed by Richard Avedon. Other influential figures from Avedon's 1976 Rolling Stone spread titled "The Family" can be found here: http://www.richardavedon.com/#s=0&a=0&...mp;p=9&at=0 - Steve
  15. Bill, George E. Joannides did serve with the CIA in Athens, Greece, his place of birth. He was stationed in Athens from 1958 to 1962, and from 1964 to 1967. Joannides was most likely involved in political action (influence, bribery, etc.) For those just tuning in, Jefferson Morley is currently suing the CIA in federal court for Joannides records. Steve See http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2001-04-12/ne...elation-19-63/3 for pre-1963 bio. See http://www.playboy.com/magazine/features/jfk/jfk-page10.html for post-1963 bio. See Jeff's blog at http://worldopinionsearch.com. Great site.
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