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  1. It is also worth remembering the English players that Arsenal bought up in their youth system who are now playing at other Premiership teams as they were not good enough for us - Steve Sidwell at Chelsea, Harper at Reading, Pennant at Liverpool, Bentley at Blackburn, even Ashley Cole at Chelsea.
  2. There's a long way to go yet, but I can't be happier with the start we have made. I shall ignore Walker's jibes and look forward to our trip to Anfield in a few weeks time, scene of our famous victory in '89.
  3. "It's all gone quiet over there!"
  4. Always there John lurking if not posting ! The glorious run continues, Fabregas is becoming an absolute icon, Adebayor gets stronger every game and bear in mind that we should have beaten Blackburn if it hadn't been for Lehmann's cockup so I am confident our Northern bogey is over. The only downside is the form of Theo Walcott - he had a shocker yesterday, totally lacking in confidence, making the wrong runs and poor passing - he needs a good run in the reserves. Bring on the Hammers!
  5. Great result tonight 3-0 against Sevilla, the impressive run continues against one of the top teams in Europe.
  6. Indeed we have not yet met one of the 'Big Four', in fact we don't until the end of October, by which time we will hopefully have enough points in the bank not to worry - but don't forget that last season we had the best record of all the top four teams against each other and dropped points against the weaker teams ..... like West Ham. Revenge is a dish best served cold, or in Fabregas's case spicy hot!
  7. I am off to the home of football on Sunday for the third time this season (Fulham and Sparta Prague were the other 2) and I have been very pleased with our start. Compared to last year when we were dropping points left right and centre, we are now much more solid, and getting a bit of luck too. I hope that Wenger doesn't pick Lehmann for a while, Almunia is looking much stronger and gives the defence a lot more confidence. We also need Walcott to get more confident about taking defenders on and getting to the byeline. Our new signings have certainly impressed, Sagna is great and Eduardo is goi
  8. I almost choked on my soup in the staffroom at lunch time today when one of the History teachers said that this apology stuff is nonsense, they should be thanking us for stopping the slave trade. I couldn't bring myself to argue with him, particularly as we have to co-exist and have been down a lot of controversial journeys before - he had been apopleptic (?) with rage when I wore my white poppy!
  9. I think that is an excellent article John, and thanks for posting it as I missed the Saturday Guardian. I am very concerned, as are many colleagues of mine in the Black and Asian Studies Association (BASA) about the way in which the Bicentenary is being commemorated. The emphasis on Wilberforce to the detriment of all others is totally unacceptable and belittles the important contributions that African made to their own liberation as well as the mass movement that sprung up against slavery in this country, as the article rightly points out. The worst example I have come across so far, was asha
  10. Thanks for putting this up Andy, interesting reading. On re-reading my own case study I realise that my email address is now out of date - is there a possibility of updating it?
  11. http://talk.guardian.co.uk/WebX?14@518.Orb...y.6@.7751d797/0 There is a very interesting discussion that I started on the Guardian Talk website. Feel free to join in. You will need to register before you can read or post however.
  12. As someone who was unable to see your presentation, can I also thank you for the clarity of your seminar. I really enjoyed reading it and found a lot of overlap with my own thoughts about history and ICT. I tend to use ppoint as a way of quickly exposing the students to alot of different images, but my favourite ppoint came from schoolhistory http://www.schoolhistory.co.uk/year9links/...lersschools.ppt which uses ppoint to trick the students into believing that schools in the uk have been changed in the way that they were in nazi germany. One of the most effective ways to make student use of p
  13. we can use survey monkey to do this. It is free for the first 100 responses and then $20 per month or $200 per year. the website does all the analysis for you.
  14. Dear Associates, One of the tasks that I have as the HA representative on E-Help is to disseminate the conferences back to the HA. This has left me with a fairly major difficulty as I was unable to attend the majority of the workshops and could sadly only make the social side. Would it therefore be possible for each associate to email me a paragraph explaining what their presentation was and the response from the EHelp members. Ideally I would like to send this report to Alf by Friday 16th June, so if you could do this while everything is fresh in the memory that would be most appreciated. I
  15. Well, apart from the food, hotel, wine tasting, football watching and company the rest was fantastic
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