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  1. Ed Barrett who Dulles met four days prior to the assassination of JFK here on LONGINE CHRONOSCOPE:
  2. The frozen lamppost!

  3. In her 2010 book ME AND LEE JVB made two claims now proved right by these newly released docs: that Ochsner was in touch with the CIA at the time of the JFK assassination and Oswald was in Mexico City in connection with a get Castro project. You say, she is very well read and cunning: is she a clairvoyant too? I don't second everything she says in her book ME AND LEE but to ignore that book is IMO a big mistake of everyone who is interested in this hottest of all cold cases ...
  4. Interesting account of Marita Lorenz' daughter of the Lorenz-Sturgis encounter back in the seventies. http://www.ticotimes.net/2015/10/27/costa-rica-spy-kid-my-mom-was-sent-to-kill-castro-and-my-dad-was-president-of-venezuela KK
  5. NEW SECRET FILE RELEASED BY Nat. Arch. SHOWS DR. ALTON OCHSNER WAS IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE CIA IN 1962, just as Judyth Vary Baker reported in her ( 2010) book Me & Lee. ME & LEE will give you an accurate history of the real Lee Oswald. This NEWLY RELEASED SECRET FILE SHOWS DR. ALTON OCHSNER'S LAST PERSONAL (FACE-TO-FACE) CONTACT WITH THE CIA WAS JAN. 8, 1962. The "Ochsner/Sherman/Ferrie/Baker/Oswald get-Castro project", incl use of a linear particle accelerator, began March 23, 1962. This secret file also shows the CIA's LAST DIRECT CONTACT with Ochsner Clinic was Nov. 8, 1963, one month after the "Ochsner/Sherman/Ferrie/BAker/Oswald Get Castro with cancer" Project closed down and just two weeks before JFK was killed. JVBakers critics tried to say she made it all up about Ochsner being involved with the CIA in 1962 and 1963, as the only record before now was back in the early 1950's. credit: JVB
  6. Jim Marrs Has Passed Away

    When I turn around there is CROSSFIRE on my bookshelf. R.I.P.
  7. John Liggett and Lois Liggett

    I find Lois Liggett (and her daughter) both credible ... maybe John Liggett was flown to Washington on 22.11.63 as part of the Kennedy-body alteration team, whether or not he participated in that bloody part of the cover up... Liggetts dead right at the spot where Kennedy died smells like a staged event ... the core of the Liggett story is sound IMO ... despite the Lawsuit of his brother ... Now we have the graveside service Liggett departed ... great find, Michael Clark thx ...
  8. From National Archives 2017 release of JFK documents 'EYES ONLY' SECRET CIA FILE #104-10268-10005: ANGLETON'S CIA RIGHT-HAND MAN RAYMOND ROCCA TELLS WARREN COMMISSION MEMBER BELIN THAT LEE OSWALD WAS IN MEXICO CITY BECAUSE HE WAS INVOLVED IN A PLOT TO KILL FIDEL CASTRO ... Just as Judyth Vary Baker has been telling us since 1999 and in her 2010 book ME AND LEE ... KK
  9. The Inquisition

    "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition ..."
  10. The Deceptions and DIsguises of Noam Chomsky

    Some of Chomskys "tactics" listed by Barry Zwicker in his book TOWERS OF DECEPTION .
  11. Re: The murder of Dr. Mary Sherman

    Pics of body and apartement of Mary S Sherman.
  12. Re: The murder of Dr. Mary Sherman

    Pics of Mary Shermans remains. A cruel killing. Somebody made sure, that she was dead ... looks like an overkill ...
  13. 3 hours of never-seen video of Jerrol Custer!

    Custer is mistaken In this video about 18 min. 45sec. Custer claimed, that he had already done jfk x-rays and took them to the processing room, when he saw the Kennedy party arriving ... (18.55h) But it was his boss Ebersole, not Custer, who took the x-ray to the processing room. 1978 HSCA Interview of John Ebersole: MEDICAL PANEL MEETING Saturday, March 11, 1978 House of Representatives, Medical Panel of the Select Committee on Assassinations, Washington, D. C. The meeting convened at 10:20 a.m., pursuant to notice, in room 503, Archives Building, Seventh Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W., Washington, D. C. Quote, john Ebersole: With the exception of the periods when I personally carried the cassettes containing the X rays to the X ray Department which was on the fourth floor of the hospitali -- with the exception of those periods I was in the autopsy room from the time the coffin arrived Close quote Custer never carried any Kennedy x-rays to the x-ray department seeing Jackie Kenndy arriving at the same time. Custer is mistaken. KK
  14. Evalea Glanges / Richard Dudman

    Quote C.A. Crenshaw TRAUMA ROOM ONE ca. 1h30 p.m 22.11.63 Parkland hospital: When I walked back into the hall, Evaela Glanges, a medical student was standing by the nurses' station. She told me() while we had been working on President Kennedy, she was outside in the emergency room parking lot. Standing besides the Presidents limousine, she pointed out to another medical student, that there was a bullet-hole in the windshield. UPON OVERHEARING HER COMMENT a secret service agent nervously jumped into the car and sped away. Close quote The only question that remains is IMO: was it a "from the front to the back" bullet hole, or a "from the back to the front" bullet hole. (Caused perhaps by a mis-hit from the Tal Dex building)