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  1. Karl Kinaski

    Plot or Blot?

    But you would not say: "... blot against me."? ... like Harriman in that interview , quote: " ... that (BOP) was a mistake and a blot against him. (Kennedy)." "Plot against him", would be grammatically correct? Maybe Harriman had both in mind, and merged it. (That the failure of the BOP invasion was a blot on Kennedys record, but in reality a plot against him, initiated by Dulles/Cabell/Bissell to drag him in a major Cuban war ... he realized it and fired the three plotters. Anyway, it is an odd statement by Harriman.
  2. Karl Kinaski

    Titovets vs Armstrong

    It is an eyewitness account, not a criticism. It's not only Titovets, it's also Vladimir Zhidovich ( in 2013) and Dr. Alexander Mastykin ( in 2013), who said that Oswald DID speak Russian to them, and that Armstrong's claim that Harvy/Lee spoke no Russian while in Minsk is wrong as wrong can be. But Armstrong is not only wrong about that, he is wrong claiming, that Marina Oswald and Ella German did speak English with Oswald in Minsk, quote from my first post: Armstrong: “On October 18 [1960] Lee Harvey Oswald celebrated his 21st birthday. Ella German, a girl from the Horizon factory who Oswald had been dating the past two months, and spoke very good English, attended a small birthday party at his apartment.”(p. 311). Titovets: Ella German did not speak English at all. Armstrong:”It is clear that Marina associated with Americans, spoke English with Webster and almost certainly spoke English with Oswald… Marina’s ability to read, write, and speak English fluently before she left Russia is indisputable.” (p. 340). Titovets: Marina did not speak English at all. It would be really surprising if she would have spoken English with Oswald and completely ignored me even when the three of us were together. Close quote
  3. Karl Kinaski

    Titovets vs Armstrong

    Harvey or Lee, I don't care. The point is, that Armstrong's claim that Harvy/Lee spoke no Russian while in Minsk is wrong as wrong can be, quote HARVEY AND LEE: p. 288 It is clear that Oswald understood and spoke Russian prior his arrival in Mos­cow, although the extent of his proficiency remains unknown. It is also clear that after he arrived in the Soviet Union, he dared not let anyone know that he spoke Russian, especiall ythe people with whom he spent the most time, the Zigers, who he probably assumed were report ingto the KGB.
  4. Karl Kinaski

    Titovets vs Armstrong

    Lee Harvey Oswald’s closest English-speaking friend when Oswald lived in Minsk, then part of the Soviet Union, from 1959-1962. “Erich [Ernst Titovets]…is my oldest existing acquaintance…a friend of mine who speaks English very well …” as Oswald would put it in his Historic Diary. In his book Oswald: Russian Episode, Dr. Ernst Titovets investigates the Russian period of life and activity of Lee Harvey Oswald. Excerpts of a blogpost. Did Oswald Speak in Russian while Living in the Soviet Union? John Delane Williams and Ernst Titovets () When Titovets learned that Armstrong stated that Oswald spoke no Russian while in the Soviet Union, [18] Titovets was amazed. Titovets stated, “It was a cause of genuine surprise on the part of my old friend Vyacheslav Stelmakh, Ph.D., a senior researcher at the Belorussian State University who knew Oswald at the Radio Plant and was also friends with Oswald’s first love Ella German, when I told him a researcher in the States doubts the fact that Oswald spoke Russian. There are still many Russians here in Minsk who would confirm the fact.” () Ernst Titovets apparently decided to read Harvey and Lee for himself, presumably to answer the question, how did Armstrong conclude that Oswald spoke no Russian in Russia? Titovets then sent me an e-mail [35] addressing only those portions of Armstrong’s book that pertained to Oswald’s being in Russia and only those portions that was familiar to Titovets. TITOVETS VS ARMSTRONG (The Armstrong quotes are from HARVEY AND LEE) Armstrong:”I wanted to be sure I understood her answer and said, “Ana you knew Oswald from the time he arrived in Minsk until the day he and Marina left for the United States. You and your parents accompanied them to the train station and took photographs (published in the Warren Volumes). During that time he never spoke any Russian, even up to the day he left Minsk?” Ana, once again replied, “No,-not a word. My father always interpreted for him-he was the only person in the family who spoke English…” (p. 288)…“An English-speaking medical student, Erich (Ernst) Titovets, first met Oswald at the Hotel Minsk and later was a regular visitor to his apartment.” (p. 289). Titovets: Actually, I met Oswald not at the Hotel Minsk, but at the Zigers' apartment. It was in the presence of the whole family: Alexander Ziger, his wife Signora Anna and his two daughters, Anita, and Eleanora. Oswald spoke Russian and there was no need to interpret for him- Armstrong: “At the factory Oswald met another person who spoke English. Pavel Golovachev, the son of a famous Soviet Air Force General…After Pavel and Oswald began spending a lot of time together the KGB asked him to report on Oswald’s activities. He dutifully informed of his contacts with Oswald and kept them apprised of his movements.” (p. 289). Titovets: Pavel Golovachev did not speak English at all. Once he confided in me that he wished he did and he was sorry he did not speak the language. Armstrong “On October 18 [1960] Lee Harvey Oswald celebrated his 21st birthday. Ella Germann, a girl from the Horizon factory who Oswald had been dating the past two months, and spoke very good English, attended a small birthday party at his apartment.”(p. 311). Titovets: Ella Germann did not speak English at all. Armstrong:”It is clear that Marina associated with Americans, spoke English with Webster and almost certainly spoke English with Oswald… Marina’s ability to read, write, and speak English fluently before she left Russia is indisputable.” (p. 340). Titovets: Marina did not speak English at all. It would be really surprising if she would have spoken English with Oswald and completely ignored me even when the three of us were together. Armstrong : “When Oswald and Marina met, danced, and agreed to a date the following Friday they spoke a common language. Was it Russian or English? The HSCA asked Marina, ‘At the time were you speaking Russian together?’ She answered, ‘Yes. He spoke with an accent so I assumed he was from another state.’ Oswald came in contact with hundreds of people in Russia, but Marina is the only person-THE ONLY PERSON who said that he spoke Russian while in Russia.” (p. 334). Titovets: Armstrong is right about there were so many people who met Oswald in Minsk. There are still many living who would have testified to the fact that Oswald spoke Russian to them. In the book Oswald: Russian Episode one can find an illustration with Oswald’s longhand in Russian on the inside cover of a book where Oswald contemplates the names for his future child. Incidentally, Oswald signed his writings. When a date-line does not fit Armstrong’s he dismisses it as an error and suggests his “correct” one. To give an example: Armstrong: “NOTE: We will soon see the date of March 17 is in error.” (p. 333). Titovets: It is the night at the Trade Union Palace when Oswald first met Marina Prussokova. The date of March 17, 1961 is correct. Two recent interviews were conducted by Ernst Titovets with persons who had known Oswald when Oswald was living in Minsk. The first interview was with a neurologist Dr. Alexander Mastykin, MD., Ph.D. on March 20, 2013. Mastykin was a medical student at the time he met Oswald. Mastykin was learning Spanish and practiced the language at the Spanish-speaking Zigers family. He knew Anita Zigers very well. Titovets: Did Anita Ziger speak English at the time she knew Oswald? Mastykin: I never heard a single English word ever drop from her lips! Titovets: John Armstrong wrote a book Harvey and Lee and there, according to John Armstrong, Anita would say to him in an interview that Oswald did not speak Russian at all while he was in Minsk. Mastykin: It would be Anita all over! I wouldn’t put it past her that she might well invent things and say anything on the spur of the moment, unnecessary true, just for kicks. It might well depend on her mood, how she was approached and if the question was a suggestive one. Titovets: Did Oswald speak Russian? Mastykin: To say the truth there was not much love lost between the two of us; I mostly tried to steer away from him. I did not speak English while Oswald did not speak Spanish so it was Russians on those rare occasions when we happened to meet. ----------- The second interview was with Vladimir Zhidovich, a leading engineer at the Radio and Cosmic Technologies Department of the Bylorussian State University in Minsk. This interview took place on March 19, 2013. Zhidovich worked together with Oswald at the same shop in the Radio Plant in Minsk. Titovets: Vladimir, do you know English? Zhidovich: No, I do not. Why ask? You know that I don’t speak the language! Titovets: Never mind. I’ll tell you later. Just answer my questions! Did Oswald speak Russian? Zhidovitch: Russian was the only language we could communicate with him. He was not a talkative person and his Russian needed much brushing up. But he understood most [of] what he was told to and reacted accordingly. Titovets: Did anyone at the Radio Plant speak English to him? Zhidovitch: No way! Nobody knew English around [there] and I never heard anybody speaking English to Oswald at work. Even Stanislav Shushkevich, when he happened to drop over on business to the shop, spoke Russian to him. Now, tell me what’s this all about? Titovets: A John Armstrong in his book Harvey and Lee insists that Oswald did not speak Russian while those around him spoke mainly English. We both know perfectly well that Oswald did speak Russian and I just wanted to hear it from you to oblige an American friend and researcher who wants to check the fact. Zhidovitch: First I thought it was some kind of trick question. Of course Oswald did speak Russian! KK
  5. Here is the relevant part of Judyth Bakers FB comment, regarding the LOGO, quote, JVB FB Site posted December the 8. 2017 Quote Read, copy and share! THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE SHOULD SEE THIS! A SIMPLE LOGO ON A TOWEL AT A HOSPITAL PROVES CONSPIRACY. Witnesses stated JFK's wounds were altered prior to the carefully-restricted and incomplete autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital: the throat wound was grossly enlarged to hide evidence of an entry wound from the front and the top of the skull was smashed, as if by a hammer. Evidence of gunshot wounds from the front thus were covered up. The only hospital close enough to Bethesda was Walter Reed--an ARMY Hospital. NOW SEE PHOTO #1: JFK is on an autopsy table. We were told this photo was taken at BETHESDA -- the Navy Hospital where the autopsy was conducted, but the towel in the photo says otherwise! Look carefully at the photo of the hospital blanket insignia under JFK's head. On photo 2, NOTE the insignia on the towel. It's wrinkled, but it's plainly an insignia -- a logo. This kind of insignia is found on ARMY hospital towels and blankets -- NOT on NAVY hospital towels and blankets. Would an ARMY towel be under JFK's head in a NAVY Hospital? (Bethesda) But there it is. Navy towels and blankets didn't have any logos. They only said "U S NAVY" or "U S N." Close Quote
  6. Here it is. It is on the Judyth Baker FB Site. Posted December the 8th 2017 ... I am not sure, if she discovered the LOGO towel anomaly ... she draws the conclusion, that the towel with the army logo proves, that JFKs FIRST autopsy was done at another (army)place, not (navy) Bethesda ... ( Here she is de accord with David Lifton.) IMO David Lifton and Judyth Baker are both wrong. I believe, the pic with Kennedy head and the army towel (with the logo on it) was shot at Bethesda, where the first (secret) "autopsy" was performed by a (Walter Reed) secret team, which Dennis Davis saw arriving ... then Humes started his autopsy ... my point is: both autopsies were performed at Bethesda, the secret one and the sloppy one. (by Humes.)
  7. I think somebody discovered it on Facebook. It was one of those JFK research sites ... I ll try to find out which site ... and if the info is right, that Navy towels bear no logo, but army towels ... and the logo that can be seen, is in fact the army logo ... KK
  8. . Yes. The interview Hugh Clark gave to Brent Holland is more accurate, than the account of events he gives in his book ... why? I don't know. KK
  9. @Ron Ecker: For further enlightenment. Hugh Clark describes the scene in front of the Bethesda Tower. Start at 22min 00 sec. KK
  10. To me, this would have been the best moment, to put JFKs body out of the bronze casket and into a shipping casket and start the inglorious pre-autopsy when everybody, including the honor guard on their truck, lost sight of the gray navy ambulance for several minutes, at the Bethesda Naval Hospital: I quote from eyewitness Hugh Clarks account in his book: BETRAYAL A MEMBER OD THE KENNEDY HONOR GUARD SPEAKS The SCENE IS IN FRONT OF THE BETHESDA TOWER/MAIN ENTRANCE: Quote, Hugh Clark: Jackie Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy got out of the (gray) navy ambulance and went into the hospital. The photographers proceeded to rush the navy ambulance, at which point the navy ambulance took off. It just took off. Right after that happened, we proceeded to move on to the ambulance. Lieutenant Bird’s command was, “Back to the truck.” We jumped back into the truck and started chasing the navy ambulance. We didn’t have any points of reference in terms of the ambulance. All we knew was we were in the truck chasing this navy ambulance. We could see red lights. The driver had to know the grounds better than anyone else, so he just followed the ambulance. We might have gone around the hospital twice. At that point in time, Lieutenant Bird must have gotten the word because we went back to the hospital (to the morgue) where the navy ambulance was waiting for us. We got out of the truck and we proceeded to remove the bronze casket. We proceeded up the ramp (to the morgue) to the back of the hospital. Close quote I think, what Dennis David saw, minutes prior to the arrival of the Kennedy party and the gray ambulance with the bronze casket with JFKs BODY STILL IN IT in front of the Bethesda Tower, was the arrival of the ( a) body alteration team at the Bethesda morgue. That team came possibly from Walter Reed, and it came with an empty shipping casket. While the honor guard on their truck where waiting in front of the Bethesda Tower again, after they lost sight of the gray navy ambulance, that body alteration secret team at the morgue (which Dennis David saw arriving)put JFKs body out of the gray navy ambulance and the bronze casket, and into their shipping casket at the ramp of the morgue, to start the pre autopsy ... PS There is circumstantial evidence, that the body alteration team was from Walter Reed: the towels of the Navy had NO LOGO on it. The towel under JFKs head in that pic has a Logo. It is an army logo. IMO the Walter Reed "autopsy" team brought not only a shipping casket with it, but bodybags and towels etc. ... to perform the pre autopsy at Bethesda, not Walter Reed, which was an unforeseen last minute change in the plans of the plotters. The original plan was to conduct the body alteration autopsy at Walter Reed. But Jackie wanted the autopsy in Bethesda. That's why they sent the Walter Reed secret autopsy team to Bethesda. And that team was seen by Dennis David prior to the arrival of the Kennedy party at Bethesda and performed the pre-autopsy at the Bethesda morgue, then Humes came in and did his "autopsy". KK
  11. Karl Kinaski

    Plot or Blot?

    In this 1979 Video Averell Hariman talks about Kennedy and the Bay of Bigs. At 4min 50 of the video, he says, quote: It would have been almost impossible, I think, for him (Kennedy) to have called it off, at least some people think so, because there were so many of the...of the...Cubans that knew about it and there would have been a major uproar about it. But it should never have been undertaken...for it would have been difficult to do...And then...he (Kennedy) realized that was a mistake and a BLOT against him. Close Quote Is there a typo in the transcript of his interview(which you can read at the right of the video)?? Shouldn't it be transcribed that way?: ... he realized that was a mistake and a PLOT against him? (Kennedy) The term blot against him makes no sense to me ... Therefore, what Harriman says in this video, is, that he (Harriman) knew, that Kennedy realized in the wake of the Bay of Bigs, that it was a PLOT against him, (by Dulles and others), to draw him into a major Cuban war, with the navy involved etc. ... that the failure of the brigade was intentional, to create a situation to force Kennedy to use US military ... which could have been the prelude to a major war ... Again, the term blot against him makes no sense ... or am I mistaken? KK
  12. Karl Kinaski

    The Truth About Oswald's Birth Certificate

    John Newmann wrote a book "Oswald and the CIA", where he presented an impressive list of government -documents showing that Lee Harvey Oswald was closely monitored by FBI CIA and James Jesus Angleton himself prior to the assassination. Newman said, he wrote a book about. "Oswald the file". I am waiting for a equal book "HARVEY the file", written by Armstrong ... But wait a minute: there is no HARVEY Oswald paper-trail. There is not a single official FBI or CIA document showing that HARVEY was closely monitored and a person of interest to Angleton. Why? Because Harvey is a figment of Armstrongs imagination. He merged the 4 to 6 or more Oswald imposter's, that where active prior to the assassination, some of them not even resembling Oswald (The Mexico City Oswald and the Lincoln/Mercury Oswald, and therefore not resembling Harvey!) into one individual he called Harvey Oswald. Thats a useless operation, except it is meant to confuse the CTer community, a goal witch HARVEY AND LEE has achieved ... To answer the question WHO KILLED KENNEDY AND WHY the book HARVEY AND LEE attributes nada ...
  13. Karl Kinaski

    The Truth About Oswald's Birth Certificate

    The game with identities is well known in this never ending murder case. There were 4 to 6 Oswalds, (the Bolton-Ford Ossi, N.O, the Lincoln-Mercury Ossi, Dallas, the Odio-Ossi, Dallas, the firing ranch Ossi, Dallas, the Mexico-city Ossi etc...), BUT there was no Oswald-CLONE, created from childhood on, which is the main-idea of the Armstrong book ... the CIA started to create an Oswald 201 file in Dec 1960. One purpose of such a file is to create parallel résumés of one person. It is flashy that the first documented incident with a false Oswald occurred just a month later in Oswalds Hometown N.O., on 20.1.1961, the day JFK was sworn into office. (The Bolton Ford incident.) I am fine with that ... I do not need the Armstrong/Hargrove Hokuspokus
  14. Karl Kinaski

    The Truth About Oswald's Birth Certificate

    http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/01/the-truth-about-oswalds-birth.html So this is Armstrong in the possession of Oswalds birth certificate, not making it public for a one and a half decade while throwing around bullxxxx about it, watching researchers running around in circles. That's the deed of an disinfo agent. -- HARVEY&LEE is a very skillful disinfo-doorstopper: full of accurate details, but used in the context of a funny theory of two IC-created Oswalds acting as IC assets almost from the cradle to the grave. To a reader of this book, my advice would be: take the accurate details out of the book and throw the Armstrong Two Ossi Theory out of the window, which is nothing but a silly tale, created to muddy the waters of 22.11.1963. HARVEY&LEE is not a Conspiracy book, it is Smoke and Mirrors to confuse honest assassination researchers. Jim Hargrove is not a researcher, he is Armstrongs Internet man, promoting the silly premise of H&L ... IMO PS The late Jack White was a victim of Armstrongs Disinfo-book and campaign. KK
  15. Karl Kinaski

    Change in 6th floor lone nut mausoleum politics?

    The 6th floor Museum is rather a lone nut xxxxx factory. That's why I wonder, that Stephen Fagin, Gary Macks successor as curator of this embarrassing facility, gave Cyril Wecht, a dedicated CTer, the opportunity to make his case ... Stephen Fagin maybe is a upside down Gary Mack ... Starting as LNter and ending up as Cter ... BTW: I like Wechts performance ... well roared, lion ...