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Picket fence shooter: yes ----Was it Files: no--- Umbrella-weapon: most likely--- Sterilization of DP (bullets etc.): yes--- Sterilization of Connallys Clothes: yes--- Connally and JFK hit by different bullets, ergo no SBT: yes, yes and yes!---- Sterilization of the Limo at Parkland: yes--- Mysterious deaths of key-witnesses: yes ---Hole in the windshield: yes--- Chaney-Curry argument on DP?: no--- Alteration of Z Film: yes--- Alteration of other DP-films or pics: yes ---Pre-Autopsie: yes--- Alteration of JFKs head wounds: yes--- Double head shot: no.--- Gunman seen in SBDB westend window: yes--- Was it Oswald: no--- Mockingbird-Coverstory to fool the world: yes--- 22.11.63 a conspiracy: yes--- 22.11.1963 a Coup de etat: yes.--- What can you do?--- Write a book, make a buck, and don`t look back.