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  1. Quote Trauma room one, by Charles A. Crenshaw M.D. p. 132 (Time 24.11.1963. Place, Trauma room two, where Crenshaw and others were trying to save Oswalds live.) »I looked up, an took a deep breath. When I did, I spotted a large man across the room, whom I didn’t recognized. HE RESEMLED OLIVER HARDY IN A SCRUB SUIT WITH NO MASK. MOST ARLARMING THERE WAS A PISTOL HANGING FROM HIS BACK POCKET AND IF IT HAD FALLEN TO THE FLOOR IT COULD HAVE DISCHARGED AND KILLED SOMEONE. I never knew how he got into the operating room and who gave him the scrub suit.(...) (Oswald) was fighting for his live, while a pistol packed intruder looked on. I didn’t know what to think, except that we had to get a cap and mask to the son of a bitch before he contaminated the entire room whit bacteria. (…) ...I wanted to throw out his ass of the operating room, but I was afraid that he would shoot me...I handed him the cap and the mask. He put it on without comment.« Close quote I know only one CIA-man, who had do to with the false defector project including Oswald, wearing his pistols in his back pockets all the time, even in the Withe House, and resembling Oliver Hardy: this was the famous William King Harvey. Now the strange incident followed, where Crenshaw(in an office near the operating room) got a call from a man, who claimed to be Lyndon Johnson (around noon CST). A nurse tapped Crenshaw on the shoulder, and asked him if he would take this call.) (BTW: It would not to be too hard to find out, if this was the real Johnson or an imposter, by looking at the White House Telephone logs. Was there such a call? Or was Johnson in a conference, around 13.15 EST, on November 24.11.1963, when this strange phone call occurred?) Quote, TRO, Crenshaw: »This is Dr. Crenshaw, may I help you?« »This is President Lyndon B. Johnson. Dr. Crenshaw, how is the accused assassin?« »Mr. President, he’s holding his own at the moment.« »Would you mind talking a message to the operating surgeon?« »Dr. Shires is very busy right now, but I will convey your message.« »Dr. Crenshaw, I want a dead bed confession from the accuse assassin. There is a man in the operating room, who will take the statement. I will expect full cooperation in this matter.« »Yes, Sir«, I replied, and the telephone went dead. Close Quote Back in trauma room two, Crenshaw told Shires: Quote TRO: »President Johnson would like for us to allow the man over there to get a statement from our patient.« Shires glanced at »Oliver Hardy« (William King Harvey, supervising the death of one of his »babies«?), shook his head in disbelieve and returned his attention to the operation. (…) Only moments later, 12.37 p.m, ( CST ) Oswalds heart began to fail. (…) Dr. Shires put his hand under Oswald's diaphragm to detect hart activity(...) he shook his head and told Dr. Perry, that Oswalds rhythmic cardiac activity had stopped. I walked over to our visitor with the gun and remarked: »Ther wont be any deathbed confession today.« (…) Oliver Hardy dissappeard, and I never saw him again. Close quote Again: is it plausible, that the silent intruder with the gun, resembling Oliver Hardy, was this man Kennedy-hater William King Harvey?
  2. Spielberg to do movie about Pentagon Papers

    Ellsberg was a scholar of Ed Lansdale ... which makes his Pentagon Papers performance highly suspicious to me ... it was the Pentagon Papers which made Nixons men going out of control ... (Howard Hunt inserting false telegrams etc. into this bunch of papers which by itself are misleading and confusing ...) Here is some Ellsberg bull ( quote wiki Lansdale): "According to Daniel Ellsberg, who was at one time a subordinate to Lansdale, Lansdale claimed that he was fired by President Kennedy's Defense Secretary Robert McNamara after he declined Kennedy's offer to play a role in the overthrow of the Diem regime." IMO Ellsberg is an Establishment Insider smuggled into the US-left ... like Noam Chomsky ... if Spielberg is going to make a hero out of him, he is dead wrong, like Stephen King with his novel 11/22/63 ... Ellsberg had his 15 minutes ... and they were staged ... KK
  3. Leavelle is an old man full of bull. SCNR. “I have nothing against the Sixth Floor. I think it is an excellent museum,” Tunheim said ---- booo ---- boooo The distortion of history is the ongoing everlasting business of those men ... Are this 14 boxes available online?
  4. According to Dulles calendar(Dulles papers online) he met Barrett 3 days prior to the assassination: (Dulles is misspelling Barrett "Barett", as I did in the headline...sorry) Who is Ed Barrett? Here he is talking about himself And here is his NY Times obituary The key word above is HILL AND KNOWLTON, the PR firm responsible for the 1990 baby incubator lie... KK
  5. Ed Barrett who Dulles met four days prior to the assassination of JFK here on LONGINE CHRONOSCOPE:
  6. The frozen lamppost!

  7. The frozen lamppost!

    J just read this on Facebook That Lady is right. The lamppost (in the foreground)should move in relation to the background, (Firewall, Flowers etc...) while Zapruder moves his camera. but the lamppost doesn't! KK
  8. In her 2010 book ME AND LEE JVB made two claims now proved right by these newly released docs: that Ochsner was in touch with the CIA at the time of the JFK assassination and Oswald was in Mexico City in connection with a get Castro project. You say, she is very well read and cunning: is she a clairvoyant too? I don't second everything she says in her book ME AND LEE but to ignore that book is IMO a big mistake of everyone who is interested in this hottest of all cold cases ...
  9. Interesting account of Marita Lorenz' daughter of the Lorenz-Sturgis encounter back in the seventies. http://www.ticotimes.net/2015/10/27/costa-rica-spy-kid-my-mom-was-sent-to-kill-castro-and-my-dad-was-president-of-venezuela KK
  10. NEW SECRET FILE RELEASED BY Nat. Arch. SHOWS DR. ALTON OCHSNER WAS IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE CIA IN 1962, just as Judyth Vary Baker reported in her ( 2010) book Me & Lee. ME & LEE will give you an accurate history of the real Lee Oswald. This NEWLY RELEASED SECRET FILE SHOWS DR. ALTON OCHSNER'S LAST PERSONAL (FACE-TO-FACE) CONTACT WITH THE CIA WAS JAN. 8, 1962. The "Ochsner/Sherman/Ferrie/Baker/Oswald get-Castro project", incl use of a linear particle accelerator, began March 23, 1962. This secret file also shows the CIA's LAST DIRECT CONTACT with Ochsner Clinic was Nov. 8, 1963, one month after the "Ochsner/Sherman/Ferrie/BAker/Oswald Get Castro with cancer" Project closed down and just two weeks before JFK was killed. JVBakers critics tried to say she made it all up about Ochsner being involved with the CIA in 1962 and 1963, as the only record before now was back in the early 1950's. credit: JVB
  11. Jim Marrs Has Passed Away

    When I turn around there is CROSSFIRE on my bookshelf. R.I.P.
  12. John Liggett and Lois Liggett

    I find Lois Liggett (and her daughter) both credible ... maybe John Liggett was flown to Washington on 22.11.63 as part of the Kennedy-body alteration team, whether or not he participated in that bloody part of the cover up... Liggetts dead right at the spot where Kennedy died smells like a staged event ... the core of the Liggett story is sound IMO ... despite the Lawsuit of his brother ... Now we have the graveside service Liggett departed ... great find, Michael Clark thx ...
  13. From National Archives 2017 release of JFK documents 'EYES ONLY' SECRET CIA FILE #104-10268-10005: ANGLETON'S CIA RIGHT-HAND MAN RAYMOND ROCCA TELLS WARREN COMMISSION MEMBER BELIN THAT LEE OSWALD WAS IN MEXICO CITY BECAUSE HE WAS INVOLVED IN A PLOT TO KILL FIDEL CASTRO ... Just as Judyth Vary Baker has been telling us since 1999 and in her 2010 book ME AND LEE ... KK
  14. The Inquisition

    "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition ..."
  15. The Deceptions and DIsguises of Noam Chomsky

    Some of Chomskys "tactics" listed by Barry Zwicker in his book TOWERS OF DECEPTION .
  16. Re: The murder of Dr. Mary Sherman

    Pics of body and apartement of Mary S Sherman.
  17. Re: The murder of Dr. Mary Sherman

    Pics of Mary Shermans remains. A cruel killing. Somebody made sure, that she was dead ... looks like an overkill ...
  18. 3 hours of never-seen video of Jerrol Custer!

    Custer is mistaken In this video about 18 min. 45sec. Custer claimed, that he had already done jfk x-rays and took them to the processing room, when he saw the Kennedy party arriving ... (18.55h) But it was his boss Ebersole, not Custer, who took the x-ray to the processing room. 1978 HSCA Interview of John Ebersole: MEDICAL PANEL MEETING Saturday, March 11, 1978 House of Representatives, Medical Panel of the Select Committee on Assassinations, Washington, D. C. The meeting convened at 10:20 a.m., pursuant to notice, in room 503, Archives Building, Seventh Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W., Washington, D. C. Quote, john Ebersole: With the exception of the periods when I personally carried the cassettes containing the X rays to the X ray Department which was on the fourth floor of the hospitali -- with the exception of those periods I was in the autopsy room from the time the coffin arrived Close quote Custer never carried any Kennedy x-rays to the x-ray department seeing Jackie Kenndy arriving at the same time. Custer is mistaken. KK
  19. Evalea Glanges / Richard Dudman

    Quote C.A. Crenshaw TRAUMA ROOM ONE ca. 1h30 p.m 22.11.63 Parkland hospital: When I walked back into the hall, Evaela Glanges, a medical student was standing by the nurses' station. She told me() while we had been working on President Kennedy, she was outside in the emergency room parking lot. Standing besides the Presidents limousine, she pointed out to another medical student, that there was a bullet-hole in the windshield. UPON OVERHEARING HER COMMENT a secret service agent nervously jumped into the car and sped away. Close quote The only question that remains is IMO: was it a "from the front to the back" bullet hole, or a "from the back to the front" bullet hole. (Caused perhaps by a mis-hit from the Tal Dex building)
  20. 3 hours of never-seen video of Jerrol Custer!

    KK: Custer and Davies never saw Kennedys corps prior to the arrival of the Kennedy party ... " Ray Mitcham: How could Custer have taken x rays of the President's autopsy before the arrival of the entourage, KK? KK: Custer is mistaken. There was no chance for him to make all the Kennedy-X-rays between 6.35 min (the arrival of a shipping casket at the Bethesda morgue) and the arrival of the Kennedy Party at 6.53h in front of Bethesda, he claimed witnessing, the Kennedy-x-rays in his hands. You can't put (at 6h.35 min)the (a) body into the morgue, take the body out of the casket, place it on a table, bring the x-ray machine into the morgue, moving it around the table several times to make x rays of the head the chest and the whole body in general etc., took the x-ray films out of the x-ray machine and carry them to the front entrance of Bethesda within 18 minutes just in time to see the arrival of the Kennedy party ... that's impossible ... and there is another problem: it was the autopsy radiologist Ebersole who personally carried the x-rays from the morgue, to the processing room ... not Custer.
  21. Paul Bentley was smoking a cigar while arresting Oswald ... guess it was a Havanna

    I wonder if the Mentesana-film shotgun ( it lacks a scope) is the gun, brought down by officers from the roof (or seventh, or sixth floor) by the fire escape ladder on the eastside of the TSBD ... an action seen on a film by Jim Garrison. In his book ON THE TRAIL OF THE ASSASSINS Garrison says, that it was Richard Sprague, who showed him that film. Since the MENTESANA film shows two men on the fire escape latter, and in another cut a group of men on the ground with a shotgun, I wonder if Garrison had seen the Mentesana film. A complete version of it, including the scene with the gun on the fire escape ladder ... obviously the Y-Tube- Mentesana film shows only some short cuts ... acc. to Garrison the film he saw ( with officers bringing down a gun on the fire escape ladder), was stored in the archive of the Western New England College, Springfield, Massachusetts. Another good point that the film seen by Garrison could have been a complete version of the Mentesana film is, that he says the gun he saw on film lacked a scope ... the Mentesana film gun lacks a scope ... Ernest Charles Mentesana died in 1969. He was 51. KK

    Further indication that the film Garrison saw was a complete version of the Mentesana film. In his book ON THE TRAIL OF THE ASSASSINS Garrison states that the film he saw (with the officers with a gun that lacks a scope on the fire escape ladder of the TSDB) was from a group called the DALLAS CINEMA ASSOCIATES. Mentesana was a member of the Dallas Cinema Associates. Quote from Oswalds 201 file: Charles Mentesana advised that (...) he (...) continued to the Katy Railroad Freight Depot near the Texas School Book Depository Building to pick up some salvaged food stuffs which he had previously purchased, and it was then that he learned of the shooting of President Kennedy. He said he then took several feet more of film of the turmoil in and around the Depository Building. He advised he sent this film to the Fox Film Company of Dallas for processing. Mentesana advised that he is a member of the “Dallas 8 mm Movie Club,” and, during the early part of January, 1964, a fellow movie club member, one Albert Bunnell, called him at the store and told him that he, Bunnell had been contacted by a Mrs. Irving Gewertz concerning the film sequences which he had taken of the motorcade. He stated Bunell told him that Mrs. Gewertz likewise had a series of film sequences and was interested in exchanging duplicates of film with others who had film of the motorcade and Mrs. Gewertz desired to view Mentesana’s film. Mentesana advised that, accordingly, he and Bunnell attended a meeting of several other film holders and, upon seeing his film on the screen, Mrs. Gewertz was interested in obtaining copies of his film in exchange for her copies, to which he agreed. Mentesana advised that, subsequent to this original arrangement, Mrs. Gewertz organized a group, totaling eighteen in number, of various film holders, including himself and Albert Bunell, and that this organization incorporated itself, in March, 1964, under the name “Dallas Cinema Associates, Inc.” Mentesana advised he had attended all subsequent meetings of the corporation, and is under the impression the film is presently being prepared for marketing on the home-movie market. Close quote